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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
Aviation and Aeronautic Informal Education by Jeri Hallberg Harmon de Tamez Various pedagogical practices via informal aviation and aerospace programs increase STEM mastery. 48 comments
A look at texting in the post-SMS era and how Mobile Messaging Application muddles the concept of Synchronous and Asynchronous learning on mobile 66 comments
Adapting Open Educational Resources: Lessons, issues and methods Discussion Area 24 comments
ALT-C 2009 Blog Posts ALT-C conference, Manchester, 8-10th September 2009 9 comments
A Biographical Approach: Exploring students' experiences of e-learning 0151 ALT-C 2009 Helen Lyons, Louise Thorpe 6 comments
A Bug's Life 18 comments
A Cabinet of Curiosity 3 comments
A Case of High Engagement: Applying immersive online gaming to History research skills 0163 ALT-C 2009 Alex Moseley 11 comments
A case study in OER within the LMS 34 comments
A case study of Second Life for collaborative learning 0209 ALT-C 2009 Ming Nie, Paula Roush, Matthew Wheeler 8 comments
A Case Study of the Effectiveness of the Electronic Survey as a Research Tool for Measuring Students’ Experience of e-Learning 0296 ALT-C 2009 Jill Jameson 7 comments
A Collaborative 'Gamified Simulation' Environment in Wordpress - project overview About the project and the current project team 9 comments
A collection of different methods for describing role-based learning designs 6 comments
A Comparison of Indian Learner Experiences on a Local and Global MOOC Platform 2 comments
A consideration of learning activity: towards an activity-based approach Talk by Fiona Concannon at ISKS conference, 11 May 09 2 comments
A database of primary source material Place a collection of source material on a VLE, for flexibility and the possibility of linked discussion. 7 comments
A design experiment in practice-based, technology mediated mathematics teacher education 14 comments
A Digital Literacies Toolkit 11 comments
A dream project -support staff in using learning technologies by peer support and collaborative learning 12 comments
A European pilot study of a modular assessment system designed to authenticate the authorship of online learners  
A fair chance in life 6 comments
A flexible model for LMS course design A possible flexible 'model' to scaffold decisions about what to include in an LMS such as Moodle 5 comments
A foreign language media archive 12 comments
A framework for evaluating Cloudworks Indicators of Community 5 comments
A free learning tool for every learning problem I know this is old but it's such a great list!... 6 comments
A fusion of mobile technology and Second Life in a learning environment to support the transition from school to university 0317 ALT-C 2009 J Magill, E Magill, B Canavan, A Devlin, M Pomerantz, J Trinder 15 comments
a glimpse of the future must the last careers-work leader left standing be empty-handed? or can education offer careers work wider horizons?  
A Grand Challenge for Computing: Learning for Life (original proposal) 5 comments
A less involved Narrative  
A mathematical visualization toolkit 5 comments
A Measure Of Success  
A Mission-Based Ecosystem for OER 7 comments
A mock professional journal Organise a course like a journal, with articles and tutorials from teachers, and editorials and work-in-progress from students. 5 comments
A MOOC to address the changing focus of a new generation of Learners  
A multi-sensory non-threatening learning environment 4 comments
A Neuroscience Approach to Virtual Reality Experience Using Transcranial Doppler Monitoring Presence, 2009. Methods of measuring responses to virtual environments. (much of what is...  
A new approach to education? 4 comments
A new cloud on FELS cloud as a test Explanation about what this cloud is for e.g. sharing recent projects/activities... 4 comments
A new model for competence development - experiences from Umeå university, Sweden 0148 ALT-C 2009 Katarina Winka, Thomas Fritz  
A Pedagogical Model for Virtual World Residents: A Case Study of the Virtual Ability Second Life Island From Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2009. Teaching students, particularly disabled... 2 comments
A practical guide to e-learning sustainability 0124 ALT-C 2009 Cathy Gunn 2 comments
A presentation for visualising learning designs 2 comments
A project developing the use of mobile learning to deliver learning support to patients and informal carers in Suffolk 0147 ALT-C 2009 Tim Goodchild, Jane Day 2 comments
A Proposal by Christie McKee: Anyone can design learning in the 21st century-tools to succeed. Tags: Instructional Design; learning; tools; best practices 7 comments
A PTE 9 Excerpt Sample for a Lecture/Book Promo  
A quick (PechaKucha 20x20) tour of Creative Commons Licensing Presentation prepared for the ‘Learning in an Open World’ online conference 22-23 June 2010 2 comments
A real life case study of an evaluation from the past This is a description of an experience I had in a real world evaluation almost 20 years ago. 2 comments
A real life case study of an evaluation from the present 2 comments
A real life case study of an evaluation from the present  
A reflection on week 1 - confusing, exciting and demanding to encouraging, inspiring and hardworking 3 comments
A Release Planning Model to Handle Security Requirements Saad Bin Saleem, Thursday 3rd June, 16:45 pm - 17:00 pm, Student Presentations 4, JLB Meeting Room 10 3 comments
A report on Chinese undergraduate students' online English language learning experiences and perspectives  
A Research Agenda for Emerging Technologies in Education 0168 ALT-C 2009 George Veletsianos 2 comments
A reusable model for an institutional OER - The Leeds Met experience Simon Thomson and Jakki Sheridan-Ross talking about the Leeds Met UK OER experience at SCORE event...  
A review of two design tools  
A review, or two, giving the heads up for social learning designs #oldsmooc_w9  
A roadmap for semantic technology adoption in UK higher education 0243 ALT-C 2009  
A significant learning experience 6 comments
A simple mashup with JournalTOCs JournalTOCs is a free searchable collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs). It...  
A Simulation Framework for Sensor-Based Systems in Second Life Presence, 2009. Mapping sensor-based systems like RFID to SL.  
A step in the dark Adrian Kirkwood talking at CALRG 09 1 comment
A study entitled "Learning in the Wild of a Virtual World" Here's the entire study, a dissertation. AbstractThis study took place...  
A Taxonomy of Podcasts and its Application to Higher Education 0161 ALT-C 2009  
A teachers guide to using web 2.0 at school SLideshare presentation by Sacha Chua 3 comments
A Test of the Law of Demand in a Virtual World: Exploring the Petri Dish Approach to Social Science CESifo Working Paper Series CESifo Working Paper Series, 2008. Potential for research in...  
A Typical Cloud  
A Use Case Analysis for Learning in 3D MUVE: A Model Based on Key eLearning Activities  
A Virtual Reprise of the Stanley Milgram Obedience Experiments  
A well-designed VLE or LMS can support any kind of online learning activity, so there is no need to use web tools for learning. 8 comments
A widget for mapping student tasks over time Output from an experimental pedagogy widget 7 comments
A. Programme A summary of the activities planned for the workshop  
A.1 Welcome A short introduction to the aims of the workshop  
A.2 Introductions Please tell us a little bit about yourself here 6 comments
A.2 Introductions Please tell us a little bit about yourself here  
A.3 Getting to know each other: ice-breaker This is an ice-breaking activity for participants to get to know each other better 12 comments
A12.5 Sharing your results about Second Life 9 comments
A1b: Reflecting on a personal experience  
A6: Mapping digital media to four facets of learning  
AADES Conference 2010  
AB's Learning Journal - Week 1 1 comment
AB's Learning Journal - Week 2 4 comments
Abbey Mathekga 'Towards widening access to underrepresented groups in the Biological Sciences: A case study of a South African University' 2 comments
Ability to learn Research Skills required by PhD students D1: Ability to learn... 1 comment
About Dabas 4 comments
About me- Introduction follow up  
About Myself  
About Prospect Awards CIC 1 comment
About SCoPE Seminars  
About Social Networking 'Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural... 1 comment
About the Work-based Learning Maturity Toolkit 1 comment
Abstract : LORO, an OER repository for language teachers: Does it make a difference? 3 comments
Abstract : OER Use : who, what, where, how and most of all WHY?  
Abstract : The Humbox: a new concept of openness in OERs UK  
Abstract : The Impact on Learning of iTunes U Open Educational Resources 2 comments
Abstract : The TOETOE project 1 comment
Academic adviser learning scenario - based on template  
Academic literacy: genres, priorities and strategies Barbara Mayor, Wednesday 24 March, 11.45am-12.45pm, Workshop 5F, Wilson D Block 1 comment
Academic literacy: process, texts and communities Barbara Mayor Wednesday 24 March, 10.30am-11.30am, Workshop 4A, Wilson D Block 1 comment
Academic literacy: writing abstracts Sarah North, Wednesday 24 March, 1.45-2.45pm Workshop 6D, Wilson D Block 2 comments
Academic papers 1 comment
Academic presentations Research Skills required by PhD students E3: Constructively defend research outcomes at seminars...  
