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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
Jack F's representation review  
Jack's Design Narrative  
JAG's cloud  
Jake Jackson, The Glasgow School of Art & The University of Wolverhampton  
Jane and Tiffany Engage learners in complex projects Principle 5 comments
Jane C's "Home Page" prototyping tool 4 comments
Jane C's Dreambazaar Cloud: Let's get Digital! 8 comments
Jane C's Reflective narrative 11 comments
Jane Challinor's Personal Learning Journal 6 comments
Jane Wagstaff Design Narrative: Applying Co-operative Values and Principles  
Jane's cloud for H800 design narratives: blood analysis 2 comments
Jane's review of design represenations  
Janes Cloud  
Janette Kruger- Learning Journal  
Janette Kruger: My dream: Learning design project proposal  
Janette Kruger: My dream: Learning design project proposal: Implementing educational technologies in an Open Distance Learning environment 1 comment
Janette Mclean's Design Narrative: Fear of the unknown buffer machine tool.  
Janice's OLDS MOOC learning journal  
JanieB's Learning Journal  
Jazz up you online work, add bling to your pdf's  
JB and the OLDS MOOC  
Jean Jacoby's cloud  
Jean Piaget: Goal of Education Short video  
Jeanne's OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
Jeff Waistell dreams of a Massive Open Course on Sustainability, for education, discussion & campaigning, drawing in diverse stakeholders from around the world 10 comments
Jeff Waistell is dreaming of a 'Managing Change & Innovation' project proposal 2 comments
Jeff Waistell: evaluation decisions and evaluation questions 1 comment
Jeff: design principle - please comment :-) 10 comments
Jeffrey Levick interview Jeffrey Levick interview at Hewlett Monterey meeting, 5th March 2009  
Jen Stovell  
Jeni Parker's Design Narrative 1 comment
Jeni Parker's Design Narrative  
Jennifer's review of representations for H800-14B week 8/9 A2a  
Jenny Louw's Cloud 1 comment
Jessie Chuang : My dream: Learning design project proposal  
Jessie Chuang's learning journal learning journal  
JIF2010 Discussion Cloud Any comments, observations, thoughts or ideas? 8 comments
JIF2010 Timetable DAY ONE10.00 – 11.00 – Registration, refreshments and Project Exhibitions 11.00... 1 comment
JIME issues Open Educational Resources Special Edition  
JISC Advance Bringing together 8 JISC services  
JISC at Ascilite 2009 A page to share questions and discussion around the conference 5 comments
JISC case studies of innovation A guide describing a range of case studies on innovative uses of technology  
JISC Cluster C curriculum design baseline reports Helen Beetham provides feedback on OU, Strathclyde and Ulster baseline reports, 11 November 2009 1 comment
JISC Curriculum Design and Delivery Programmes Overview This cloud provides overview links to the JISC funded Curriculum Design and Delivery programmes....  
JISC Curriculum Design Programme - cluster c posters Cluster C: Strathclyde, Ulster and the Open University 6 comments
JISC Design Studio A developing online toolkit to enable technology-supported curriculum design and delivery  
jisc design studio  
JISC effective practice guides Series of effective practice guides and case studies produced by JISC  
JISC good practice guide on using Elluminate  
JISC national e-books observatory project The national e-books observatory project was about exploring impacts, observing behaviours and...  
JISC OER startup - initial session David Kernohan and Tish Roberts introducing OER day on June 8th 2009  
JISC Progamme Management advice at OER Startup Helen WIlliamson  
JISC RSC's-Rationale for FE and Skills Online Learning Design; 5 comments
JISCLegal at OER Startup June 9th 2009 Jason Miles-Campbell  
Jo Richards' Design Narrative: Tweet without the Twitter 5 comments
Jo Walter's design narrative 4 comments
Jo Walter's representation review  
Jo Walter's representation review  
João Henriques - My story in OLDS MOOC so far  
João Henriques- My Dream on OLDSMOOC  
João Henriques: scenarios 1 comment
João Pedro Bourbon: My dream: responsible and effective virtual life 5 comments
João Pedro Bourbon's 1st week thoughts  
João Pedro Bourbon's learning journal for OLDS MOOC 2013  
João Pedro Bourbon's OER for Management course 1 comment
João Pedro Bourbon's Personas and Force Map  
João Pedro Bourbon's PPC  
João Pedro Bourbon's scenario for in-company use of a learning social media  
João's Learning Journal  
Joe's comparison of e-Design Template and Web Collages representations  
Joe's design narrative: introducing interactive whiteboards within a high school department 3 comments
Joel's Representations: 4Ts Model and the eDesign Template  
Johannetta's comparison of representations  
John Butcher and Rohini Corfield, Leadership discourses differentiated: the challenge for Widening Participation and employability across the disciplines 2 comments
John C's Healthy Eating comparison  
John Casey My dream: Simple Representations of Learning Design project proposal I am working with Learning Design novices and need a place to start with them that is lo-tech and easy (for all of us!). So thes  
John Casey's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal  
John Cook - title & abstract to follow by end July  
John Cook: Educational Design Research Investigation of the Temporal Nature of Learning: Taking a Vygotskian Approach Slides f John Cook session #MLCB Bremen, abt m-learning, vygotsky design based research & tour  
John Coup's OLD (but new!) MOOCLA  
John Couperthwaite: My dream - Learning Design for a new VLE  
John Couperthwaite's Design Narrative 2 comments
John Daniel - Commonwealth of Learning Fostering Governmental Support for OER Internationally (Keynote) Fostering Governmental Support for OER Internationally  
John Dewey 7 comments
John S's Representations  
Jon Udell Keynote presentation @OCWC Global Monterrey Mind, heart and hands - teaching and learning in the digitial age  
Jonathan Brown's Analysis of CADMOS and e-Design Template  
Jonathan Brown's Analysis of Learning Design Representations  
Jonathan Brown's Design Narrative: We are Borg!  
