Cloudworks Overview

Presentation explaining Cloudworks from Grainne Conole

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Juliette Culver
27 February 2009

This presentation with audio gives an overview of the cloudworks site, it takes about 30 minutes to watch.

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Cloudworks overview

Cloudworks overview

added by Gráinne Conole


Jonathan Leakey
8:02pm 16 May 2009

I really enjoyed the day and the presentations, and feel there is great scope for future collaboration

Jonathan Leakey
8:21pm 16 May 2009

oops - I posted a comment in the wrong area! Grainne, please delete this if you can! J

Gráinne Conole
11:14am 17 May 2009

Hi jonathan - i enjoyed the conference too! dont worry about posting in the wrong place - I got the message which is the main thing!!!

Sylvia Currie
3:42am 16 November 2009

We're planning a virtual field trip to Cloudworks November 16, 2009 at 20:00 GMT. The context is looking at Cloudworks from a community of practice perspective. This event is open to the public and is organized by CPsquare and SCoPE. Please join us!

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