Academic writing Research Skills required by PhD students E1: Write clearly and in a style appropriate to purpose,...  
Academic Writing for the New 3rd Level Student This Cloud has been created to provide an accessible and extendable resource for learners new to Academic Writing 6 comments
AcademicTalk 1 comment
Access is Not Enough  
Access to Cloudworks  
Accessibility and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): the current state and next steps  
Accessibility at the Learn About Fair 2011  
Accessibility in eLearning Discussion on access for disabled students to on-line learning  
Accessibility in Open Educational Practice with OERs (OLDSMOOC) Accessibility in MOOC experiences  
Accessibility in Second Life  
Accessibility in Web design for teachers A video tutorial 1 comment
Accessible tools and inclusive approaches  
Accessify Wiki Creating and delivering accessibility fixes, one site at a time.  
Accessing Imac remotely for photos/movies - realistic?  
Accident Investigation Simulation 3 comments
Accomodations For those who are traveling from outside of the Bay Area we have reserved rooms in the Hotel...  
Action Plans and Shopping Lists  
Active learning with Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies 0297 ALT-C 2009  
Active Presentation Models  
Active worlds A virtual world  
Activity - Affordances  
Activity - Cloudquest Challenge 1 comment
Activity - Course view  
Activity - Pedagogical framework  
Activity 1a: H800- Cloudquest Challenge  
Activity 1b. Session narrative  
Activity 20 mins: Sharing CompendiumLD designs  
Activity 20 mins: The cloudquest challenge An activity designed to help people explore cloudworks 6 comments
Activity 3 week 3  
Activity level Learning Design representations to enhance curriculum design  
Activity Theory: what does it offer elearning research? 0049 ALT-C 2009 1 comment
Activity: 1 Estonian elearning conference Cloudquest challenge  
Activity: 10 mins A simple Cloudquest challenge Exploring cloudworks for good ideas 94 comments
Activity: 10 mins Introductions and interests ETUG workshop 20th-21st October 2009 Simon Fraser University 12 comments
Activity: 10 mins Sharing designs First used in the Olnet workshop 30th June 2009 7 comments
Activity: 10 minutes: Course Dimensions An activity to provide an opportunity to explore the Course Dimensions representation 3 comments
Activity: 15 mins Discussion/ thought activity OER issues and vision Questions to encourage thinking around the purpose, vision and challenges of OER 1 comment
Activity: 15 mins: Setting workshop objectives Setting workshop objectives activity 5 comments
Activity: 20 mins A schema mapping tools and activities to four facets of learning 2 comments
Activity: 20 mins Deconstructing the design of an OER Workshop activity 2 comments
Activity: 20 mins Strategies for design A thought activity on strategies teachers use to create learning activities 12 comments
Activity: 20 mins Strategies for design Think-pair-share workshop activity 4 comments
Activity: 20 mins: How to ruin a course This activity can be completed as part of a face to face workshop or from a distance. 14 comments
Activity: 20 minutes: Course Map OULDI-JISC 5 comments
Activity: 20mins: Affordances: Tools in use In this activity you will explore the 'affordances' (Gibson, 1977) of one or more technological... 3 comments
Activity: 25 mins The power of visualisation Workshop activity 7 comments
Activity: 30 mins Finding and sharing learning and teaching ideas and designs A activity exploring the cloudworks site 1 comment
Activity: 30 mins: Design review Introduction to the use of some review and evaluation tools  
Activity: 30 mins: Introduction to OERs Find and share an OER 18 comments
Activity: 30 mins: Learning Outcomes view This representation maps a learning design at the meso- (middle or intermediate) level. It provides... 1 comment
Activity: 30 mins: OULDI Course Features This activity is to be used near the beginning of the design/ redesign process. 32 comments
Activity: 30 mins: Peer evaluation Peer evaluation activity 1 comment
Activity: 30 mins: Sharing designs If you have a learning design you would like to share and discuss with others, please set up a...  
Activity: 30 mins: Workshop evaluation and next steps Learning Design workshop evaluation Cloud 1 comment
Activity: 40 mins: At a glance course maps An introductory activity for the Course Map representation 1 comment
Activity: 40 mins: CompendiumLD introductory activity A workshop activity to introduce delegates to the CompendiumLD tool. 1 comment
Activity: 40 mins: Design review Using some of the CBM to conduct a mid-design review  
Activity: 40 mins: Pen portraits 1 comment
Activity: 40 mins: Stalls activity Design challenge stalls activity  
Activity: 40mins: Visualisation activity Activity provides an opportunity to visualise a simple learning design and explore the benefits and challenges of visualisation 2 comments
Activity: 45 mins: Task Swimlane This activity acts as an easy taster introduction to using CompendiumLD to map activities and... 23 comments
Activity: 45 minutes: Formative and summative assessment .  
Activity: 45 minutes: Use of technology to enhance learning In this activity participants will consider learning design with a focus on the use of technology... 4 comments
Activity: 60 mins: Comparing four web 2.0 tools For this activity you will be introduced to four web 2.0 tools that can be used in the classroom... 2 comments
Activity: 60 minutes Stalls/ LD network activity Information gathering and network developing activity  
Activity: 60 minutes: OULDI Activity Profile OER This activity has been developed as part of the JISC funded OLDS-MOOC 9 comments
Activity: 60 minutes: Redesigning a Level 1 comment
Activity: 90 mins: Visualising Designs Design Challenge visualising designs activity  
Activity: Activity Planner The Activity Planner (previously called the Pedagogy Profile) designed to help teachers (or learners) map different typs of... 7 comments
Activity: Ascilite workshop cloudquest challenge Learning design workshop, 6th December 2009  
Activity: Cloudquest challenge (Brisbane workshop) 15 comments
Activity: Cloudquest challenge (SEDA 2011 workshop)  
Activity: Clustering research questions activity A workshop activity to generate, cluster and refine research questions 1 comment
Activity: Exploring cloudworks Explore the site and use this site to reflection on your impressions What do you like about this...  
Activity: Exploring different representations  
Activity: Lens 1: Assessment Activity designed for an OULDI-LSBU workshop May 2010  
Activity: Lens 2: Employability Activity designed for an OULDI-LSBU workshop May 2010  
Activity: Lens 3: Use of technology Activity designed for the OULDI-LSBU workshop May 2010 1 comment
Activity: Lens 4: Inclusive curriculum Activity designed for an OULDI-LSBU workshop May 2010  
Activity: Making a design more collaborative using CSCL collaboratitve pedagogical patterns Use of the CSCL pedagogical patterns language  
Activity: New dynamics of language learning Cloudquest challenge  
Activity: Oeropoly A game to learn about OER  
Activity: Talking Pictures 1 comment
Activity: Task swimlane view Think of an activity to be represented in the task swimlane...  
Activity: Using the course map and course dimension views Use the course map and the course dimension views to model a course or part of a course How useful...  
Activity: Using the pedagogy profile widget Think of a course (or part of a course) Complete the pedagogy profile widget (see links) in terms...  
Activity: WebCollage, pattern based design of units of learning with embedded assessment Do you remember Collage? there is a new version, Web and with... 1 comment
Activity: Who, what , where, when  
Adam Warren - OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal  
Adam Warren - OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal 2 11 comments
Adapting OER for the Professional Development of English Language Teachers  
Adding multimedia value to specialist teacher training  
Adding timing information to an activity A feature in CompendiumLD will allow you to keep track of how much time an activity will take for teachers and learners 5 comments
Addressing assessment of media-rich artefacts  
Addressing student overload Strategies and approaches for detailing with student overload 1 comment
Adelaide Dias_Learning Journal for OLDS MOOC Learning acquired throughout my participation in MOOC  
Adrian's Learning Journal (OLDS-MOOC)  
Adumbration distributed cognition and biscuits 8 comments
Advocating Avatars: The Salesperson in Second Life From Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 2010, Issue 3. Explores ideas of 'self'...  
