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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
Emily Cleary - Finding generalisations in mathematical problem-solving activities 3 comments
E and M learning to support Studio based learning in Art and Design 2 comments
E Learning in Adult Education 1 comment
e-access 11 conference notes My live notes, put on Cloudworks after the fact...  
E-Access 2011 agenda  
e-access'13 conference - keynote  
E-assessment in Wales: Experiences from HE in FE 0191 ALTC 2009  
E-Assessment Support Resources Forums, groups and communities relevant to e-assessment...  
e-Assessment with constructive feedback Denise Whitelock at CALRG09  
E-books and reading on mobile phones Using mobile technologies for learning 17 comments
e-Design template  
E-Design Template - Healthy Eating Model  
E-Design Template - Healthy Eating Model  
e-Design template and Design Principles Database (Kate Evans  
E-learning Africa 2010: Using, Sharing and Repurposing OER E-learning Africa  2010 was held in Lusaka, Zambia. There were over 1700 participants, and... 1 comment
e-learning and well-being  
E-learning Case Studies from the University of Bath  
E-learning conferences 1 comment
E-learning conferences and events Archive of interesting events and list of forthcoming ones 2 comments
e-Learning Digest No 100 - Dec 12  
e-Learning Digest No 101 - Jan 13  
e-Learning Digest No 102 - Feb 13  
e-Learning Digest No 103 - Mar 13  
e-Learning Digest No 104 - Apr 13  
e-Learning Digest No 105 - May 13  
e-Learning Digest No 106 - Jun 13  
e-Learning Digest No 107 - Jul 13  
e-Learning Digest No 108 - Aug 13  
e-Learning Digest No 109 - Sep 13  
e-Learning Digest No 110 - Oct 13  
e-Learning Digest No 111 - Nov 13  
e-Learning Digest No 112 - Dec 13  
e-Learning Digest No 113 - Jan 14  
e-Learning Digest No 114 - Feb 14  
e-Learning Digest No 115 - Mar 14  
e-Learning Digest No 116 - Apr 14  
e-Learning Digest No 117 - May 14  
e-Learning Digest No 118 - Jun 14  
e-Learning Digest No 119 - Jul 14  
e-Learning Digest No 120 - Aug 14  
e-Learning Digest No 121 - Sep 14  
e-Learning Digest No 122 - Oct 14  
e-Learning Digest No 123 - Nov 14  
e-Learning Digest No 124 - Dec 14  
e-Learning Digest No 125 - Jan 15  
e-Learning Digest No 126 - Feb 15  
e-Learning Digest No 127 - Mar 15 3 comments
e-Learning Digest No 128 - Apr 15  
e-Learning Digest No 129 - May 15  
e-Learning Digest No 130 - Jun 15  
e-Learning Digest No 131 - Jul 15  
e-Learning Digest No 132 - Aug 15  
e-Learning Digest No 133 - Sep 15  
e-Learning Digest No 134 - Oct 15  
e-Learning Digest No 135 - Nov 15  
e-Learning Digest No 136 - Dec 15  
e-Learning Digest No 137 - Jan 16  
e-Learning Digest No 138 - Feb 16  
e-Learning Digest No 139 - Mar 16  
e-Learning Digest No 140 - Apr 16  
e-Learning Digest No 141 - May 16  
e-Learning Digest No 142 - Jun 16  
e-Learning Digest No 143 - Jul 16  
e-Learning Digest No 144 - Aug 16  
e-Learning Digest No 145 - Sep 16  
e-Learning Digest No 146 - Oct 16  
e-Learning Digest No 147 - Nov 16  
e-Learning Digest No 148 - Dec 16  
e-Learning Digest No 149 - Jan 17  
e-Learning Digest No 150 - Feb 17  
e-Learning Digest No 151 - Mar 17  
e-Learning Digest No 152 - Apr 17  
e-Learning Digest No 153 - May 17  
e-Learning Digest No 154 - Jun 17  
e-Learning Digest No 155 - Jul 17  
e-Learning Digest No 156 - Aug 17  
e-Learning Digest No 157 - Sep 17  
e-Learning Digest No 158 - Oct 17  
e-Learning Digest No 159 - Nov 17  
e-Learning Digest No 160 - Dec 17  
e-Learning Digest No 161 - Jan 18  
e-Learning Digest No 162 - Feb 18  
e-Learning Digest No 163 - Mar 18  
e-Learning Digest No 164 - Apr 18  
e-Learning Digest No 165 - May 18  
e-Learning Digest No 166 - Jun 18  
e-Learning Digest No 65 - Jan 10 1 comment
e-Learning Digest No 66 - Feb 10 5 comments
e-Learning Digest No 67 - Mar 10  
e-Learning Digest No 68 - Apr 10 A monthly digest of e-Learning news  
e-Learning Digest No 69 - May 10 A monthly digest of e-Learning news 1 comment
e-Learning Digest No 70 - Jun 10 A monthly digest of e-Learning news 4 comments
e-Learning Digest No 71 - Jul 10 A monthly digest of e-Learning news  
e-Learning Digest No 72 - Aug 10 A monthly digest of e-Learning news  
