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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
Cindy Gunn My dream learning design proposal  
Classroom Assessment 5 comments
Cognitive and Cultural Barriers to Openness 1 comment
Critical Literacy - a change in definition; a change in how we read/write/speak 1 comment
C. Tuesday - Activity 2 - Finding and Using OER Exploring ways of assessing OER usabiity 13 comments
C.1 Tuesday - In the Spotlight: Supported Open Teaching Video about Supported Open Teaching by Professor Andy Lane  
CAA 2010 Call for Papers  
CABLE [Change Academy for Blended Learning Enhancement ] University of Hertfordshire Change Academy for Blended...  
CAL conference resources  
Calculators: yes or no? I´ve just finished correcting the exams that my second year students took last week I... 3 comments
California Users Group An informal discussion among California attendees about UCCP and MITE collaboration in California 1 comment
Call Cloud: Ideas in Mobile Learning, Symposium 6th - 7th March 2014, Watershed, Bristol UK 79 comments
Call for Abstracts 1 comment
Call for book chapters - evaluation of e-learning Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:    * State of the...  
Call for papers - e-Assessment Scotland 2010: Marking the Decade 3rd September 2010, Dundee  
Call for Papers C-SAP e-Learning Forum: sharing materials and practice in the social sciences Forum: sharing materials and practice in the social sciences on 8 July 2010  
Call for papers CAL11 CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) Conference 2011  
Call for Papers: 1st International Conference Learning Analytics & Knowledge will be held February 27-March 1, 2011  
Call for papers: AECT conference, October 2010 Call for Proposals2010 AECT International Convention'Cyber Change: Learning In Our Connected...  
Call for papers: ALT-C 2010  
CAll for papers: E-Learning conference, Freiburg, Germany Format of the Conference The conference will comprise of invited talks and oral presentations. The...  
Call for papers: eLearning papers eLearning Papers is looking for contributions on “Innovation in Lifelong Learning”. The...  
Call for papers: Internatioanl Journal of University Teaching and Faculty Development CALL-FOR-PAPERS   International Journal of University Teaching and Faculty Development  ...  
Call for papers: MASAUM Journal of Computing CALL FOR PAPERS Journal of Computing ISSN 2076-0833 MASAUM...  
Call for papers: MicroECoP. Using Microblogging to enhance communication within Communities of Practice Deadline: 15 March 2010  
Call for papers: Oxford ethnography and education conference  Oxford Ethnography and Education Conference:Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th September 2010 From...  
Call for papers: special issue of Learning, Media and Technology Them - learning in virtual worlds  
Call for papers: Teaching and Learning 2010 CALL FOR PAPERSInternational Conference *Teaching and Learning 2010*Advances in Teaching and...  
Call for presentations: Edmedia 2010  
Call for special issue of Distance Education: Fostering social inclusion through Open Educational Resources (OER)  
Call for virtual presentations: Edmedia 2010  
CALRG 09 Conference Discussion Area 5 comments
CALRG 09 Conference timetable  
CALRG 09 Conference twitter archive twitter archive of calrg conference 18-20th May 2009 1 comment
CALRG 30th - Video Interviews of attendees Video interviews of calrg past and current members and associates  
CALRG Annual Conference 2014 - Call for Papers  
CALRG Annual Conference 2016 - Call for Papers  
Cambodia presentation 1 comment
Cambridge Ideas  
Cambridge International Conference on Open and Distance Learning A cloud to keep participants in touch with each other 3 comments
Cambridge International Conference on Open and Distance Learning-Alumni Cloud  
Can a computer-marked exam improve retention? Presentation by Jon Rosewell at CALRG 2012.  
Can acquisition of expertise be supported by technology? 0102  
Can classroom response systems (CRS) be deployed outside to aid the teaching of fieldwork? 0029 ALTC 2009 Rod Cullen, Mark Langan, Robin Sen 3 comments
Can learning design = mind control? How to avoid? 2 comments
Can Technology Enhanced Learning engage the 'silent' student? 0272 1 comment
Can technology-enabled learning networks help to achieve practical organisational improvement outcomes? 1 comment
Canadian Border Simulation at Loyalist College From Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2009. The use of SL for...  
canadian pharm  
Cao Thanh Nguyen, The mismatch between the quality of university graduates and the educational reform at tertiary level in Vietnam 2 comments
Capacity enablers and barriers for learning analytics (LAEP Inventory)  
Capitalising on learners’ cultural differences  
CaPReT-GA 1  
CaPReT-Piwik test CaPRéT: Cut and Paste Reuse Tracking -- with Piwik  
CaPReT-Piwik test 3  
CaPReT-Piwik test 4  
CaPReT, Javascript clipboard and Internet Explorer A technical blog post for the Track OER project...  
