Cloudscapes are collections of clouds about a certain topic.

Title Introduction Clouds
Adapting Open Educational Resources: Lessons, issues and methods Workshop for ECTEL conference September 2009 4
Alisha's OLDS MOOC Cloudscape 4
A collaborative 'gamified simulation' environment a framework and guidelines to help tutors develop educational simulations in WordPress 2
A portfolio from Pedro Vargas 3
A-L Power - OLDS MOOC Learning Portfolio Curriculum Design Ideas, Resources and Discussion 2
a-mestrar Learning space for a Portuguese masters student at Universidade Aberta - OLDS MOOC experience 2
Accessibility, inclusion and personalisation A collection of related Clouds 13
Active Learning Online: an OLDS-MOOC Portfolio by Derek Just a place to collect my thoughts 1
Activity Theory and Practice Learning 7
Adam Warren - OLDS-MOOC Portfolio Resources, links, discussion 3
Adelaide Dias_ePortfólio 4
Adrian's OLDS-MOOC Portfolio A portfolio of the work completed as part of the OLDS-MOOC. 1
AEB's Cloudscape My Portfolio 4
AECT 2010: Cyber-change: learning in our connected world 2
AECT conference 27th-31st October 2009, Louisville, Kentucky 6
AERA 2012 Vancouver, BC conversations related to conference events in Vancouver 1
AISHE 6th International Conference: 'Designing & Delivering Curricula for the Future' 1
Alice Huang Learning Portfolio My learning portfolio with MOOC 5
Alice's learning journal My reflection journal 34
Alison Le Cornu's toes! (Which I'm putting in the water...) The place where I am collating all my MOOC designs and discussions 1
Alpine Rendevous 2009 - Education in the wild: contextual and location-based mobile learning in action Workshops exploroing aspects of Technology Enhanced Learning 1st - 3rd Dec 09 6
Alpine Rendez-Vous 2011 - Methods and Models of Next Generation Technology Enhanced Learning. 28th-29th march 2011 Cloudscape supporting the STELLAR Next Generation TEL workshop. 6
ALT-C 2009 Conference, Manchester, 8 - 10th September 2009 214
ALT-C 2010 240
Alternative Presentation Tools Workshop to support discussion of and training in alternatives to the PowerPoint presentation 11
AMS OLDS MOOC Portfolio My Portfolio of work for the OLDS MOOC 1
Analysing Context: Factors and concerns 5
Andrew H's OLD MOCC Portfolio My Portfolio for OLDS MOCC 1
Anita Monty's OLD MOOC 2013 3
Ann Davis OLDS MOOC portfolio Work for the OLDS MOOC 14
Ann,s portfolio for OLD MOOC. Version 2 work for the course 2
Anne Whaits' OLDSMOOC Portfolio of Learning A collation of all my OLDSMOOC designs, discussions, reflections and learnings anew. 1
AnnetteDalsgaard's OLDS MOOC portfolio 1
Annual NADE conference - future learning spaces 1
Anthea Wilson's cloudscape MOOC designs 2
App Design Workshop Berkeley, California, June 9-10, 2010 4
ARGs in Education Alternative reality games in education 6
Arosha's OLDS-MOOC Portfolio OLDS-MOOC resource collection 2
ARTiFactor's OLDS MOOC portfolio Art's OLDS MOOC portfolio 18
Ascilite conference 2008 Ideas and designs from Ascilite 2008 22
Ascilite Learning Design Workshop Workshop: Ascilite 2009 conference, 6th December 2009, Auckland 11
Ascilite2010: Curriculum, technology and transformation for an unknown future 1
ASLD 2011 - London Knowledge Lab, 13-14 October The Art and Science of Learning Design workshop 48
ASLD Book - section 1: Practices, Methods and Methodologies 5
ASLD Book - section 2: Tools & Resources 5
ASLD Book - section 3: Theories and Frameworks 4
ASSESS2010 - Prosessvurdering i høyere utdanning ASSESS 2010 er et samarbeidsprosjekt med fokus på prosessvurdering i høyere utdanning støttet av Norgesuniversitetet. 3
Assessing Online Discussion My Sandbox 1
Assessment at the Open University A Cloudscape about innovative and effective assessment at the OU 7
Associate Lecturers' National Conference, Making the most of change Conference, Newport Pagnell, 21st November 2009 5
Aurelie's Learning Journal I will collect my toughts and reflexions on my OLDS-MOOC learning experience here. 1