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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
Lack of sleep could contribute to mental health problem  
Living with dying and disablism: death and disabled children Katherine Runswick-Cole, 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm  
LTS - Some Tools, Technologies and Trajectories: Discussions and demonstrations  
LTS - Some Tools, Technologies and Trajectories: Discussions and demonstrations  
LTS - Some Tools, Technologies and Trajectories: Discussions and demonstrations  
Luis Pablo Prieto, Yannis Dimitriadis and Sara Villagrá-Sobrin: Representing learning design and classroom orchestration through atomic patterns 3 comments
L'ilSQUID's Learning Journal  
LACE Evidence Hub (LAEP Inventory)  
LAEP Glossary  
LAEP Inventory – learning analytics tools, policies and practices  
LAEP Inventory: Policies  
LAEP Inventory: Practices  
LAEP Inventory: Tools  
Laerner Engagement  
LAMS - Moodle "Deep" tools integration It is possible for Moodle tools to be used in LAMS authoring and run-time, so you can create a...  
LAMS 2009 Conference forum 2 comments
LAMS activity planner James Dalziel talking at Pedagogical Planner Summit 6 July 1 comment
LAMS activity planner Leanne Cameron and James Daziel talking at the Ped Planner Summit, 8th Dec, Sydney  
LAMS Activity Planner - Creating/editing a planner This link provides a short movie showing how an expert designer can create/edit the advice and...  
LAMS Activity Planner - Overview This link shows a short movie with an overview of the LAMS Activity Planner...  
LAMS Activity Planner - Using the planner This link provides a short animation with text annotations showing how to use the LAMS Activity...  
LAMS at a technology specialist comprehensive school  
LAMS Embed feature - example There is a new feature for sequences in the Public area of the LAMS Community which allows you to...  
LAMS in TESOL: Sketching Potential (Learning Design Lecture)  
LAMS Learning Design conference keynote Conole keynote, Milton Keynes, LAMS conference, July 09  
LAMS Predict - Observe - Explain example & template  
LAMS Problem Based Learning example & template  
LAMS Role Play example & template  
LAMS: Cloudworks presentation Presention on the latest cloudworks developments at LAMS 2008, Sydney 2 comments
Landscapes of practice twitter archive 4th July 09  
Landscapes of practices workshop admin details  
Lane's MOOC Learning Journal  
language and career - talking the talk and walking the walk  
LanguageBox: a repository of OERs for language teachers 1 comment
Lara's OLDS MOOC learning journal  
Large scale implementation of a lecture capture system: a value added initiative? 0152 ALTC 2009  
Larnaca Declaration on Learning Design  
Larry B's Learning Journal Cloud  
Larry Bonura: My dream: Have Smartphone, Will Write 2 comments
Las Humanidades en la Red: conocimiento y computación en la nube Analizando nuevas formas de acceder/producir/gobernar/divulgar el conocimiento...  
Latest Cloud  
latest indian fashion trends  
Latour meets the digital natives: what do we really know? S Sheely paper at Ascilite  
Launch of the ILTA website Irish Learning Technology Association (ILTA) web site launch, 1/10/09 13 comments
Launch Seminar: UK policy and practice: comparing and contrasting delivery models 3 comments
Laura (H800 2016) Trying to Teach Theory!  
Laura's review of 2 representaitons  
Laura’s Cloudwork (H800) – From applicant to student: learning who can study  
Lauri's OLDS MOOC learning journal  
Lauri’s Dream: Incorporating MOOCs onto Corporate Training 4 comments
Laurine's cloudscape 1 comment
Laying the groundwork for socialisation and knowledge construction within 3D virtual worlds From ALT-J, 2008. SECI knowledge creation model was interesting. This is useful in thinking of...  