Captura de pantalla  
Cara Menyembuhkan Kista Coklat 1 comment
Card tricks produce learning design magic for digital literacies and professional skills module #oldsmooc_wk3  
Career development - why you should think about it now Louise Thomas, Wednesday 24 March, 3.15-4.15pm, Workshop 7E, CMR01  
career-learning café update - January 2015 careers work in times of change, the risks, its response, in what locations & how practicable?  
Careers and skills and elearning  
Careers Innovation Group Meeting (9th March, 2010) - notes 1.0       Introduction 1.1      ... 1 comment
Careers Innovation Group Meeting 15/12/10 Main outcomes and note of the next meeting scheduled on 22/3/11 (9.00am - 10.30am)  
Careers Innovation Group Meeting 24/09/09 Points for Review at Next Meeting  
Careers news... 1 comment
Careers Profession Alliance Update on progress - 2011 3 comments
Careers Profession Taskforce in England: Progress Update  
Careers Service Developments in an International Context  
careers work - distinct or extinct? how public-sector careers work thrives alongside private-sector career coaching 4 comments
Careers Work Crunch 1 comment
careers work in civil society A policy commitment to an all-age careers service will get a lot of favourable attention from our...  
careers work on the net - the future?  
careers-work crunch  
Carl Gombrich OLDSMOOC Interdisciplinarity  
Carl Gombrich's cloud - also Learning Journal 2 comments
Carl H Smith: Learning Technology Research Centre (LTRC) Ravensbourne, UK. Experience (Re)Design Techniques for Perceptual and Cognitive Advancement using Mobile Technologies and Methodologies  
Carl's Cloud A tribute to Carl Brown. Here you'll find stories that chronicle the life and philosophy of this remarkable man.  
Caro Cash: Pedagogic research online  
CaroCash curiosity journal  
carol powell's developing creative narratives  
Carole's OLDS learning journal  
Carolina Caldeira: My dream: Learning design project proposal 1 comment
Carolina Caldeira: My dream: Learning design project proposal  
Caroline Graham OLDS MOOC  
Caroline Graham's OLDS MOOC Personal JournaL  
Caroline Kuhn: A history of mathematics course in a Personalized Learning Environment 2 comments
Caroline Kuhn: Scenario  
Caroline Roberts Representations 4Ts, 4SPPIces, ISis Models Comparison 1 comment
Caroline Roberts Yoga Design Narrative 1 comment
Caroline Roberts: My Proposal  
Carolines Learning Journal 1 comment
Carolyn Gregoire: Learning Design Project - Human Rights Education for Educators 2 comments
Carolyn's Scenario 6 comments
CarpeDiem@UoM 1 comment
Carrot or Stick 6 comments
Carrot or Stick? How to reach tipping point with a new technology in an institution. We are overwhelmed by new educational tools, but how do these become meanigful to our students?... 10 comments
Cartoon Strips for Educational Purposes The following links have been contributed as part of the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference... 3 comments
Cascading Change Symposium 09 4 comments
Case studies on new learning communities Presentation by Claudio Dondo and Stefania Aceto at IPTS workshop, 31st March, Seville  
Case study - A blended learning community supporting the development of employability skills This cloud concerns the presentation I am to make at the Blended Learning Conference in 2010...  
Case study for first years - Researching and referencing skills  
Case study sandpit 1 comment
Case study: An end-to-end performance framework for a city utilising IBIS and Breakthrough Thinking  
Case study:ILT for the nervous: how an early years section made the journey from the slate to the virtual learning environment Report from QIA (in partnership with ALT with the support of CEL, LSC, JISC, LSN and Becta) study at Bridwater College  
Cases studies of social software in education  
Casus Feedback Leermiddelen Digischool (Eric)  
catching up with career management whose voices are heeded? what interests are served? and who can afford hope?  
Cath Wilson- Design narrative for Medicines Administration workshop  
Catherine El-Bez: MOOC on 'Digital Literacy and Personal Learning Environment' 8 comments
Catherine El-Bez's OLDS MOOC learning journal Weeks reflections  
Catherine L's representations review  
Catherine wilsons comparisons of 2 LD representations  
Catherine: Basic scenario for a MOOC on 'digital literacy and Personal Learning Environment’  
Catherine's H800 Design Narrative: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is... 2 comments
Catherine's H800 Healthy Eating design representations  
Catherine's H800 Healthy Eating design representatives  
Catherine's OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal  
Cathie's OLDS MOOC learning journal 4 comments
Cathy Chen - scenario & forcemap Another viewpoint 1 comment
Cathy Chen - scenario & forcemap  
Cathy Chen: Dreambazaar_My dream: Learning design project proposal.  