e-Learning Digest No 73 - Sep 10 A monthly digest of e-Learning news  
e-Learning Digest No 74 - Oct 10  
e-Learning Digest No 75 - Nov 10  
e-Learning Digest No 76 - Dec 10  
e-Learning Digest No 77 - Jan 11 1 comment
e-Learning Digest No 78 - Feb 11  
e-Learning Digest No 79 - Mar 11  
e-Learning Digest No 80 - Apr 11  
e-Learning Digest No 81 - May 11  
e-Learning Digest No 82 - Jun 11  
e-Learning Digest No 83 - Jul 11  
e-Learning Digest No 84 - Aug 11  
e-Learning Digest No 85 - Sep 11  
e-Learning Digest No 86 - Oct 11  
e-Learning Digest No 87 - Nov 11 1 comment
e-Learning Digest No 88 - Dec 11  
e-Learning Digest No 89 - Jan 12  
e-Learning Digest No 90 - Feb 12  
e-Learning Digest No 91 - Mar 12 3 comments
e-Learning Digest No 92 - Apr 12  
e-Learning Digest No 93 - May 12  
e-Learning Digest No 94 - Jun 12  
e-Learning Digest No 95 - Jul 12 2 comments
e-Learning Digest No 96 - Aug 12  
e-Learning Digest No 97 - Sep 12 1 comment
e-Learning Digest No 98 - Oct 12 4 comments
e-Learning Digest No 99 - Nov 12  
E-learning expectations  
E-learning resources websites List of sites about e-learning 2 comments
e-learning technology network of TURKEY E-Learning Technology Network of TURKEY for E-Learning Professionals    ...  
E-learning watch 1 comment
E-learning watch August 2012  
e-moderating is too simplistic - we are dealing with diverse learners Why have I thought about this? •Some student dissatisfaction- lack of participation (... 1 comment
E-portfolio Case Study  
e-portfolio for PDP in Art and Design subject areas  
E-portfolio resources  
e-Reflect 2 comments
E-teacher training: didactical principles for developing e-teacher competences 0262 ALTC 2009 Grete Oline Hole  
E-tivity 1: Consider your Course Features  
E-tivity 2: Create your Course Map  
E-tivity 3: Develop your Activity Profile  
E-tivity 4: Create your Storyboard  
E-tivity 5: Conduct your Learning Design Resource Audit  
E-tivity 6: Develop your E-tivities  
E-tivity 7: Put it all together on the VLE  
E-tivity 8: Action Planning  
E. Thursday - Establishing Institutional Projects on OER Discussing main motivations, barriers, staff engagement and sustainability 1 comment
E.lando learning journal  
E2Coach (LAEP Inventory)  
E4L interactive case studies [Gemma Towle: Presentation] E4L interactive case studies presentation by Gemma Towle for ELESIG Members' Corner  
Earli Virtual Conference - open to all so join in and participate :-)  
EARLI Virtual Conference - Webcasts of Keynotes  
Early Years  
Early Years (K802-11J)  
Ebba Compendium LD  
Ebba Ossiannilssons cloud on OLDSMOOC  
Ebba Ossiannilssons cloud on OLDSMOOC  
Ebbas portfolioOLDSMOOC  
Ebbas projcet Scenario  
Ebbas Project _Contextualize your project  
Ebbas reflwctions on week 3  
eBook reader applications (mobile) Currently available eBook reader applications tried by users 2 comments
eBook Readers (dedicated hardware) Currently available eBook readers tried by users 10 comments
Ebook: 'New technologies, new pedagogies: Mobile learning in higher education' An online book by the Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong, Australia  
Ebook: CU Online Handbook 2009. Teach differently: Create and Collaborate. A practical guide and a collection of essays for online teachers at University of Colorado Denver  
Ebook: Facilitating Online An OER guide for online learning. University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa  
Ebook: Multidisciplinary Methods in Educational Technology Research and Development Free Resource for ed tech students and researchers. HAMK, University of Applied Sciences, Finland  
Ebook: STRIDE Handbook 8: E-Learning Publication of the STRIDE Institute, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)  
Ebooks: 'Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training' Free ebook on advances, research and applications of mobile learning  
Ecologies of Yearning and the Future of Open Education (Gardner Campbell)  
ECOLOGY METAPHOR: merits and challenges involved in formative evaluation: Jeff Waistell 1 comment
Economics van kern naar betrokkenheid v/d rest (Ton)  
Ed Jones Design Narrative  
Ed Jones' review of representations Review of 4SPPIces model and CADMOS 1 comment
ed-media ..  