LD compliant tools Use this cloud as a reference point for IMS LD compliant tools. Please add any tools you know of.... 5 comments
LD favourite representations  
LD project: Formative TMA marking  
LD project:eTMA training in Formative marking  
LD software 7 comments
LDSE pedagogical planner tool Evaluating learning desigs through the formal representation of learning patterns  
LDSE POE template in LAMS  
LDSE project A Learning Design Support Environment (LDSE) for Teachers and Lecturers  
LdShake and the “Biologia en Context” teacher community across high schools 5 comments
LdShake, learning design solutions sharing and co-editing See abstract about LdShake:  ...  
LdShake, learning design solutions sharing and coedition LdShake, learning design solutions sharing and coedition. Abstract in LAMS conference,...  
LeahGrrl: Dream: (nonHE) Help others create cogent, useful visualizations for their work 1 comment
LeahGrrl's OLDSMOOC learning journal  
LeahGrrl's OLDSMOOC learning journal  
Leanne Johnstone's design narrative: Using Socrative to develop skills in answering multiple choice questions.  
Leanne's comparisons: 4T's model and ISiS model  
Learn About Fair 2008  
Learn About Fair 2009  
Learn About Fair 2011 - Communications & Collaboration  
Learn About Fair 2011 - eContent and Digital Literacies  
Learn About Fair 2011 - Inclusion and Diversity  
Learn About Fair 2011 - Learning systems  
Learn About Fair 2011 - Mobile Learning  
Learn About Fair: Learning Enhancement in Scotland: Developing and Supporting the Curriculum Scottish National Centre - Learning Enhancement  
Learn about...accessibility Open University staff development guide  
Learn about...assessment Open University staff development guide  
Learn about...blogs Open University staff development guides  
Learn about...Cloudworks Open University staff development 1 comment
Learn about...discussion forums Open University staff development guide  
Learn about...Elluminate Open University staff development event  
Learn about...gaming in education Open University staff development guide  
Learn about...iCMAs Open University staff development guide  
Learn about...learning systems Open University staff development guides  
Learn learning Open University staff development guide 7 comments
Learn and computing:violin Open University staff development  
Learn and computing:Wii Open University staff development  
Learn about...OERs Open University staff development  
Learn and broadcast media Open University staff development  
Learn about...Open University Learning Design Initiative (OULDI) Open University staff development guides  
Learn about...podcasting Open University staff development guides  
Learn about...second life campus Open University staff development  
Learn networking Open University staff development guide  
Learn about...Twitter Open University staff development guide  
Learn about...virtual worlds Open University staff development guide  
Learn about...wikis Open University staff development guide  
Learn to practice, practice to learn During discussion about Design Pedagogies the relationship between theory, skills and practical... 9 comments
LearnAbout educational technology: a practical approach to professional development at the Open University. 0307 ALTC 2009  
Learner experience research methodologies [Norah Jones Video] Learner experience research methodologies Video of Workshop for ELESIG by Norah Jones  
Learner experiences of eLearning JISC Learner Experience project  
Learner research by observation [Caroline Coles: Presentation] Learner experience research collected via an observation exercise on a wiki session Caroline Coles...  
Learners reshaping learning landscapes: new directions for old challenges? H Owen paper at Ascilite08  
Learners' Experience of VLEs Collection of presentations, papers, blog posts, etc. relevant to learner experience of VLEs... 8 comments
Learners' experiences of e-portfolios [Julie Hughes & Emma Purnell: Webinar Recording] Learners' experiences of e-portfolios: Julie Hughes & Emma Purnell: Webinar recording  
Learners’ experiences of audio feedback [Will Stewart: Podcast] Learners’ experiences of audio feedback: Podcast Interview with Will Stewart  
Learners’ experiences of real-time simulation activities using SMS text messaging 0063 ALTC 2009 Cornelius et al.  
LearnHub A social networking site where people teach and learn online  
Learning & Understanding 1 comment
Learning 2.0 Inspired by this blog post on Learning 2.0, I thought I would start a cloud to collate work on this...  
Learning 2.0 @LJMU - the story so far 0051 ALTC 2009  
Learning 2.0 @LJMU : a Web 2.0 staff development programme 0050 ALTC 2009 Appleto et al.  