afstemmen van thema's en praktijkverhalen  
Agenda Curriculum Design Fest. London South Bank University  
Agenda: Workshop: New approaches to the design of blended learning 1 comment
Agendas Matter  
Aida Samiyeva, Pavlodar State University 1 comment
Aidan's Representation Comparison - (+ comparison with systems design)  
Aids to practice 1 comment
Aims for the Researcher 2.0 What are your aims in joining this discussion? 18 comments
AISHE-C 1 comment
AK: Project Design Proposal - Graduate Level mLearning Course in MOOC format [OLDS MOOC] 4 comments
AK's OLDS MOOC Cloud [Daily Happenings + Chronicling] Portfolio Cloud 8 comments
Akmaral Kuatbayeva, Kazakh National University  
AKO: teaching and learning Just a place to hang out here . . AKO is the maori word for "teaching&learning;" 3 comments
Alain Hickey's design narrative: Composition 4 comments
Alan Clarke - Ecology of Resources (EoR) Design Framework 2 comments
Alan Clarke Force Diagram 8 comments
Alan Clarke Possible OER This is a list of possible resources. They will need further study to decide on their suitability. 3 comments
Alan Clarke Scenario 11 comments
Alan Clarke: Adult Education Workshop Outline of my project 13 comments
Alan's Representations  
Alanah Fitzgerald (SCORE) - Openness in English Language Teaching  
Albina Muratbekova, Almaty Management University 1 comment
Albion & Dungeons As Well As Charcoal Zones  
Albion Developing System Plus Items: Unparalleled Gold Provider Gives Low-Cost Albion Gold  
Albion Online Gears Details Plus Some Difficult Points  
Albion Online One Final Occurrence: Castle Siege Sunday  
Aleksey's OLDS MOOC journal  
Aleksey's OLDS MOOC journal  
Alex Furr - Portfolio  
Alex Furr: My dream: Making eMarking the preferred choice for academics 8 comments
Alex's "cloudlet"  
Ali Foot's Design Narrative: Mixed Media Workshop – Clavell Tower, a Dorset Landmark  
Alice La Rooy - Design Narrative for Excel Training 5 comments
Alice Week 1 learning reflection 3 comments
Alice’s OLDSMOOC narrative 9 comments
Alina Kim-Vainberger, East Kazakhstan State Technical University  
ALISE Research Taxonomy  
Alisha Portolese: My dream: Learning design project proposal - Collaborative writing in a primary classroom 3 comments
Alisha Portolese: Scenarios: Integrating Collaboration Skills Across the Curriculum Using Open and Remixed Lesson Plans 2 comments
Alisha's Learning Journal 5 comments
Alisha's OLDS MOOC Week 1 Reflection 2 comments
Alison Le Cornu: My dream: Learning design project proposal Improving a 1hr15m face-to-face session 6 comments
Alison's first toe 4 comments
Alison's OLDS-MOOC learning journal The place where I (Alison) am collating all my MOOC designs and discussions  
Aliya Muftigaliyeva, West Kazakhstan Agrarian-Technical University  
All About Gregorio  
All hands on deck: CREWED for technology-enabled learning 0178 ALT-C 2009 Carol Russell  
All You Need To Know About LED Panel Lights  
Allaying fears and building confidence: preparing students for on-line group-work 6 comments
Alleppey houseboat  
alleppey houseboat packages  
Allison Littlejohn: Keynote: the power of the collective 2 comments
Allison's Design Narrative 2 comments
Alpine Conzilla A Conzilla model of the workshop TEL in the context of technological, societal and cultural transformation  
ALT-J Special Issue - The Transformational Impact of Learning Technology Guest editors: Professor John Bourne (The Sloan Consortium, USA), Professor Martin Hall...  
ALTC 2010: ‘Open the pod bay doors, please, Hal’: narratives of crisis in managing e-learning Jonathan Powles, Aliya Steed  
ALTC 2010: "Before I begin, can I ask all students to switch their mobile devices ON?" Sian Lindsay, Nitin Parmar, Mike Cameron, Kate Reader, Ajmal Sultany  
ALTC 2010: "Copyright's not a problem. I deliberately chose an obscure journal to take it from..." Julian Tenney, Patrick Lockley 1 comment
ALTC 2010: #tagginganna: creating pedagogic models around searchable tags and reader-commentaries on e-Texts Alex Moseley, Mark Rawlinson, Stuart Johnson  
ALTC 2010: 3C: What's in IT for me? Peter Duffy  
ALTC 2010: A classification of Web 2.0 approaches: identifying the role of twitter and other technologies in Higher Education Guy Saward  
ALTC 2010: A co-generative toolkit: e-enabling work-based learning Martin Jenkins, Phil Gravestock, Shane Sutherland  
ALTC 2010: A language usage-based service for providing formative feedback and learner positioning Gaston Burek, Gillian Armitt, Dale Gerdemann, Bernhard Hoisl, Robert Koblischke, Christoph Mauerhofer, Petya Osenova, Kiril Simov  
ALTC 2010: A latent semantic analysis-based service for providing personalised formative feedback on conceptual development within PBL Groups Fridolin Wild, Alisdair Smithies, Gillian Armitt, Isobel Braidman  
ALTC 2010: A presentation, demonstration and discussion on the introduction of online advertising to selected University applications as a potential source of revenu Ian Heath, Alex Norris  
ALTC 2010: A qualitative study of staff perceptions of Second Life as an effective environment for learning and teaching Rose Heaney, Megan Arroll  
ALTC 2010: A rich and strange journey of involvement, influence and change in five HEIs Paul Bartholomew, Claire Eustance, Rebecca Freeman, Pam Parker, Amyas Phillips, Susannah Quinsee, Duncan Reeder, Georgia Slade  
ALTC 2010: A Second Life pilot in two online M-level programmes Gabi Witthaus, Alejandro Armellini, Kelly Barklamb  
ALTC 2010: A strategy for supporting academic staff in the design, development and delivery of flexible CPD courses in Higher Education. Cath Ellis, Sue Folley, Helen Harris 1 comment
ALTC 2010: A student perspective on the use of technology in 21st century higher education Alex Bols  
ALTC 2010: A student’s experience of producing an effective online intervention with Articulate Presenter for a Master’s dissertation project Avril Causer, Heather Wharrad, Richard Windle  
ALTC 2010: A tempest in a teacup: increasing student participation by offering a special ‘blend’ Ida Kemp, Jennifer Parr  
ALTC 2010: ALT Annual General meeting and elections Steve Ryan, Carol Higgison, Fred Pickering, Seb Schmoller  
ALTC 2010: ALT Special Interest Groups: LERSIG and ViE SIG Maren Deepwell  
ALTC 2010: An analysis of first-year business students’ mobile phones and their use for learning Claire Bradley, Debbie Holley  
ALTC 2010: Applying a development framework for digital literacies Helen Beetham, Rhona Sharpe, Fred Garnett  
ALTC 2010: Approaches to history taking in medical education Niall Watts  
ALTC 2010: Are you on-board with Open Educational Resources? Chris Taylor, Terry McAndrew  
ALTC 2010: Audio feedback: designing feedback methods that are meaningful, manageable and media rich Andrew Middleton  
ALTC 2010: Back three spaces and roll again: using game-based approaches to assist with course design Alex Moseley, Juliette Culver, Nicola Whitton 1 comment
ALTC 2010: Barbara Wasson Keynote: Design and use of technology enhanced environments Barbara Wasson  
ALTC 2010: Becoming virtual: presence and embodiment as prerequisites to learning in virtual worlds Mark Childs  
ALTC 2010: Beyond training: staff development for lecture capture Amanda Hardy, Juliet Hinrichsen  
ALTC 2010: Blackboard mobile strategies tba  
ALTC 2010: Blog post Cloud Using this Cloud to add links to blog posts about the ALTC 2010 Conference....  