Ed's Represenations  
EDEN conference 2010, Valencia, June 2010 - call for papers The call for papers for the Eden conference has been extended to 15/2/2010...  
Eden conference blog Eden 2009 conference  
Edmedia conference Honolulu, July 2009  
Edmodo (billed as Twitter for education) from Mashable Sept 08 2 comments
EdTech conference twitter archive Live tweets at EdTech conference 21-22 May 2009 1 comment
EdTech Europe 2015  
Edu_K: My dream: Learning design project proposal  
Edu21 1 comment
Educación Disruptiva 2 comments
Educated People Are Saving Power Wisely In Their Places  
Education 1 comment
Education (K802-11J)  
Education and Employer Taskforce in England  
education and policy - changing attitudes Bob Dylan and his stupendous consequences for education  
education and welfare there's no education without welfare and no welfare without education  
Education Evidence Portal - The impact of careers work  
Education governance: the role of data – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (LAEP Inventory) 2 comments
education leadership - a trio on trial the issues that education is facing and the politics of claims to rescue it  
Education needs to be turned on its head Blog posting by Leo Babauta  
EDUCATIONAL DESIGN (teaching-learning) : Introduction  
Educational e-portfolios  
Educational Simulations 2 comments
Educational technology and passive withdrawers - Jan Jones, IET  
Educational Technology and Related Education Conferences  
Educational Technology Journals 7 comments
Educational, technical and social futures: challenges and findings from ‘Beyond current horizons' Keri Facer et al. symposium at CAL 09 conference, Brighton  
Educause – Understanding and managing the risks of analytics in higher education: a guide (LAEP Inventory)  
Educomics - Using digital comics in the classroom Educomics is a EU project you can contribute 1 comment
edushare meeting - Bhutan presentation 3 comments
EduTech Wiki catalog of online collaborative activities A classification of types of collaborative online activities – useful for getting ideas  
Effective ICT teaching and pedagogy What is the difference between teaching ICT and teaching with ICT? This is a big question that has... 1 comment
Effective learning analytics pilots –Jisc (LAEP Inventory)  
Effective learning from role play  
Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) The Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) was created in 2004 by Deakin-Crick and Broadfoot...  
