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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
Gender and group attitudes to STEM: a pilot evaluation of an outreach robotics activity 1 comment
Gabi Witthaus - The OERu: from vision to reality Diverse array of models and options under consideration for implementation of OERu: findings from a SCORE fellowship study  
Gabi Witthaus, Judith Murray, Rory McGreal, Sandra Wills - The OERu: from seed to sapling to forest A half-day workshop in which we explore the key opportunities and challenges involved in realising the OERu vision  
Gaelic resources for learners 2 comments
Gaelic resources: reference  
galaxy test  
Game-based learning in Second Life®. Do gender and age make a difference? From Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds, 2010. Exploration into gender related...  
Games and Virtual Worlds. What are we actually studying? Diane Carr, martin Oliver and Caroline Pelletier  
Games lessons Blog posting by Clive Shepherd  
Games-based learning as an effective middle-ground in police training  
Gaming in Education Learning through Gaming stall at the Learn About Fair 2011  
Garden Design from scratch for everyone THE LINK BELOW IS TO SWAY SLIDE SHOW OF THE GARDEN 2 comments
Gareth Davies’s design narrative: IELTS Speaking Section 3 Crime and Punishment  
Gareth's Representations  
Gaspar Amaral - OLDS MOOC 2013 - Learning Journal  
Gaspar Amaral - OLDS MOOC 2013 - My dream project: Learning design for Web 3.0 Learning design for Web 3.0  
Gaspar Amaral - OLDS MOOC 2013 - Week 0 - Real Time Massive Open Online ... Conference Real Time MOOC Conference 5 comments
Gaspar Amaral - OLDS MOOC 2013 - Week 1 - Reflection  
Gaspar Amaral - OLDS MOOC 2013 - Week 2 - Reflection  
Gastroenterology Fellowship  
Gathering and Exploring Collective Intelligence around Open Educational Resources Part of the OLnet Project's mission is to investigate the socio-technical infrastructure that... 4 comments
Gathering evidence of the design, use, reuse and redesign of Open Educational Content 0192 ALTC 2009  
Gayle's OLDSMOOC Week 1 reflection  
GayleVN's Learning Journal 7 comments
Gazing into the Future: Looking for Weak Signals with iCOPER  
GCSE Chemistry MCQs / Quizzes  
Geetanjali Soni: Learning design proposal Professional/Faculty development 2 comments
Geetanjali's Journal  
Gender Differences in the Impact of Presentational Factors in Human Character Animation on Decisions in Ethical Dilemmas  
Gender in Online Science and Technology: Understanding the gap between narratives and texts Presentation by Heather Mendick and Marie-Pierre Moreau at the CALRG 2012 conference.  
Gender Issues in HE The eLC will be discussing Gender Issues in HE  
General Conference Cloud 6 comments
General discussion and feedback about the workshop Please use this Cloud to discuss issues and concepts that arise and also to give us feedback about...  
General Photos  
General Photos Photos taken at the workshop  
General References and links from OER10 General References and links from OER10 - intended to be a catch-all to complement specific clouds/... 1 comment
General: BMAF Workshop on teaching Agile in Business Schools  
Generating Accessible Natural Language Explanations for OWL Ontologies Tu Anh Nguyen, Thursday 3rd June, 14:45 pm - 15:00 pm, Student Presentations 3, JLB Meeting Room 10  
Generation me Book by Jean Twenge  
Genetic Drift and the Founder Effect: a collaborative online activity for students of evolution Video and slideshare presentation submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference 1 comment
Genre 2012--Rethinking Genre Twenty Years Later: An International Conference on Genre Studies  
George: My dream: Redesign & run First Steps into Learning and Teaching MOOC Redesign FSLT13 for accreditation, and run the course successfully in May-June this year 6 comments
George's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal Link to my work blog on WordPress 5 comments
Georgia State University (LAEP Inventory)  
Georgia's Design Narrative 2 comments
German Language and Culture Course (beginner level): LAMS Learning Design 1 comment
Gestion de réputation numérique  
Get Best Coursework Help Deal For Students  
Get Off of My Cloud ;) My personal diary for OLDS MOOC 2013  
Getting published Marian Petre, Wednesday 24 March, 10.30am-11.30am, Workshop 4B, CMR11  
Getting published in science Nigel Mason, Wednesday 24 March, 3.15-4.15pm, Workshop 7D, Wilson D Block  
Getting published in the humanities and social sciences Led by Josie Dixon  
Getting Ready for Learning, Pencil case, Pen, Ruler. Rubber, HSPDA GPS Mobile Phone, Lucky Bear Key Fob 0238 ALTC 2009  
Getting students to do self-diagnosis STORMCLOUD - What do you do when students don't want to make a choice or to work through self-diagnostic activities?  