Jonathan Vernon - Introduction for Olds MOOC 2013 2 comments
Jonathan Vernon : A Virtual Companion for Swimming Coaches  
Jonathan Vernon : dreaming of innovations and creativity  
Jonathan Vernon : Reconstructing personal journeys of World War One The stories of millions told in a few paragraphs to put a face and a story behind the names on war memorials  
jonathan Vernon : the contents of my mind 1 comment
Jonathan Vernon: My OLDS MOOC Narrative - Four short stories, then retiring to the sidelines 2 comments
Jonathan Vernon's Mind Bursts - his OLDS MOOC Learning Journal 1 comment
Jonathan's H800 CloudQuester Cloud 9 comments
Jonathan’s Design Narrative – Refreshing the Command, Leadership and Management (CLM) Programme  
Jones, O'Shea, Conole and Littleton Summary of Jones, O'Shea, Conole and Littleton at CALRG 09 conference 2 comments
Jorum and JorumOpen at JISC OER startup Nicola SIminson  
José Luis Castaño: My dream: Learning design project proposal  
José Mota's OLDS MOOC elearning journal  
joshuau: eor 2  
joshuau: eor phase 1 2 comments
joshuau: eor phase 3  
joshuau: learning journal 11 comments
joshuau: My Dream: Vocabulary learning MOOC 14 comments
joshuau: personas & force maps  
joshuau: prototyping: vocab learning 7 comments
joshuau: scenarios 2 comments
Journal article: Cog-learn An e-Learning Pattern Language for Web-based Learning Design  
Journal article: Collaborative pedagogical patterns A pedagogical pattern language of 18 CSCL scripting patterns  
journal for MOOC  
Journaling for reflective practice To encourage reflective practice, get students to keep a journal.  
Journaling reflections on computer modelling Help students understand the principles of modelling by introducing them to increasingly complex models, and having them journal or blog their thoughts and findings.  
Journalist, citizen and learner?—A consideration of context in learning mobile journalism through mobile learning  
Judith Seipold: A critical perspective on mobile learning Are you a mobile optimist - or do you think mobile learning is just a hype and an ephemeral phenomenon? Contribute!  
Judy Hartford: Exploring "What If..." Design Exploring non-traditional or emerging design methodology for adult learners 3 comments
Julia's Healthy Eating Representation Review Week 8 H800 Activity 2b 3 comments
Julie Learning Journal  
Julie OLDS MOOC reflection 6 comments
Julie OLDS MOOC reflection  
Julie Pisano: My dream: Learning Design Project Proposal – Workplace Learning program for “Managing Meetings”  
Julie-My Dream: Learning Design Project Proposal  
Julie: Scenarios Redesigning LMS documentation  
Julie's Learning Journal  
Julie's Learning Journal ... in the right place, just maybe! 6 comments
Juliet Hinrichsen: Representation and Modelling of Learning Designs 1 comment
Juliet's Learning Journal 1 comment
just testing Nothing of any value to anyone except me - just testing to see how it works 5 comments
Justificació del projecte  
Justifying research methods Research Skills required by PhD students B6: Justifying research methods  ... 4 comments
Justifying your research: managing the literature review process effectively Led by Kelvin Street  
Justin Turner, Dodgers reportedly ‘progressingto refreshing deal  
Justin TV: Spanish TV site  
Juxtalearn teachers discussion forum