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Title Introduction Comments
F-ALT09 Blog Posts  
F.Friday - OLnet pilot virtual workshop final comments and closure Feedback on the OLnet pilot virtual workshop 1 comment
Face-to-face versus online tuition: Preference, performance and pass rates in White and ethnic minority students Presentation at CALRG annual conference 2010 by John Richardson  
Facebook - a learning tool?  
Facebook - Friend or Foe of Formative Feedback? 0066 ALTC 2009  
Facebook community for chemistry course  
Facebook Groups 2 comments
facebook pva accounts 2 comments
Facilitating community activity on Cloudworks 4 comments
Factors and Concerns - Agora  
Factors and concerns - Agora  
Factors related to VLE use over three years 0278 ALTC 2009 Malikowski  
Facts To Know About LED Bulbs  
Faculty Inservice  
Faculty of Education and Language Studies: Level 1 online - the challenges  
Faculty: FELS  
FAQ: Frequently asked questions FAQ Using the site   What is the difference between a Cloud and a Cloudscape? Clouds can be...  
Fawei's OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal  
Fawei’s dream project: an online environment for peer support and collaborative learning 5 comments
FCV3000 The Basics  
FE and Skills Online Learning Design; 9 comments
Fear and elearning I'm exploring some of the barriers/inhibitors/resistance factors to take up of elearning. Fear from... 5 comments
Federal-level funding opportunities  
Feedback 1 comment
Feedback 1 comment
Feedback 1 comment
Feedback 1 comment
Feedback 1 comment
Feedback 5 comments
Feedback 6 comments
Feedback Please feel free to insert your feedback for this event, or if you prefer you can e-mail me and... 1 comment
Feedback 2 comments
Feedback IET Technologh Coffee Morning 5 comments
Feedback 4 comments
Feedback 1 comment
Feedback Please feel free to insert your feedback for this event, or if you prefer you can e-mail me and... 4 comments
Feedback 1 comment
Feedback 2 comments
Feedback 5 comments
Feedback Feedback for Careers Work Innovation web tools  
Feedback 2009 Please click on the link below to view feedback from the 2009 Technology Coffee...  
Feedback BIIML14  
Feedback Generic Model (IMS LD UoL)  
Feedback on " Personas, Force Maps and Scenarios"  
Feedback: Dreambazaar activity 6 comments
Feedback: OLDS MOOC 3 comments
Feedback: team up! 6 comments
Feedbackmechanismen (Erik)  
FELS Associate Lecturer Representatives A space to meet and share with AL reps: all welcome  
FELS connections Space for all those concerned in FELS to meet 3 comments
FELS Department of Languages  
FELS foundation degrees workshop Discussion Area 1 comment
Feminism and religion: how to teach (or not) contentious subjects to 14 year olds  
Ferramentas WEB para Educação  
FevaTools -Formative Evaluation Tools for Online Course Design Based on course (re)design as an iterative process, this site is a resource for instructors moving... 3 comments
FFT Aspire (LAEP Inventory)  
FFXIV: Form A Party And Adventure With A Multitude Of Players  
Fieldwork with people Mary Upton Tuesday 23 March, 2.45pm-3.45pm, Workshop 3D, CMR15  
Fil's Test Page  
Film presentation and discussion: ‘Vortex’ John Oates, 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm  
Final call for papers EISAT 2010 8th International Conference on Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications:...  
Final ESRC seminar: Looking back and looking forward: What does the future hold for career services? ESRC seminar series ‘Re-framing service delivery, professional practices and professional identities in UK careers work'  
Financial Adviso  
Find and Seek  
Finding a study circle?  
Finding images you can use - xpert attribution tool  
Finding Your Story Led by Dorothy Faulkner and Verina Waights  
Findings from ‘Technology, Feedback, Action!’: the impact of technology on student engagement with feedback 0057 ALTC 2009 Stuart Hepplestone, Helen Lyons, Louise Thorpe, Graham Holden  
Fiona's design narrative  
Fiona's OLDS MOOC cloud  
Fiona's representations  
Fire Team  
First Day Questions for the Learner-Centered Classroom  
First Fleet Online Role Play 2 comments
first try  
first try  
First week of the MOOC_Adelaide Dias  
First World Education - Third World Solutions?  
Fishcakes & Stories  
Five trends in learning delivery in 2011  
Fixed index annuities  
Fixed index annuities  
Flash debate Ideas for using Cloudworks to support the Community’ Cloud.  
Flash debate connectivism 10 comments
Flash Short Survey  
Flexibility and open-mindedness Research Skills required by PhD students D3: Demonstrate flexibility and open-mindedness ...  
