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Badge: Open Sourcer

Badge for software developers and hackers who contribute to Free, Libre and Open source software (FLOSS).

Verifiers: Nick Freear Juliette Culver

Badge created by:

Nick Freear
6 February 2014

Who has been awarded this badge?

This badge recognizes contributions to free/ open source software. Follow these steps to gain this badge:

  • Create a comment on the Open Source cloud;
  • In the comment create a link or links to your profile on software repository sites like GitHub, Bitbucket, Google Code, Sourceforge and Launchpad (note this list isn't exhaustive);
  • AND/ OR link to projects on the above systems to which you are a significant contributor. The projects should be clearly marked with a widely recognized free/open source license, and should ideally show some evidence of usage (eg. follows, forks, bug reports created by others - terms);
  • AND/ OR link to substantial "commits" on the above systems;
  • AND/ OR link to your profile on a directory site like Ohloh;
  • Please DESCRIBE what motivates you to contribute to free/ open source software in your comment. Perhaps tell us how you first got into free/ open source software;
  • Finally, put a link to your comment in the "Evidence URL" box for your badge application.

[ NOTE: For the purposes of this badge "free", "libre" and "open source" are inter-changeable. | Image source: Wikimedia Commons. ]

Applying for a badge

Once you have decided that you want to work towards a particular badge, make a note of the criteria and begin work.

This may mean engaging in a course or activity. The badge issuer may have been quite specific about how you could provide evidence, but if they haven't, you must decide how best to do it. Your evidence might consist of a reflective blog post, or a photo, a document, a diagram, a screen shot, or an activity stream and you will need to be able to link to all your evidence via one URL - so it needs to be held online somewhere.

If you have a number of different pieces of evidence that you want to submit, the easiest way of doing this is to set up a Cloud. Use the text box to describe your evidence and how it meets the criteria and then 'Add content', 'Add embedded content' or 'Add link' for as many pieces of evidence as you need. Then copy and paste the URL for you evidence Cloud into this page.