Cathy Chen: Learning design project templates  
Cathy Chen: My dream: Learning design project proposal.  
Cathy Chen: Oldsmooc Learning Journal  
Cathy's OLDS-MOOC learning journal 1 comment
Cats and Wet Feet  
CCK08 Calling for comments- or links to blogs to further explore the recent CCK08 course 1 comment
CCK09 Week 1 1 comment
Ceibal (LAEP Inventory)  
CELDA 2017 - 2nd call extension for papers  
Celebrity Born for famous celebrity birthdays  
CELM HA!... 1 comment
CELM2010 CELM's 2010 cloud...  
CETIS OER Startup presentation Phil Barker  
CETIS OER/OU OpenLearn agenda Agenda for the meeting on 27th February 2009  
CETIS OER/OU OpenLearn meeting Discussion Area 45 comments
CETIS OER/OU OpenLearn meeting Discussion Area 1 comment
CETIS/ DevCSI hack days  
CFP for HICSS 45: Learning Analytics and Networked Learning  
CFP for HICSS 47: Social Media & Learning  
CFP submissions until 14 March 2016 - 10th International Conference e-Learning 2016  
Challeges in designing courses Discussion cloud on issues with designing effecitve and innovative courses 5 comments
Challenge 1: Developing the student experience: what's the deal? Question to consider Effects of marketisation, the psychological contract; what will students (and...  
Challenge 2: How do we develop alternative business models for HE? Question to consider: Business innovation, private/commercial partnerships; innovative approaches... 4 comments
Challenge 3: Keeping the balance: research rigour, accessibility and impact? Question How do we ensure that academic rigour and objectivity of research is maintained whilst... 7 comments
Challenge 4: Technology: disrupting the business of HE or opportunities? Question Technology is now pervasive, fast-changing and not in the control of higher education....  
Challenges faced when using enquiry-based learning – Assessment Addressing assessment-related difficulties when using enquiry-based learning  
Challenges faced when using enquiry-based learning – Course design Addresses some of the difficulties that arise for course design when using enquiry-based learning  
Challenges faced when using enquiry-based learning – Staffing Addresses staff-related difficulties that arise when using enquiry-based learning  
Challenges in designing for effective and sustainable e-learning in a dual-mode institution 0111  
Challenges of online learning  
Challenges panel Andy Lane, Marianne Talbot, David Robinson, Peter Macdonald, and Fred Mednick chaired by Melissa... 1 comment
change and careers work - a paradigm shuffle? careers work needs a new narrative  
Change Laboratory: Session 1  
Changing and learning as a dimension of learning power 'Some learners appear to regard learning itself as learnable. They believe that, through effort,...  
Changing lurkers into active participants  
Changing nature of conferences 52 comments
Changing to a new technology is hard? 16 comments
Chantal Davies and Matthew Garrett, The Black, Minority, Ethnic Student Experience at a small Northern University  
Chantal's comparison of Healthy Eating Designs  
Chapter 1 Introduction (May 2011) 2 comments
Chapter 1. An invitation and a departure The journey begins 2 comments
Chapter 10 The nature of openness (May 2011)  
Chapter 11 Open Educational Resources (May 2011)  
Chapter 12 Case study - realising the vision of OER (May 2011)  
Chapter 13 Online communities and interactions (May 2011)  
Chapter 14 Case study - Cloudworks (May 2011)  
Chapter 15 Pedagogical planners (May 2011)  
Chapter 2 Design languages (May 2011)  
Chapter 3 Related research fields (May 2011)  
Chapter 4 - Social and participatory media  
Chapter 4 Open, social and participatory media (May 2011)  
Chapter 5 Theory and methodology in learning design research (May 2011)  
Chapter 6 Mediating Artefacts (May 2011)  
Chapter 7 Affordances (May 2011) 15 comments
Chapter 8 - Design representations  
Chapter 8 Design representations (May 2011)  
Chapter 9 Case study - tools for visualising designs (May 2011)  
Chapter one: Introduction to designing for learning in an open world 4 comments
Chapter references (May 2011)  
Chapter six - design languages 6 comments
Chapter three - reviewing the emergence of learning design as a research field 2 comments
Chapter two - locating the field  
Chapter: New approaches to openness - beyond Open Educational Resources  
Chapters overview (May 2011)  
Characteristics of OER -licences and rights  
Cheap Breast Enlargement Method  
checking checking 1 comment
Checklists Checklists offer a fast way to collect large amounts of evaluation data  
Chemistry in Second Life Chemistry Central Journal From Chemistry Central Journal, 2009. Chemistry modelling,...  
Chemistry pre-labs Make best use of laboratory time by having students rehearse techniques first with a multimedia simulation.  
