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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
David Griffiths, Timothy Goddard and Mi Wang: Why has IMS LD not led to the advances which were hoped for? 1 comment
Dejan Ljubojevic and Diana Laurillard: Pedagogical Pattern Collector software tool 1 comment
Diana Laurillard and Liz Masterman: Re-envisioning Pedagogic Planning: the Learning Designer 1 comment
Discussion and Working Area  
D 3 .3 : Pilot workshops: workshops for different educational levels  
D Meakin Design narrative  
D. Wednesday - Creating and sharing OER Discussing OER use and reuse 1 comment
D.1 Wednesday - In the Spotlight: Contrasting approaches to creating OER Interview with Rose Webb about OpenLearn and TESSA approaches to creating and sharing content  
D4DL Overview  
Daisy's Design Narrative  
Dalziel presentation at 2010 European LAMS conference Here is a link to my presentation at the 2010 European LAMS Conference, which describes our new...  
Damien Drohan's design narrative 7 comments
Damien Drohan's Review: ISIS and e-Learning Template  
Dan Barrington’s design narrative: Process Change - Creating Online Reading Lists in Talis Aspire  
Dan Kohen-Vacs, Miky Ronen and Ronen Hammer: Designing, Enacting & Sharing Collaborative Online Activities with CeLS 8 comments
Dan McCaffrey: My Dream-Learning Design Project Proposal 3 comments
Dan Sutch: Engaging with technological and social changes in education Presentation at CAL 09 conference Brighton  
Daniel Burgos: IMS Learning Design next move: extensions and improvements on personalisa-tion and interoperability 4 comments
Daniel Chun, University of Wolverhampton (from Hong Kong, China) A look at texting in the post-SMS era and how Mobile Messaging Application muddles the concept of Synchronous and Asynchronous l 1 comment
Daniel L's Learning Journal  
Daniel Staemmler: My dream: Design a webinar on how to design an engaging webinar 9 comments
Daniel's OLDS MOOC learning journal Keeping track of my learning experiences within OLDS MOOC  
Darren Gash OLDSMOOC week 1 reflection 2 comments
Darren Gash: My Dream: Learning Design Project Proposal: Redesign of a level 6 mentorship module for blended and online delivery  
Darren's OLDS MOOC learning journal 1 comment
Darren's review of representations  
Darren’s Design narrative 1 comment
Darren’s Design narrative  
Darryll Bravenboer 'The Official Discourse of Fair Access to Higher Education'  
Data collection tools and techniques for OER research 7 comments
Data Mining Assignment Help  
Data protection and the developing regulatory framework  
Data-informed Learning Design for Future Schools  
Dates for Learning Design Cross Institutional Network Meeting - to be completed by 01/07/15  
Dave Smith' design narrative : Writing from direct experience 4 comments
David Andrews on Careers Education in Schools how careers education got started, where it flourished and foundered, and how it can start again 41 comments
David Appel's review of representations  
David Appel’s design narrative: Developing blended learning elements which facilitate group work and peer-feedback 6 comments
David Collins' Design Narrative: Transforming Defence Media Training  
David Heading: H800 Block 2 Week 8/9 Activity 2a  
David Heading's Design Narrative: Introduction to Endnote  
David Jennings review (cough!) of Week 2  
David Jennings review of Week 1 1 comment
David Jennings: My Dream: Designing for Agility: experiences that learners can reconfigure easily and cheaply 3 comments
David Kennedy:Creating learning environments that are both teacher and student centred, simultaneously: Opportunities and issues David Kennedy invited speaker ALT-C 2009 1 comment
David Wells's H800 Cloudquest Challenge - 1/4/15  
David Wiley and Steven Downes debate... 2 comments
David Wiley interview David Wiley interview at Hewlett Monterey meeting, 5th March 2009  
David's design narrative Teaching a Year 9 how to bi-sect angles  
Dawn Mannay - My Research in Education, Barriers and Non-Traditional Students  
Dawn Schliesser: My dream: Reality-based eLearning Experiences 3 comments
Dawn's OLDS MOOC learning journal  
Dawn's OLDS MOOC portfolio  
Day 1 My first day of the MOOC  
Day 1 - 0 Who is participating at the workshop?  
