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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
In Search Of Affordable Textbooks: How OER Can Reduce Costs  
Introducing 'opinionated pedagogy'  
I am searching for a powerful Micro Blogging site 2 comments
I have a dream  
I have a dream  
I have a dream-Giannakoudaki Fotini  
I just don't get it 3 comments
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…I know I can Multi-user Virtual Environments (MUVEs) as a means of developing competence and confidence From Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2010. "Building upon studies that have...  
i'm not a spam!!  
Iain Jones, Critical pedagogy and its place within an undergraduate Education Studies curriculum 1 comment
Ian’s comparison of 4SPPIces model and CADMOS  
IBLC 10 - General - Blog posts relating to conference A space to aggregate blogs about the conference... 2 comments
IBLC 10 - General - Discussion area Hello, so we are only a few weeks away from our Fifth International Blended Learning Conference.... 17 comments
IBLC 10 - General - Twitter at the Conference Thanks for being so on the ball Bex and highlighting this. I can confirm that we plan to use... 6 comments
IBLC 10 - General - Using Cloudworks at IBLC 10 1 comment
IBLC 10 - Poster - Using technology to make an existing effective assessment more efficient Hi, Helen Barefoot, Dominic Bygate, Mark Russell and myself are going to present a poster in the... 4 comments
IBLC 10 - Question - Do you use Twitter? I'm finding that a lot of people actively avoid Twitter.  I wondered about people attending... 32 comments
IBLC 10 - Question - What are the principles underpinning good assessment You will have seen that I'm co-presenting a session on our ESCAPE project relating to technology... 3 comments
IBLC 10 - Question - What will the next 12 months look like? As the financial situation starts to grab hold (assuming it hadn't already) I'd be really... 1 comment
IBLC 10 - Question - What's your label? (Teacher, Facilitator, Academic...?) The cloud relating to Peter Bullen's keynote is having some interesting 'spin-out' into the labels... 13 comments
IBLC 10 - Session - A blended learning community of practitioners supporting employability skills development for undergraduates I’ve just attended a parallel session with Dr Roy Smith Head of Interdisciplinary Studies at...  
IBLC 10 - Session - Capturing the power of the crowd and the challenge of community collections From the JISC website: Crowdsourcing is the term used when this problem is broadcast to a wide... 1 comment
IBLC 10 - Session - Mark Nichols's Keynote Sure, it’s blended… But is it the BeST we can do? ‘Blended learning’... 20 comments
IBLC 10 - Session - Martin Oliver's Keynote Myths and promises of blended learning While lots of people write about blended learning, it... 21 comments
IBLC 10 - Session - Norm Vaughan's and Marti Cleveland Innes's Keynote Teaching Presence: Creating and sustaining communities of inquiry in blended learning... 2 comments
IBLC 10 - Session - Peter Bullen's Keynote 25 comments
IBLC 10 - Session- Assessment-for-Learning: What is good practice and how can ICT help? I'm running a session at the IBLC 10 - relating to assessment for learning and the use of... 4 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Adult students as agents of change – Case Open University studies  
IBLC11-Abstract-Bridging the Gap between School and University: 'Get Ready for Languages'.  
IBLC11-Abstract-Changing needs, changing directions: ‘Blending’ blended learning with a dual mode cohort  
IBLC11-Abstract-Chauffeured Learning through Assessment Design: A Conceptual Framework  
IBLC11-Abstract-Designing the Curriculum: From innovation to enhancement In this presentation we review a number of evaluation strategies we have used across five UK universities for capturing these... 1 comment
IBLC11-Abstract-Developing web accessible laboratories for systems engineering students  
IBLC11-Abstract-E-learning design and implementation; the student perspective.  
IBLC11-Abstract-Embedding blended learning into mainstream higher education: dilemmas and developments  
IBLC11-Abstract-Empowering, supporting and motivating the learner by developing an interactive, academically structured, problem-based blended learning approach to l  
IBLC11-Abstract-Enhancing Learning through Technology Student Vidcasts to Enhance Student Learning and Employability: A Case Study  
IBLC11-Abstract-Enhancing the Blended Learning Experience through Flexibility  
IBLC11-Abstract-Enhancing the Blended Learning Experience through Flexibility  
IBLC11-Abstract-Enhancing the Wellbeing of the University (and employability, and professional development, and portfolios, and...).  
