Remote practical-focused tutorials (eSTEeM Conference 2017)

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  1.  Remote practical-focused tutorials Jon Rosewell Computing & Communications, STEM eSTEeM Conference, 25 April 2017
  2. Baxter robots Part of OpenSTEM Lab HEFCE and OU joint funded
  3. TM129 Technologies in practice • 30-pt, first level • Three blocks –Robotics –Networking –Linux • Large cohorts –October: ~1600 –February: ~600
  4. Practical activity at a distance • Home experiment kit • Student’s own kit • Simulation • Virtual reality • Remote recorded experiment • Remote live experiment • Demonstration • Recorded video
  5. Video on the web – stream? Viewers Lag 1 / many 0 / long 1 / many ~ 3 s 1 <0.1s 1-5 ~ 0.5 s 5 + 50 ~ 0.5 s 500 30 s Thousands 30 s
  6. Use cases for remote robot
    Number Access Video lag Control Module
    Student control 1 book <1 s bespoke T312 19J
    Project student program 1 book <1 s std tools TM45* 18J?
    Group program 3-5 book ~ 1 s bespoke / std tools T312 19J
    Observe autonomous 1-200 drop-in 15-30 s none / bespoke TM129 17J
    Tutor-led demo 1 + 20 LEM <1 s + 10-30 s std tools TM129 17J?
    Labcast 20-200 LEM 10-30 s local TM129 16J
  7. Labcast recordings TM129-16J TM129-17B
  8. How many watched?
  9. How many watched?
  10. Did you watch the event?
  11. Why not?
  12. Will you join live next time?
  13. Preferences? live short (15min) daytime weekend active author text chat recorded long (1hr) evening weekday listen tutor microphone
  14. Attitudes?
  15. Attitudes?
    I was able to use the interface
    I was able to hear and see OK
    I found the chat window useful
    I thought session was the right length
    I found the session useful
    I enjoyed this session
    I would recommend to other students
  16. Chat comments
    Really enjoyed it thanks for the demo, it's an awesome bit of kit!!
    Thanks for having us, this was very interesting
    Useful session
    Tutor: I was at your TM129 Baxter demo last night and just wanted to say how brilliant I thought it was. The students were really engaged with it and found it inspirational!
  17. Questionnaire comments
    Seeing a live demonstration of a robot and having someone knowledgeable in the area, that could answer questions near the end was very helpful. I like the idea of the widgets and being able to interactively answer questions that the answers got explained further by the person presenting.
    Seeing the practical, real world use of robotics really helped me grasp the wider purpose of what I was learning. I found that giving the course material a more tangible context helped me to engage with it more strongly.
    Having now watched the recording … I wish there had been some publicity…. I did receive the invite …, but I had the impression it was another generic video … that wasn't that relevant to the studies. Having now seen it, this was great!
  18. Thanks!