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8 March 2017

Jasmine Health Care Management Video

Jasmine is a health care Management software that solve your practice management problems with an easy, secure way to manage your practice and your patients. You can start scheduling patients, take TCM-specific notes, have secure access to your files from anywhere there’s access to the web, provide self-scheduling for patients, and explore the other amazing features that enable you to operate more efficiently, work with your patients more effectively, and manage your practice with more confidence and productivity with Jasmine. The health care management software video shows how Jasmine can enable you to operate efficiently and increase productivity.

Health Gorilla Health Care Solution Video

Health Gorilla is a online health care management solution that connects doctors, vendors, and consumers within a single, secure platform, creating a closed loop of communications to improve the quality of health care once and for all. They are revolutionizing the way doctors and patients interact and gain access to information, cutting out all the red tape, bottlenecks, and gaps that plague the current system. The health care management solution video shows how Health Gorilla is empowering people to take control of their health.

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