Learning 2.0 review report IPTS study on the Impact of Web 2.0 Innovations on Education and Training in Europe  
Learning 21 1 comment
Learning 3.0 You are invited to join a unique social media experiment to help us to gather some ideas on the... 17 comments
Learning a poem by heart  
Learning about formal education in the past  
Learning about LDs  
Learning about Open Education  
learning an instrument violin, ...... 1 comment
Learning analytics  
Learning analytics and Predictive modelling  
Learning analytics and Predictive modelling  
Learning Analytics at the Workplace manifesto – LACE (LAEP Inventory)  
Learning Analytics Community Exchange: LACE (LAEP Inventory)  
Learning Analytics Expert Workshop (Amsterdam) 1 comment
Learning analytics for European educational policy – LAEP  
Learning Analytics of Emotion for self-regulated learning  
Learning Analytics Processor (LAEP Inventory)  
Learning analytics resources and links  
Learning analytics to identify exploratory dialogue within synchronous text chat  
Learning Analytics, 5 May 2016  
Learning and Designing Spaces for Mathematical Literacy  
Learning and Teaching in the Panopticon: Ethical and Social Issues in Creating a Virtual Educational Environment From International Journal of Social Sciences, 2007. Ethical issues when using Virtual...  
Learning and Teaching Innovation Grants  
Learning and texting  
Learning Beyond the Classroom: Using Pinterest to teach anthropology  
Learning Collaboration between organizations and institutions 1 comment
Learning Design 1 comment
learning design  
Learning design  
Learning Design  
Learning Design  
Learning Design  
Learning Design - a practitioner approach  
Learning Design (HE) -Another scenario 4 comments
Learning Design and Design Thinking in general 3 comments
Learning design and learning analytics  
Learning Design and Monitoring in CSCL Scenarios: Emergent Synergies  
Learning Design as Key for eLearning Quality 1 comment
Learning Design at the OU: visualising, guiding and sharing designs Keynote presentation by Grainne Conole at LAMS 09 conference, 7th July  
Learning Design Cloud #ftb!  
Learning Design Cross Institutional Network Meeting - 7th of October 2 comments
Learning Design for Learning Design (HE) Scenario #1 3 comments
Learning Design for Learning Design (HE): Clare's Scenario #3 Planning the big picture using learning design visualization tools 6 comments
Learning Design for Learning Design (HE): Project Overview  
Learning Design for the OLDS MOOC 2 comments
Learning Design Lecture in LAMS  
Learning Design Narrative For Web Support Training Programme 4 comments
Learning Design Offline vs Online - Best Practice 2 comments
Learning Design Overview 1 comment
Learning Design Prototype  
Learning design research questions Towards a shared research agenda 4 comments
Learning design struggles  
Learning design symposium Symposium at CAL 09 conference, Brighton  
Learning design tookit  
Learning Design Toolbox  
Learning Design Toolbox cloudquest challenge This challenge will give you a chance to explore the Learning Design Toolbox.  
Learning design twofold strategies for teacher-led inquiry and student active learning  
Learning Design vs. Instructional Design Exploring the differences between learning design and instructional design 25 comments
Learning design: Simulating accident investigation in virtual worlds 1 comment
learning design.web2.0  
Learning Designs 2 comments
Learning designs [1]: Information and Communication Technologies and Their Role in Flexible Learning University of Wollongong  
Learning Designs for Inquiry-based Learning 1 comment
Learning Difficulties: Supporting Students with Learning Difficulties Tools and resources which enhance the learning experience of students with learning difficulties.  
Learning from Global OER Efforts  
Learning from International OER Projects - Podcasts Podcasts from the SCORE event held on the 17th February 2011  
Learning from Languages at the OU and beyond: Apps, repositories, telecollaboration and more ...  
Learning from OpenLearn Presentation by Patrick McAndrew, Open University  
Learning from Second Life From British Journal of Educational Technology, 2009. Important cultural issues to...  