Effective Recruitment and Selection of Online Tutors 0222 ALTC 2009 Slade & Galpin  
Effective Technology for Effective Reading: Innovative use of hyperlinks in online readings for low prior knowledge learners 0092 ALTC 2009  
Effective Tutoring with Affective Embodied Conversational Agents Sharon Moyo, Thursday 3rd June, 12:15 pm - 12:30 pm, Student Presentations 2, JLB Meeting Room 10  
Efisher Learning Design Journal  
Efisher learning design portfolio  
Efisher learning design portfolio  
Eileen Vard's design narrative  
Eileen Vard's design narrative bathing a baby  
Eileen Vard's design narrative bathing a baby  
ejercicio1 Esto es una práctica del taller de APRENRED 3 comments
El cosmonauta /The Cosmonaut  
eLC Event: Assessment and Feedback - 23 January 2014  
eLC Event: Badges for informal and formal learning- 17 December 2013  
eLC Event: Data Visualisation and Map My Programme - 13 November 2013  
eLC Event: Location-aware applications and learning- 15 October 2013  
eLC Event: Mobile devices: what type and combinations do students and tutors welcome for L&T? - 11 February 2014 Location: Library Seminar Rooms 1 & 2  
eLC Event: Networked practitioners: Activity beyond the garden walls - 25 March 2014 Location: Library Seminar Rooms 1 & 2 1 comment
eLC Event: PVC-LT scholarship projects: Show & Tell + Workshop on Digital Scholarship - how to publish with impact Location: Jennie Lee Building Main Ambient Lab Ground Floor  
eLC: Learning Analytics, Thursday 5th May  
eLearning Community Event: Accessibility  
eLearning Community Event: Data Insight and the work of IET Wranglers: Interpreting OU student learning data and understanding its shortcomings  
eLearning Community Event: eBooks and related technologies  
eLearning Community Event: eSTEeM Themed Event  
eLearning Community Event: MOOCs at the Open University: past, present and future Location: Library Seminar Rooms 1 & 2 5 comments
eLearning Community Event: Moving to the Elluminate replacement  
eLearning Community Event: Peer Collaboration and Group Work  
eLearning Community Event: User Generated Content Location: Library Seminar Rooms 1 & 2  
eLearning Community: Work in progress  
eLearning@Greenwich 2010: call for papers From the website: The University of Greenwich is organising its eighth one day conference entitled... 1 comment
eLearningWarch April 2013  
Electrical Services Dubai  
electronic portfolio and personal development  
Electronic Village Online Sessions 2010 6-week FREE online teacher professional development sessions 7 comments
Electronic voting and interactive lectures using twitter Blog posting by MASHe  
ELESIG CloudQuest Discover Cloudworks and how ELESIG can use it. 5 comments
ELESIG Organising ELESIG is run by an Organising Committee of volunteers, which consists of representatives of the...  
ELESIG recommendations on where to store your files for reference in Cloudworks ELESIG recommendations on where to store your files for reference in Cloudworks   As...  
Elisabetta Lando: How to use the learning design parameters in an F.E context 7 comments
Elizabeth Frost Design Narrative - Teaching Question 4 GCSE English Language  
Elizabeth healthy eating  
Elizabeth Kate Switaj: My Dream: MOOCs for Books 9 comments
Elizabeth Torres-Russell: Introducing myself  
Elizabeth_g_reflection on week 1 1 comment
Elizabeth_g_reflection on week 2  
Elizabeth's comparisons  
Elizabeth's scenarios  
Elle's design narrative: A web training session 1 comment
ELLI Mentoring This cloud is the place to discuss the practice of mentoring using the ELLI approach, specifically... 5 comments
ELLI: Theoretical Foundations This cloud is a good place to discuss issues and share resources on the theoretical foundations of...  
Ellie Dommett's design narrative: Contemporary Issues in Neuroscience 5 comments
Ellie Dommett's Representation Review  
Elluminate and the invisible audience  
Elluminate gremlins and all  
Elluminate in Language Teaching and Learning Presentation at CALRG annual conference 2010 by Ursula Stickler,  Sarah Heiser.  
Elluminate Plan!  
Elluminate Training for R11 AL Staff Development Events  
Elluminate Training for R11 AL Staff Development Events  
Elluminate tutorials for Psychology students  
Elluminate: Designing for Participant Engagement - a Good Practice Guide Elluminate Good Practice Guide - Designing for Participant Engagement  
Elluminating the student experience - Associate Lecturers and other experts  
Elspeth's OLDSMOOC Journal  
Embedded content To embed content in Cloudworks...  
Embedding Accessibility and Usability The embedded slideshare presentation below was submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World'... 2 comments
Embedding and sustaining inclusive STEM practices 1 comment
Embedding ePDP in Teacher Training: experience and challenges 0105 ALTC 2009  
Embedding structures for e-learning change 0314 ALTC 2009  
Embodied Social Presence Theory Published by SSRN, 2008. "Focuses on the virtual body (i.e., the avatar) as the nexus of...  
Embodiment and presence in virtual worlds: a review  
Emergence of new online spaces and communities Presentation by Kirsti Ala-Mutka  
Emerging Issues in Education Trends in technology, policy, demographics, and more 5 comments
Emerging perspectives on learning, teaching, and technology eBook by M. Orey (Ed), (2001)  
Emerging practice and institutional change symposium: a user-centred, learning technology R&D support-community network 0195 ALTC 2009 Roberts, Bailey, Fraser et al.  