Flyer: Brunel Learning Design Workshop  
Focus Groups Focus groups are moderated meetings of 'involved' people discussing their experience of an...  
Focus on younger students  
Focusing on multimodality to observe meaning-making trajectories Presentation at CALRG annual conference 2010 by Chris Thomson, Katie Vernon-Smith and Alison...  
Focussing on pleasure? Piloting methods and exploring the field Ester McGeeney, 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm  
Following good research practice Research Skills required by PhD students B3: Following good research practice....  
Foochow Road Shanghai Online Role Play 1 comment
Food 4 Thought Persona and Scenario  
Food bioscience=basic lab skills see below 2 comments
Food: research methods FInal Year undergraduate/postgraduate research skills 2 comments
Foolin Around with Moodlin  
FoRC Rm Karlsruhe (social platform/continuity/citizen science/crowdsourcing) 4 comments
FoRC Rm S003 (new forms and tools, e.g. research data, workflows, code) 1 comment
FoRC Rm S005 (assessment and impact) 1 comment
FoRC Rm S104 (business models) 1 comment
FoRC Rm Saarbrucken 1 comment
Force mapping_1  
Force Maps  
Formal learning in an informal setting: the first semester student learning experience outside the classroom 0216 ALTC 2009  
Formative Assessment Widget  
Formative Evaluation Paper  
Formative mini-tests in Chemistry  
Formative review - business psychology  
Formative Review Log - Design Science Radio Show  
Formative Review Log: Jeff Waistell 1 comment
Forum theatre online 2 comments
Fostering argumentative knowledge construction through enactive role play in Second Life Computers & Education Computers & Education, 2009. How to construct argumentative...  
Fostering collaboration and enhancement through community-building  
Foundation Degree in Early Years at Edge Hill University starting in May 2014!  
fOUndIt? Sharing online resources to support subject communities 0172 ALTC 2009  
FOWD Leeds Future of Web Design at Leeds Rose Bowl 2 comments
Fox, Anne: CoDe-FLITE: Concurrent Design Framework for eLearning in IT Entrepreneurship Proposal for an online cross-sectoral training across industry and HE to promote entrepreneurial skills by business planning 8 comments
Frameworks for developing digitally literate learners 0318 ALTC 2009  
Frances D - personal plan for week 2  
Frances Deepwell: My 'dream' for a short course on academic advising/tutoring Designing learning on academic advising 3 comments
Frances Deepwell's OLDS-MOOC learning journal 1 comment
Frances Pigott - Activity 2a Comparing representations  
Frances Pigott's Design Narrative Training library staff to use the circulation module of a library management system (LMS). 6 comments
Francis Morrissey's design narrative: Using a £25 Raspberry Pi as a Web Server and Educational Platform  
Frank BS March 2014 Design Narrative - Digital Tools in the Classroom 2 comments
Free chatting or structured dialogue?  
free course on excel  
Free eBooks Finding eBooks can be confusing because there are so many different places to look. This cloud is... 1 comment
Free financial modeling training  
Free Online Machine Translation Web Sites: Is it time for language teachers to embrace them? An attempt to integrate FOMT into a 0211 ALTC 2009  
Free virtual peer mentoring programme for youth!!  
Free: Hot seat discussion with Etienne Wenger On Monday April 5th our sixth Hot Seat will start. This week we will have Etienne Wenger hosting a...  
Free: Hot seat discussion with Etienne Wenger On Monday April 5th our sixth Hot Seat will start. This week we will have Etienne Wenger hosting a...  
Free: Hot seat with Yrjo Engestrom On Monday April 12th our final Hot Seat will start. We will have Yrjö Engeström hosting a...  
