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Development Update

There are a few new features now available on Cloudworks. If you spot any problems with any of them, please contact me at


This is a new experimental feature. You can view all the recent events on the site here:

and all the events for people and cloudscapes that you are following here:

Similiar streams for cloudscapes will be coming soon

E-mail Alerts

I have added in e-mail alerts for when somebody follows you, when somebody comments on your clouds and when somebody comments on a cloud on which you have commented. You can manage your e-mail alerts here:

Spam Blocking

We've integrated Cloudworks with the Mollom spam blocking service. It is possible, there might be a few teething problems with this, with new content getting reported as spam when it's not or vice versa, but hopefully long-term this should help with spam on the site.

  Posted by Juliette Culver on 17 August 2009

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