Learning from the Learners - some lessons for all of us? 0182 ALTC 2009  
Learning games to change the world Blog posting by Mission to learn 2 comments
Learning Google Analytics 2 comments
Learning in 3-D multiuser virtual environments: Exploring the use of unique 3-D attributes for online problem-based learning British Journal of Educational Technology From British Journal of Educational Technology,...  
Learning in a Virtual World: Experience With Using Second Life for Medical Education Journal of Medical Internet Research  Journal of Medical Internet Research,...  
Learning in an Open World - OU Conference 2010 - 1st day live blogging Live blogging, 11:45 AM Open University UK online conference 2010 - Run on Elluminate and Cloudworks  
Learning in an Open World - OU Conference 2010 - 2nd day live blogging Live blogging, 13:30 - OU conference Day 2 Talk by Doug Clow iSpot - Your place to share...  
Learning in an open world: Vision Statement Vision statement 11 comments
Learning in Public - From Uncourse to Short Course Presentation at CALRG annual conference 2010 by Tony Hirst  
Learning in the digital age  
Learning in the Virtual World: the Pedagogical Potentials of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games From International Education Studies, 2009. An exploration of the pedagogical potential...  
Learning in the zone: A social constructivist framework for distance education in a 3-dimensional virtual world Interactive Learning Environments Interactive Learning Environments, 2006. Use of the Social...  
Learning in uncertainty – how finance professionals learn?  
Learning in Virtual Worlds There is an increasing amount of educational activity in virtual worlds, particularly in second...  
Learning in virtual worlds: Using communities of practice to explain how people learn from play From British Journal of Educational Technology, 2009. Productive comparisons can be drawn...  
Learning Journal 2 comments
Learning journal 1 comment
Learning journal 1 comment
Learning Journal 1 comment
Learning Journal 2 comments
Learning Journal  
Learning Journal  
Learning Journal  
Learning journal  
Learning journal  
Learning journal  
Learning Journal  
Learning journal  
Learning Journal  
Learning Journal - Niall Watts - Reflections on Week 1  
Learning Journal - OLDS MOOC  
Learning Journal eg  
Learning Journal for OLDS MOOC (MKH) 5 comments
Learning Journal HG Wk1 4 comments
Learning Journal HG Wk2  
Learning Journal HG Wk3 1 comment
Learning Journal HG wk4 1 comment
Learning Journal HG wk5  
Learning Journal HG wk6  
Learning Journal HG wk8  
Learning Journal HGwk7  
Learning Journal HGwk7  
Learning Journal HGwk8  
Learning Journal HGwk9  
Learning Journal Mara cristan  
Learning Journal OLDSMOOC  
Learning journals  
Learning literacies in a digital age [Helen Beetham: Keynote Presentation] Learning literacies in a digital age: ELESIG Symposium Keynote Presentation from Helen Beetham  
Learning metaphors [John Morrison: Webinar Recording] Learning metaphors Influences of students' experiences on their understandings of learning: Elluminate recording of webinar  
Learning model and Sociology of Sport Looking for a drawing of teaching Sociology of Sport 1 comment
Learning networks: virtual or not Online, people, virtufal or not  
Learning objectives  
Learning Objectives  
Learning objectives for the week  
Learning objects as recipes? Comment on talk at NDLR symposium 2008 1 comment
Learning Online  
Learning outcomes  
Learning outcomes  
Learning Outcomes in engineering education  
Learning Possibilities Just testing how we can use this tool to enhance any learning experience  
Learning relationships as a dimension of learning power 'Learners who score highly on this dimension are good at managing the balance between being...  
Learning results week 2  
Learning science in a virtual reality application: The impacts of animated-virtual actors’ visual complexity Testing the effects of these visually complex environments on students. There were certain...  
Learning Space Themes: A Mind Map As part of my preparation and understanding of learning spaces for my Master's dissertation with...  
