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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
m-Workplace learning @ ITC-ILO Design thinking for developing innovative practices at work 1 comment
Mabel's comparison of 4Ts and e-design template  
Machinima interventions: innovative approaches to immersive virtual world curriculum integration From ALT-J, 2008. Using Machinima creation as a learning process. Using Machinima creation as...  
MAD SOLLES 2 comments
Maddy's comparison of representations  
Madeline Paterson's GATHERER Badge 1 comment
Madeline Paterson's OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal 4 comments
Maggie’s H800 design narrative: Planning a surprise trip! 1 comment
Maija Perfiljeva's Design Narrative: New Hire Induction Rejuvenation 3 comments
Maija's Review of Representation (Activity A2a)  
Mainstreaming grass roots innovation in open educational practice: benefits and challenges  
Majorie Angel Brown 'Why Race Matters in Canada'  
Make Your Birthday Party Exciting By Making Perfect Planning  
Maken tagcloud voor wiki NWL Maken tagcloud voor wiki NWL 1 comment
Making Assessment Count 3 comments
Making Expert Design Knowledge Useful for Novices 1 comment
Making FAQ Content More Accessible  
Making group work work 1 comment
Making internet safe for our students  
Making it easier for students through the use of technology Talk by Mark Glynn (Institutes of Technology, Ireland), 11 May at ISKS conference 1 comment
Making medieval Greek text interesting  
Making Open Courseware Count (Alana Harrington)  
Making Open the Easiest Option: OER and Sustainability (Leeds 13 May 2010) SCORE event The plan for this event is to share experiences from the UK OER projects Phase 1...  
Making sense of MOOC: join the debate 24.04.2013 Merchant Taylors' School  
making the most of life's design how career-management realities can expand career-development possibilities  
Making the most of what we've got. How Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry is maximising the use of its e-Resources. 0303 ALTC 2009  
Making Video Accessible Nick Freear at CALRG09 1 comment
Mala H800 - Lecture in Ecommerce  
Mala H800 - Lecture in Ecommerce  
Mala H800 - Lecture in Ecommerce  
Mala H800 week 8&9 representation views  
Maldivian presentation 1 comment
Management Theory at Work Three 19 comments
managing careers, convenient myths and local voices how geography maps a basis for reforming the well-being curriculum  
Managing Curriculum Design in an Agile Environment 0179 ALTC 2009 1 comment
Managing Heritage, Building Peace: Museums, memorialisation and the uses of memory in Kenya Images submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference (22 -23 June 2010) 1 comment
Managing self-presentation in multiple online environments: A research proposal involving e-learning staff A Deanz presentation 3 comments
Mandy Honeyman - Design Narrative - Introducing the 3 d’s to new programmers 15B  
Mandy Honeyman: Proposal - Online CS GCSE 3 comments
Manuel Lousa´s ePortfolio  
Manuel Lousa: My dream: Implement web2.0 tools in my classes as an opportunity to open the doorways of creativity and motivation  
Manuel's learning journal  
Mapping and eLearning  
Mapping in Word - Tim van Gelder Overview of some attempts to incorporate visual structured deliberation into Microsoft Word  
Mapping tools to pedagogy A 3D pedagogical framework highlight the key characteristics of learning 4 comments
Mara Hancock interview Mara Hancock interview at Helwett Monterey meeting, 5th March 2009  
March 2014 John's cloud  
Maria Kukhareva, Discourses of inclusion of the hard-to-reach  
Mariano's Review of Representations  
Marie Arndt: Analysis EoR Phase 2  
Marie Arndt: EoR Phase 1  
Marie Arndt: EoR Phase 3  
Marie Arndt: My dream Learning design project proposal 21 comments
Marie's evaluation experiences  
Marie's evaluation targets  
Marie's factor and concerns  
Marie's OLDS Learning journal 5 comments
Marie's Prototype 4 comments
Marie's Reflections on week 3  