IBLC11-Abstract-Exploring the relative value of Clickers compared to alternative approaches to quizzes. 2 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Finding the right mix? Teaching European studies through blended learning  
IBLC11-Abstract-From Innovation to Institutional Enhancement: Operating in Challenging Times - Glamorgan’s Web 2.0 Story  
IBLC11-Abstract-HELP ME - Mobile Enhanced Higher Education Launch Pad  
IBLC11-Abstract-idemand Feedback: Investigation of Feedback behaviour and preferences with efficient solutions for improving Student Satisfaction  
IBLC11-Abstract-INTEGRATE: INTerlinking and Embedding GRaduate ATtributes at Edinburgh Project Report  
IBLC11-Abstract-It’s a DODL: Developing Online Distance Learning Open Educational Resources (OER) to Support 21st Century Curriculum Design  
IBLC11-Abstract-Learning from the Students: It's Time to Move On!  
IBLC11-Abstract-Making Assessment Count (MAC) – Maximising the Benefits through a Consortium Approach  
IBLC11-Abstract-Pulling the Physical and Virtual Environment into the Blend  
IBLC11-Abstract-Research study on video and audio podcasting on a large under graduate final year module  
IBLC11-Abstract-SCRUM-based learning and teaching: an evaluation study on collaborative and immersive learning  
IBLC11-Abstract-Starting & Sharing: Wiki Glossaries in the curriculum 2 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-Students as Change Agents: Using Consumer Technologies to Build Effective Learning Communities in an Internationalised Context  
IBLC11-Abstract-Supporting development of blended learning across an institution.  
IBLC11-Abstract-Sustaining and embedding innovations to achieve institutional enhancement in learning and teaching. 2 comments
IBLC11-Abstract-The challenges of student engagement on GDL blended learning  
IBLC11-Abstract-The role of Critical Friends in supporting institutions in moving from innovation to institutional enhancement.  
IBLC11-Abstract-The Use of Podcasts for Teaching Finance to Business Studies Students at the University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland  
IBLC11-Abstract-There is an urgent need to help students through the transition period from school or college into Higher Education and we have only just begun to un  
IBLC11-Abstract-Towards Enhanced Feedback Practices in a Virtual Environment: a case study.  
IBLC11-Abstract-Transforming Curriculum Delivery through Technology  
IBLC11-Abstract-Unlocking the Hidden Curriculum: Using Augmented Reality as an Engaging and Immersive Learning Resource  
IBLC11-Abstract-Using Asynchronous Video to Promote Learner Engagement through the Enhancement of Assessment and Feedback  
IBLC11-Abstract-Using the JISC Steps towards effective technology-enhanced assessment and feedback to support institutional enhancement of assessment and feedback  
IBLC11-Abstract-Using the Staff Knowledge Management Toolkit to Enhance Learning Supporting you in developing the curriculum  
IBLC11-Abstract-Wiki supporting blended learning practices in university teaching  
IBLC11-Abstract-Workshop: Can playing poker game lead to institutional enhancements? 2 comments
IBLC11-Abstracts-Engaging Creative Arts students using blogs and online communities  
IBLC11-General-Using Cloudworks at IBLC11  
IBLC11-Keynote-Building university learners’ and teachers’ capacity to meet the challenges of blended learning in a transitioning society.  
IBLC11-Keynote-From Challenge to change: how technology can transform curriculum delivery’  
IBLC11-Keynote-Supporting the teacher as blended learning innovator  
IBLC11-Keynote-Thinking Beyond the LMS: Considering the Possibilities  
ICDE Keynote session: Grainne Conole  
ICDE Keynote session: Rory McGreal  
ICDE Keynote: Lawrence Lessig - ODL in a changing world  
ICDE Keynote: Step ahead with Asia Educational digital resource bank  
ICDE Panel on ODL in a changing world  
ICDE Panel on OER  
ICDE Symposium: Creativity and ODL  
ICDE: Evidence of OER Impact  
ICDE: Hal Plotkin - ODL and Human Capacity Building  
ICDE: Open ceremony  
ICG Case Studies  
ICHL2010 CALL FOR PAPERS Paper SubmissionAuthors are invited to submit original papers reporting on research results or...  