Learning spaces professional development: Leading the way for pedagogical change practice  
Learning Styles 6 comments
Learning tasks Help and useful resources about learning tasks  
Learning Technologies 2010 Trade show for learning technology and post-compulsory education 12 comments
Learning technology and widening access Talk by Seamus Fox at ISKS conference 11 May 09 1 comment
Learning theories This cloud has been set up as a space to aggregate and discuss learning theories.... 3 comments
Learning Theory  
Learning Tips: Make Your Own Study Notes  
Learning to Act in the Telepresence Classroom: the case of King Lear Online  
Learning to collaborate – collaborating to learn Karen Littleton talk at CALRG 09  
Learning to interpret historical images Critical interpretation of pictures can be taught through structured activities posing questions about content and representation.  
Learning to respond: a crisis management simulation 0137 ALTC 2009  
Learning to Teach Inclusively  
Learning tools directory 2011  
Learning with online and mobile technologies. A student survival guide Slideshare presentation submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' Conference 1 comment
Learning with Technology In, About, Through and Despite Context Presentation by Mike Sharples at the CALRG 2012 conference.  
Learning World  
Learning, mediating technologies and the social memory Roger Saljo presentation at learning through inquiry workshop  
Learning, mobiles, and development  
Learning, reflection and change Book by Donald Schon 1 comment
Learning, spaces and technology: exploring the concept A book has been published by Canterbury Christ Church University on the creation, management and support of learning spaces  
Leaves in Hyperspace - Nature's Meteorologists  
LED Strip Lightings - Quality Assured For The Consumers  
Led strip lights - sure fire excitement in the party  
Led strip lights - sure fire excitement in the party  
Lefay's Dream MOOC - Onboarding in a corporate environment My proposal for a MOOC to be used in Corporate settings for Induction and Onboarding 1 comment
Lefay's OLDS Learning Journal My reflections during the OLDS MOOC  
LEGO Mindstorms communication in Second Life. 0028 ALTC 2009 Michael Vallance, Taku Suto, Tatsuya Nishi  
LEMUREN -- Technology Enhanced Lectures in Mathematics 0072 ALTC 2009  
Leo Römers: Activity 2a Comparing representations  
Leo Römers' Design Narrative: Presenting a solution to a potential customer  
Leonor's Journal  
Leonor's scenarios  
Les Cowley MOOC Journal  
Les Cowley: My dream: Learning design project proposal 2 comments
Les Cowley:olds-MOOC Week 2 Summary of Planning A Post-planner and review of week 2 topic of context  
Lesley's learning journey, 12th January 2012 Beginnings: packing the trunk  
Lesley's learning journey, 13th January 2013 Getting out the pith helmet  
Lesley's learning journey, 14th January 2013 Hacking through the undergrowth of the MOOC  
Lesley's learning journey, 14th January 2013 (2) The journey continues  
Lesley's learning journey, 14th January 2013 (3) Another obstacle - get out the machete! 5 comments
Lesley's learning journey, 15th January 2013  
Lesley's learning journey, 16th January 2013 That's me in the corner...  
Lesley's learning journey, 17th January 2013 Windmills of my mind  
Lesley's learning journey, 18th January 2013  
Lesley's learning journey, 21st January 2013 Life is a cabaret if not a box of chocolates 1 comment
Lesley's learning journey, 22nd January, 2013 1 comment
Lesley's learning journey, 23rd January 2013 Dib dib dib - or level up?  
Lesley's learning journey, 23rd January 2013 (2) Putting a toe in the water and hoping there are no e-piranhas under the surface  
Lesley's scenarios: Research, publication and other roads to dissemination  
Lesley's thoughts: Research design, dissemination and getting published 8 comments
LessonLAMS LessonLAMS is a new hosted version of LAMS that provides a free acount for a teacher (and up to 30... 1 comment
Lessons and Reflections from the RePRODUCE Programme Liam Earney & Heather Williamson, JISC 1 comment
Lessons From Adult Careers Guidance  
Lessons from peerScholar: An Approach to Teaching Code Review  
let me create my cloud please  
let me create my cloud please  
Let's create a WORDLE - feedback on the conference 1 comment
let's try once more  
LETSI and OER Presentation by Allyn J. Radford @ OCWC Monterrey  
Level 1 Rugby Coaching CompendiumLD H800  
Leveraging Collaborative Virtual Environment Technology for Inter-Population Research on Persuasion in a Classroom Setting Presence, 2009. Differences in persuasion and learning in a virtual lecture. Differences in...  