Marie's scenario for learning design  
Marie's STARR narrative 3 comments
Marie's thoughts EoR 3  
Mariëlle’s attempt to teach common mistakes and pitfalls in English using Socrative  
Marion Bowl and Jonathan Hughes, Official discourses of ‘fair access’  
Marion Waite : My dream: A virtual and collaborative writing group for Faculty staff and students. 5 comments
Mark Allenby's Design Narrative 6 comments
Mark Cunnington’s design narrative: an ‘open space’ experience with staff in an education business  
Mark Gaved, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK  
Mark Johnstone: My Dream: Competency-based assessment in second language learning and teaching Make Assessment Matter 23 comments
Mark Johnstone: OLDSMOOC Wk 4 Pedagogical Patterns Collector  
Mark Johnstone: scenario (mobile learning and second language vocabulary development) Mobile Learning for Second Language Vocabulary Development - Yezin’s Engineering Odyssey 1 comment
Mark N: My dream: Learning design project  
Mark N's OLDS MOOC learning journal 1 comment
Mark Sheppard: My Dream  
Mark's OLDS Learning Journal (link)  
Mark's Thoughts 1 comment
marketing during the FIFA World Cup  
Markus Deimann (FernUniversität in Hagen) - Assessing the effects of Open Education on Learning, Performance and Bildung: methodological considerations  
Martin Bean keynote Keynote at ALTC 2009 conference, Manchester 9th September 2009 10 comments
Martin Doran's H800 design narrative: Year 9 Geography Lesson  
Martin King's OLDS-MOOC learning journal 2 comments
Martin Weller's Presentations  
Martin's comments on Healthy Eating Representations - 4Ts and WebCollage  
Marvin's Design Narrative  
Marvin's Design Narrative  
Mary Katsamani and Symeon Retalis: CADMOS Learning Design tool  
Maryla's Notes 1 comment
Maryla's notes  
Más arriba: Spanish Language Exercises Spanish on-line language exercises  
MASHe: Keynotes with Twitter subtitles  
Massively Open Online Courses – the Death of Universities? Flash Debate for #H800 24 comments
Masters in Systems Learning & Leadership Example "cloud" for our discussion on this course  
Material Lifting Equipment  
Math Curriculum Makeover - Dan Meyer Video of a talk given by Dan Meyer on problem solving in maths and physics....  
Mathqurate Multi-platform, open source authoring tool for QTI2.1 content.  
Maths games Interactive maths games....  
Matthew McFall: Boxes of Learning Delight and Cabinets of Curiosity: Working with Wonder for Wonderful Learning Matthew Mc Fall, ALT-C 2009 Invited Speaker 3 comments
Maxine Armstrong's Design Narrative: workshop to demonstrate how to set-up a Blackboard module 3 comments
Maxine's review of representations Comparison of the e-Design Template and the 4SPPIces Model 1 comment
Maxine's review of representations  
Maya Angelou  
MBA Essay Review Service  
MBA Essay Writing Service  
MBA Students  
Me 3 comments
MEAD - retitle suggestion 3 comments
MEAD Meeting 1 - Melbourne Educational and Academic Developers Melbourne Educational and Academic Developers Meeting 1, September 16, 2010. 3 comments
Meaning making as a dimension of learning power 'Meaning-makingSome learners are on the lookout for links between what they are learning and what... 21 comments
Measles: what do we do now?  
Measurement and assessment of skills of the employees Dear all, in Italy there is a big discussion about the 'technical way' to measure and assess the...  
Measuring Individual Progression in Adult Guidance: An Irish Case Study  
Measuring what people know OECD report  
Media Adviser Toolkit A toolkit for mapping teaching methods to pedagogy  
Media Training: Introduction to creating video Led by Janet Sumner  
Media Training: Recording interviews and ‘live’ action Led by Janet Sumner  
Media Zoo University of Leicester  
Medianieuws: Actualiteit en Toekomst Hoe oriënteer ik mij over nieuwe media?  
Mediating Media Studies – Stimulating critical awareness in a virtual environment Computers & Education Computers & Education, 2010. Importance of evaluation of...  
