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Thinking about assessment practices

I'm attending the Associate Lecturers' National Conference today and tomorrow and have set up a cloudscape for the event. The Open University has a different learning and teaching model to many universities; the production (design of a course) and the presentation (delivery of a course) are separated. The delivery part is supported by our associate lecturers and there are around 8000 of them! Many work in other institutions as well and so bring their expertise from that context to their tutoring role. Our ALs are extremely important and can make or break the experience our students have. It doesn't matter how well designed a course is, if the tutor support is not good that will have  a massive impact on the student experience.

I am really looking forward to meeting people here. As someone who works in the centre I feel I don't have enough contact with ALs. I found my experience of being an OU student over the past two years invaluable, it gave me an insight into the university in a way that working centrally can't. I would love to have the opporunity to be an AL as well, as clearly they have a unique perspective on our courses - only trouble is finding the time!!!

I am facilitating a session today at the conference on assessment, and I have set up a cloud for this with my slides, a positional paper about assessment at the OU and a set of useful links.

  Posted by Gráinne Conole on 21 November 2009

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