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Next plans for Cloudworks

We've been thinking quite a lot recently about where we go next with The Cloudworks site and what it is for.

We'd especially like to make the site less repository-like and more useful for existing communities, while still keeping the idea of the site being a large network for sharing learning and teaching ideas and experiences.

Here is a summary of one idea that we had. We'd really like any comments and feedback.

  • We'd only have one type of object on the site - a cloud. But we're going to have different types of clouds - activity clouds, resource clouds, thought clouds, event clouds and so on. We need to decide the exact list of cloud types but it wouldn't be too long. We'll turn the current resources and tools into appropriate types of clouds.
  • A cloud would just consist of a title, description, a link (optional), an image (optional) and any tags.
  • We'd introduce the idea of a cloudscape, a collection or feed of clouds. People would be able to create cloudscapes e.g. for a particular community or theme, and add clouds to them. Clouds could belong to more than one cloudscape and each person would also have a personal cloudscape of all the clouds they have created.
  • You could choose which cloudscapes to follow and there would be a page where you could see the most recent clouds from the cloudscapes that you are following. Each cloudscape would also have an RSS feed.
  • We'd also provide an API for the site and buttons/widgets for other sites to use

Obviously the above misses out a lot of detail, but hopefully gives you enough of an idea as to how we are thinking.

Let us know what you think!

Update: Grainne's written a blog post with more about this in it - see

  Posted by Gráinne Conole on 24 October 2008

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