Meeting 1: 2 July: OLDS-MOOC Kick off planning meeting 12 comments
Meg - options for contextualising learning in 'common' courses 7 comments
Meg O'Reilly's OLDS-MOOC learning journal 1 comment
Meg's cloud 1 - Learning Journal 7 comments
Meg's design image example(s)  
Meg's project scenario (modified extract only)  
Meg's week 1 reflections  
Meiramgul Tleulinova, Almaty Technological University  
Mekong eSim 2 comments
Mélanie Bennett - Introduction  
Mélanie's Learning Journal  
Melodic Emotions: Insight and Prediction Pauline Mouawad, Thursday 3rd June, 15:15 pm - 15:30 pm, Student Presentations 3, JLB Meeting Room 10  
MEMBER INSTITUTION PROFILE: name of member here  
Membership - add your name to our Study Circle  
Mental and emotional health and wellbeing 5 comments
Mental Health in Higher Education mhhe aims to enhance networking and the sharing of approaches to learning and teaching about mental...  
Mentoring, metacognition and music to mobile learning John Cook talk at CALRG09 conference 1 comment
Mercedes' OLDS MOOC learning cloud  
Merchant for merchant online promo codes and discount codes  
Merging Verifiable and Evolving Access Control Properties Lionel Montrieux, Thursday 3rd June, 12:00 pm - 12:15 pm, Student Presentations 2, JLB Meeting Room 10  
Merlot Physics teaching and learning Merlot is a website with links to teaching and learning websites....  
MERLOT repository Repository of learning objects  
Message to participants at this event We have a meeting on this Wednesday July 7th to explore how we can use Cloudworks to support the...  
Meta-academy: An online lab exploring embodiment and co-creation on the internet  
Meta-analysis: online learners perform better than f2f students Report by US Department of Education 1 comment
Metacog (LAEP Inventory)  
Metadata Content Model A summary of the different metadata standards used in OUDL  
Metadata Sprint @ OCWC Global Monterrey This session discusses how the community can work towards some sort of consensus around metadata 5 comments
Methamphetamine craving induced in an online virtual reality environment. From Pharmacololgy, Biochemistry and Behaviour, 2010....  
Method: 8LEM Hybrid Model Flashcards to describe the learner/teacher roles for 8 core learning activities, Ulster University  
Method: A schema for mapping tools and activities to dimensions of learning  
Method: Card Sorting  
Method: OULDI - OU Learning Design Initiative  
Method: Schema for mapping pedagogies and technologies  
METIS Learning Design Workshop  
Metis project deliverable D3.2: Draft of pilot workshop  
Metis workshops: project overview  
METRIC 0122 ALTC 2009  
Mi nube 1  
Michael Bromby: My dream: Law for non-lawyers; teaching cross discipline 1 comment
Michael Brown's Design Narrative: Presentation Skills and Motivation Designing a project and presentation program  
Michael Brown's Review  
Michael Busfield Reflective Learning Journal  
Michael Charlton's Design Narrative: Teaching information literacy in a law firm  
Michael Derntl: OpenGLM: The Open Graphical Learning Modeller  
Michael Gove at BETT 1 comment
Michael view of representations  
MIchael Waldron's Design Narrative: Using ePortfolio's for the collection and management of assessment evidence 1 comment
Michael Wesch Keynote 4 comments
Michael Wood - Design Narrative - From acquisition to participation 2 comments
Michael Wood - Learning Design exercise - 4ts and ISiS  
Michael's 1788 design narrative  
Michael's 1788 design representations  
Michael's OLD-MOOC learning journal  
Michael's OLD-MOOC learning journal - week 1 review 2 comments
Michael's Review of Representations 1 comment
Michèle Drechsler : My dream : developp a Mooc about learning design with ICT at primary school/  
Michelle's Design Narrative  
mick test  
Mick's Cloud  
Mick's New Cloud  
Microsoft's Grava (now Semblio) A set of tools to allow users to author, assemble, and present content.  
Middle Eastern Politics Simulation 1 comment
Mídias Interativas  
Migrants learning languages using smartphones: tensions between wanting to belong and wanting to learn  
Miguel Siano's OLDS MOOC learning journal  
Mike Lyons: A group work experiment using Kahoot!  
Mike Lyons: A group work experiment using Kahoot!  
