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Cloudworks launched in Greek

I'm pleased to say that on Wednesday we quietly launched the site in Greek. You can view a page here without changing your settings...

And, change how you view the whole site by expanding the "login"/logged-in block on the right of many pages (including the home page), and selecting your "preferred language".

Screen shot of the Cloudworks home page in Greek

We are still tweaking the appearance and position of the preferred language form, and as you'll see some of the newer features like favourites are not translated. We'll fill in the gaps in the next few weeks. I blogged some of the technical detail previously.

If you'd like to see Cloudworks in your language, please consider helping us with translation. The translators notes are currently in Google Docs, and you can view a template and the Greek language pack below:

My thanks to Martha Vasiliadou of Innovade who did the Greek translation.

It's been very satisfying to get this new feature out, though there are still some challenges to deal with - for instance, enabling Cloudworks contributors to mark the language of a cloud or cloudscape. As ever in software development I've learnt a lot along the way.

Finally, if you spot any errors please email us, .


  Posted by Nick Freear on 21 May 2010

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