Day 1 - 1 AGENDA - Introductions and purpose of the workshop - Gráinne 2 comments
Day 1 - 2 Overview of the OPAL project – Ulf - Video and PowerPoint  
Day 1 - 3 The OPAL Case Studies and an introduction to the Guidelines – Gráinne's - Video and Powerpoint This Cloud includes Grainne's Presentation Slides and a video of her presentation  
Day 1 - 4 Break out groups considering question 1 - What opportunities do OER offer for education from your perspective? Introduction by Gráinne - Video 5 comments
Day 1 - 5 Question 1 feedback from break-out groups – Group leads/ Gráinne - Video 2 comments
Day 1 - 6 Break out groups considering question 2 - What do you think are the key challenges to achieving this vision? Introduction by Gráinne. 1 comment
Day 1 - 7 Question 2 feedback from break-out groups – Group leads/ Gráinne - Video  
Day 1 - 8 End of day 1 reflections and preparing for helping to develop the Guidelines - on Day 2 - Gráinne - Video  
Day 1 - 9 Reflections on day 1 – Gráinne/Ulf  
Day 1, Monday Nov. 14  
Day 1, Monday Nov. 14 Agenda of Day1  
Day 2 - 1 Breakout groups considering question 3 - We have identified four dimensions of OEP practice that are important 4 comments
Day 2 - 2 Question 3 feedback from break-out groups – Group leads/ Gráinne - Video and Mind-map  
Day 2 - 3 Breakout groups considering question 4 - What kinds of guidelines derived from these dimensions of OEP would be useful  
Day 2 - 4 Question 4 feedback from break-out groups – Group leads/ Gráinne - Video  
Day 2 - 5 Breakout groups considering the guidelines and recommendations for the OPAL project. Introduction by Gráinne.  
Day 2 - 6 Guideline feedback from break-out groups – Group leads/ Gráinne - Video  
Day 2 - 7 Action points and final plenary session  
Day 2: Tuesday, Nov. 15  
Day 3: Wednesday, Nov. 16 Agenda of Day 3  
De-phobing the Technophobes  
Deadlines for LAMS conference Important Dates:Monday, 22nd March, 2010Submissions dueMonday, 10th May, 2010Authors notified of...  
death in passendale  
Debate on teaching courses for new lecturers  
Debategraph Debategraph at ODET 2010...  
Debating Digital Childhoods  
Debbie Meakin's Design Narrative - An approach to enabling returning to learn adults work with biochemistry An example of how a subject was broken down to aid understanding. Worksheets used to aid learning of carbohydrate structure.  
Deborah Arnold: Dream 1: revamping online course / Dream 2: improving staff development programme Two proposals for projects I would like to work on 2 comments
Deborah Judah's Design Narrative: e Assessment Conference Online  
Deborah's Comparison (4Ts Model and 4SPPIces Model)  
Deborah's OLDS MOOC learning journal 1 comment
Deborah's OLDS MOOC Reflection Week One  
Degree Compass (Desire2Learn) (LAEP Inventory)  
Del's Drills and Wells Course  
Delivering Learning Programmes on FutureLearn  
Demo #1 - 11.30 - 12.00 - One Share - University of Southampton Re-imagining Teaching and Learning Repositories in a web2 world  
Demo #10 - 12.30 - 13.00 - Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM), Newcastle University This is a demonstration of ‘Dynamic Learning Maps’  
Demo #11 - 13.15 - 13.45 - The Design Studio: a Curriculum Design and Delivery toolkit - University of Northumbria The Design Studio is a developing wiki-based toolkit hosted by JISC infoNet  
Demo #2 - 12.15 - 12.30 - Xpert Repository - University of Nottingham A distributed repository of learning materials..  
Demo #3 - Mobile Campus Assistant - University of Bristol A demonstration of our prototype website that makes existing campus-related information...  
Demo #4 - 13.15 - 13.45 - Finding 'free to use' Digital Media - JISC Digital Media This presentation and demonstration will highlight how people can find and source digital media...  
Demo #5 - 14.00 - 14.30 - Online content can be highly accessible, is yours? - JISC Techdis Demonstration of how JISC Techdis has supported projects using online tools  
Demo #6 - 14.45 - 15.15 - Taking control of your working world - University of Hull This demonstration will feature a personalised, ‘learner controlled’ online environment...  