ICL 2009 Workshop Exploring Web 2.0 to Support Online Learning Communities:  Where Technology Meets Pedagogy TERG Workshop exploring teaching and learning scenarios using various Web 2.0 technologies 7 comments
iCloud Keychain: Apple’s Cloud-based Password Manager 2 comments
iCreaNet - Additional resources 4 comments
ICreaNet - Brainstorming 9 comments
iCreaNet - Creativity Research 9 comments
iCreaNet - Creativity Support in Japan 3 comments
iCreaNet - Examples of Support for Creative Skill Development 1 comment
iCreaNet - Info, messages, and updates 6 comments
iCreaNet - Intercultural Perspectives on Creativity Support 1 comment
iCreaNet - introduction 1 comment
iCreaNet Milestones and Highlights  
iCreaNet Practical Suggestions (sharing and embedding etc.) 2 comments
ICT and careers practice  
ICT and Trends in Life-Long Learning The Web 2.0 provides ample facilities to let learning-minded citizens to find each other and recruit experts 4 comments
ICT en community (Gerritjan)  
ICT for Language Teachers (ICT4LT) The ICT for Language Teachers website (ICT4LT) comprises a set of 16 discrete ICT training modules...  
ICT skills assessed via iCMAs: K113, K216 and K315 Innovation across a programme DescriptionThis OpenMark question invites the student to drag and drop different elements to their...  
Ida Brandão Learning Journal Links to blogs/eportfolios already in use 3 comments
Ida Rodgers OLDS MOOC Journal Confused and uncertain how to make the best use of my time for this course. 2 comments
Ida Rodgers' Activity Dream Cloud: A Template for a Course Glossary Self-Study Tool 1 comment
Ida's Design Principle  
Ida's Learning Design resources Ida's resources  
Ida's Narrative on OLDS MOOC experience  
Ida's reflection Week 9 - Plenary  
Ida's Reflections WEEK 8 OLDS MOOC 4 comments
Ida's Reflections WEEK 8 OLDS MOOC  
IDA's WEEK 9 Plenary Reflections  
Idea 1 - Medical Professions, Nursing and Numeracy An exploration of a possible solution to the problem of numeracy and drug calculations in nursing and medicine  
Idea Bin for Presence/springboard/VW 1 comment
Ideas for Olnet activities Olnet away day 1st - 2nd July 09 2 comments
Ideas for Olnet researcher workshops Brainstorming session 2nd July 09 3 comments
Ideas for online group work 62 great ideas for things to do with online groups, compiled in 2003 but still relevant  
Ideas from JISC OER startup meeting Place for comments and thoughts 4 comments
Identifying an appropriate pedagogy for virtual worlds: A Communal Constructivism case study From Computers & Education. "This study identifies Communal Constructivism as a...  
Identifying and addressing Tricky Topics in OU modules  
Identifying the potential of QR Codes as a Learning Technology 0135 ALTC 2009  
Identifying transferable skills Research Skills required by PhD students G3: Demonstrate an insight into the transferable nature of...  
Idontgotouni Online Role Play 1 comment
IE Cloud Mick1  
IE Test2  
IE Test3  
IE Test4  
IE8 Test  
IE8 Test 2  
IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Practice materials Self access resources for IELTS students 3 comments
IET Coffee morning cloudquest challenge This activity is a variant on the idea of a webquest, it provides a fun ways of exploring the...  