Child Poverty and Social Justice  
Child Protection and Safeguarding 1 comment
Children (K802-11J)  
Children are Unbeatable Alliance  
children's use of social media 4 comments
Chinese Beginners Course This is the Cloud for Chinese Beginners Course in the spring semester at the University of Tilburg.... 1 comment
Chinese Pre-Intermediate Course This is the Cloud for Chinese Pre-Intermediate Course in the spring semester at the University of Tilburg.... 7 comments
Chris and Alic's presentation 4 comments
Chris Basson: Moving the Learning and Development Paradigm of South Africa 1 comment
Chris Chandler Representations Review 1 comment
Chris Chandler's Design Narrative: Introducing and promoting a VLE to school departments. 1 comment
Chris Teplovs: Design-based Development  
Chris Teplovs's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal  
Chris Week 4 Learnig My reflections on my learning for week 4 of OLDS MOOC  
Chris' OLDS MOOC cloud  
Chris's Learning - Week 1 1 comment
Chris's Scenario based learning template 6 comments
Chris's Scenario based learning template  
Christian's learning journal  
ChristophHewett - Introducing myself (hi!) I'm a Tall INTJ Melburnian (Australia). Passionate, eclectic & social. Occasionally mindful, often active. Always curious.  
Cicero Mukes: My Dream: Self Directed/Exploratory Learning in a various environments. 3 comments
Cindy's coud for reflection 1 comment
Cintia Andrade's design narrative: A Twitter experience  
Cintia's review of representations  
CIRCLE - community network For the JISC Curriculum Design and Delivery programmes  
Citing exercise  
Citizen Journalism / OhmyNews 1 comment
Citizen Science  
Citizendium versus Wikipedia What do we think are the pros and con's of Citizendium and other expert edited resources verus... 11 comments
Cito LUVS (LAEP Inventory)  
Civitas Learning (LAEP Inventory)  
Claire's design representation analysis  
Clare Gartland 'Marketing Participation? Student ambassadors’ contribution to WP schemes in engineering and medicine at two contrasting universities'  
Clare Gormley OER Sources 1 comment
Clare Gormley OLDS MOOC Week 1 Reflection: Cloudy with Bright Spells Summary of my experiences and reflections during Week 1 of OLDS MOOC 2 comments
Clare Gormley OLDS MOOC Week 2 Reflection: Clouds, Carrots & my new friend Joan  
Clare Gormley OLDS MOOC Week 3 Reflection: I can C clearly now... 2 comments
Clare Gormley OLDS MOOC Week 4 Reflection: Taking stock..  
Clare Gormley OLDS MOOC Week 6 Reflection: O OERs Where Art Thou? 2 comments
Clare Gormley: My dream project: A resource/activity for teaching effective learning design 2 comments
Clare Withers - Targeted websites 5 comments
Clare's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal 4 comments
Clare's representations 1 comment
Clash of Cultures: anywhere-anytime learning in the secondary school classroom 11 comments
Classical Narratives and Popular Forms: Constructing the Past through Television Drama and Digital Games  
Classical Ruins in the Presepe Napoletano 1 comment
Classroom Capture: A Community of Practice 0059 ALTC 2009 Jocasta Williams  
Clay Shirkey on design of social software Summaries of two insightful articles about the design of Social Software 1 comment
Clem's OLDS MOOC Digital Literacies Cloud 9 comments
Clem's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal 2 comments
Clinical interviewing  
Closed blog space for Landscapes of practice workshop 3rd-4th July 2009  
Closer! podcasting pilot  
Closing Plenary (Creative Commons) 6 comments
Closing Plenary: The Future of Accessibility: Home, work and play FIrst, Tim Pennick, Tech. research consultant, Accessibility and Usability, BT (blind-focussed,...  