Demo #7 - 15.30 - 16.00 - Shared Architecture for eMployer, Student and Organisational Networking (SAMSON) - University of Nottingham A practical demonstration of the SAMSON architecture  
Demo #8 - 10.30 - 11.00 - Sitting on a goldmine – Resource Use Data in UK HE The MOSAIC project investigated the user activity data available in HE resource systems  
Demo #9 - 11.30 - 12.00 - Giving credit where credits due - MIMAS A demonstration of the pilot name authority system that is being developed by the Names Project....  
Demo Cloud  
Demoing embeds 4 comments
Demoing embeds, part 10 - Noembed, Wordpress, Wikipedia..  
Demoing embeds, part 2  
Demoing embeds, part 3 - OU Player  
Demoing embeds, part 4 - Google Docs  
Demoing embeds, part 5 - Flickr  
Demoing embeds, part 6 - Arbitrary files & documents  
Demoing embeds, part 7 - maps and networks / ScraperWiki  
Demoing embeds, part 8 - BibSonomy, bookmarking..  
Demonstrating fundamental principles of a wiki to a group  
Demonstrating science with blogs and videos Science videos from the web  
Demonstration of repurposing a Language Open Educational Resource Design representation for the JISC CEITS Design Bash 8th July 09  
DemSIG Design Science Workshop - March 15th 3 comments
Den digitale patientmappe - en case  
Denise Ozdeniz: An Oral Communications Course Via iPad and Web 2.0 Tools 3 comments
Denise's Learning Journal Trying to add comments to the discussion with myself 1 comment
Denise's Review of the e-Learning Design Template and the Design Principles Database learning representations  
Denmark: User Portal Initiative (LAEP Inventory)  
Depsychologising disability: Understanding the disabled child Dan Goodley, 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm  
Derek Chirnside::My dream::Automated formative assessment for Pre health course  
Desenvolvement of Week 3 Mooc Idea 2 comments
Design and arts on mobile learning  
Design and Implementation of an Interprofessional Virtual Workshop 0235  
Design Based Research - notes  
Design Bash 2010 Cloud for the 2010 Design Bash hosted by LAMS and  JISC CETIS on 16th July, University of...  
Design Bash 2011 Lightening Presentations sign up  
Design challenge - summary Design a short course in a day  
Design challenges 5 comments
Design for ICT Enhanced Learning and Teaching (ICTELT) Discussion Area 1 comment
Design for Learning 1 comment
Design for learning and the research/teaching nexus 2 comments
Design for learning and the research/teaching nexus Inquiry Phillippa Levy presentation at LAMS 09 conference, 7th July 09  
Design for Learning: making education sense in digital contexts 1 comment
Design for Learning: Special Interest Group Lunch 1 comment
Design Narrative  
Design narrative - Developing networking skills and using social media 2 comments
Design narrative about Learning letters and sounds at early age  
Design narrative about Learning letters and sounds at early age  
Design narrative Dave Martin (2014) Meet the Author: The French Revolution 1789-1802 3 comments
Design narrative for setting up Edmodo 1 comment
Design narrative for Technology in the classroom course, week 1  
Design narrative template  
Design Narrative_Maria Strange  
Design Narrative: Reflecting on a personal experience/Grade six presentation.  
Design Narrative(Jane Nkosi)  
Design patterns and principles for MOOCs? 6 comments
Design Principles for Effective website design  
Design problem, design solution Presentation by Simon Cross, 12th November 2009 1 comment
Design project proposal 2 comments
Design proposal: If there were no universities, what would we have in their place?  