ALTC 2010: Breaking barriers to effective online pedagogy Simon Tindall  
ALTC 2010: Bridging the worlds of technology and education Danny Ararti  
ALTC 2010: Building an e-Book Access Bridge: an outline of a small scale project to provide generic guidance to the publishing industry on accessibility issues Alistair McNaught, Simon Ball, Shirley Evans  
ALTC 2010: C-Link: a new tool to support students' information searches Peter Hartley, Stephen Remde, Peter Cowling  
ALTC 2010: Can student use of Flip camcorders enhance learning with large cohorts? Elisabeth Dunne, Laura Taylor, Dale Potter, Jennifer Wren, Karen Leslie  
ALTC 2010: Can the computerized peer-assessment of digital stories fully assess student subject knowledge? Phil Davies  
ALTC 2010: Captain, navigator, surgeon and cook: balancing leadership and support in educational change management – a case study from legal education Jonathan Powles, Aliya Steed  
ALTC 2010: Captivating staff development for your academics Mark Pelling, Susan Wilkinson  
ALTC 2010: Capturing and sharing learning in practice: applying a successful dissemination model. Rachel Scudamore, Alison Clark  
ALTC 2010: Capturing tutor expertise using video – the hands-on approach Carol Elston, Jade Kelsall  
ALTC 2010: Celebrate CMALT's 5th Birthday Maren Deepwell  
ALTC 2010: Certified Members' Meeting CMALT Development Group, Maren Deepwell  
ALTC 2010: Challenging exclusionary practices in digital inclusion projects: a call for redress and "passionate outrage" Jane Seale  
ALTC 2010: Changing our models of curriculum design: personalised curriculum creation through coaching Janet Finlay, Dawn Wood, Margaret Christian, John Gray, Tam Mason  
ALTC 2010: Changing the way we see test-items in a computer-based environment: Screen design and question difficulty Matt Haigh  
ALTC 2010: Charting the waters of technology supported work-based higher education: transforming a pilot development into a national programme Helen Dewhurst, Rob Arntsen, Deborah Trayhurn  
ALTC 2010: Closing remarks and preview of ALT-C 2011 Richard Noss, Vanessa Pittard, John Cook, Sugata Mitra  
ALTC 2010: Coaching as student support via illuminate Dawn Wood, Janet Finlay  
ALTC 2010: Collaboration through Google Apps Emma Duke-Williams, Emily Bennett, Susan Gibbs  
ALTC 2010: Collaborative style of learning: using Web 2.0 technology in the context of participant-based learning Pei-Ju Lucy Ting, Hsin-Ju Stephie Tsai, Ryo Seo-Zindy  
ALTC 2010: Contribute to the development of ALT's future strategy Carol Higgison, ALT Central Executive  
ALTC 2010: CORRE: A framework for transforming teaching materials into OERs Alejandro Armellini, Emma Davies, Richard Mobbs, Samuel Nikoi, Tania Rowlett, Gabi Witthaus  
ALTC 2010: Creating the right conditions for the use of mobile technology in learning: requirements for strategy and policies in post-compulsory education Nigel Ecclesfield, Fred Garnett  
ALTC 2010: Cultivating a digital habitat: developing the e-flective practitioner by creating a virtual collaborative learning environment Paul Lowe, Lindsay Jordan  
ALTC 2010: DAT’s the way to do it? Medical students and Learning Technologists working together at Peninsula Medical School. Sally Holden, Russell O'Brien, Zac Gribble, Paul Russell, Carmen Mallett, Robin Oswald  
ALTC 2010: Deep Learning Design (DLD): addressing profound shifts in the learning-teaching landscape Andrew Ravenscroft, Tom Boyle, John Cook  
ALTC 2010: Design of a question design support tool Silvester Draaijer, Judith Schoonenboom  
ALTC 2010: Designing afresh for distance learning: a demonstration of a Masters degree programme innovatively repurposed for online delivery Julie Watson, Will Baker  
ALTC 2010: Developing a learning ecosystem Sudhir Giri  
ALTC 2010: Developing and delivering internet based careers advice, information and guidance Graham Attwell, Jenny Bimrose, Sally-Anne Barnes  
ALTC 2010: Digital responses: themes emerging from the setting of digital media-enhanced learning assignments Andrew Middleton, Oksana Fedotova, Richard Mather, Cathy Malone, Diane Ruston  
ALTC 2010: Discovering and developing communities of e-learning practice Peter Maloney 1 comment
ALTC 2010: Do tutors make good learning designers? Large-scale evaluation of e-learning resources produced by tutors. Richard J. Windle, Heather Wharrad, Claire Bradley, Raquel Morales, Dawn Leeder, Tom Boyle  
ALTC 2010: Do you like books or do you like reading? James Clay 3 comments
ALTC 2010: Does an Automatic Test Harness (ATH) help learning? Maryam Kheir Abadi, Graham Alsop, James Orwell  
ALTC 2010: Does the e-book reader make distance learners’ life easier? Ming Nie, Witthaus Gabi, Barklamb Kelly, Armellini Alejandro  
ALTC 2010: Donald Clark Keynote: Don't lecture me As student numbers increase and cuts are implemented the HE sector has to do more for less. This... 3 comments
ALTC 2010: Drawtivity – a web based e-learning authoring system designed to support Open Education Resource development Tony Lowe  
ALTC 2010: E-cards from Plymouth: considering the practical and socio-cultural experience of international students Chelo de Andres Martinez, Diana Masterson, Patrick McMahon  
ALTC 2010: e-Feedback and students’ changing needs and expectations Yuhua Hu, Paul McLaughlin  
ALTC 2010: e-Learning – the next wave John Traxler  
ALTC 2010: E-learning standards for an M-learning world – informing the development of e-learning standards for the mobile web Geoff Stead, Geoff Martin, Frances Wade  
ALTC 2010: E-qualification certificate system for e-Portfolios David Argles, Lisha Chen-Wilson, Tao Guan  
ALTC 2010: eAssignment: an institutional submission and management system for assessment of open-ended assignments Trevor Bryant, Peter Gibbs, Martin Chivers, Peter Silvester, Alex Furr  
ALTC 2010: Educational and organisational benefits of the Cloud Diane McDonald, Caroline Breslin, Archie MacDonald, Rob Bristow  
ALTC 2010: Effective application of quality assurance procedures for technology-enhanced learning: a toolkit for practitioners. Mark Gamble, Maria-Christiana Papaefthimiou, Harvey Mellar, Magdalena Jara, David O'Hare, Barbara Newland, Helen Barefoot, Judith Kuit, Eileen Webb  
ALTC 2010: Efficiency with flexibility: connecting the VLE to the curriculum David Fevyer, Tim Galling  
ALTC 2010: eFolio: a DIY ePortfolio (or 'making the most of what you've got') Alex Furr, Sarah Stevenage, Tom Randell, Fiona Grindley, Adam Warren  
ALTC 2010: Electronic resource discovery systems: do they help or hinder in searching for academic material Hanna Stelmaszewska, B.L. William Wong, Balbir S. Barn, Nazlin Bhimani  
ALTC 2010: eLM – an eLearning mapping tool Peter Duffy  
ALTC 2010: eLuctant students: identification and support Jon Bernardes, Emma Purnell  
ALTC 2010: Embedding innovative ways of working in learning and teaching: implications for staff and organisations Diane McDonald, Donna Cullen, Lesley Gourlay  
ALTC 2010: Embedding learning design processes: responding to context Rebecca Galley, Maria Papaefthimiou, Phil Alberts, Natalie Parnis, Ruth Brown, Amyas Phillips  
ALTC 2010: Empirically based recommendations related to the use of Virtual Worlds in education Trevor Barker  
ALTC 2010: Employing personal learning spaces to facilitate APL processes: the TELSTAR project. Garry Watkins, Beverly Leeds, Amy Wright  
ALTC 2010: Engendering digital sharing cultures in higher education: a university wide approach Angela Trikic, Vicki McGarvey, Jon Tepper, Anna Armstrong, Jon Fletcher  
ALTC 2010: Epigeum Video awards tba  
ALTC 2010: Evaluating student expectations online through SUE @ BU David Fevyer, Susan Deane  
ALTC 2010: Exploring the potential of mobile devices to support e-portfolio development in work based learning Huw Richards, Elizabeth Symonds  
ALTC 2010: Extending standards-based e-assessment tools to meet the needs of mathematics and science Sue Milne, Leslie Fletcher  
ALTC 2010: FE to HE transition: can online peer support aid and ease this phase? Lucy Stone, Sarah Younie  
ALTC 2010: Find out about CMALT CMALT Development Group, Maren Deepwell  
ALTC 2010: Finding my way... Flea Palmer  
ALTC 2010: First steps to second life: learning to simulate and simulating to learn Bob Hallawell, Jenny Prior, Patrick Lockley  
ALTC 2010: Flip it, the use of Flip Video Cameras to support and enhance learning, teaching, and assessment Karen McCourt, Karen Robins, Amanda Relph  
