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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
B. Monday - Activity 1: OER and Open Education A closer look at the OER scenario in higher education 8 comments
Babbel language learning site 3 comments
Backchannels 24 comments
Background & Theme  
Background Resources and URLs for Tracking OERs FairShare -- Watch how your work spreads. Understand how it is used. Web bug - Wikipedia, the ...  
Background Resources on Tracking Techniques FairShare -- Watch how your work spreads. Understand how it is used. Web bug - Wikipedia, the ...  
Background to the 7Cs workshop  
Background to the workshop hyperlocal social media, anywhere, anytime ... 1 comment
Badge Application: Collaborator  
Badges MJB532  
Badging in Cloudworks 5 comments
Balanced Curriculum - Week 3  
Bandicam Screen Recording Professional Tool  
Barbara's 'How to program a robot' design narrative  
Barbara's review of ISIS model and e-Design template representations  
Barriers to Web 2.0 transfer, Charles Crook, University of Nottingham (UK) 1 comment
Barry Enright pitches Isotopes in direction of shutout victory  
Barry Philips (Sero Consulting) - POERUP: Policies for OER Uptake  
Barry's Olds-Mooc Learning Journal  
Bart's - OLDS-MOOC learning journal A place to store my learning experiences... 5 comments
Basic scenario template Use the template below to help structure basic learning design scenarios  
Basic skills training in a football club Adults can be drawn into basic skills training by locating learning resources in a popular venue and enabling them to set their own learning goals.  
Bay of Pigs role play  
bba logistics and supply chain management courses  
BCPVPA - Short Course - Group 5  
BCPVPVA Short Course - Group 5 Blog  
Be careful of the stories you tell  
Be Mobile Travellers/ Interactive workshop  
Becas media superior 2015  
BECERA conference 2012 1 comment
Beck Pitt's Learning Design Project Proposal: Critical Thinking and Philosophical Ideas 3 comments
Becoming a Networked Researcher: Using Social Media for Research & Researcher Development  
Becoming a professional researcher  
Becoming a Webhead 2010 session A hands-on workshop on how to use Web communication tools for language teaching and learning. 18 comments
Bees OLDS MOOC learning journey  
Before we leave content behind (Irwin Devries, Norm Friesen) 5 comments
Beginners Arduino workshop - Wednesday PM, at Dev8D  
Beijing Normal University A introduction about Beijing Normal University...  
Being a 2.0 researcher Talk by Gráinne Conole  
Being a Scientist  
Being a Scientist (2012)  
Being able to accommodate activity’s formal purposes as a critical factor when designing for ‘location-based learning games’ at scale  
BelT OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
Benjamin Stewart  
Bereavement and Identity  
Berel's 1788 design narrative 1 comment
Berel's 1788 design representations  
Best Assignment Writing Guide  
Best Coursework Assistance Company - Coursework Bliss UK  
Best Dealer and Manufacturer of Spy Camera in India  
Best food packing material company  
best gold bracelet shop dubai  
Best holiday package  
Best Information Of Technology  
Best marriage matrimonial team  
Best merchant service provider  
Best mobile app development team in Kuwait  
Best photography team in UAE  
Best POS software service team in Dubai  
Best resources for learning research and citation skills Blog post by Larry Ferlazzo & great set of links  
Best seo company in Bahrain  
Best SEO Expert in India | Freelancer Seo Specialist  
Best Universities in California  
best university for hotel management in up  
Best ways to ruin a course! 1 comment
Best web 2.0 applications for education 2009 Blog posting by Larry Ferlazzo  
Best web designing company in USA  
Beste Web-sites Goede voorbeelden zijn een inspiratie  
Beth at UWS learning cloud  
Beth's MOOC cloud  
BETT Trade show for learning technology and compulsory education 23 comments
BETT 2015 1 comment
Better late than never  
Bettermarks (LAEP Inventory)  
Bettina Menaldo's design narrative: embedding the Project Management framework as way of working  
Between Analysis and Transformation: Technology, Methodology and Evaluation on the SPLICE project 0084 ALT-C 2009 Johnson et al.  