Design representations. Review of the 4Ts and E-Design systems  
Design Science 10 comments
Design Science as a Design Principle  
Design tips: Assessment Help and useful resources about assessment  
Design tips: Learning outcomes Help and useful resources about learning outcomes  
Design tips: Learning tasks Help and useful resources about learning tasks  
Design tips: Pedagogy Help and useful resources about pedagogy  
Design tips: Resources Help and useful resources about resources  
Design tips: Roles Help and useful resources about roles  
Design tips: Tools Help and useful resources about tools for teaching and learning  
Design tips: What is a learning activity? An outline of a learning activity taxonomy  
Design workshop wiki Link to the area for details of the OLnet workshop 2 comments
Design-based research  
Design-Practice Activity 1 - 'What is learning design?' 16 comments
Design-Practice Activity 1a - Evaluation Cloud 15 comments
Design-Practice Activity 2 - 'The Design Lifecycle' 14 comments
Design-Practice Activity 2a - Evaluation Cloud 10 comments
Design-Practice Activity 3 - 'Representing Designs' 11 comments
Design-Practice Activity 3a - Evaluation Cloud 11 comments
Design-Practice Activity 4 - 'The Course Map - one example of a design representation' 9 comments
Design-Practice Activity 4a - Evaluation Cloud 6 comments
Design-Practice Activity 5 - Version 1 (Course Map) Post 'Using Technologies in Teaching' workshop activity 1 comment
Design-Practice Activity 5 - Version 2 (Designing a tutorial session using notation) Post 'Using Technologies in Teaching' workshop activity 7 comments
Designing a Climate Change Game for Interactive Tabletops Stefan Kreitmayer, Thursday 3rd June, 12:15 pm - 12:30 pm, Student Presentations 2, JLB Meeting Room 1 1 comment
Designing a Context-Aware Ubiquitous Language Learning Environment 0254  
designing a learning activity  
Designing a Welcoming Welcome session 1 comment
Designing an NLP Workshop 5 comments
Designing and facilitating learning communities in immersive virtual environments  
Designing Engaging Visualisations to Support History Learning 0155  
Designing Experiments A controlled experiment is a way of teasing out the details of just which aspects of your... 1 comment
Designing for Drawing-based Modelling for tablet computers 1 comment
Designing for Self-Regulated Learning  
Designing game-based learning activities in Second Life 0075 ALTC 2009 Maria Toro-Troconis, Martyn Partridge 1 comment
Designing in CompendiumLD An activity to introduce creating a design in CompendiumLD 3 comments
Designing next generation technology enhanced learning 3 comments
Designing or choosing collaborative tools  
Designing Technology to Increase Engagement in Education of Displaced War-affected Children  
Designing Technology To Provide Education To Children In Conflict Areas And Refugee Camps  
Designing using open educational resources Prototyping designs with CompendiumLD using OERs  
Designs on elearning conference: OER reuse stories  
Desktop Computer Basics - a course design  
Destructive Testers Wanted 2 comments
Develop a plan for progress to Level 6 for careers professionals  
Developing a class room response system for drag and drop activities 0188 ALTC 2009 Tony Lowe 2 comments
Developing a five-stage model of learning in Second Life From Educational Research, 2010. Applying Salmon's 5 Stage Model to SL. Educational...  
Developing a Research Culture in the Undergraduate Curriculum  
Developing a Sustainability MOOC 1 comment
Developing a transferable learning framework for the use of digital video archives in tertiary education. 0261  
Developing an interaction model for learning in virtual worlds 0194 ALTC 2009  
Developing an OER Resource for Methods Teaching  
Developing an OER Resource for Methods Teaching  
Developing confidence in evaluation Get students to practice formulating and expressing critical assessments in an online environment prior to classroom discussion.  
Developing curricula across different nation states Strategies for development cross nation curricula  
Developing Digital Capability 14:00 - 16:00 on Monday, 6 September in East Midlands Conference Centre 2 comments
Developing Foreign Language Courses for the Open Course Library Project (Lourdes Flores, Alexandra Gouirand, Anne Kelly-Glasoe) 1 comment
Developing internships and work based learning opportunities for mature students: creating opportunities and raising aspirations  
Developing learning literacies to practice meetings more effectively 4 comments
Developing mobile websites  
Developing native apps  
Developing patterns in technical approaches for Open Educational Resource  
Developing Policies and Regulations for Technology 1 comment
Developing reflective practice in relation to source critique and evaluation in a level 1 course in Art/Humanities 3 comments
Developing reflective practitioners through the use of blogs: a collaborative approach to learning communities 0036 Hramiak & Boulton  
Developing skills for technology-enhanced (work-related) practice 1 comment
Developing the Media Zoo in Second Life From British Journal of Educational Technology, 2009. Process of developing a...  
Developing Web Apps 2 comments
Developing with others stengthens reusability Example from Nursing and Midwifery speaker at NDLR symposium 2008 2 comments
Development and evaluation of a virtual campus on Second Life: The case of SecondDMI Computers & Education Computers & Education, 2009. Perhaps useful to explore their...  
Development of a career progression framework for careers professionals  
Development of common professional standards within the careers profession The work produced in the development of common professional standards by the Careers Profession Alliance  
Development of ideas and planning next steps (afternoon session)  
Developments in Business Gaming: A Review of the Past 40 Years Simulation & Gaming Simulation & Gaming, 2009. The history of business games and...  