Mike Protts’ design narrative: Server side programming  
Mike Wray, ‘You either went to university or you worked in Sainsbury’s’ - Disabled learners and entry to higher education  
Mike's review  
Milu's Learning Journal OLDS MOOC - Learning Journal 1 comment
Mindmap for spanish revision Example of a mindmap created for the L140 en rumbo spanish course  
Mindmap for spanish revision Unidad 3 Revision of unidad 3 for the OU spanish course En rumbo L140  
Mindmap of the Spanish preterite Mindmap of the spanish preterite tense for OU course L140 En Rumbo 2 comments
Mindmap: Teaching and learning in the digital world Mindmap created using mindomo 1 comment
Mindmapping Context for Learning Design  
Mindstorms Communication in Second Life. 0027  
Minh : My dream : Teaching and learning in higher education 6 comments
Minh 's notes of week1  
Minh's reflections  
Mini survey re DYI Multimedia  
Minna's Design Narrative: Creative Digital Printing Workshop I participated in a creative printing workshop to find out new ways of printing photographs on different surfaces. 5 comments
Minna's Healthy Eating design representations  
Minutes: Disabilities Panel Meeting 26/05/2011  
Minutes: Disabilities Panel Meeting. 17/06/2010 GMPD, Scotland. Present:-  Apologies:- None.   Minutes of the previous meeting had been... 5 comments
Mismatch - aspirations and expectations  
Missing The Obvious  
Mistakes to avoid with CompendiumLD What things have you found you should not have done or are careful about when using CompendiumLD. A...  
MIT Deliberatorium - Mark Klein  
MIT open courseware A repository of open educational resources from MIT courses  
Mitja Podreka: Moodle Staff Training/Support 1 comment
Mitja's OLDS MOOC Week 1 Reflection  
Mitja's OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
mitos y leyendas mexicanas  
Mixed emotion detection in chat messages - it feels so good and so bad  
MKerr - Design Narrative, IT Data Security eLearning Module  
MKerr's Healthy Eating Representations  
MLCB Attendees 1 comment
MLCW12 - Workshop Documentation 16 comments
MLCW12 - Workshop Organisation  
Mobile ‘comfort’ zones: overcoming barriers to enable facilitated learning in the workplace  
Mobile ‘comfort’ zones: overcoming barriers to enable facilitated learning in the workplace  
Mobile Accessibility / a11y workshop An internal OU workshop, in the Jennie Lee Labs, organized by Chetz Colwell.  
Mobile and networked learning and knowledge sharing for Careers Information, Advice and Guidance, Attwell, Barnes, Bimrose, Brown, & Perifanou  
Mobile app development - FuGenX Technologies  
Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai  
Mobile Application Development Service  
Mobile apps and their role in learning The next meeting of the OU's M-Tech SIG on 29 April will be an opportunity to discuss how we use... 6 comments
Mobile Assessment of Work-Based Learning: Evaluation in Progress 0090 ALTC 2009  
Mobile Informal Learning by Dirk Burner & Christian Glahn Mobile Contextualised Learning presentation.  
mobile learning we have plenty of technology at our hands now which allow us to connect to the internet through...  
mobile learning we have plenty of technology at our hands now which allow us to connect to the internet through...  
Mobile Learning – potential, controversies and implications for future R&P in networked (informal) learning, Judith Seipold  
Mobile Learning and Creativity Workshop: Call for Papers and Submissions Mobile Learning and Creativity Workshop (MLCW12): Fostering Creative Learning with Mobile Technologies: EC-TEL 2012 23 comments
Mobile Learning and Creativity Workshop: Creativity Discussions  
Mobile Learning and Creativity Workshop: Organisers  
Mobile Learning and Creativity Workshop: Programme Committee Members of the Programme Committee 5 comments
Mobile Learning and Creativity Workshop: Programme Committee  
Mobile Learning and Pedagogy - 5 November 2015  
Mobile Learning for an inclusive paedagogy  
Mobile Learning for Vocational Education  
Mobile Learning in Higher Education  
Mobile Learning in Schools 2 comments
Mobile Learning in the field of health care  
Mobile Learning in the Global South  
Mobile learning isn’t one flavour or one approach it’s a whole grocery store  
Mobile Learning Winter Festival 2011  
Mobile Learning, augmenting your context or missing what's going on in the real world? Debate question 3 comments