Cloud Computing and K-12 education  
Cloud Mick2  
cloud test  
Cloudbusting and camping: implications for learning design #oldsmooc week1  
Clouded thoughts about week 1 2 comments
CloudEngine at Dev8D 2011  
CloudEngine: Creating networks for professional development and research  
clouds for Mick  
Clouds Google Mick1  
Clouds Google Mick1  
Cloudscapes Cloudscapes in Cloudworks 4 comments
Cloudworks Overview 4 comments
Cloudworks - social networking for design Grainne Conole presentation at Ascilite 2008 11 comments
Cloudworks and Google Groups in Tandem: What knowledge do staff need to produce an effective multimedia learning experience? 1 comment
Cloudworks API beta demos David Sherlock and myself (Sheila MacNeill) at CETIS have been having a play with the cloudworks... 4 comments
Cloudworks as a Social Networking System? Can Cloudworks succeed where Moodle Forums fail in the creation of lively academic discourse? 4 comments
Cloudworks at the Learn About Fair 2011  
Cloudworks cloudquest challenge  
Cloudworks coffee morning IET coffee morning session, 21st April 2010  
Cloudworks exploration Trying to see what this site can do  
cloudworks feature requestes 6 comments
Cloudworks Issues and Suggestions Tell us how we should improve Cloudworks! 8 comments
Cloudworks Overview Presentation explaining Cloudworks from Grainne Conole 4 comments
Cloudworks: a social networking site for design A paper describing the initial development of the cloudworks site 1 comment
Cloudworks: a virtual fieldtrip Talk by Grainne Conole, Eluminate session, 16th November 2009 22 comments
Cloudy Cloud  
Cluster analysis of views and claims 1 comment
Cluster C April 2009 CAMEL meeting 1 comment
Cluster C CAMEL meetings Links to Cluster C CAMEL meetings and associated material  
CMIR @ Smart Learning Ecosystems in Smart Regions and Cities 2015  
CMS Handover IT Application knowledge transfer 2 comments
Coaching athletes with a disability OLDS MOOC WK4  
Coaching instrumentalists in Military Bands  
Code of practice for learning analytics (LAEP Inventory)  
Codifying the DiAL-e Framework: Making Learning Designs accessible for reuse 2 comments
Coeducate Project University of Bolton (Jisc Curriculum Design) The Codeucate project has three key areas of activity including: curriculum design tool...  
CogenT – Co–generative Toolkit  
Coggle mind map for Trainee Producers  
Cognition and learning in massively multiplayer online games: A critical approach The University of Wisconsin - A Dissertation The University of Wisconsin - A Dissertation,...  
Cognition Processes We Associate with Creativity OK, so this might break Cloudworks by being the longest post, but taking a generic starting point... 3 comments
Cognitive mapping as a research method 0280 ALTC 2009  
Cognitive Tutor software (LAEP Inventory)  
Colin Brown's H800 Week 8/9 Design Narrative Engaging K311 Students in Real World Health Policy 7 comments
Collaboration in HE  
Collaboration, feedback and Learning  
Collaborative essays  
Collaborative learning activity ideas for undergraduate law modules  
Collaborative Learning Using Netvibes Web Sites for Post-graduate Education: A Case Study  
Collaborative Observation On-Line (COOL): Addressing under-exploitation of the potential of Technology Supported Learning (TSL) 0085 ALTC 2009 Shirley Bennett, Patrick Lynch, Sue Lee 4 comments
Collaborative ownership in Educational Digital Library design Pauline Ngimwa at CALRG09  
Collaborative Tools 1 comment
Collaborative Virtual Environment Technology for People with Autism Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities Focus on Autism and Other Developmental...  
Collaborative virtual gaming worlds in higher education From ALT-J, 2008. An exploration of where MUVEs, MMORPGs and ARGs fit within HE.  An...  
Collecting student voices is not the kind of rigorous research on which we can make decisions. As the field of learner experience research grows, are the methods which are gaining in popularity... 3 comments
Collections Metadata in OUDL Development of the OUDL collections-level metadata application profile  
Colleen Godinho's design narrative: The First Click is the hardest!  
Colleen's Representations 4Ts and 4SPPIces  
College homework help  
College of Lived Experience 2 comments
College Research Day Next year is the 10th anniversary Liverpool Community College's Research Network...  
Color Changing Led Strip - Superlative Choices in The Industry  
Colorful Lams Are Inviting a Person to a Home  
Combining collaborative and individual work  
Combining study with family P Afra Hmensa Wednesday 24 March, 10.30-11.30am, Workshop 4F, Wilson D Block  
Commentary: Taught Postgraduates and Social Mobility  
Comments and conversations: fostering better conversations in comments sections  
Comments on WEEK 6 - Hangout «Take off» (Ida Brandão)  
Comments on Week 6 hangout «Take off» (Ida Brandão)  
Commoncraft Short videos giving simple explainations of use of tools in education 1 comment
Communicating mathematics: a historical and personal journey - Robin Wilson Robin Wilson from The Open University using an overhead projector! To explore the way in which the...  
Communities of practice Presentation by Etienne Wenger at IPTS Validation Workshop, Sevill, 31st March 09 6 comments
Community and Identity  
Comparing 4T's Model and DPD  
Comparing departmental ‘baseline’ and ‘opt-in’ strategies for e-learning adoption across an institution: which works best? 0127  
Comparing Group Discussion in Virtual and Physical Environments Presence, 2009. A quantitative analysis of the similarities and differences between...  