IET Coffee Morning Session on Cloudworks - discussion Discussion space  
IET TCM Event 2013: A protocol study of student interaction designers in Botswana and the UK: results and implications Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor at 10:00 am  
IET TCM Event 2013: ACI - Animal-Computer Interaction Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor 1 comment
IET TCM Event 2013: Catwalk technologies and researching in the wild Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor  
IET TCM Event 2013: Conducting Usability Evaluations Remotely Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor 2 comments
IET TCM Event 2013: iSpot Mobile Presentation Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor at 10:00 am  
IET TCM Event 2013: iSpot Project - latest additional features Location: Jennie Lee Building Main Ambient Lab Ground Floor at 10:00 am  
IET TCM Event 2013: JUXTALEARN: Overcoming ‘I don’t understand why they don’t understand’ Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor at 10:00 am  
IET TCM Event 2013: Learner experiences and the personalising of paths through a (massive) open online course Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor at 10:00 am  
IET TCM Event 2013: Mobile Phones, Migrants and Incidental Learning Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor 3 comments
IET TCM Event 2013: NoTube: supporting the future of Internet TV via services and Linked Data Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor at 10:00 am  
IET TCM Event 2013: OU Live, powered by Blackboard Collaborate Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor at 10:00 am 5 comments
IET TCM Event 2013: ParkJam: Crowdsourcing Parking Availability Information with Linked Data Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor  
IET TCM Event 2013: Responsive Web Design Location: Jennie Lee Building Main Ambient Lab Ground Floor at 10:00 am  
IET TCM Event 2013: What makes openness work? Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor at 10:00 am  
IET TCM Event 2013:The OpenScience Laboratory: at the cutting edge of practical science Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor at 10:00 am 1 comment
IET TCM Event: 'ICT', schools and professional development ­ the Vital story  
IET TCM Event: Creative approaches to cross-platform content on YouTube and iTunes U' Location: Jennie Lee Building Main Ambient Lab Groud Floor  
IET TCM Event: English in Action: using mobile phones to support professional development in Bangladesh Location: Jennie Lee Building Main Ambient Lab Ground Floor 1 comment
IET TCM Event: Introduction to Responsive Open Learning Environment Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor 22 comments
IET TCM Event: Learning from Bridge to Success Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor 3 comments
IET TCM Event: Novice interaction designers' behaviour in different cultures Location: Jennie Lee Building Main Ambient Lab Ground Floor 2 comments
IET TCM Event: OpenLearn: the changing landscape of OER Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground floor 5 comments
IET TCM Event: Our Enquiry Blogger Project Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor 1 comment
IET TCM Event: Pelagios2 Project Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor 1 comment
IET TCM Event: Realtime Collaboration - Postponed Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor  
IET TCM Event: Supporting Learners in Mobile Discovery of Library Resources Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor 1 comment
IET TCM Event: The nQuire system for Personal Inquiry Learning Location: Jennie Lee Building Main Ambient Lab Ground Floor  
IET TCM Event: uBase: Browsing and searching in image databases using image content  
IET TCM Event: Using Google Apps to Facilitate Dialectical Education Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor 3 comments
IET TCM Event: What I learnt from 'Flickr Photo a Day' Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor 4 comments
IET Technology Coffee Morning: Using Google Apps to Facilitate Dialectical Education  
IET Technology Coffee Mornings Schedule 2010  
IET Technology Coffee Mornings Schedule 2011  
IET Technology Coffee Mornings Schedule 2012  
If it takes a village to find a phone..... Using Appreciative Inquiry to engage a University in positive change 0170 ALTC 2009  
If we dream it, will they come? The self-efficacy of students new to Second Life Learning 0206 ALTC 2009 David Moffat, Kathryn Trinder  
If you don't give it a title what hapoens? 1 comment
If you don’t know where you are going…how do you know if you have arrived? Presentation by Adrian Kirkwood at CALRG 2012 conference. 1 comment
IITE Welcome  
IITE: November 15 2010 - Plenary  
IITE: November 16 Session on OER  
IITE: Patrick McAndrew presentation  
ILDE embed  
IleneDawn: My Dream Learning Design Project Proposal - Merge Learning Design & Multicultural Learning to Create Online Module for HE teachers 2 comments
image consultancy dubai  
Image Processing 2 comments
Images from Curriculum Design - Opening up the Game  
Images from OER Meeting, Monterey  
Images on OER design & social practices A series of reflective images to provoke discussion about OERs 4 comments
Imagined globalised childhoods – migrant narratives of possible childhoods Rebecca Lawthom, 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm  
Immersive virtual worlds in university-level human geography courses From International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education,...  