ALTC 2010: Forging meaningful, equal partnerships in open educational resources between the UK and Africa Steve Stapleton, Andy Beggan  
ALTC 2010: Fresh, flashy and fun: the National Network for Interpreting online resources Dragos Ciobanu, Svetlana Carsten, Catriona MacLeod, Tamara Bloom  
ALTC 2010: Friendfolios – harnessing social scaffolding for reflection Alan Cann, Jo Badge  
ALTC 2010: From Shakespeare, to Hemmingway, to Beck, and beyond Ann Hughes  
ALTC 2010: Full fathom five Zimbabwe’s e-Learning lies Jill Jameson  
ALTC 2010: Fun with 'Faux-positories': easy educational resource sharing for non-technically-minded practitioner communities Sarah Currier, Cherie Woolmer  
ALTC 2010: General discussion Cloud A space for asking questions, making comments, sharing ideas. Please do feel free to set up new Clouds as discussion threads... 1 comment
ALTC 2010: Get involved with ALT Haydn Blackey, Maren Deepwell  
ALTC 2010: Getting switched ON! Open Nottingham, removing the barriers for re-use and sharing of OER Andy Beggan, Steve Stapleton, Alison Johnson  
ALTC 2010: GLO Maker 2 – a free, user-friendly authoring tool for creating rich, multimedia learning objects Tom Boyle, Claire Bradley  
ALTC 2010: GLO Maker: a tool for easily authoring generative learning objects (GLOs) Claire Bradley, Tom Boyle  
ALTC 2010: Great expectations: meeting the needs of learners, employers and institutions through more responsive curricula Helen Beetham, Marianne Sheppard  
ALTC 2010: Guerilla narratives of personal media creation, public media sharing: a 21st century show and tell Helen Keegan, Frances Bell, Josie Fraser, James Clay  
ALTC 2010: Harnessing a quickly shifting tide – a case study of supporting staff in pedagogical change through digital video Mary Jacob  
ALTC 2010: HE practice and Web 2.0 – what’s stopping us? Liz Bennett  
ALTC 2010: HERE'S WAVING AT YOU KID – a conversational framework for using Google Wave for peer-to-peer feedback and collaboration Paul Lowe, Lindsay Jordan  
ALTC 2010: How national funding and policy supports learning and teaching in higher education Heather Fry  
ALTC 2010: How Talis Aspire enables a step change in resource list management Talis Education  
ALTC 2010: How teachers use Blackboard: an institution-wide evaluation study on functionality types, user profiles, and the influence of attitude Judith Schoonenboom, Linda Mebus, Victor Maijer  
ALTC 2010: How the JISC Advance services can help you and your organisation Doug Belshaw  
ALTC 2010: Hybrid professional learning networks for knowledge workers: educational theory inspiring new practices Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema, Steven Verjans  
ALTC 2010: ICT’s participatory potential in higher education collaborations: reality or just talk Rosalind James, Belinda Tynan  
ALTC 2010: Immersed in the digital: networked creativity through mobile content production Helen Keegan  
ALTC 2010: Infinite space: an innovative & collaborative e-learning approach to large cohort delivery David Fevyer, Brian James, Kathryn Cheshir  
ALTC 2010: Interactive learning with Tablet PCs: tips for teachers Daphne Robson, Dave Kennedy  
ALTC 2010: International benchmarking of practitioner ICT capability in Further Education – pilot study David Kay, Seb Schmoller, Kevin Donovan, David Jennings, Angela Saunders  
ALTC 2010: Introduction and conference open Richard Noss, Vanessa Pittard, Saul Tendler  
ALTC 2010: INVISQUE - INteractive VIsual Search and QUery Environment Raymond Chen, William Wong  
ALTC 2010: Is exposure to technology translating to better ICT skills in an academic environment? Oduronke Eyitayo, Balu Grand, Wole Olatokun  
ALTC 2010: Is OER a long-term goer? An investigation into the viability of sustainable OER networks Dawn Leeder, Chris Pegler  
ALTC 2010: Is the use of technology in HE more 'efficiently unsustainable'? Richard Hall, Joss Winn  
ALTC 2010: JISC Flexible service delivery initiative Alex Hawker, John Slater, Sarah Sherman  
ALTC 2010: Joining the dots: using technology to strengthen and connect teaching communities Lindsay Jordan  
ALTC 2010: Jorum L&T competition presentations tba  
ALTC 2010: Justifying the cost of learning technology: a workshop to develop the business case for investment Caroline Breslin, Diane McDonald, David Nicol  
ALTC 2010: Knowing when to let go: a pedagogy for using online chat in teaching Sarah Horrigan  
ALTC 2010: Leading e-Learning: achieving personal growth whilst overcoming self-doubt Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou, Susannah Quinsee  
ALTC 2010: Learning activity, coordination and curriculum design: some insights from emerging disciplines Damien Markey, Adam Isherwood  
ALTC 2010: Learning technology at Google Sudhir Giri  
ALTC 2010: Lecture capture: rich and strange, or a dark art? Jane Secker, Stephen Bond, Sonja Grussendorf  
ALTC 2010: Lifelong learning on the open wave: casting off from the institution Kirstie Coolin, Angela Smallwood, Phil Harley  
ALTC 2010: Literacies, learning and people's lives: where practice and real life collide… Josie Taylor  
ALTC 2010: Making a splash with technology enhanced learning Jackie Carter, Louise Egan, Matt Ramirez, Christine Rees, Laura Shaw, Nicola Siminson  
ALTC 2010: Making the strategic learning environment a virtual reality: implementing a new approach to educational technology Susannah Quinsee, Neal Sumner, Annemarie Cancienne, Olivia Fox, Stef Smith, Anise Bullimore  
ALTC 2010: Maths Solutions – generating hand-written maths examples using a tablet PC and capture software Carol Elston, Liz Meenan, Jade Kelsall  
ALTC 2010: Medical and healthcare scenarios in Second Life Sheetal Kavia, Luke Woodham, Emily Conradi, Trupti Bakrania, Terry Poulton  
ALTC 2010: Meet ALT's members Maren Deepwell  
ALTC 2010: Meeting the expectations and needs of international learners bound for UK study through an open website of flexible learning resources Julie Watson, Andrew Davey  
ALTC 2010: Mobile engagement or miss-dial? A multi-institution survey interrogating student attitudes to mobile learning Kate Reader, Mike Cameron, Sian Lindsay, Hilary Griffiths, Ajmal Sultany  
ALTC 2010: Mobile learning lessons from Africa, America and Europe - contrasting international case studies to highlight current trends Geoff Stead  
ALTC 2010: Mobilising remote student engagement on field trips Tim Linsey, Ann Ooms, Stuart Downward, Ken Field, James O'Brien  
ALTC 2010: Modes of video production and delivery for learning and teaching Wayne Britcliffe, Simon Davis  
ALTC 2010: Molenet3 at the Sheffield College – digging deeper, unearthing the network David Kay, Dave Pickersgill  
ALTC 2010: Navigating through the storm – using theory to plan mobile learning deployment Tamsin Treasure-Jones, Kate Murphy, John Cook, Gareth Frith, Abdul Kapdi, Jill Taylor  
ALTC 2010: New bottles, old wine? A debate on the ethics of educational interventions in popular digital technologies John Traxler, Frances Bell, Andy Black, Mark Childs, Steve Wheeler, Carl Royal  
ALTC 2010: New structures and models: From TEL at the fringes to TEL at the core Stephen Woodward, Haydn Blackey, Trevor Price  
ALTC 2010: No problem: the case for supporting active learning through technology Julie Usher, Wayne Britcliffe  
ALTC 2010: One college's journey – a view from the bridge Frank McLouglin  
ALTC 2010: Online teaching of ICT skills within subject content – resolving the tensions Marion Hall  
ALTC 2010: Only three things matter: engagement, engagement, engagement Derek Morrison, Sharon Waller  
ALTC 2010: Open Educational Resources – a force for change Tracey Madden  
ALTC 2010: Open Educational Resources (OERs) in HE – trends and scenarios Li Yuan, Sheila MacNeill, David Kernohan, Heather Price  
ALTC 2010: Opening up the conversation: creating a OPEN-i, an online community of practice for the photojournalism industry Paul Lowe  
ALTC 2010: Out of something rich and strange: the appearance and subsequent fate of issues and themes in the ALT-C Proceedings 2000-2009 David Morris, Nigel Ecclesfield  
ALTC 2010: Out there and in here: design for blended scientific inquiry learning Anne Adams, Sarah Davies, Trevor Collins, Yvonne Rogers  
ALTC 2010: Pandemic planning: from paper to pixels Jane Mooney, Pete Driscoll, Lee Griffiths  
ALTC 2010: Pearson learning platforms Pearson Education  
ALTC 2010: PebblePad enabled PDA use on placement pilot scheme (PUPPS) – a case study of biographical work based mobile learning. Iwi Ugiagbe-Green  