Comparing Human and Computing Marking Phil Butcher at CALRG09  
Comparing representations (CADMOS and ISiS model)  
Comparing representations by Iroshini  
Comparison of e-Design Template and 4Ts Model 1 comment
Comparison Websites  
Comparisons of typical and atypical: useful or flawed? David Messer, 10:00 am to 10:30 am  
Compendium QuickStart Guidelines  
CompendiumLD A visualisation tool for creating learning designs 1 comment
CompendiumLD maps in SVG I can't make it to the meeting, but here'ssomething that may be of interest. I'd be interested to...  
Competing brains (DS gaming)  
Competition: JISC conference 2010 blog competition - Win a Flip camera! JISC would like to put the spotlight on the education community to find out what really matters to...  
Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners and 21st century health care Sue Spurr, 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm  
Completing and sharing a learning design >>PPC  
Completing and uploading your final paper into the repository  
Complex learning about learning science Peter Reimann presentation at learning through inquiry workshop, 10th Dec. 08  
Complex Systems Digital Campus  
Complying with ethical requirements Research Skills required by PhD students B2: Complying with ethical requirements...  
Complying with heath and safety legislation Research Skills required by PhD students B4: Complying with health and safety legislation....  
Composing your Learning Environment I  
Composing your Learning Environment II 2 comments
Computation / rhetoric / text analysis / argumentation Workshop  
Computer Aided Assessment for engineering mathematics 1 comment
Computer Assisted Language Learning, Lecture 2, LAMS and Learning Design  
Computer-marked assessment (accounting)  
Computer-marked assessment (ICT skills) Embedded computer-marked assessments stimulate students to develop required skills.  
Computer-marked assessment (law) Formative assessment tells students what is expected of them.  
Computer-marked assessment (science) Give students instant feedback, and help them pace their study, with computer-marked assessments.  
Computer-Support for ELLI This cloud is a good place to discuss issues and share resources on the potential of using software...  
Computing and Programming for mobile learning  
Concept mapping tools for designing learning 2 comments
Concept Maps A concept map or a mind map is a visual representation of the links or associations between...  
Conceptual diagram of a Personal Learning Environment  
Conceptual Model in Powerdesigner  
Conceptualising ethical issues for social, mobile teaching and learning 1 comment
Conceptualising the design of a blended learning programme for language teachers in provincial Uruguay 0116  
Conclusion Cloud 3 comments
Conexus Vokal (LAEP Inventory) 1 comment
CONF TIPS: Etiquette for questions on live presentations 3 comments
CONF TIPS: What you can do to participate if not attending the live sessions 3 comments
CONF TIPS: What you need to do if attending the live presentations  
Conference Abstract 2 comments
Conference Abstract  
Conference Abstract  
Conference Info: Announcements  
Conference Info: Programme Agenda for the Open University Learning in an Open World Conference 22-23 June 2010 18 comments
Conference Info: Using Elluminate This cloud has links to the sessions and help for known connection problems 3 comments
Conference Info: What do I need to do? If you are interested in attending or participating the OU conference and wondering what it is you... 1 comment
Conference Interviews 32 comments
Conference Programme  
Conference Programme  
Conference: Future Learningscapes: a 21st Century Challenge  
Conference: Inspiring Learners: Equipping the Next Generation of Graduates  
Conference: KMIS 2010 - International Conference on Knowledge Management and Information KMIS 2010 - International Conference on Knowledge Management and Information Sharing...  
Conferences: Professional Development for a Networked Era: April 4-15, 2011  
Confidence Logs These are self assessment measures which are used to gauge a student's confidence level in a...  
Conflict in the virtual learning community 0312 1 comment
Connecting formal and informal learning in HE through a mobile multimedia micro-blogging environment, Carmen Holotescu, Gabriela Grosseck 1 comment
Connecting research issues What are the connections between different areas of research?  
Connecting Transitions and Independent Learning: an evaluation of read/write web approaches 0078 ALTC 2009 Richard Hall and Heather Conboy from De Montfort University  
Connectivism and Connective Knowlege 2009 course Free online course on connectivism by George Siemens  
Connexions Repository of open educational resources  
Conole - Aalborg presentation  
Conole - DCU Learning Design masterclass 2 comments
Conole - Digital Literacies Presentation  
Conole - Keynote, Dublin City University Social and participatory media and new digital literacies  
Conole - learning design presentation 2 comments
Conole - MOOC presentation  
Conole - MOOC workshop  
Conole - presentation: Learning in an Open World The paper will explore the question: “What is likely to be the impact of an increasingly...  