Implementing electronic reports: benefits, challenges and suggestions Educause quarterly report by Barbara Meyer and Nancy Latham  
Importance Of Using Fire Rated Downlights  
Important Dates of ICHL2010 Paper Submission Deadline : 15 March 2010 Notification Date : 8 May 2010 Camera-ready Paper...  
Improving access and support for Higher Education in prisons across the UK - Anne Pike and colleagues  
Improving information literacy and skills the case of iKnow Anne Hewling paper CARLG 09 conference  
Improving Lectures - Introducing/Embedding Peer Instruction - Daniel L's dream  
Improving retention of first year engineering students  
Improving the assessment options for a photography assignment  
Improving the quality and productivity of the higher education sector – Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching (LAEP Inventory)  
Improving transition through approaches to learning - Chris Edwards, Centre for Inclusion and Curriculum  
In Celebration of Guides  
In search for the integration of Learning Design (LD) and Teacher Inquiry into student learning (TISL) 1 comment
In the Eye of the Storm: preliminary evidence on the use of online learning diaries 0213 ALTC 2009  
Inclusive blended learning design in HE - A problem-based learning workshop putting theory into practice from a teaching perspec 0236 ALTC 2009 Rainger & Draffan  
Inclusiveness in Prison education  
Incorporating competencies and search into OER projects For the MSU Food Safety Knowledge Network we worked with and industry group to create a basic set...  
Incorporating competencies and search into OER projects For the MSU Food Safety Knowledge Network we worked with and industry group to create a basic set...  
Independence, Impartiality and Transparency - Why does it matter?  
independent minds, critical thinking and discontented creativity acknowledging, welcoming and learning from the discomfort of failure  
Independent working Research Skills required by PhD students D7: Show initiative, work independently and be...  
Inductive Metanomics: Economic Experiments in Virtual Worlds Journal of Virtual Worlds Research Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2008. Explores the...  
Industrial lubricants Dubai  
Inês Pattern  
Inês Scenario  
informal learning how to use social network for tacit knowledge, especially for competences...  
Informal learning in ‘social mobile’ contexts and school-based mobile learning, Ben Bachmair  
Informal learning on the history of maths  
Informal Letter Essay Writing Service  
Information literacy at the OU An overview of current work in IL at the OU 30 comments
Information literacy education 1 comment
Information literacy education  
Information literacy in the curriculum The OU Library has developed an information literacy (IL) levels framework  
Information literacy resources directory CEDICT Blog posting  
Information management Research Skills required by PhD students C2: Information management...  
Information resources and affective issues The use of academic publications and digital libraries for research 1 comment
Informative webinars for prospective students  
Initial dynamic assessment  
initial idea 3 comments
Initial ideas through ShowMe (2)  
Innovate, Collaborate, Engage: Creating a User Driven Approach to the Development of Open Educational Resources (Will Engle, David Kohler)  
INNOVATION what do we do? who does it? and why is it important? re-ordered account of responses to our questionnaire - now organised into three main areas  
innovation - the fizz and the burn  
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Consortium (IERC)  
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy Board (IESB)  
Innovation Base: lowering the barriers to knowledge acquisition, exploration, and sharing 0108 ALTC 2009  
Innovative approaches to e-marking in symbolically-rich subjects 0186 ALTC 2009  
Inquiry of Design for Learning  
Inquiry to Innovation: Approaches to Teaching STEM Practice at a distance  
Inspanning Lucas (Marco) 1 comment
Inspirational Animations  
Inspiring Stories  
Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design The aim of the JISC e-Learning programme is to enable UK further and higher education to create a... 1 comment
Institutional partnering for effective e-learning capability development in HE 0112 ALTC 2009  
Institutional Strategies for OER  
Institutional Strategies for OER - Presentations  
Institutional systems need to facilitate learners using their own technologies in support of learning What evidence is there for the widely held view that institutions should be promoting the use of... 1 comment
Instruction to Independence is possible! Developing autonomous collaborative learning cultures in dance and digital performance 0193 ALTC 2009 Wilson & Andrews  
Instructional design  
Instructional design models By Martin Ryder  
Instructor benefits and costs of contributing to MIT's Open Courseware (Preston Parker)  
Instructor Experiences with Technology in Blended Learning Courses in Higher Educatioin  
instruire asistata de calculator  
integrate ICT into curriculum  
Integrated Children Services  
Integrated Children Services (K802-11J) 2 comments
Integrated Writing Services  
Integrated, flexible, accessible and secure E-assessment – dreams, responsibilities and realities 0117 ALTC 2009  
Integrating F2F and online activities  
Integrating multimedia work into assessment How can we usefully integrate and assess multimedia work in a course? 9 comments
Integrating technology and creativity  
Intense near-synchronous conferencing A limited-time near-synchronous conference can combine the engagement of synchronous conferencing with asynchronous conferencing’s multiple threads.  
