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Future Cloudworks development

Hi everyone,

I'm back working on Cloudworks again, so a quick update on our development plans.

1) Internationalisation of Cloudworks We are planning to launch our internationalisation work led by Nick next week along with the Greek interface for Cloudworks. We will soon be looking for people to do translations of the interface into other languages so if you are interested, let us know.

2) Cloudworks API This is our main piece of work for May/June. We want to launch an API for the site for the developers amongst you.This should be ready by the end of June.

3) Load testing We get lots of queries about how the site stands up to having large number of users accessing it at once, especially for events such as conferences. Although we have some historical data to tell us the number of users the site has coped with, we'd like to look at this slightly more systematically so we can give event organisers a better idea of whether the site is likely to be able to handle their event. 

4) Making Cloudworks open-source This is the main work planned for July/August when I'm not on holiday! We hope to the open-source version available by the end of August at the latest.

As well, as this we will of course be doing ongoing support and minor improvements to the site as things come up. I shall be going on maternity leave at the end of September, so I will also be spending time getting everything ready to handover to my replacement for that period. It is likely that some of the other areas that we want to work on such as improving the way we deal with spam, private messaging and better access from mobiles will be happening from September onwards.



  Posted by Juliette Culver on 12 May 2010

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