Conole - Workshop: How to leverage open resources and practices in your teaching  
Conole: Addressing the digital learning challenge 3 comments
Conole: Powerpoint slides  
Conole: Presentation - Exploring the potential of new open, social and participatory media  
Conole: Seminar - Open scholarship in the age of digital competition 1 comment
Conole: Webinar on Web 2.0 and social inclusion - recommendations Recommendations on addressing social inclusion through Web 2.0 technologies 3 comments
Conservatories Sussex!! Home Improvement Conservatory in Sussex - Organgeries - Glass Extensions  
Conservatory Advice - Conservatory Window Maintenance - Conservatory Blinds - Conservatory Repair  
Considerations For Choosing A Serviced Apartments Mayfair  
Constructive Alignment: Phil Gravestock from University of Gloucestershire: 31st Jan - - 4th Feb 2011 31 comments
Consumer Electronics Show 3 comments
Content 1 comment
Content delivery by app or website?  
Content formats for mobile devices A collection of tools, tips and examples of good practice for providing content to mobile devices  
Content Marketing 1 comment
Content Summary Testing...  
content writing services  
Content, Collaboration and Innovation: Past, Present and Future. Andy Lane. Andy Lane. Content, Collaboration and Innovation: Past, Present and Future. OER can be considered... 1 comment
Content: Course Swapping An open discussion exploring the benefits of content swapping 1 comment
Content: NROC Strategies to Address the National "Math Problem" Discussion about developing courses to address the "math problem" 3 comments
Content: Social Authoring and Collaborative Development Members and MITE staff show examples of collaborative approaches 3 comments
Contested knowledge When there are competing perspectives on a topic, use structured collaboration to help students engage with them all.  
Context What to do with the project in week 2  
Context ? (you mean external) 2 comments
Context and design - Developing learnng literacies in Professional Services staff Exploration and representation of context with regard to developing learning literacies in Professional Services staff.  
CONTEXT and RESOURCES? - Graphic Design Students in the Blogosphere  
Context is key: unlocking the chains of semiotic meaning for HE digital literacy #oldsmooc week 2  
Context of Learning for my Dream 3 comments
Context reflexion  
Contextual challenges in Desktop Computer Basics course  
Contextualizing designs : Reflection  
Continued professional development Research Skills required by PhD students G1: Appreciate the need for and show commitment to... 2 comments
Continuous Work-force Development for ICT staff: the Media Centre project at London South Bank University 0204 ALTC 2009 Nottingham  
Contributing evidence of choice and change when using Open Educational Resources: a workshop 0282 ALTC 2009 Wilson, McAndrew, Miles and Conole  
Control and Student directed learning CONTROL  
Converging Technology: written word with captured audio The company Livescribe promotes its Pulse smartpen with 'Never miss a word' 1 comment
Convert website to PDF  
Cook, Holliman and O'Malley Notes from Monday Session 2 CALRG09 1 comment
Cook: Two Cases of Design Research that Explore How Mobile Devices and Social Media Mediate ‘Informal Learning’ to Drive the Debate: Can Learning Design Hack it? 4 comments
cooperative writing  
Copyright and Intellectual Property Introduction to issues around copyright relating to Cloudworks 1 comment
Corruption should be made illegal  
Cost Effectiveness Any educational intervention has an outcome and a cost. A measure of the cost effectiveness is...  
Costas Daoultzis "My dream: Learning Design Project Proposal"  
Could anyone help with the choice of development company?  
Course Aspects Facilitation Cards  
Course brainstorm This provides a useful template to guide a team undertaking a brainstorming session to devise a new course.  
Course Data Lightening presenation  
Course Design  
Course Features  
Course feedback survey 1 comment
Course Map 1 comment
Course preparation work - Geriatric nursing R2175 geriatric nursing care, Pupil enrolled nurses R2175 course  
Course Signals: Purdue University  
Course team approaches to online task design in HE 0160  
CPD and the implementation of GLOW  
CPD for digital and information literacies 6 comments
CPD for language professionals  
Create a network  
Creating a community of practice  
Creating a Community of Practice  
Creating a community of practice - Kevin Brace - 10th > 14th January 2011 23 comments
Creating a learning activity in CompendiumLD A step by step slidecast of how to create a learning activity  
Creating A PDF Of Your Blog Using Adobe Acrobat Pro. 8 comments
Creating a performance support tool as an assessment task  
Creating a research community What is a research community? How do we build one?  
Creating a video for distance learners sitting exams  
Creating a visual design for an e-learning scenario  
Creating a visual Learning Aid for Ebsco's Discovery Service  
Creating a visual representation for learning design (outcome of Co-Gent discussions). 5 comments
Creating an account and profile Introduction to creating an account and getting started on Cloudworks 2 comments
Creating an online community - Stories  
Creating an Online Dimension for University Rankings  
Creating and understanding mobile game simulations for school children  
Creating Brand Awareness Using Custom Packaging  
Creating e-Assessment Dialogues: Where are we now and where should we be? 0065  
Creating Group Cohesion in a Sixth Form Class  
Creating Group Cohesion in a Sixth Form Class  
Creating OER, by Ida Brandão  
Creating Technology Enhanced Courses with Reused and Repurposed Learning Materials: A Report from the JISC Psyche Project 0093  
Creative Commons films and related projects  
Creativity and innovation Research Skills required by PhD students D2: Be creative, innovative and original in one's approach...  