Between the lines: Making face: practices and interpretations of avatars in everyday media Interactions, 2010. Exploration of the importance of social context and an overview of the...  
Bev P - the design of webinars. Course design for QCF level 5 HSC  
Beyond 9 to 5: Learning and community design to support flexible working 0271 ALT-C 2009 2 comments
Beyond Chalk and Talk: modes of cross-cultural OER reuse (SCORE workshop) Support cloud to virtual talk on OER reuse for SCORE fellows 9 comments
Beyond Current Horizons The Beyond Current Horizons Programme was run by FutureLab. Beyond Current Horizons explores the...  
Beyond Current Horizons Programme  
Beyond current horizons report Repot on future socio-technical change issues for education  
Beyond MOOCS – A Catalyst for Change  
Beyond the MOOC  
Bharat Chandra Rout, Good Institutions & Bad Students? Understanding Hierarchies of Exclusion in Indian Universities 1 comment
Bibsonomy bookmark collection  
BIIML 14 Presentation abstract for Jane Andrews and Mark Jones  
Bill Steele's Cloud  
Bill Steele's My Dream: Learning Proposal - Provision of an examplar Moodle online Staff development module covering Turnitin 2 comments
Bill Steele's OLDS MOOC Learning Log Bill Steele's OLDS MOOC Learning Log  
Bill Steele's Week 1 Reflect Wk1 Reflect  
Bingel (LAEP Inventory)  
Biodiversity Citizen Science: New Research Challenges for Human Computer Interaction (HCI) – keynote  
Bioscience and forensic science students get a Second Life® 0300 ALT-C 2009  
BlackRock Racing Academy  
Blair Frame - Childhood Studies Game Design Narrative  
Blair's Representations  
Blended learning in HE  
Blended Problem Based Learning  
Block 1 - Practical Activity 2.4 Task 2  
blog and learning journal by Bronwyn Hegarty  
Blog for learning and teaching  
Blog post - meme and metaphors  
Blog Post 1  
blog post test  
Blog post: 99 firefox add ons for education Blog post by online 2 comments
Blog post: The history and evolution of social media Blog post by webdesigner depot 5 comments
Blog Post: The Transition from the Co-Digital to the Post-Digital David White blog post (TALL blog, Oxford University), 27th November 2009  
Blog post: To tweet or not to tweet  
Blog Post: What Learning Design Means to Me  
Blog posts associated with 'Designing for learning in an open world' Blog posts about the development of the book are being posted on and are...  
Blogaliza 1 comment
Blogging and vlogging  
Blogging doctors  
Blogging in Gr 4-7 activities for writting for grades 4-7 with blogs. Looks at posts, tagging, comments 1 comment
Blogging on OU courses  
bloggytalky-Make money from blogging  
Blogs for olnet Technorati search of blogs mentioning olnet (not all necessarily relevant)  
Blogs in Learning, particularly Reflective Practice: Bibliography A place to collect references about blogs and reflective practice and uses of blogs in learning and teaching...  
Blogs on Medical Education  
Blogs, articles and post-event discussion  
Blood on the Stacks Library ARG  
Blue skies thinking for design and OER Keynote by Gráinne Conole, 11 May 09  
Blurring the boundaries [ELESIG Videos about learners and technology]   Blurring the boundaries [ELESIG Videos about learners and technology]  
Bob and Sue - Adult Learners returning to Higher Education Meet Bob and Sue to listen to their perspectives as adult learners returning to University to study... 14 comments
Bob Bennell's design narrative: A one day personal development workshop 2014  
Bob Bennell's representation review 2014  
BoB Box of Broadcasting 4 comments
Bob R-S OLDSMOOC Week 6  
Bob Ridge-Stearn Learning Journal Links to my blog entries about this MOOC  
Bob Ridge-Stearn: My dream: Quality Assurance for Online Courses. 11 comments
Bond Saves the Queen using Binary code  
Book launch: 'The Digital Scholar: How Technology is Changing Academic Practice' - 15 Nov @ 3pm 1 comment
Book references and links: Designing for learning in an open world A space to aggregate relevant resources for the draft book 'Designing for learning in an open...  