Leveraging Learning gains: A multi-level longitudinal analysis of 30,000 online learners  
LexDis Participatory Podcasts LexDis Participatory Podcasts: an ELESIG small grants funded project  
Leyendas mexicanas  
LFT_OLDS_MOOC Cloud OLDS MOOC workspace 9 comments
LibGuide: Community and Health Sciences  
Library and Information Skills Teaching  
Library Cloudquest Cloudquest activity The purpose of this activity is to provide a structure for exploring the... 2 comments
Library Help Use this cloud to ask any questions about Open University Library resources and services.  
Library School - Professionalisering voor Nederlandse bibliothecarissen On-the-job training initiative for innovative librarians, combining formal and informal learning, through networked learning.  
Licensing and OER A discussion of issues and options for licensing OER material 1 comment
Life after MOOC  
Life and Love  
life sciences 1 comment
lifestyle app  
lifestyle app  
Light Is Life Save Energy In Lights  
Lightening Presentations  
Lightning talks - Grails/ J2EE, Syndication, Androne, Dev8D 2 comments
Lightning talks - Nature Locator, Android developers, Dev8D  
likeminds - Creativity and Curation  
LilSQUID's Learning Journal  
Lina Adinolfi and Prithvi Shrestha, Models of English Language across the Curriculum and their role in Widening Participation within Higher Education  
Lina´s portfolio  
Linda audsley - Design Narrative - Two day coaching programme for engineers 1 comment
Linda's Learning Design Cloud (PPC) Activity 5 week 8/9 H800  
Linda's review of representations  
Lindsay Jordan: Designing a MA/PGCert unit on Open Educational Practice (proposal) Developing an MA/PGCert unit in Open Educational Practice 3 comments
Linglish soft day...  
Lingt: web tools for language teachers 2 comments
Link to HE Academy Law Subject Centre (UKCLE)  
Link to Law eResources in the Perry Library  
Link to Marie's dream project  
Link to Mark's dream project  
Link to Week 1 'converge'  
Linking mobile enhanced collective learning to open educational practice (OEP) 1 comment
Links and connections with other Projects  
Links to other organisations Who else is around doing things like we (want to) do?...  
Lisa B's comparison of 4Ts and ISiS representations 1 comment
Lisa B's Design Narrative: Weekend Teacher Training Course 4 comments
Lisa H: A first meeting with Moodle 1 comment
List of activities  
List of forthcoming ed tech conferences  
Literacy 19 comments
Literacy Difficulties e.g. Dyslexia  
Literacy in a culture of delimitation and provisionality  
Literacy session in 'Technology-enhanced learning in the context of technological, societal and cultural transformations' Explores the different meanings that the term “Literacy” has within and across disciplines  
Literature and Mental Health: the MOOC as Research Tool  
Literature review cloudscape: User survey - Please feedback your experience of using Cloudworks Survey on user views about cloudworks 3 comments
Literature review for scientists Robert Saunders, Tuesday 23 March, 1.30pm-2.30pm, Workshop 2E, Wilson D Block  
Literature review of interdisciplinarity  
Literature review of OER and OEP Deliverable for the OPAL project  
Literature review of use of Web 2.0 in HE Evolving review of current literature in the area 17 comments
Literature: Transformational learning  
Live blog of Goodyear's talk on Pedagogial patterns Goodyear's application of Alexander work on patterns in an educational context 5 comments
Live radio: question time debate 1 comment
live tv sites  
Liveblog notes from IET Coffee Morning on Cloudworks Notes cut-and-pasted from my blog - original version here. It's Wednesday, so it's another liveblog... 1 comment
Liveblogging CAL 2011: Paper by Rebecca Ferguson, Gill Clough, Anesa Hosein & Doug Clow  
Livemocha online language learning community space A web 2.0 site for connecting language learners 1 comment
Living difference: Transforming childhood experiences in transnational families Ann Phoenix, 10:30 am to 11:00 am  
Living political ideas (DD306) Open University course  
Living the Dream: Best Practices in OER Publication Joel Thierstein, Connexions 1 comment
Liz Bacon: Learning Journal  
Liz Masterman: From proof of concept to evidence of impact: towards a principled approach to evaluating learning design tools 2 comments
Liz V - cloud on H800 Healthy Eating design representations 4Ts and e-design template  
Loading Videos in an LMS I must be an idiot. I have the MOST trouble trying to upload videos into my LMS. What is the best...  