Creativity as a dimension of learning power 'Those learners who score highly on this dimension are able to look at things in different ways.... 1 comment
Creativity in Education - Research 1 comment
Creativity, Flow and Learning in Online Games  
CREET Research directions Richard Tomlin leading session on research direction 2 comments
Cris Neto's Learning Design Project Proposal: Help teachers to deal with Special Educational Needs My Dream: Learning Design Project Proposal added to Dreambazaar in 11 jan 3 comments
Cris Neto's Learning Journal Learning Journal for the OLDs MOOC on Learning Design for the XXI century 15 comments
Cris Neto's Pedagogical Pattern  
Cris Neto's Prototype  
Cris Neto’s Scenario I – Learning how to work with autistic children 6 comments
Crisis at Fort Sumter  
Criteria for Effective Curriculum Design: setting the measures for use with benchmark, maturity and baseline models 5 comments
Criteria for Effective Learning Design: Review of models and methods  
Critical curiosity as a dimension of learning power 'Some learners appear to regard learning itself as learnable. They believe that, through effort,... 14 comments
Critical Friends and Effective Practice  
Critical pedagogy on the web  
critical realism in education research - can storyboarding help?  
Critical reviewing Research Skills required by PhD students A5: Critical reviewing.  
Critical success factors for curriculum design Mind map from discussions during the morning session of the design bash...  
Critical success factors in e-learning for large enterprises 0022  
Critical thinking Research Skills required by PhD students A2: Critical thinking. 1 comment
Critical visual literacy and mLearning: meaningful connections between school and real life  
Crosby - Business Psychology Module 1 Remixed OER 3 comments
Crosby - Business Psychology OER Plan 4 comments
Crosby - Business Pyschology OER Resources  
Crosby's Design Narrative 8 comments
Crosby's evaluation experiences 4 comments
Cross Media 2012 1 comment
Cross-national collaboration 3 comments
Crowdsourcing a Personalized Learning Environment for Mathematics  
Crowdsourcing education Presentation by Joe Corneli (KMI) at the OSRG Social learning symposium 3 comments
Crowdspring Web 2.0 site for design  
CRSN Learning and Teaching: Setting the Agenda We aim by the end of September 2010 to produce a short list of priorities for those involved in... 15 comments
Crucial Gold: UPAlbion Delivers Inexpensive Albion Gold For you  
crunch time for the professional alliance  
CSEET 2010: Day 1 Summary of some of sessions from CSEET 2010... 5 comments
CSEET 2010: Day 2 - Keynotes Notes from Keynotes presentations on Day 2 of the conference....  
CSEET 2010: Day 2 - Papers Summary notes from paper presentations on 2nd Day of CSEET 2010...  
CSEET 2010: Day 2 - Workshops Notes from workshops held in the afternoon on Day 2 of CSEET...  
CSEET 2010: Day 3 - Keynote Notes from Day 3 of the CSEET conference...  
CSEET 2010: Day 3 - Papers Notes from the paper presentations on Day 3 of CSEET 2010...  
CSEET 2010: Day 3 - Workshops Notes from workshops held on day 3 of CSEET 2010...  
Cuentos de terror cortos  
Cultivating professional communities of teachers and practitioners through Social Networking Sites, Maria Ranieri, Stefania Manca, Antonio Fini  
Cultural Framing of Computer/Video Games Game Studies, 2002. Understanding how learning in games might transfer. Understanding how...  
Cumulus Nimbus quiz H800  
Curation with content revolving around teaching/learning  
Curation Workflow  
Curiosity Killed the Cat  
curp gratis para imprimir  
Current status  
Curriculum business models  
Curriculum Challenges: 'big words that make us so unhappy' 0196 ALTC 2009  
Curriculum Design - Opening up the Game:  
Curriculum design representations Examples of representions at the Curriculum Design level 2 comments
curriculum frameworks K802  
Curriculum mapping for pedagogical change? Case studies from Asia 0034 ALTC 2009 Phillip A. Towndrow and Michael Vallance  
Curriculum representations Talk by Grainne Conole. 12th November 2009  
Customised Awards  
CV and Interview Skills Led by Alison Taylor  
Cycles of Enlightenment  
Cyprus: Πρόγραμμα Διευθυντών Δημοτικής 3 comments