Interacting through avatars: Virtual worlds as a context for online education Computers & Education Computers & Education, 2010. Findings from a course that used...  
Interaction matters in m-learning in situ 1 comment
Interactive art installation representing students emotions at Walton Hall Ambition We're not a conventional university with conventional interactions between staff and...  
Interactive posters and presentations  
Interactive Screen Experiments ISE for simulating musical instruments Interactive Screen Experiments (ISE) are a computer based resource we are developing for teaching...  
Interactivity and collaboration Using the VLE tools  
Interagency Working - Community Children's Health Partnership  
Interdisciplinarity - Themes The main themes that emerged from the baseline interviews of the xDelia project...  
Interdisciplinarity: Challenges Partners interviewed at the start of the xDelia project were also aware of the potential challenges... 1 comment
Interdisciplinarity: Strengths During the xDelia baseline interviews, partners were asked what they felt were the strengths of the...  
Interest Driven Learning Environments The possibility of creating an online social networking learning environment. 4 comments
Interesting activities to teach English for business studies?  
Interim report: HEFCE's online learing task force An interim report on HEFCE's online learning task force is now available....  
interior design company dubai  
InterLoc project 1 comment
International blended learning class - Foreign students wanted for online interviews Sociology of Education Intercultural International blended learning class Course conceptOur...  
International Blended Learning Conference 2011 3 comments
International perspective on impact  
International perspectives on social learning Presentation by Kevin Collins (OSRG) at the OSRG Social learning symposium 3 comments
International Review of Open and Distance Learning I'm creating this IRRODL cloud mostly as a way to play with Cloudworks, but also as a forum and... 1 comment
International Stammering Awareness Day, 22 October 2010  
International students prefer on line learning. The argument for is that students do not have to cope with the demands and pitfalls of real time...  
International students prefer on line learning. The argument for is that students do not have to cope with the demands and pitfalls of real time...  
International students prefer online learning (but travel to study) The argument for is that students do not have to cope with the demands and pitfalls of real time...  
International students: pre-arrival online learning resources for students and institutions  
International students’ experiences of online participation in learning activities: an annotated bibliography [Terri Rees] International students’ experience of online learning: annotated bibliography Terri Rees...  
Internationalization: the nexus of virtual worlds and reality From On the Horizon, 2010. Exploration of the part that Virtual Environments have to play...  
internet: παράθυρο στη γνώση  
internet: παράθυρο στη γνώση I'm not a spam!!!!  
internet:παράθυρο στη γνώση  
Interpreting technologies in use A nice 3-D visual tool for thinking about the relationship between tools and pedagogy  
Interview 1 - with Ulf Daniel-Ehlers  
Interview 2 - with Tapio Koskinen  
Interview 3 - with Carl Holmberg  
Interview 4 - with Carlos Reis  
Interview 5 - with Maruja Guttierez-Dias  
Interview 6 - with Dan Johnson  
Interview 7 - with Claudio Dondi 1 comment
Interview 8 - with Susan D'Antoni  
Interview questions: Reflections on cloudworks Cloudworks the movie!  
Interview: Amee Godwin's reflection on cloudworks OER meeting Monterey 2009  
Interview: Chris Pegler Cloudworks the movie!  
Interview: Dominic Newbould on cloudworks Cloudworks the movie!  
Interview: Doug Clow Cloudworks the movie  
Interview: Elpida Makriyannis Cloudworks the movie!  