Free: Networked Learning preconference online hot seats series online hot seat discussions with leading thinkers in education 2 comments
Fremtidens undervisning - oplæg til skolebibliotekarernes årsmøde 2011  
FRI: ¡Escúchame! GCSE Spanish Audios (Sonia Pardos) 16 comments
FRI: Accelerate into another dimension. Produce and troubleshoot metal 3D print (Wendy Taleo) 9 comments
FRI: Access To Higher Education For Refugees In Crisis Settings: Adapting An OER to mLearning (Ken Simpson) 9 comments
FRI: Bridging The Employability Gap (Bernadette Laffey) Abstract 21 comments
FRI: Bridging The Employability Gap (Bernadette Laffey)  
FRI: Bridging The Employability Gap (Bernadette Laffey)  
FRI: Bridging The Employability Gap (Bernadette Laffey)  
FRI: Can Social Media Promote Inclusion In Education? (Sioban James) 11 comments
FRI: GCSE Comp Sci Teachers' OER: Good practice (Jonathan/Jonty Leese). Abstract: 14 comments
FRI: Including Everyone Project (Cathy McGovern) A knowledge sharing series of How To guides to aid the production of accessible e-learning. 14 comments
FRI: Keynote - Be prepared to resist: Critically evaluating the impact of openness in the developing world. (Dr Leigh-Anne Perryman) 1 comment
FRI: Never Say No! (Pat Shearer) 15 comments
FRI: Open Access Journals: Free, Quality, Peer Reviewed Evidence Based Resources To Support Patient Care (Potenza Atiogbe) 17 comments
FRI: School Inclusion For Seriously Ill Children. A Website To Share Experiences Of Telepresence Robots In Schools. (Samantha Bennett) 21 comments
FRI: The Road To Learning, A Toolkit To Aid Self-directed Learning (Claire Sellwood) 7 comments
FRI: The Road To Learning, A Toolkit To Aid Self-directed Learning (Claire Sellwood)  
FRI: The Road To Learning, A Toolkit To Aid Self-directed Learning (Claire Sellwood)  
Friday 14th: 14.00 - 13.00 Justifying your research: managing the literature review process effectively  
Friday 14th: 14.00 - 15.30 Public engagement with Research  
Friday 14th: 14.00 - 17.50 CV's, networking and preparation for interview  
Friday 14th: 18.00 - 19.00 Wine reception/Poster display  
Friday 14th: 19.00 - 21.00 Dinner available in restaurant  
Friday 14th: 21.00 - 22.00 Comedy  
From cognitive capability to social reform? Shifting perceptions of learning in immersive virtual worlds From ALT-J, 2008. "This article reviews the literature relating to learning in immersive...  
From CYCLOPS to Smart Meeting Pro Mike Sharples talking at CALRG 09  
From dialogue design to interaction design Ann Blandford UCL Interaction Centre at CALRG 09 2 comments
From digital capability to digital wellbeing: thriving in the network (Helen Beetham) 5 comments
From e-pedagogies to activity planners – how can we help teachers? Elena de Miguel – University of Madrid talking at the LAMS09 conference, 7th July 09 2 comments
From essays to problems Where students need to apply the ideas they learn in new situations, assess them with problems, similar to but different from the cases they have studied.  
From informal to formal learning  
from lurking to learning Techniques for encouraging engagement in online distanced learning 26 comments
From Multi-User Virtual Environment to 3D Virtual Learning Environment Notes on a paper by Daniel Livingstone (University of the West of Scotland), Jeremy Kemp, Edmund Edgar  
From Multi-User Virtual Environment to 3D Virtual Learning Environment From ALT-J, 2008. Looks at the development of SLOODLE....  
From Open Content to Open Thinking We propose that one of the barriers to adoption of Open Educational Resources (OERs) in common teaching practices is the lack... 7 comments
From Virtual Learning Environment to Strategic Learning Environment: Evaluation an institutional VLE to meet new strategic prior 0306 ALTC 2009  
Fronteras Educativas  
Fun-Den-Wang interview Fun-Den-Wang interview at Hewlett Monterey meeting, 5th March 2009  
Further education learning technology action group: FELTAG (LAEP Inventory)  
Future ambitions. Developing careers services in Wales  
Future Fantastic  
Future Grand Challenges Arising from Methods and Models of NGTEL Workshop 1 comment
Future issues in socio-technical change in education Dave Cliff - opening keynote at CAL 09 conference, Brighton 2 comments
Future of academic publishing Two firstmondayarticles  
Future of cloud accounting??  
Future of game based learning : overcoming the challenges. N. Whit on, p. Hollins of Manchester met  
Future of game based learning : overcoming the challenges. N. Whit on, p. Hollins of Manchester met  
Future of game based learning : overcoming the challenges. N. Whitton, p. Hollins of Manchester met I've created this cloud to Liveblog the discussions around this games discussion. I have run into formatting problems on an iPad  
Future of social learning at The Open University Discussion moderated by Martin Reynolds (OSRG) at the OSRG Social learning symposium 7 comments
Future scenarios for schools Report on 4 scenarios for 21st century schooling 1 comment
Future Shock  
Future Shock: Imperfect Science  
Future Tense - the Goldsmiths Learning and Teaching Conference 18 May 2012  
Future VLE 2011 1 comment
FutureLab's Education Eye A new tool (in beta version) from FutureLab a way of discovering, exploring and sharing new ideas...  
FutureLearn This project has been widely reported so this cloud is a base for discussion. Starts with a fairly typical report from Techcrunc 5 comments
Fysieke COP CMD NHL (Jooske en Chris)