Emerging Practice in a Digital Age  
Emily's Persona Name:Emily Gender:Female Age:43 Lives:Greece She likes:socializing,travelling,innovations Education and Experience:she studied f  
Emma Barrett Comparing the The 4T's model and the  
Emma Barrett's H800 design narrative: Introduction to blended learning  
Emma Blake - TES course design 2 comments
Emma's Representations  
Emma's Representations  
EmoHeart: Conveying Emotions in Second Life Based on Affect Sensing from Text From Advances in Human-Computer Interaction, 2010. Triggering avatar facial expressions,...  
Emotional Intelligence with Regards to Team work and Advancing Technology  
Emotions in adult education and learning under networked environment Emotions are important in adult learning because they can either impede or motivate learning...  
Empire Hotel Bangalore: Let Your Hair Down And Prepare To Have Fun!  
Employ Skilled Packers and Movers  
Employability and information literacy This cloud will be about the contribution of IL skills to employability and life-long learning...  
Employable Researcher – A winning CV  
Emre Acaroglu's design narrative: designing a surgery course for use in Subsaharan Africa  
Emre compares representations: 4Ts vs DPD 2 comments
En Rumbo spanish course Discussion Area  
En rumbo spanish course website Main web site  
Enabling a personalised experience for Lifelong Learners 0062 ALTC 2009 Sowden  
Enabling Better 'Teaching and Learning': Improving Access to Open Educational Resources 5 comments
enabling buoyancy one word for resilience > mindfulness > confidence > character > self-esteem  
Enabling collaborative student learning in a Free (Cyber) world 0220 ALTC 2009 1 comment
Enabling Greater Accessibility  
Encourage Reflection - Chosen Principle of Helen Crump and Jane Challinor 9 comments
Encouraging active and critical reading by geography students: the use of reading journals  
Encouraging digital storytelling with beginner readers  
Encouraging self-organising groups  
End of regular Change Laboratory sessions  
Engage in research: the interactive research resource  
Engagement with Higher Education in Rural and Remote Scotland and Wales -Lindsay Hewitt, Meg Hopkins Ronald MacIntyre, Isobel Mitchell, Julie Robson, John Rose-Adams  
Engaging faculty in teaching with technology  
Engaging interactions for e-learners Blog which posts e-learning ideas  
England (K802-11J)  
English in Action - Knowing where your journey begins Adrian Kirkwood and Jan Rae at CALRG09  
English in Action Project IET research project at CALRG 09  
Engrade: free secure tool for managing classrooms online  
Enhance the Beauty Of Your House By Installing Gu10 Led Lighting  
Enhanced and Transformed: tales from the digital age  
Enhancing Curriculum Delivery for Postgraduate Distance Learning through New Technologies 0190 ALTC 2009  
Enhancing Employability  
Enhancing ICT teaching practices at Dhaka University  
Enhancing Participatory Culture (OEB12)  
Enhancing teaching and learning through learning analytics and educational data mining (US Department of Education) (LAEP Inventory)  
Enhancing University Curricula via Adventure Learning 0167 ALTC 2009 George Veletsianos, Aaron Doering  
Enquiring Minds  
Enquiry based, experiential and situated learning 5 comments
Enriched Learning Environments The potential role and influences of games, mobile devices, social networks, video and virtual worlds on the future of OER. 3 comments
Enriched Learning Environments  
Ensemble Open Educational Resources site Service to locate RSS feeds for OERs  
Entrepreneurship for UNAM students   Small Business Support and Development (latest issues) DTI  by Oscar    ...  
