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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
K101 formative quiz: Flash animation and audio feedback Description This e-assessment example comes on a DVD-ROM rather than online. A sequence of...  
K802 Library help 9 comments
K802 Library help (K802-11J)  
K802 Technical Help  
Karen Ellison's Design Narrative:  
Karen's comparison of Healthy Eating  
Karen's OLDS MOOC Journal 1 comment
Karen's OLDS MOOC learning journal 1 comment
KarenLP Journal for MOOC 3 comments
KarenLP Website resources identified THEORY  
KarenLP Website resources identified TOOLS 1 comment
KarenLP: My dream: Learning design project proposal 1 comment
Kate Evans' design narrative - An Employer's view of CVs 53 comments
Kate Lister’s design narrative: A Project-based learning (PBL) English language course using smartphones 6 comments
Kate Lister’s design representations review - 4Ts and e-Design  
Kate Miller: development of a blended community learning programme  
Kate Thomas, Stories from the Sidelines? Transition from Foundation degree to Honours year 1 comment
Katerina's OLDS MOOC learning journal  
katerinaa: scenarios  
Kath's Learning Journal  
Katharine Reedy - My dream: digitally literate distance learning and teaching Embedding digital and information literacy into outcomes, assessment and learning for OU qualifications 6 comments
Katharine Reedy - OLDSMOOC learning journal  
Katherine Vincent, ‘Liminal learners’ in a global city: The education of Bangladeshi girls in east London 1 comment
Katherine's Design Narrative: Introducing Wikis to CAE 1 comment
Katherine's review of representations  
Kathleen Johnson: California Dreamin' on a Winter's Day  
Kathleen Johnson: California Dreamin' on a Winter's Day  
Kathleen's H800 Activity 2a representations  
Kathryn Evans - Design Narrative - Enterprise Tycoon 5 comments
Kathryn Evans - Design Representations  
Katie Janota - Design narrative: Documenting students’ achievements for course accreditation  
Katie Janota's review of Healthy Eating design representations  
Katse 1 comment
Katy Lilley: Representation Review  
Katy Lilley: Transforming Powerpoint into e-learning 3 comments
Keep taking the tablets: integrating the mobile in work based learning 1 comment
Keith Smyth: My dream: Digital skills development through collaborative design  
Keith's OLDS-MOOC Journal  
KEK personas factors and concerns  
Kelly Edmonds - OLD MOOC cloud  
Kelly Edmonds - OLD MOOC cloud  
Kelly Williams: Moving from face to face workshops to flexible online/distance learning  
Kelly's (late) reflection 3 comments
Kelly's prototype  
Kerala taxi  
Kerala Tour Packages  
Kerry O’Hanlon – Design Narrative - A Virtual Lesson with High School Students 6 comments
Kerry's Review of Representations  
Kevin Burns Design Narrative: Creating an online space for trainee radio producers 4 comments
Kevin's Design Narrative  
Key Principles of a Design Studio  
Keylor: My dream: Learning design project proposal: Collaborative Reading 3 comments
Keylor: Scenario: Collaborative Reading 1 comment
Keynote by Chris Cobb 5 comments
Keynote - "Where in the world is e-learning?" impartida por Paul Bacsich  
Keynote - Conole -The potential and paradoxes of new technologies and implications for education and its relation to web citizenship” impartida por Grainne Cono  
Keynote - Conole Connecting research with policy and practice EDEN Research workshop, Budapest 25th October 2010  
Keynote - Conole: The changing landscape of educational practice 4 comments
Keynote - Conole: Visioning for the future, harnessing the power of openness  
Keynote - Dougiamas - Forming communities of learners online  
Keynote - Kugeman  
Keynote - Salmon: The tree of learning 2 comments
Keynote - Wheeler: Open of use? The challenge of user generated content and its impact on OER  
Keynote Address – DIY U - Anya Kamenetz Keynote Address – Anya Kamenetz, Author, DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming...  