Getting Subscription emails several times – why and how to solve?  
Getting the most out of your supervisor (CREET) Led by Regine Hampel  
Getting the Word Out to Teachers About the Power of OER How do we get the word out to teachers and administrators and then how do we help teachers use OER effectively?...  
Getting to the heart of a skill  
GI Fellowship  
Gila's cloud  
Gill B's comparison of 4 Ts and 4SPPices  
Gill B's Permission to Express Map  
Gill Marshall's Design Narrative: The Manager's Desk 1 comment
Gill W: Dream - supporting students studying for Microsoft Certifications  
Gill W: Scenarios for project to support students studying for Microsoft Certifications  
Gill's Learning Journal  
GIS GIS...  
Give them slate  
Giving and receiving feedback Research Skills required by PhD students F3: Listen, give and receive feedback and respond...  
Giving Knowledge for Free: Jan Hylen Coming in via video-conferencing to talk about the work that he carried out for the OECD to produce...  
Giving teachers the learners perspective on e-assessment 1 comment
Glenn Bosmans design narrative: standards for developing countries 2 comments
Glenn's Healthy Eating Design Representations: 4SPPICES and eDesign Template  
GLO Maker GLO Maker 2 is an authoring tool for creating media rich learning objects. The learning objects can... 1 comment
GLOBAL LEARNING What is the latest gift of brain to mankind. ONLINE Learning. ONLINE Learning can benefit 7 billion...  
globalisation, ecology and careers  
Globe repository Meta-repository of other repositories of learning objects  
Glogster - an interactive online poster tool  
glow research report- the purpose of GLOW My name is Vicki Wallace. I am a Support for Learning Teacher in Midlothian and I am just coming...  
GLUE!: Architecture for the integration of third-party external tools in Virtual Learning Environments This is a work in progress defining an architecture that allows the loose coupled integration of...  
Glynn Hinchcliffe - Design Narrative: Video tutorials to support VLE assessment page 1 comment
Glynn Hinchcliiffe - Design Representations  
GoAnimate 4 Schools  
Gobierno electrónico y gobernanza del sistema universitario  
Going beyond virtual patients: Open-source interactive web cases for all disciplines 0283 ALTC 2009 Malikowski  
Good blogs and stuff about Information Literacy  
Good examples of mindmapping in teaching? 24 comments
Good resources  
Good weather or bad weather? A story of fractions  
Google Cloud Mick2  
Google Cloud Mick3  
Google Cloud Mick4  
google plus event page  
Gospel Ikpeme's Design Narrative 1 comment
Grading English Papers How to lessen the load on faculty  
Graduate School Personal Statement Writing Service  
Graeme's Design Narrative - Testing Relationships 3 comments
Graeme's Representations  
Graham Scott: Representations review  
Graham Storey OLDS MOOC Learning Journey 3 comments
Grand Challenge: Empower the Future Teacher  
Grand challenges for educational technology 2 comments
Grandview Academy Action Plan 2012  
Grant Penny's Design narrative of creating a computer-based student evaluation system.  
Grant Penny's Representation 1 comment
Graphical Learning Modeller Susanne Neumann talking at the Pedagogical Planner Summit, Open University, 6th July 2009 1 comment
Greeting from Ireland 5 comments
Gresham's comparison of 4Ts and 4SPPIces representations  
Group 11 2 comments
Group Discussion Time for all to browse summary charts 1 comment
Group Gathering Presentation by CK-12 Foundation about their Open Textbook project 1 comment
Group Tuition - Ways Forward  
Group Tuition Delivery  
Group: Educators on Flickr  
Groupwork, open learning and libraries at Marie Curie Cancer Care  
Growing the NROC Library Approaches, projects and priorities for adding content and courses to the NROC library 1 comment
Grupo de Auto-Regulação/Auto-Avaliação dos CNO Equipa de trabalho  
GU 10 LED Dimmable Lights – Most Preferred Options For Interior Decorative Option  
Gu10 Dimmable Led Bulb - Supreme Quality And Long Lasting Life  
Gu10 Led Light Bulbs - Cost Effective Solutions For Consumers  
Guest Speaker Bios 1 comment
guidance and counselling in 21st-century education the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling is looking for ground-breaking articles 3 comments
Guide to Social Media for Researchers  
Guide to tagging for ELESIG If you create a cloud that is relevant to ELESIG and would like to add it to the ELESIG...  
Gulfarida Tulemissova, Almaty Management University  
GWELLA project Across Wales, higher education institutions are taking part in a national project called Gwella....