Environmental and Intentional Learning Design 1 comment
Envisioning the Educational Possibilities of User-Created Virtual Worlds  
EOR: Example uses of the Ecology of Resources Design Framework  
Ephraim's Reflections 1 comment
ePortfolio and web-based skills information 2 comments
ePortfolios and Google Apps  
ePortfolios in higher ed Report on the Australian ePortfolio Project 2 comments
Escola 2.0  
ESL for Adult Education Learning anything should be fun 6 comments
ESOL and Mobile Learning  
ESRC fifth seminar on careers: Stakeholder perspectives  
ESRC fourth seminar on careers: Digital technologies  
ESRC Framework for Research Ethics The framework sets out the ESRC's policy on research ethics  
ESRC second seminar on careers: Professional associations & Professionalism 2nd seminar in the series: 31st March, 2011, University of Glamorgan  
ESRC seminar series on careers - indicative titles of the 6 seminars TItles, venues and hosts for the 6 seminars  
ESRC Seminar Series on Careers Work in the UK Against a turbulent policy background in which the profession of careers guidance is being reviewed... 1 comment
ESRC sixth seminar on careers: Learning from others  
ESRC third seminar on careers: Professional identity formation 3rd seminar in the series: 9th June 2011, University of Limerick 1 comment
Essay Ireland Writing Service Online 1 comment
Essential features of a conferencing system Guidance for designing or commissioning a system for asynchronous network-supported collaborative learning (ANSCL)  
eSTEeM: Virtual Reality, Haptics and Interactive Web Broadcasts - bringing the 'real' world into online learning  
Estudo multicêntrico de redes na Dengue  
Ethical conduct in science Payam Rezaie, Wednesday 24 March, 10.30-11.30am, Workshop 4D, CMR15 1 comment
Ethical use of student data policy – The Open University (LAEP Inventory) 1 comment
Ethics and research: the OU framework Sheila Peace Workshop 4E and Workshop 5E  
etiquetAR: a living demo during the MobiLearnfest! 1 comment
EUROCALL European Association of Research into Computer-Assisted Language Learning 15 comments
EURODL special issue on OER and creativity - call for papers 1 comment
European Language Music  
European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN)  
European MOOCs Stakeholders Summit Ideas Cloud 9 comments
Europeana European digital library  
EVAF4All: Electronic Voting Analysis & Feedback 0040 ALTC 2009  
Evaluand-Oriented Responsive Evaluation Model  
Evaluating a mobile learning environment in a home car domain Brendan Murphy, Thursday 3rd June, 12:30 pm - 12:45 pm, Student Presentations 2, JLB Meeting Room 10 (CANCELLED)  
Evaluating an institutional teaching and learning network 0281 ALTC 2009 Jane Hughes, Fiona Strawbridge, Sonja van Praag, Brigitte Picot  
Evaluating comments in MOOC discussion forums  
Evaluating conferences What are your examples and ideas for evaluating conferences?  
Evaluating learning design (Jane Nkosi) 6 comments
Evaluating next generation technology enhanced learning  
Evaluating partial designs Story: engineering setting, collection of requirements, collection of component known... 9 comments
Evaluating the integration of Jing® screencasts in feedback on written assignments Presentation by Felicity Harper, Hannelore Green, and Maria Fernandez-Toro at CALRG 2012.  
Evaluating the use of the formative assessment through the virtual learning environment : the Sussex experience 0131 ALTC 2009  
Evaluation Evaluation session at JISC Cluster C 11th November 2009 2 comments
Evaluation 2 comments
Evaluation and Outcomes 13 comments
Evaluation and Research session @ OCWC Moneterrey Framework for evaluation and research in OCW and OER  
Evaluation and synthesis for JISC OER programme Allison Littlejohn and Helen Beetham  
Evaluation experiences - Bob R-S  
Evaluation Experiences - corporate environment 2 comments
Evaluation feedback  
Evaluation for learning Blog posting by Good/blogs  
Evaluation methods: an overview of methods and their application in investigating learning and teaching  
Evaluation of Mobile Learning  
Evaluation of online leadership development programmes  
Evaluation of policy frameworks for addressing ethical considerations in learning analytics (LAEP Inventory)  
Evaluation of Yammer as a professional development tool  
Evaluation Plan for Business Psychology (Crosby) 4 comments
Evaluation Plan for Design Science Wild Show #2  
Evaluation plan for OER module for teacher training 4 comments
Evaluation plan for OER module for teacher training  
Evaluation Targets  
Evaluation targets Jane Nkosi  
Evaluation Targets - Helen Whitehead [NOOC]  
Evaluation: Ascilite workshop evaluation and action plan Evaluation of the learning design workshop, 6th December  
Evaluation: Cloudworks Survey on user views about cloudworks 11 comments
Evaluation: ConnectEd Learning Design workshop Use post-its to answer the following: What did you think of the format and content of the...  