Book: A designer's log: case studies in instructional design By Mark Power, Sept 2009  
Border Studies Lecture  
Boundary Management in E-learning: A Student Perspective 0154 ALT-C 2009 Cotton et al.  
brainstorming learning design 10 comments
Branching out from OpenLearn: working with campus based institutions to provide new content  
Brave new (interactive) worlds: A review of the design affordances and constraints of two 3D virtual worlds as interactive learning environments Interactive Learning Environments, 2005. An early overview which looked at Active Worlds and...  
Breathing This is a metaphor for teamwork in large design teams. You diverge in small teams and converge back to a large team. 1 comment
Brenda Kulobone's design narrative: Teaching with technology  
Brendan Clarke's Design Narrative - Diversity, Sport and Dropping the Box  
Brendan Kilshaw's design narrative:  
Brendan test 1 comment
Brendan's design narrative - Interactive SMART Board Training 7 comments
Brendan's review of representations  
Brian Mcallister interview Brian Mcallister interview at Hewlett Monterey meeting, 5th March 2009  
Brian's Mooc Journal  
BrianR OLDS MOOC Learning Journal 2 comments
BrianW'sOldsMooc Cloud  
Briar Jamieson: Measuring Outcomes/Learning Gains in Open Access Language Learning Environments 3 comments
Briar's Seek and Deploy, OER Resources, English Language Learners 2 comments
Bridges to Learning - Lindsay Brigham and Anne Hansen (The Open University in the North)  
Bridget's Comparison  
Bridging the gap between policy and practice: a reflective review and looking forward to the future Invited talk, Conole, Annual Meeting of the Italian E-learning Society, Salerno, 17th September 2009 4 comments
Bristol Ideas in Mobile Learning (BIIML) press release  
Bristol Ideas in Mobile Learning 2014 Programme  
Broadband in Australia: National broadband network scheme The fibre-to-the-home project is the Australian government's response to the national broadband network tender.  
Bronwyn Hegarty blog and learning journal 2 comments
Bronwyn Hegarty week one reflection on blog  
Brown sugar in dubai  
Brunel Annual Learning and Teaching Symposium Showcase of best practice in learning and teaching for Brunel colleagues 1 comment
Brunel Keynote  
Bryn Reade's design narrative: Photography 101  
BTG 2015 - Emma compares representations (4Ts and e-Design)  
Bubblr- create photo/ comic strips  
Buddhist Values in Business and its Potential for Europe 1 comment
Building a Roadmap to teach science to chronically ill children with ICT  
Building Educommons sustainability through social sourcing @ OCWC Global Monterry Conference session on Building Educommons sustainability through social sourcing  
Building flexibility into the curriculum Ideas and discussion about enabling flexibility 5 comments
Building Intelligent Interactive Tutors Discussion of book by Beverly Park Woolf. Call for collaborative system design. 6 comments
Building online communities: From Social to Professional networking 0048 ALT-C 2009 Tim Cappelli, Alisdair Smithies 5 comments
Building relationships and networks Research Skills required by PhD students F1: Develop and maintain co-operative networks and working...  
Building the field of dreams - LAMS at NTU Paul Gagnon presentation at LAMS 2008, Sydney  
BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Data Envelopment Analysis, Commodities coffee.  
Business Models around OER Would you please share you thoughts and attempts to create a communal acceptable model!...  
Business Models for OER and researching Web 2.0 Presentation by Kim Issroff at Researcher 2.0 workshop, 10th February 2 comments
Business models for the future What should we be trying to achieve to help sustain Web2.0 research activity? 4 comments
Business organisations and their environments (B201) Open University course A language learning site Language learning site  
Busyland A virtual country for the ancestors and relatives to the Busy People that once lived close to...  
Buy Furniture online in kerala  
Buy Lights Which Are Giving More Brightness  
Buy Sacs Online