Interview: Giota Alevizou Cloudworks the movie!  
Interview: Grainne Conole on cloudworks Cloudworks the movie! 20 comments
Interview: Jonathan Lopez Jonathan Lopez interview at Hewlett Monterey meeting, 5th March 2009  
Interview: Juliette Culver, Cloudworks Developer Cloudworks the movie!  
Interview: Martin Weller on cloudworks Cloudworks the movie!  
Interview: Patrick McAndrew Cloudworks the movie!  
Interview: Rebecca Galley Cloudworks the movie! 4 comments
Interviewing experts To help students develop a critical approach to knowledge, have them interview experts on complex or controversial subjects.  
Interviewing techniques Dave Middleton Workshop 6C and Workshop 7F 5 comments
Interviews Short guide to interviews  
Introduce Myself  
Introduce myself Patricia Gándara from Buenos Aires, Argentina  
Introducing ... Open Media Player  
Introducing and Evaluating Abstracts  
Introducing architectural terminology Teach students technical vocabulary through web-based graphics and animation, with self-assessment of understanding.  
Introducing health sciences: a case study approach (SDK125) Open University course  
Introducing Meg from Melbourne  
Introducing Myself 2 comments
Introducing myself  
introducing myself  
Introducing myself  
Introducing myself  
Introducing myself  
Introducing myself  
Introducing social learning Introduction by Chris High (OSRG) at the Social Learning Symposium 5 comments
Introducing Stephen Bright  
Introducing Teresa - Learning Journal 2 comments
Introducing the CoED-method 1 comment
Introducing Xin (Alice) Huang 2 comments
Introduction Alan Clarke OLD MOOC  
Introduction and Learning Journal  
Introduction and Motivation.  
Introduction OLDCMOOC1  
Introduction to A215 Creative Writing The embedded video below was submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference (22 -23... 5 comments
Introduction to CREET Research day Peter Twining's intro to the day 2 comments
Introduction to design narratives 7 comments
Introduction to ELESIG ELESIG is a community of practice for those interested in the learner experience  
Introduction to EndNote Lesley Kumiega, Sheila Chudusama & Stephen Gray, Workshop 2F-3F and Workshop 4G-5G  
Introduction to German Language and Culture Part 2 lectures 4-6 (LAMS-CALL)  
Introduction to Isobel  
Introduction to OER - podcasts  
Introduction to OER - Presentations  
Introduction to scenario-based learning design 5 comments
Introduction to statistical analysis Paul Garthwaite Workshop 3A and Workshop 7B 2 comments
Introduction to the Ecology of Resources 1 comment
Introduction to the OPAL project Dr. Ulf-Daniel Ehlers gives a short video introudction to the OPAL project and the vision behind...  
Introduction to the spotlight This Cloud provides information on how the spotlight will work, along with a timetable and...  
Introduction to the workshop and the Learning Design Grid  
Introduction: Melissa Highton Melissa Highton outlined the conference structure (slightly impacted by the volcanic ash in the...  
Introductions 10 comments
Introductions to people and projects JISC-OULDI PGCAP Community Cloudscape 2 comments
Introductory Elluminate meeting 2 comments
Investigating a ‘virtual tutor’ approach for improving the communication skills of children with autism 0263  
Investigating Dialogic Learning and Teaching in MOOCs: An Applied Linguistics Approach 1 comment
Investigating Learners’ Attitudes toward Virtual Reality Learning Environments: Based on a Constructivist Approach From Computers & Education, 2010. The use of new 3D low cost environments in the...  
Investigating multiple strategies To make students think about when to apply which strategy, give them a realistic problem and let them investigate the strategies for themselves.  
Investigating narrative “effects”: the case of suspense Richard Doust, Thursday 3rd June, 10:15am - 10:30 am, Student Presentations 1, JLB Meeting Room 10  
Investigating the potential of web 2.0 and OER for project based learning  
Investigations into using Cloudworks as a 'pedagogical wrapper' for LAMS sequences This paper explores the use of Cloudworks as a 'pedagogical wrapper' for LAMS sequences in...  