Keynote by Bill Thompson  
Keynote by Oleg Liber  
Keynote G. Molnar – University of Szegad  
KEYNOTE MON: Wide open or ajar? A personal view of the tensions around openness (Sarah Chesney) 3 comments
Keynote presentation at CAL09 Keynote by Josie Taylor at CAL 09 March 09  
Keynote Presentation: Implementing resource reuse in learning and teaching. The journey from RLO to OER?  
Keynote Presentation: Implementing resource reuse in learning and teaching. The journey from RLO to OER? (Chris Pegler) 6 comments
Keynote Presentation: OERs, Inclusion and Xerte (Simon Ball) 4 comments
Keynote Presentation: Openness and Innovation (Martin Weller) 2 comments
Keynote Speaker - Professor John Potter Professor John Potter  
KEYNOTE Speaker: Edward Vaizey, Minister The Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries is giving the keynote at e-access'10 on 13 July  
KEYNOTE THU: Design, support, measure, improve: making online learning that works (Patrick McAndrew)  
Keynote_Conole Social exclusion and Web 2.0 technologies  
Keynote_Conole Social exclusion and Web 2.0 technologies  
Keynote: Bean - The Global University a perspective on current challenges and future opportunities Presentation at the Open University, 25th September 2009  
Keynote: Carr-Gregg Cybersafety Keynote by Michael Carr at TechItUp conference, 23rd October 2009 2 comments
Keynote: Charles Leadbeater at the JISC online conference 2009 Opening keynote, 24th November 2009 5 comments
Keynote: Clay The future of learning Ascilite conference, 6th December 2009, Auckland 2 comments
Keynote: Conole - A design-based approach: towards Education 2.0 The talk will consider the chaning context of education and in particular the impact of new...  
Keynote: Conole - Blue skies thinking, innovations in learning and teaching Keynote at the International Arab Conference of e-Technologies being held in Kuwait 30-31st March...  
Keynote: Conole - Innovation through design: new approaches to learning and teaching Keynote by Grainne Conole, Cambridge International Conference of Open & Distance Learning, 24/09/09 23 comments
Keynote: Conole - Learning design - making practice explicit Keynote on 28th June 2010 at the ConnectEd conference in Sydney 2 comments
Keynote: conole - new pedagogies for social and participatory media  
Keynote: Conole - Predicting the future - fact or fantasy? 7th July, Greenwich, UK 5 comments
Keynote: Conole - Rdefining openness - a vision of open practices  
Keynote: Conole - Serendipity and fun as ingredients for transforming practice Keynote by Grainne Conole, ETUG Learning Design Workshop, Vancouver, 21st October 2009 1 comment
Keynote: Conole - Webinar on social inclusion, Web 2.0 and language education Presentation at Turku University 9 comments
Keynote: Conole - What would learning in an open world look like? A vision for the future Keynote presentation at the Edmedia conference, Toronto, 1st July 2010 5 comments
Keynote: Conole Embracing change, where might daring to think differently take us? Massey University, 10th -14th December 2009  
Keynote: Conole: Promoting open educational practices through social and participatory media  
Keynote: Conole: Pushing the boundaries into the unknown, trajectories of user behaviour in new frontiers Keynote presentation, Ascilite Conference, Auckland, 8th December 2009 4 comments
Keynote: Conole: What is the Impact of New Forms of Social and Participatory Media on Assessment Practices? Keynote at the e-assessment conference, Dundee University, 3rd September 2010 1 comment
Keynote: Conolle - SVEA conference, Brussels, 23rd November 2011  
Keynote: D'Antoni - Open Educational Resources: building knowledge societies Cambridge International Conference on Open and Distance Learning, 25/9/09 4 comments
Keynote: Diener This will change everything Ascilite conference, 6th December 2009, Auckland 3 comments
