OPAL Open Educational Practices - Working towards creating guidelines for OEP - Part 2 - The Virtual Meeting

This Cloudscape builds on earlier OPAL project work at the EFQUEL Forum 2010

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1 November 2010

The OPAL Virtual Meeting October 14th 2010 (the audio recording lasts about ninety minutes) builds on a number of video interviews performed by Gráinne Conole at the EFQUEL Forum in Oieras, Portugal in September 2010. Please follow the link to view the video interviews:

 Virtual Meeting Attendees:

OPAL project team attendees:

Gráinne Conole – The Open University, UK – Virtual Meeting Moderator and Facilitator

Ulf Daniel-Ehlers – The University of Duisberg-Essen, Germany - OPAL Project Director

Paul Mundin, The Open University, UK.

Thomas Richter, The University of Duisberg-Essen, Germany.

Tapio Koskinen, Aalto University, Finland

External attendees:

Patrick McAndrew, The Open University, UK

Andy Lane, The Open University, UK

David Kernohan, JISC, UK

Susan D’Antoni,  Athabasca University, Canada

Peter Sloep, The Open University in the Netherlands

Hans Põldoja, Tallinn University, Estonia

Agenda - The four questions:

Slot 1 - 10 minutes – Welcome and Introduction to the virtual meeting – Gráinne

Slot 2 - 25 minutes - Question 1: What opportunities do OER offer for education from your perspective?

Slot 3 - 25 minutes - Question 2: What do you think are the key challenges to achieving this vision?

Slot 4 - 25 minutes - Question 3: We have identified four dimensions of OEP practice that are important – do these capture the different aspects of OER practice? - Strategies and Policies, Barriers and Success Factors, Tools and Tool Practice, Staff Development and Support. Is there anything else we should include?

Slot 5 - 25 minutes - Question 4 What kinds of guidelines derived from these dimensions of OEP would be useful for those involved in creating, using and management OER?

Slot 6 - 10 minutes – Virtual Meeting/reflection wrap-up – by Gráinne

The OPAL Panel Study Research Workshop

The Virtual Meeting also provides input to a two day OPAL Panel Study research workshop to be held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris (November 8th – 9th 2010).

The high level research workshop will gather about twenty international experts to discuss a roadmap and guidelines based on the research question - ‘How to make OER first rate choices in educational organizations?’ and the surrounding issues.

The workshop will be moderated by a team from the Open University UK, led by Professor Gráinne Conole. It is part of a larger initiative involving a group of European universities and international organizations, such as UNESCO, ICDE and EFQUEL, which is called the ‘Open Educational Quality Initiative’ or OPAL.

This Cloudscape builds on a number of other OPAL project Clouds and Cloudscapes which have discussed the themes of :

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