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Experimental new feature: Favourites

We've just launched a new feature on the site - favourites and recommendations.

Once you have enough reputation on the site (you only need a reputation of one!), you can add clouds and cloudscapes as favourites by clicking on the star near the title of the cloud or cloudscape. You can then see your list of favourites so you can use this to bookmark clouds and cloudscape if you like. You can also see other people's lists of favourites and who has favourited any cloud or cloudscape.

As well as adding clouds and cloudscapes as favourites, you can recommend links on clouds, with the links with the most recommendations displaying at the top.We'll probably extend this system of recommendations to other types of content on clouds at some point.

Your reputation on the site is currently the number of your items (clouds, cloudscape and links) that have been either favourited or recommended. At the moment, you can start adding favourites and recommendations as soon as you have a reputation of 5. This is partly to give us a chance to sort out any bugs or problems before too many people are using it, and also because with any site like this, you are fighting a constant battle against spam. We'll review how useful this is as time goes on. 

It's early days with all of this and there are still lots of things we want to do including letting you see who has favourited which of your items and using the information from favourites to make it easier to find interesting and useful content on the site. For the time being, here is a sneak preview of the most popular clouds and cloudscapes. We will probably also use the reputation system to give extra powers to users on the site with high reputation in a similar way to on Stack Overflow if you are familiar with that site.

We'd love to hear your opinions on how the favourites and recommendations are working. Please tell us if you have any ideas for improvements!



  Posted by Gráinne Conole on 5 March 2010

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