Keynote: Doug Johnson 23rd October 2009, Techitup  
Keynote: Facer - Young peoples digital cultures Keynote by Keri Facer, 13th October 2009, JISC Currciulum Design and Delivery Programme  
Keynote: Goodyear - 'Learning through Inquiry and Teaching-as-design' Keynote by Peter Goodyear, 28th October 2009, AECT Conference 6 comments
Keynote: Helen Beetham and Rhona Sharpe at the JISC online conference Keynote on the 24th November 2009 4 comments
Keynote: Learning from the Web for Learning on the Web - Nathan Yergler  
Keynote: Martin Bean at the AL Conference Associate lecturers' National Conference,  
Keynote: Mitra - Towards the future of learning Keynote by Sugata Mitra, International Cambridge Conference of Open and Distance Education, 22/09/09 2 comments
KEYNOTE: Open practices: Inclusion, Innovation or Implementation (Gráinne Conole) 2 comments
Keynote: Paulsen - Visualizing student profiles through NKI’s online catalogue and student network Morten Flate Paulsen's keynote at Cambridge International Conference of Open & Distance Education, 23/9/09 6 comments
Keynote: Peter Bradwell: Becoming an Edgeless University  
Keynote: Podolskij - On developmental dimensions of the instructional design knowledge base Keynote by Andrei Podolskij at AECT Conference, 30th October 2009 3 comments
Keynote: Prof. Ruth Illman (Åbo Akademi, Finland). Space for Ruth Hillman's keynote at the Webinar in Turku, Finland on 28/4/10...  
Keynote: Professional and Digital Learning: Leveraging learning at work  
Keynote: Rainey - Cyberlearning – advancing innovations in education Daphne Rainey Keynote by Daphine Rainey at AECT Conference, 29th October  
Keynote: Raquel Xalabarder: Copyright laws and OER  
Keynote: Seely-Brown Learning in/for the digital age – where engagement matters even more Tech it up conference, Kamloops, 24th October 2009 1 comment
Keynote: The Learning Registry (Steve Midgley)  
Keynote: The OER University - Wayne Mackintosh  
Keynote: Wenger and Engström - An open dialogue of keynotes' theoretical perspectives Opening session at the Networked Learning Conference 7 comments
Keynote: Wim Westera OER introduction, OUNL and reflections  
Khaled Moh and Professor Glenn Hardaker, The Management of Inclusive Education Practice in Libyan Universities: An Empirical Investigation  
Khan Academy analytics (LAEP Inventory)  
Khan Academy: educational videos  
Kieran Mulchrone's Design Narrative: When the Lecturer goes missing! 4 comments
Kieran Mulchrone's Review of 4T's and DPD (2015)  
Kiran Gawali's Design Narrative:Learning about the Tree Octupus and Information Literacy 4 comments
Kiran Gawali's H800 Healthy Eating design representations review  
Kirendeep Jagdev's Design Narrative: Transferring knowledge of the functionality of Video Editing Software  
Kirendeep's Review of Representations 1 comment
Kirkwood, Sharples, Ravenscroft and McAndrew Notes from Monday Session 3 at CALRG 09 1 comment
Knewton (LAEP Inventory)  
Know About Aayam - Brand Identity and Promotional Toolkit Design Services Agency in India  
Knowing current work in field Research Skills required by PhD students A3: Knowing current work in field... 1 comment
Knowledge forum Knowledge Forum is an electronic group workspace designed to support the process of knowledge building.  
Knowledge traveller  
KNX programmation How can I set the command box of my home electric devices controled by the KNX european domotic...  
Konferanse om underveisvurdering og tilbakemelding i store klasser.  
Konference i virksomhedsøkonomi 2. marts 2011  
Konnor's Transgender Cloud  
Kristina Hollis: My Dream: Learning design project proposal 9 comments
KYN107 Formative and Summative iCMAs KYN107 uses formative and summative iCMAs for reviewing and revising Anatomy, Physiology and Medication calculations.  
Kz: My Dream: Finding and Evaluating Web Resources 2 comments