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A virtual fieldtrip of cloudworks

Tonight at 8pm GMT I am doing an eluminate session on cloudworks, but a session with a difference.... It's part of a series of virtual fieldtrips being run by CPSquare. I've set up a cloud for the session, here's a taster...

Discover a new island on web 2.0 world....

  • Come and take a virtual fieldtrip of the cloudworks island
  • Learn about the islands history and culture
  • Join the intrepid expedition team as they explore the island's terrain, swimming in the blue lagoon, trecking along the islands trails through the jungle, climbing the central mountains.
  • Meet the islands tribes, get to know the character of 'cloudworkers'
  • Reflect on islands future, as it begins to make connections with other countries on web 2.0 world.

All welcome!

  Posted by Gráinne Conole on 16 November 2009

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