ALTC 2010: Peer assessment in a Web 2.0 world: revisiting the ‘big ideas’ Geraldine Jones, Gabriele Edwards  
ALTC 2010: Personal inquiry in formal and informal settings: nQuire for scripting interactions Eileen Scanlon, Mike Sharples, Paul Mulholland, Members PI Team  
ALTC 2010: Piloting the use of synchronous web conferencing for flexible curriculum delivery Timos Almpanis, Eric Miller, Margaret Ross, Darran Price, Richard James  
ALTC 2010: Placing the student at the heart of the process: using student lifecycle relationship management and service design techniques to enhance the student expe Sharon Perry, Paul Hollins  
ALTC 2010: Plotting the sea-change: a longitudinal survey between 2001 and 2010 of technology-enhanced learning in UK higher education Tom Browne, Roger Hewitt, Martin Jenkins, Julie Voce, Richard Walker, Hennie Yip  
ALTC 2010: Preparing nurses for web-based learning: exploring the value of emotional support and blended learning on self-efficacy Cherry Poussa, Shaaron Ainsworth, Heather Wharrad  
ALTC 2010: Providing feedback using audio: disseminating practice at Coventry from the Audio Supported Enhanced Learning (ASEL) project Mark Childs, Mark Oliver, Steve Bate  
ALTC 2010: Provision of professional development: overview of empowerment and deficit models John Clayton, Richard Elliott 1 comment
ALTC 2010: Pushing the boat out: using multiple hooks to improve student engagement Dragos Ioan Ciobanu, Paul Arnold 1 comment
ALTC 2010: Quantity and quality? Using site metrics to measure VLE adoption and inform planning Carol Shergold, John Davies  
ALTC 2010: Reception for those (individual, organisation, sponsoring) who have become members in the last year Maren Deepwell  
ALTC 2010: Refreshing the classroom – using lecture capture to deliver a novel blended-learning strategy in the sciences Eoin McDonnell, Brendan Curran  
ALTC 2010: Revolutions in Australian school infrastructure: are the people with us? Elizabeth Hartnell-Young  
ALTC 2010: Riding the wave – keeping staff developers afloat in a sea of change (supporting staff development with the VLE) Kirsten Thompson  
ALTC 2010: Sailing against the trade winds? How online distance learning could help maintain the character of higher education in stormy seas. David White  
ALTC 2010: Scaleability and support: squaring the e-circle Maggie Gale, Peter Radcliff  
ALTC 2010: Seeding the cloud: using Cloudworks for resource management for the ELESIG community of practice Helen Whitehead, Rhona Sharpe, Rebecca Galley, Juliette Culver  
ALTC 2010: Sharing experiences from the MEDEA awards Sally Reynolds, Deborah Arnold  
ALTC 2010: Sharing to learn: using a Learning Repository (LR) to share and manage your VLE’s learning & teaching objects Jon Fletcher, Vicki McGarvey  
ALTC 2010: Shifting themes, shifting roles: the development of research blogs Rebecca Ferguson, Gill Clough, Anesa Hosein  
ALTC 2010: SimSafety: sailing in new waters Denise Carter, Charlie Cordeaux  
ALTC 2010: Social learning platforms: what are they and why do you need one? Nancy Rubin  
ALTC 2010: Software to support student team project working: evaluating a prototype Janice Whatley  
ALTC 2010: Staff engagement with changing ways of working: a small-scale repository project Juliun Ryan, Mandy Motley  
ALTC 2010: Strategies for mlearning integration: evaluating a case study of staging and scaffolding mlearning integration across a three-year Bachelor’s degree Thomas Cochrane, Roger Bateman  
ALTC 2010: Students’ perspectives on the sea-change: the experience of taught postgraduates Liz Masterman  
ALTC 2010: Sugata Mitra Keynote: The hole in the wall: self organising systems in education Sugata Mitra 2 comments
ALTC 2010: Supporting innovative teaching with an intelligent collaborative design environment Diana Laurillard, Liz Masterman, George Magoulas, Patricia Charlton, Marion Manton, Dejan Ljubojevic, Brock Craft, Roser Pujadas 1 comment
ALTC 2010: Supporting lifelong learning: enhancing the value of interactive 3D chemistry Kirsty Barnes, Nick Greeves, Neil Berry, Nick Bunyan, Janet Strivens  
ALTC 2010: Supporting online communication – a series of e-learning resources to help students and tutors manage interpersonal skills in an online environment. Carol Elston, Julia Braham, Jade Kelsall  
ALTC 2010: Supporting the transition from the physical to the virtual classroom Darren Gash, Ian Gardner  
ALTC 2010: SWIFTLY enhancing laboratory learning: genetics in the virtual world Paul Rudman, Suzanne Lavelle, Gilly Salmon, Annette Cashmore  
ALTC 2010: Taking ownership of e-learning: a transferable mentoring model. Rachel Scudamore, Elaine Arici  
ALTC 2010: The changing landscape of CPD for teachers Peter Bradshaw, Mary Hayes, Peter Twining, R.A Jeffrey  
ALTC 2010: The design and implementation of an e-portfolio based pedagogy to enable work-based learners Alison Felce, Emma Purnell  
ALTC 2010: The effect of textual, pictorial and textual-pictorial glosses on English vocabulary learning Bahman Gorjian, Abdolreza Pazhakh, Katayoun Sharafi, Parviz Askari, Alireza Heidarei  
ALTC 2010: The future of knowledge acquisition Hans-Peter Baumeister  
ALTC 2010: The HELLO Project – using social networks to aid retention and progression Lucy Stone, Harry Tolley, Sarah Younie  
ALTC 2010: The Magic Pens Project Paul Mahoney, Helen Hewertson, James Gotaas  
ALTC 2010: The programme-design sabbatical: an institutional strategy to mainstream technology-enhanced learning Colleen Connor  
ALTC 2010: The provision of professional development in ICT: a New Zealand perspective John Clayton  
ALTC 2010: The role of podcasting in effective curriculum renewal Alejandro Armellini, Ming Nie  
ALTC 2010: The tide is turning': approaches to learning environment evaluation Susannah Quinsee, Carol Higgison, Maureen Readle, Mark Gamble, Richard Walker  
ALTC 2010: The use of a Web 2.0 tripartite model of assessment feedback to support face-to-face tutoring Mark Kerrigan, Mark Clements, Andrew Bond, Yanitsa Nedelcheva, Federica Oradini, Gunter Saunders  
ALTC 2010: The use of technology to address workforce development support issues Andrew Haldane, Richard Stanifirth  
ALTC 2010: The use of video-conferencing to deliver lectures and practical demonstrations to learners at remote educational sites Jeffrey Lewis  
ALTC 2010: Transactional learning at a distance: the ANU Legal Workshop Integrated Learning Environment project Aliya Steed  
ALTC 2010: Transforming teaching and learning: changing the pedagogical approach to using educational programming languages Petros Lameras, David Smith, Nektarios Moumoutzis, Stavros Christodoulakis, Emanuela Ovcin, George Stylianakis  
ALTC 2010: Transitioning from traditional to online teaching: making sense of changes in learning environments Bob Barrett  
ALTC 2010: Trialling e-readers as a green alternative to paper: changing behaviours and maintaining effectiveness Mary Dean, Lindsey Martin, Laura Chambers  
ALTC 2010: Tutors' early experiences of an e-portfolio system and their perceptions of the benefits to learners Emma Heron, Sue Bamford, Richard McCarter  
ALTC 2010: Two language technology-based services for providing personalised formative feedback Gaston Burek, Gillian Armitt, Isobel Braidman, Dale Gerdemann, Bernhard Hoisl, Robert Koblischke, Christoph Mauerhofer, Petya Osenova, Kiril Simov, Alisdair Smithies, Fridolin Wild  
ALTC 2010: Up stream, down stream and out of stream: the institutional challenge of redesigning for quality blended learning Mark Brown  
ALTC 2010: Using a graphical user interface for generating reports from a complex curriculum knowledgebase Tim Cappelli  
ALTC 2010: Using Blogs in summative assessment: the mature students' experience Julie Vuolo, Irene Anderson  
ALTC 2010: Using real data in teaching to give social science students real skills for the workplace Sarah Currier, Jackie Carter  
ALTC 2010: Using screen capture software in student feedback for technology-based assignments Rebecca Summers, Paul Summers  
ALTC 2010: Using technology to meet the needs of struggling students studying anatomy and physiology Tim Goodchild  
ALTC 2010: UsPaCe: the use of Web 2.0 to enhance the support of Foundation Degree students undertaking work based learning Neil Witt, Anne McDermott, Rob Stillwell  
ALTC 2010: Viewpoints: encouraging creativity and reflection in the curriculum Alan Masson, Catherine O'Donnell, Karen Viripen, Fiona Doherty  