Invite for the Session on Adapting OER for English Language Teachers PD  
Involvement in quality management  
Involvement in quality management  
Involving learners in collaborative activities  
Involving students in the international research community  
iPad for Teaching and Learning This cloud is set up to collect opinions and resources related to IPad as a tool for education 17 comments
iPass online tutoring system  
IPEX - Print Show in May Large show with pre-media that could connect to Web 5 comments
iPod test  
IPTS Wordle Cloud Wordle Cloud of the morning discussin at the ITPS workshop 9 comments
Irmgard's project - Virtual Family consolidation 4 comments
Irmgard's work in the cloud  
IRODL Special Edition: Connectivism: Design and delivery of social networked learning CALL FOR PAPERS Special Edition: Connectivism: Design and delivery of social networked...  
Iroshini's design narrative: Self Directed Online Learning session for undergraduates  
Is Academic Recognition Sufficient Incentive to Create Open Source Courseware?  
Is anyone doing freeware BREW apps?  
Is assessing online participation the only way of encouraging it? 4 comments
Is being connected 24/7 aiding our ability to learn or are we all suffering from 'inane information overload' as a consequence? 5 comments
Is it a game? Evidence for social influence in the virtual world Social Influence Social Influence, 2009. Avatars are sensitive to influence tactics targeting...  
Is it time to knock down schools and educate through iphone/ipad apps? (Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the ipad). 12 comments
Is learning just intrinsically hard and therefore you can’t make it easy? Design Bash 8th July 09 16 comments
Is Open Education between the Catherdral and the Bazaar?:  
Is the idea of "andragogy" of any value? Posted by Mark Childs and Angela. On the subject of contrasts and contradictions I was going to... 2 comments
Is there a Net generation coming to university? 0299 ALTC 2009 Chris Jones and SImon Cross  
Is there ever a bad time to start a business?  
Is twitter killing blogging? What impact has twitter had on blogging 49 comments
Is unguided inquiry a problem? Perspectives from productive failure Michael Jacobson presentation at learning through inquiry workshop, 10th Dec 08. 1 comment
ISKS conference, Limerick University Discussion Area 15 comments
iSpot - the Biodiversity Observatory 5 comments
iSpot Local: bioblitzes and crowd-sourced digital data  
iSpot: A Growing Informal Learning Community Presentation by Doug Clow at CALRG 2012. 2 comments
Issues and barriers to mobile learning  
Issues and techniques for collaborative music making on multi-touch surfaces Anna Xambo, Thursday 3rd June, 17:00 pm - 17:15 pm, Student Presentations 4, JLB Meeting Room 10  
Issues for OER research What are the questions that need some answers? 48 comments
Issues in Hip Hop  
Issues of Quality in OER (K-12 Focus) 1 comment
It's all about learning; the rest is technology promoting active learning Conference, free online, 11th September 2009 2 comments
It's not just the open content, it's open communities and open communication Slideshare presentation submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference  
It’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there: using the ‘Visitor-Resident’ principle to guide approaches ... 0125 ALTC 2009 David White, Marion Manton  
IT’s evolving, they’re changing, we’re listening: everybody’s learning D. Robbie and L. Zeeng paper at Ascilite08  
It521 - B2B Supply chain company  
IT521 Topic 5 - P2P activity upload  
IT632 Learning and teaching online  
ItanaGimenes Learning Journal I am a software engineering researcher and lecturer. I have interest in both learning design and how to design Moocs. 13 comments
ItanaGimenes Portofolio 7 comments
ItanaGimenes: My dream: Teaching requirements engineering and software analysis guided by agile practices 3 comments
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ItanaGimenesPreparetoLaunch 2 comments
ItanaGimenesPrototyping 7 comments
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ItanaGimenesSeekDeployOER 4 comments
ITE Pedagogy links (post-16) ITE Pedagogy links (post-16)  
Iterative research and development of teacher training in learning design  
ITMK Gruppe 1  
itslearning (LAEP Inventory)  
iTunesU a successful model of Open Educational Resource distribution?  
Iwona & Briar's Design Principle #oldsmooc_wk4  
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Iwona's Dream:Increased Peer2Peer Connectedness in a Self-Directed Learning Environment  
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