Dexter Fowler Problems More than His Loved ones And Those Take Indignant  
Diablotin Television promo  
DIAL-e framework Framework for facilitating the use of digital artifacts in teaching  
DiAL-e Framework Discussion Area 2 comments
DialogPlus toolkit An online learning design planning tool, providing structured guidance on creating learning activities ('nuggets')  
Diana's chosen principle 7 comments
Diane Goodman: dreaming of designing a learner-centred module for a learning & teaching course in a Moodle online environment  
Diane Goodman's Learning Journal OLDS MOOC  
Diane's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal  
Dianne Johnson Design Narrative  
Dianne Johnson GT 2016 grp Review of E Design and 4SPPIces Models  
Diccionario práctico de Tecnología educativa Diccionario práctico de Tecnología educativa BEATRIZ FAINHOLC   Este diccionario...  
Different apporaches to design  
Different approaches to learning design  
different countries K802  
Digibord Digibord  
Digibord In deze cloud gaat het om toepassingen voor het Digibord.  
Digilit study circle 16 comments
Digital Assess – adaptive comparative judgement (LAEP Inventory)  
Digital by Design by Discipline  
Digital by design by discipline  
Digital Dialogue Games (DDG) A presentation from JISC funded Digital Dialogue Games Project: 'Deploying dialogue games to engage students in collaborative  
Digital dialogues for thinking and learning Andrew Ravenscroft talking at CALRG 09  
Digital Games: Engagment, Motivation and Informal Learning Jo Iacovides at CALRG09  
Digital games: Motivation, engagement and informal learning Presentation by Jo Iacovides at CALRG 2012. 1 comment
Digital games: understanding the links between learning and involvement  
Digital government: service delivery, procurement and policy priorities  
Digital habits - stewarding technology for communities Book by Wenger, White and Smith, 2009  
Digital Humanities The OU runs several digital humanities projects. Follow the link below for more details. 2 comments
Digital Humanities  
Digital humanities: teaching and research  
Digital Identity problem solving exercise and digital identity  
Digital Identity and Social Media 21 comments
Digital identity and social media Call for chapters  
Digital Information Literacy Skills for Health and Social Care 5 comments
Digital literacies for virtual worlds [Mark Childs: Presentation] Digital literacies for virtual worlds [Powerpoint presentation by Mark Childs, ELESIG Members' Corner]  
Digital Literacies Pilot Materials Materials for curriculum and institutional development in response to a digital literacies agenda 3 comments
Digital literacy What is the OU doing about digital literacy? Visit the Digital literacy stand at this year's Learnabout Fair, 29th Feb 2012 12 comments
Digital Literacy at the Learn About Fair 2011 The Learn About Fair is an internal staff development event but we would welcome contributions from others 11 comments
Digital Literacy for Young Leaners: Overview 4 comments
Digital literacy in HE - Force Map 6 comments
Digital Literacy MOOC, all aspects but maybe focus on Arts and digital identities  
Digital literacy resources  
Digital Literacy Resources  
Digital Marketing and Positive Publicity is Vital for your Product’s Future  
Digital Narrative - Hardship of a Lead IV  
Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants: age-related differences in the use of learning technology  
Digital Photography (T189) Open University course  
Digital Photography and Visual Culture  
Digital scholarship What does it mean to be a digital scholar? 3 comments
Digital skills  
Digital Storytelling 1 comment
Digital student Guardian article on the JISC learner experience projects 3 comments
Digital Thinking  
Digital threads  
Digital tools to build research networks and communities Cloud to add suggestions/cases on use digital tools to build research networks/communities 4 comments
Digitised Print Materials Metadata This cloud summarises the development of an application profile for use with digitised print objects in the OUDL 1 comment
Dimdim - free web conferencing tool Web conferencing tool  
Dimming All Lights Are Controlled By Switches Only  
Dinara Yessimova, Eurasian National University 1 comment
Direct authoring - 13 December 2016  
Dirk's views  
Disabled children in state care in Eastern Europe Majda Becirevic and Monica Dowling, 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm  
Discovering Translational Patterns in Symbolic Representation of Music Tom Collins, Thursday 3rd June, 10:45am - 11:00 am, Student Presentations 1, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Discovery and reuse of OER  
Discovery of online library resources on mobile devices - how and why?  