ALTC 2010: Virtual fieldwork for sustainable enhanced student learning Simon Davis, David Barrett  
ALTC 2010: VLab: virtual machines as learning objects for ICT teaching Graham Alsop, Luke Hebbes, David Livingstone, Paul Neve  
ALTC 2010: Voice over the internet: user perspectives on voice tools in language learning. Teresa MacKinnon  
ALTC 2010: We're all doomed. Donald Clark keynote discussion Hans-Peter Baumeister, James Clay, Martin Oliver 1 comment
ALTC 2010: Web-based collaboration in Higher Education: small steps towards adoption Tim Neumann, Caroline Bell, David Flanders, Kit Logan, Sarah Sherman, Nick Short, Kim Whittlestone  
ALTC 2010: Welcome to ALT Maren Deepwell  
ALTC 2010: What future for Open Educational Resources in UK Higher Education? Jonathan Darby, Chris Pegler, Dawn Leeder, Tom Browne  
ALTC 2010: What is there to talk about? An analysis of microblogging between peers and tutors within a postgraduate cohort Alex Moseley, Jo Badge, Alan Cann, Stuart Johnson  
ALTC 2010: What went wrong? Tom Franklin, Su White, Hugh Davis, Maggie McPherson  
ALTC 2010: What’s so special about Tablet PCs? Daphne Robson, Dave Kennedy  
ALTC 2010: When worlds collide – revisiting experiential learning Martin Hall  
ALTC 2010: Where angels fear to tread: online peer assessment in a large first year class Markus Mostert, Jen Snowball  
ALTC 2010: Why waste a good crisis? Delivering an exclusively online international academic conference Terese Bird, Simon Kear, Richard Mobbs, Emma Davies 3 comments
ALTC 2010: Wimba + Elluminate + Blackboard = Blackboard Collaborate (Q+A session) tba  
ALTC 2010: Your answer was not quite correct, try again': making online assessment and feedback work for learners Sally Jordan, Phil Butcher, Sarah Knight, Ros Smith  
ALTC Exchange A repository for sharing teaching resources  
Altruism and OER /OED: sharing, charity and the process of giving  
aluminium foil containers  
Alvaro Carcaño OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
Amanda Chapman, A (re)negotiation of identity: from ‘mature student’ to ‘novice academic’ 1 comment
Amanda Everitt's review of representations (H800 A2a)  
Amanda Everitt’s design narrative: raising awareness between deaf and hearing students A design narrative discussing an awareness building and feedback activity with a group of deaf and hearing students. 6 comments
Amanda's design narrative 4 comments
Amanda's representations  
Amirah's Representation 1 comment
AMS OLDS MOOC Learning Journal  
AMS: Evaluation Scenario  
Amy O'Donnell's Design Narrative: Ways to enhance learning by using Aurasma in the classroom 2 comments
Amy's comparison of the 4SPPIces Model & the e-Deisgn Template  
Amy's comparison of the 4SPPIces Model & the e-Deisgn Template  
An Adaptive trust-based e-assessment System for Learning TeSLA  
An affordance perspective to web 2.0 supported collaborative learning activities. Andrew Cram presentation at LAM 2008, Sydney  
An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) for Teaching Undergraduate Enterprise This is a project to develop an ARG based, 12 week, undergraduate unit to teach the basics of business.  
An Analysis of Eye Scanpath Entropy in a Progressively Forming Virtual Environment Presence, 2009. People respond to virtual reality environments as if they are real. People...  
An appreciative inquiry of a developing community of learning technologists 0141 ALT-C 2009 Sharpe & Clarke  
An Appreciative Inquiry Perspective on Creation & Implementation of EPortfolios as a Strategic Tool for Learning & Evaluation 0067 ALT-C 2009  
An E-portfolio with Two Definitions and One Aim: Engagement 0201 ALT-C 2009  
An emerging suite of social learning technologies Presentation by Simon Buckingham Shum (OLnet/ KMI) at the OSRG Social learning symposium 7 comments
An ePortfolio as evidence of research skills Compiling evidence of skills can be streamlined with an ePortfolio, supported by online guidance. 1 comment
An eye for style  
An Informed Future?  
An Integrated Framework for Simulation-based Training on Video and in a Virtual World From Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2009. Uses video and SL for simulations....  
An intelligent, visual environment for learning with online images  
An introduction - Fawei Geng, the University of Oxford 1 comment
An introduction to the book  
An introduction to the purpose and work of the Careers Profession Alliance (CPA) 1 comment
An introductuon again.  
An Investigation into Design Diagrams and Their Implementations Alan Hayes, Thursday 3rd June, 10:45 am - 11:00 am, Student Presentations 1, JLB Meeting Room 10  
An Investigation into Interoperability of Data Between Software Packages used to support the Design, Analysis and Visualisation of Low Carbon Buildings Robina Hetherington, Thursday 3rd June, 11:00 am - 11:15 am, Student Presentations 1, JLB Meeting Room 10  
An investigation into the phenomenon and discourse of Work Out Loud  
An investigation of the role of background music in IVWs for learning From ALT-J, 2008. Music in VWs increased the number of facts remembered. Music in VWs... 1 comment
An invitation to join Learning Design Cross Institutional Network 2 comments
An official intro - Paige Cuffe  
An Open Letter to Ofcom on the BBC HD DRM Proposals Objection to BBC HD DRM proposal  from [lots of] Open University Academics 2 comments
Ana Maia, Teresa Pessoa, Leonel Morgado and Paulo Martins: Specification of pedagogical processes and dynamics in e-learning through modeling languages 2 comments
Análise de Conteúdo  
Analysing communicative action in institutions: where the cultural historical shapes the interactional Abstract: Analysing communicative action in institutions: where the cultural historical shapes the... 5 comments
Analysing Context: Factors and Concerns 2 comments
Analysing language learners’ lexical development through new online tools: towards empirically derived Learner Lexical Profiles in English and other languages  
Analysing Semantic Networks of Identifier Names to Improve Source Code Maintainability and Quality Simon Butler, Thursday 3rd June, 10:30am - 10:45 am, Student Presentations 1, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Analysing Tutor Feedback for e-Assessment Systems 1 comment
Analysis of conceptual metaphors to inform music interaction designs Katie Wilkie, Thursday 3rd June, 17:00 pm - 17:15 pm, Student Presentations 4, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Analytical Review (UK Government Department for Education) (LAEP Inventory) 1 comment
Anastassiya Aliyassova, Innovative University of Eurasia 1 comment
Andreia Inamorato dos Santos interview Andreia Santos interview at Hewlett Monterey meeting, 5th March 2009  
Andrew Brasher, Simon Cross and Rebecca Galley: CompendiumLD 2 comments
Andrew H's OLD MOCC Learning Journal  
Andrew Harvey and Andrea Simpson, Powers of Prediction: Can school recommendations forecast university achievement?  
Andrew Potter's design narrative: Out of the Comfort Zone: Teaching "soft skills" in maths 1 comment
Andrew Windram – Designing a New Users e-learning Course (H800 Apr 16)  
Andrew Windram's Representations Review  
Andrew's Design Narrative  
Andrew's representations: Healthy Eating Design  
Andy Brooks: Design Narrative, Reading for Gist 3 comments
Andy Brooks: H800 Healthy Eating design representations comparison  
Andy Brooks's Design Narrative: To better enable English Language learners to read with an emphasis on reading for gist  
Andy Lane's presentations  
Andy's Comparison of Healthy Eating Design  
Angela Brown, Peter Smith and Judith Kuit 'Using a Social Enterprise model to develop skills and raise aspirations' 3 comments
Angela Lilley: Eportfolio/blog for OLDSMOOC  
Angela Representations 4ts and 4spplces  
Anita Houghton - Using the Internet to Learn Internet Communication Techniques. (H800 March 2016)  
Anita Houghton H800 - March 2016 - 4T's and e-Design Template  
Anita Monty: Learning Journal for OLD MOOC  
AnitaMonty:My dream: Learning Design project: Peer-to-peer learning online How to bring in informal ways of learning online in a formal course online. I will try to bring in more peer-to-peer learning. 24 comments
Ann Davis OER Resource List 1 comment
Ann Davis: My Dream: Reinforcement of New Hire training 1 comment
Ann Davis' Learning Journal  
Ann Macintosh - Centre for Digital Citizenship @ Leeds My primary research area is eParticipation and one of the ways I am interested in supporting...  