Local civic governance using online media – a case of consensual problem solving or a recalcitrant pluralism Rean van der Merwe, Thursday 3rd June, 16:45 pm - 17:00 pm, Student Presentations 4, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Locating Free Online E-learning Content Open University Learning Space Open Learn 1 comment
Locating learning design research Goodyear on learning design within Pasteur's quadrant  
Locating London's past: Interactive Map  
Locating London's past: Interactive Map  
Location The workshop will be held at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, CA, in the Kinzie Room. The...  
Location and agenda The Design Bash is taking place in the Isis room the Oxford University Computer Service (OUCS)...  
Location and Mobile learning 1 comment
Location-triggered language learning in a smart city using mobile technologies: a field study 1 comment
Logistics of the workshop  
London Book Fair Publishing event including a Digital Zone for e-books etc 6 comments
London Web Accessibility mini-conference 2012 / notes  
Looked after children 1 comment
Looking for reputable in addition to effective moving  
Loop (LAEP Inventory)  
LORO Website for connecting those involved in language teaching 1 comment
LORO: Languages Open Resources Online Animoto video produced by Tita Beaven 2 comments
Losing the plot – an exploration of narrative collaboration and control in Second Life  
Lou Connelly (Terri's group) Activity 2a- Representations:  
Lou Connelly (Terri's group) Design narrative: Active Learning in a Mathematics classroom 1 comment
Lou Crawford's review of Healthy Eating Designs  
LOUIS Belle - Healthy eating design representations: The e-Design Template and 4Ts Model  
Louise Doyle - Design Narrative for Time & Priorities Workshop  
Louise Morley Keynote - Imagining the Inclusive University of the Future  
Louise O'Farrell My dream: Learning design project proposal”  
Louise O'Farrell OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal  
Louise Worsley's design narrative: Risk management for project managers: Reflect & Learn 1 comment
Louise's representations (e-design & 4SPPIces Model  
Low-cost experiential mobile learning and user-generated content - stories from Sydney  
LSBU LD Festival: Curriculum Coalition Writing a chunky learning outcome for Level 3 referencing 6 comments
LTS - Some Tools, Technologies and Trajectories: Discussions and demonstrations  
LTS - Some Tools, Technologies and Trajectories: Discussions and demonstrations  
LTS - Some Tools, Technologies and Trajectories: Discussions and demonstrations  
LTS - Some Tools, Technologies and Trajectories: Discussions and demonstrations  
LTS - Some Tools, Technologies and Trajectories: Discussions and demonstrations  
LTS - Some Tools, Technologies and Trajectories: Discussions and demonstrations, 23 May 2012  
LTS Lunch 27-01-10: Tools for Learning Design Tools for Learning Design What is Learning Design? The focus of course designers is often first... 1 comment
Lucie - Comparison of the 4Ts model and the e-Design Template  
Lucrative benefits of LED spot lights  
Luís Salema | My dream learning design project - All roads lead to Rome  
Lurkers as Learners Much evidence on the student use of collaborative tools such as online forums indicates that a... 2 comments
Lydia's cloud - 4 Ts model and the e-Design representation  
Lydia's design narrative - PowerPoint panic! 1 comment
Lynne's comparison of 4SPPI & e-Design 1 comment
Lynne's design narrative cloud: Teaching new undergraduates literature (drama) analysis skills 6 comments