Discrepant events in science teaching  
Discuss "Learning Design Visual Sequence"  
Discuss "pMOOC pedagogical pattern"  
discuss: "design narratives"  
discuss: "Healthy Eating" as a 4 Ts model 1 comment
discuss: "Healthy Eating" as a 4SPPIces Model and in LdShake 1 comment
discuss: "Healthy Eating" as a Design Narrative 1 comment
discuss: "Healthy Eating" as an ISiS model and in the ScenEdit tool  
discuss: "Healthy Eating" as an OpenGLM model  
discuss: "Healthy Eating" in an e-Design Template 6 comments
discuss: "Healthy Eating" in CADMOS 1 comment
discuss: "Healthy Eating" in the Design Principles Database 2 comments
discuss: "Healthy Eating" in the Learning Designer 1 comment
discuss: "Healthy Eating" in Web Collage 4 comments
discuss: PI project "Healthy Eating" activity 4 comments
Discussant on Argumentation Symposium CALRG09 Richard Joiner summarise at CALRG09 1 comment
Discussant summary for day 1  
Discussing 2 comments
Discussing Articles 2.23.10 to 03.08.2010 Discuss several articles relevant to online teaching and learning with the authors  
Discussing assessment tasks  
Discussing case study videos Stimulate students to reflect and articulate their thoughts on professional practice with case study material and structured discussion.  
Discussing creative writing Help students develop their editorial awareness about their own writing and the writing of others by having them discuss their work critically.  
Discussion 2 comments
Discussion 1: Looking out: engaging beyond institutional boundaries Question Concept of Total Place, being more agile within and beyond the University, making the... 7 comments
Discussion 2: Looking in: engaging with staff Question Engaging staff and effecting cultural change and innovation in managing and developing... 5 comments
Discussion about delivery  
Discussion about technology used  
Discussion activity in an online classroom  
Discussion Area: JISC Curriculum Design Cluster C 1 comment
Discussion cloud for OLDS MOOC blog post "Alignment Concerns" 3 comments
Discussion forums 3 comments
Discussion group: Describing the curriculum  
Discussion group: Describing the curriculum  
Discussion group: Faculty engagement 7 comments
Discussion group: Using CompendiumLD 1 comment
Discussion group: Using other visualision tools for design 2 comments
Discussion group: Using pedagogical patterns 1 comment
Discussion group: Using social networking to share and discuss learning design 1 comment
Discussion: 1: The importance of teacher expertise (GTCE) Evidence is accumulating from around the world that the single most significant means of improving... 5 comments
Discussion: 2: Building a conceptual framework to represent teacher expertise (Andrew Pollard) How is it possible to identify a set of concepts to explain something as complex as classroom...  
Discussion: ETUG Workshop Ideas Gather ideas for the ETUG Spring Workshop to be held in June, 2010 5 comments
Discussion: Is technology being used for technology's sake in the classroom? 2 comments
Discussion: Killer questions What are the key questions you should use to interrogate your learning design? 2 comments
Discussion: Learning distance 2 comments
Discussion: OER case studies This cloud has been set up as a space to discuss the case studies that have been collected as part... 2 comments
Discussion: Open discussion area  
Discussion: Open Educational Practice dimensions This cloud has been set up as a space to discuss the OEP dimensions that have been collected as... 2 comments
Discussion: Project evaluation Discussion of key issues relating to the evaluation of the cluster C projects 2 comments
Discussion: SofT-Scholarship of and for Teaching 2 comments
Discussion: The development of cloudworks  
Discussion: Thoughts on cloudworks  
Discussion: Thoughts on CompendiumLD 7 comments
Discussion: Thoughts on CompendiumLD  
Discussion: Towards a collective view of Learning Design An exploration of the simularities and differences in our view of Learning Design  
Discussion: What does being open in research terms mean? Debate on openness and research 4 comments
Discussion: What representations of the curriculum are you using? Discussion coming from JISC Curriculum delivery and design meeting, Manchester Oct 09 1 comment
Discussions about teaching as design Notes from a group discussion between Maria Bannert, ChanMin Kim, Grainne Conole, Murray Saunders and Sue Bennett  
Diseño de un circuito electrónico básico virtual  
Dispute Debate  
Dissemination event - 28 June 2011  
Dissertation Topics With Help  
dissertations services  
Dissociation and Second Life: Pathology or transcendence? From Technoetic Arts: a Journal of Speculative Research, 2010. Compares SL experiences...  