Ann Pegg and Terry Di Paolo, Investigating re-engagement and degree completion in higher education through credit transfer 1 comment
Ann's Design Principle 6 comments
Ann's OLDSMOOC narrative 3 comments
Anna Calvi - OULive materials for an EAP/Business studies module 10 comments
Anna Greathead: Reasoning Abstract Reasoning  
Anna Greathead: Reasoning Abstract Reasoning  
Anna Greathead: Reasoning Abstract Reasoning  
Anna Orridge's Design Narrative: Putting Articulate into action 3 comments
Anna's design narrative - Presenting at an online webinar  
Anna's Review of Cadmos  
Anne Bradbury: Unit 0 10 comments
Anne Edwards on the development of relational agency in professional practices Abstract It takes as its starting point a view of practices as knowledge-laden and emotionally...  
Anne Whaits' OLDSMOOC Journal  
Annette Dalsgaard Vilain: Peer-to-peer learning and evaluation in an online course 2 comments
Annette Hendley's design narrative: Practice Session - Using a Schema to Analyse a Text for Language and Structure.  
AnnetteDalsgaard's OLDS MOOC learning journal 3 comments
Annotated Bibliography Helper  
Another wireframe tool for prototyping  
Answers to questions! (conference workshop) Hilary Burgess, Robert Saunders and Vivien Bacigalupo, Wednesday 24 March, 1.45-2.45pm  
ANT (Actor Network Theory) and digital portfolios how can the framework of ANT help look at student-teachers e-portfolios? 1 comment
Anthea Wilson: My dream: Learning design project proposal - level 1 inexperienced learners” Producing a more seamless design for level 1 students 8 comments
Anthea's OLDS MOOC learning journal  
Anthony Hudson, Folks like us – US experience of widening participation to postgraduate study  
Anti skid coating  
Any OLDS MOOC by Journal by RoughBounds 5 comments
Any questions/any answers? 5 comments
Anyone else used PREST? 2 comments
Anyone Speak Spanish? New Media and Society New Media and Society, 2003. Language learning in Active Worlds. ...  
APACALL Asia-Pacific Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning...  
Apache Wookie (incubating) An open source W3C Widget engine  
Application of Compendium LD  
Application of CompendiumLD  
Applying for OER Developer Badge  
Applying Theory to Practice in E-learning (Phoebe) Learning design created in the Phoebe Pedagogic Planner tool  
Apprentice ships - what are they and how do Functional Skills fit in? A discussion from which we hope to distil an understanding of Apprenticeships and skills delivery strategies 4 comments
Apprenticeship (IMS LD UoL)  
Approaches to evaluation  
Appropriate and Practical Technologies for Students, Teachers, Administrators and Researchers 0234 ALT-C 2009  
Apps for education  
Apps: Anatomy app for medical students on the move 2 comments
Apps: Pearson science apps  
Aprendiendo Excel  
AQuRate QTI authoring tool 2 comments
Ardcalloch Simulation 1 comment
Are OERs the dictionaries of our time? This question comes out of Giota Alevizou's  interview did with David Cormier at the OpenEd09...  
Are Open Educational Resources Cultural Colonisation? Presentation about the cultural message in Open Educational Resources 4 comments
Are training courses dead?  
Are we asking the right questions about the hegemony of Western learning cultures on the Internet?  
Are you driving blindfolded? A longitudinal mediation analysis of learning design, student behavior, and retention  
Argentine Tango and the musicality challenge This is the description of the design of a first introductory Tango class.  
ArgueGraph 2 comments
ARGuing Project 5 comments
Argumentation and mapping tools for sensemaking Simon Buckingham Shum at CALRG09  
Argumentation in primary science Shirley Simon's talk at CALRG09  
Arike van de Water's Design Narrative: Hopping Around Tough Tenses  
Arizona State University (LAEP Inventory)  
Arosha Bandara: Teaching the Internet of Things Generation 28 comments
Arosha's Learning Journal 2 comments
Arosha's Learning Journal  
Art and Athletics:Form and Body Erica's design narrative  
Art's Digital Literacy Team Cloud 16 comments
Art's Hearth 4 comments
Art's plan for Week 2  
Article about fees and the year abroad (from BBC website)  
Article: Wikipedia wants more contributions from academics  
Articles, posts and links  
Artículo sobre evaluación Artículo sobre evaluación, basado en Kirkpatrick  
ARTiFactor: Desktop Computer Basics Scenario 3 comments
ARTiFactor: My Dream: a Digital Literacy MOOC 30 comments
ARTiFactor's Dream's project; a reflection of my OLDSMOOC experience Designing a learning environment for practicing digital literacies 5 comments
ARTiFactor's final reflections (oldsmooc 13) 1 comment
ARTiFactor's OLDS MOOC learning journal 3 comments
Arts and Architectural Competitions This cloud is aimed at finding out web-based tools, resources and ideas about the process of...  
AS test 1 VIAGRA ® Official Seller -61%  
AS test 2 Votre Carte Bancaire est suspendue  
Ascilite conference 2008 General Discussion Area 8 comments
Ashleigh Brownsmith's H800 Design Narrative  
Ashleigh's Comparison of Healty Eating Design Representations 1 comment
Ashleigh's Design Narrative - Teaching Support Workers to Convert Print to Alternative Formats 3 comments
Asia Link Phase 3 - EDUSHARE  
Asking for help Research Skills required by PhD students D6: Recognise boundaries and draw upon/use sources of...  
ASSESS2010 - Piloter Oversikt - piloter i ASSESS2010  
ASSESS2010 - Verktøykasse Verktøy for tilbakemelding og underveisvurdering  
Assessing clinical decision-making skills using a web-based interactive tool This pilot research project set out to develop an online clinical decision-making maze. The concept...  
Assessing enquiry-based learning How to set up assessment that deals with the varied experiences students encounter with enquiry-based learning.  
Assessing informal learning: a case study using historical audio guides Presentation by Elizabeth FitzGerald at the CALRG 2012 conference.  
Assessing information literacy Some thoughts on the opportunities and challenges when assessing students' IL skills... 2 comments
Assessing next generation technology enhanced learning  
Assessing online collaborative work  
Assessing Technological Literacy  
Assessing with confidence  
Assessment - good practice Not necessarily e-learning or e-assessment, but good pratice projects that have an elem,ent of...  
Assessment and Curriculum Design: Social Sciences  
Assessment in Simulation and Gaming: A Review of the Last 40 Years Simulation & Gaming Simulation & Gaming, 2009. Strategies for assessment. ... 7 comments
Assessment of group learning  
Assessment of Intercultural Competences 9 comments
Assessment strategies in an open world 6 comments
Assessment through non-text artefacts  
Assessment vs. evaluation  
Assigning Wikipedia in a US History Survey  
Assignment Writer UK 4 comments
Assignments Help UK  
Assisting teaching staff through PD to adopt a flipped classroom approach in new learning spaces - Pauline Porcaro 3 comments
Assistive software for all When mainstream classes use assistive software, hidden learning difficulties can be acknowledged.  
ASSISTments (LAEP Inventory)  
Assuring Graduate Capabilities  
Assuring Privacy  
Atelier-D Project The embedded video below was submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference 2 comments
Attendance to conference Hi I was going to attend this conference but last Fri a last minute urgent requirement from work... 1 comment
Audio and screen visual feedback to support student learning 0207 ALT-C 2009 Rodway-Dyer, Sue and Dunne, Elisabeth and Newcombe, Matthew  
Audio Feedback Is anybody using audio feedback? 7 comments
Audio feedback using MS Word 12 comments
Audio logs Briefing on the use of Audio Logs 1 comment
Audio-visual material to aid students learning JavaScript  
Audio, autonomy and authenticity: constructive comments and conversations captured by the learner 0239 ALT-C 2009  
Augmented reality, better than the real thing? Article in the indepedent  
Auld Reekie Learners 11 comments
Authentic online learning for children Ideas about how to make online learning deeply engaging and effective 4 comments
Automated Evaluation of Comments in a MOOC Discussion Forum 2 comments
Avail flexible and high quality LED pixel tape  
Avail Long Lasting And Energy Efficient LED Bulbs  
Avaliação Externa Iniciativa Novas Oportunidades "Cloud" do grupo de trabalho da Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Grupo de discussão... 2 comments
Avatar Appearance & Information Credibility in Second Life  
Avril - MOOC Thoughts 1 comment
Avril Sweeney's Design Narrative - sharing the whiteboard on the Instant messenger to instruct a colleague on the LMS  
Avril Sweeney's Design Narrative, using the instant messenger to share whiteboards to instruct a colleague on the LMS 13 comments
Awesome Russian Language Resources Online