Evaluation: ETUG workshop, 20th October evaluation of the ETUG workshop 20th October 2009 4 comments
Evaluation: ETUG workshop, 21st October 2 comments
Evaluation: Re-evaluating online learning workshop, 30th September 2014  
Evaluation: toolkits, tools and resources Links to useful tools and resources with undertaking evaluation 1 comment
eve's OLDS MOOC learning journal  
Event Goody bag : slides and recordings.  
Event Planning  
Events Events related to the post-CETL OU Learning and Teaching Groups 1 comment
Evidence Cafés for developing research and practice  
Evidence for institutional change [ELESIG Video] Evidence for institutional change Compilation of interviews recorded at ELESIG Summer Symposium, July 2008  
Evidence from OER What evidence do we get from building, using or reusing OER 18 comments
Evidence in Practice: Challenges for ‘doing’ Technology Enhanced Anything 0175 ALTC 2009  
Evidence on Mobile Technologies in Lifelong Learning Presentation at CALRG 2010 by Agnes Kukulska-Hulme and Alice Peasgood  
Exam revision, the student experience and ‘revision analytics’: understanding and designing for the student experience prior to examinations  
Example case studies - COFA online  
Example completed scenario template  
example map  
Example of HTML anchors  
Examples and exercises in project planning  
Examples of MOOCs to review, critique, and learn from 20 comments
Excavating Second Life Journal of Material Culture Journal of Material Culture, 2009. Artifacts and social...  
Exemplar 1 Year 7 PoS  
Exemplar1 Year 8 PoS  
Exemplar1 Year 9 PoS  
Existing Learning Opportunities  
Experience (Re)Design Techniques using Innovative Mobile Assistive Technologies and Creative Context Engineering  
Experience's on MOOC- Introduction Sociology  
Experiencing information literacy in Second Life From Partnership : the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research,...  
Experiencing street art with SharedWalk: a living demo during the MobiLearnFest! 1 comment
Experimental psychology research methods Peter Naish, Tuesday 23 March, 2.45pm-3.45pm, Workshop 3E, Wilson D Block  
Experimental Society Conference Looking at experimentality as an aspect of society 1 comment
Experimenting with a pedagogy of creativity and openness: multimedia for learning in computing and ICT This cloud presents a short video created for the OU 2010 Conference... 9 comments
Expert5th takes the hassle out of Shifting  
Expertise-Based Performance Measures in a Virtual Training Environment Presence, 2009. Measuring human performance of tasks in VWs. Measuring human performance of...  
Exploiting information: getting the most from the OU Library  
Exploiting information: getting the most from the OU Library (2012)  
Exploiting mobile technologies in learning (Part One): The classroom is not the only place for learning  
Exploiting mobile technologies in learning (Part Two): The role of classroom practice in improving opportunities for at-risk learners  
Explorations of five kinds of openness in an online course  
Exploring a 'LIfe Grid' approach in understanding the early HE experiences of students in one instituion. This presentation was delivered as part of our workshop during the HEIR (Higher Education... 1 comment
Exploring an implementation of a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) 0232 ALTC 2009  
Exploring and evaluating eportfolio based pedagogies for work-based learners  
Exploring and evaluating eportfolio based pedagogies for work-based learners  
Exploring barriers to participation in open, online learning  
Exploring Mobile Space: Pedagogical affordances of Wireless Mobile Devices A ‘hands-on’ exploration of some of the potential applications of wireless mobile devices in tertiary education  
Exploring Online Discussion Exploring Online Discussion 5 comments
Exploring Practice-based Learning through the Living Archives and the AffeXity Projects This is a proposal for the mobiLearnFest to explore our current work in Augmented Reality with mobile devices at Malmö Universit 4 comments
Exploring the educational potential of virtual worlds—Some reflections from the SPP British Journal of Educational Technology From British Journal of Educational Technology,...  
Exploring the Use of a Generic E-portfolio/PDP Tool in a Basic Skills Module for Economics and Business Students  
Exploring the use of technologies in educational assessment in Primary Schools  
Exploring widening access through partnerships - Pete Cannell, Ronald MacIntyre and Joan Thomson (The OU in Scotland)  
Extending Piwik for Track OER  
Extensions to enquiry based learning Overview of further approaches to enquiry-based learning 1 comment
Extremely Small And Flexible Led Tape Lights  
Eye tracker - results from the trial Videos of the eye-tracker  
Eye tracker in IET Labs Using the eye tracker to study Twitter use 5 comments