Distance and e-learning in transition Eden conference book conference  
Distance Learning in Hard Times A cloud to hold discussion around a video conference taking place between the Open University,... 3 comments
Distance Learning problems with Teaching Physics I am keen to see how Physics teaching can be adequately carried out with distance learning. Many of... 2 comments
Distilling Privacy Requirements for Mobile Applications Keerthi Thomas, Thursday 3rd June, 16:00 pm - 16:15 pm, Student Presentations 4, JLB Meeting Room 10  
Distribute This: online identity, presence & practice 0208 Fraser et al.  
Distributed Learning Information on Social Networking Tools for Instructors  
DIVERSE 2012 - Leuven 3-6 July  
DIY Mobile Apps  
DIY Mulitmedia - Personas 2 comments
DIY Multimedia for Teaching and Learning Week One Summary (Sue Watling OLDS MOOC)  
DIY Multimedia Pedagogical Pattern Creator - OLDs MOOC WK4  
DIY Multimedia Pedagogical Pattern Creator - Producing 45 mins of online multimedia activity  
DLS MOOC learning journal 4 comments
DLS: My dream: Learning design project proposal  
DNA from the beginning  
Do children learn from playing Angry Birds? A comparative study of 4 and 5 years old  
Do ipod/ iphone/ itouch/ ipad apps have a place in the classroom? Using technology in the classroom 4 comments
Do learners dream of digital seminars? What do learners dream of? 0304 Sharpe et al.  
Do you wanna know how old you are now ?  
Doctor Who? Just careering around?  
Doctorate Research Writing Help  
DocumentCloud Tool for sharing documents  
Documenting and reporting Research Skills required by PhD students A6: Critical reviewing.  
Documenting your project in flickr can be used for documentation of images and text related to project work, data collected as work is done. 3 comments
Does every child matter? A qualitative study of the phenomenon of street children in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Ian Ndlovu, 10:30 am to 11:00 am  
Does researcher participation in online networks democratize knowledge production and dissemination?  
Does the UK need a human 'body farm'?  
Doing a PhD (Social Sciences) Led by Sophie Watson  
Doing scientific experiments: experiment design Peter van Calsteren Tuesday 23 March, 2.45pm-3.45pm Workshop 3C 2nd floor library  
Doing the Cloudquest for the badge  
Dominant discourses in TEL Presentation by Keri Facer at CAL 09 conference Brighton  
Don Parker - Introducing myself  
Don Parker - OLDS MOOC - Designing effective learning with limited resources  
Don Parker: My dream - create, curate, and update content with minimum resources Doing more with less 1 comment
Don't be so familiar... 3 comments
Don’t Let Your Personal Brand Identity Become TOO Personal  
Doug Clow's liveblog notes from Tuesday afternoon at #laepanalytics  
Doug Clow's liveblog notes from Tuesday morning at #laepanalytics  
Doug Gilbert: My dream--Create a MOOC on re-thinking faculty research  
Doug Gilbert: Week 1 Reflection  
Doug: Open and online teaching and learning support for faculty, tutors, & students 2 comments
Doug: scenarios for open, online faculty development (& tutor support) 1 comment
Doug's Learning Journal (OLDS MOOC)  
Downstream from the SOURCE Diana Laurillard talking at CALRG 09 3 comments
Draft Paper DRAFT Tracking Downloadable OER Content One of the great promises of Open Educational Resources is...  
Dream on: Slow progress in developing digital media infrastructures 0237  
Dream or Nightmare: Metaverse Now or Web 3.D v2 in a Decade? 0145 ALTC 2009  
Dream-Catcher in ICT: Creating a Web of Collaboration 0162 ALTC 2009  
Dreambazaar - oldsmooc - Helen Whitehead - e-assessment including of MOOCs 1 comment
dreambazaar tags in bibsomony  
Dreams into [virtual] reality Presentation at ALTC09 - 0308 1 comment
DS106radio4life: Open Web Radio as a Platform for Learning, Experimentation, and Collaboration 2 comments
Duhs Slow Learning Cloud  
Dunchurch Infant School (LAEP Inventory)  
Duromine in the Fight Against Obesity