Mobile Learning: socio-cultural ecological perspective  
Mobile microblogging and the student experience: a study in 140 characters (or less) 0018 ALTC 2009 Joanne Badge, Alan Cann, Alex Moseley, Stuart Johnson  
Mobile Phones as Mediating Tools Within Augmented Contexts for Development Some preliminary thoughts on the nature of what I am calling Augmented Contexts for Development 1 comment
Mobile phones in Sub Saharan Africa Blog posting by Andy Black  
Mobile practices in everyday life: the opportunities and challenges for learning, Guy Merchant, Sheffield Hallam University (UK) 14 comments
Mobile security research  
mobiLearnFest: mobile learning festival Interactive showcase of mobile learning innovations and studies at the Ideas in Mobile Learning Symposium, 6th - 7th March 2014  
Mobiles, Mobility, Connectedness and the 'Learner Experience' [John Traxler Presentation] Mobiles, Mobility, Connectedness and the 'Learner Experience' [John Traxler Presentation ELESIG Jan 2010]  
MobileWeb 2.0 2 comments
Mockingbird: tool for prototyping  
Mode Two Knowledge Gibbons and colleagues argued that a new form of knowledge production started emerging from the mid... 8 comments
Model Driven Architecture of Large Distributed Hard Real Time Systems Michael A Giddings, Thursday 3rd June, 10:30am - 10:45 am, Student Presentations 1, JLB Meeting Room 10  
Model good learning design for teachers  
Modelling context Evolving definitions of context 2 comments
Modellus A project for producing animations and graphs from mathematical equations.  
Models of English Language across the Curriculum at the Open University and their role in widening participation - Jim Donohue and OpenELT  
Models of feedback: Findings from hospital school teachers using ICT with children suffering from a chronic illness Presentation by Denise Whitelock at CALRG annual conference 2010  
MOGGI First Virtual Workshop to plan Games  
mohammad aminul islam with H800  
Moira's Learning Journal  
MON Adapting OER for the Professional Development of English Language Teachers (Gospel Ikpeme) 12 comments
MON: Writing tips for report writers globally by means of a blended learning approach (Carol Waites) 22 comments
MON: 'Daring To Be Free'. Free Senior High School (SHS) Education In Ghana- An Exercise In Inclusive Education Or Political Gimmick? (Bernie Asher)  
MON: 'Daring To Be Free'. Free Senior High School (SHS) Education In Ghana- An Exercise In Inclusive Education Or Political Gimmick? (Bernie Asher)  
MON: 'Daring To Be Free'. Free Senior High School (SHS) Education In Ghana- Inclusive Education Or Political Gimmick? (Bernie Asher)  
MON: 'Daring To Be Free'. Free Senior High School (SHS) Education In Ghana- Inclusive Education Or Political Gimmick? (Bernie Asher)  
MON: 'Making the Most of MOOCs' - Digital Learning with the University of the Third Age (Wendy Maples) 6 comments
MON: (Keynote) Expanding our understanding of openness in the context of disabled students in higher education (Jane Seale) 2 comments
MON: A Leap Of Faith: How Switching To G Suite For Education Can Influence Open Practice (Phill Grimes) 11 comments
MON: Being Prepared. Adopting a values-driven approach to digital inclusion within a volunteer organisation. (Samantha Marks) Can a ‘values-based approach’ to digital inclusion, offer a simple, but effective framework to help digital participation? 22 comments
MON: Blogging vs Vlogging (Leanne Johnstone) 18 comments
MON: Can MOOCs propel the OER agenda for educators in South Africa? (John Kerr) 4 comments
MON: Compulsory Or Graded Peer Forum Activity As A Factor Affecting Inclusion And Ownership Of Learning In Higher Education Distance Learning (Richard Sharp) 16 comments
MON: Curriculum design in online open education, does it take into account learning styles and contribute to inclusion (John Sumpter) 8 comments
MON: Daring To Be Free. Free Senior High School. Education In Ghana- An Exercise in Inclusive Education Or Political Gimmick? (Bernie Asher)  
MON: Designing a Mini-MOOC for Assessor Training in Further Education (Bina Howard) 9 comments
MON: Designing for impact: rethinking video content for MOOCs (Allison Bell) 14 comments
MON: Differentiation And Inclusion (Anne Bjelke) 7 comments
MON: Does freely available mean freely accessible? (Penny James) 13 comments
MON: Does personality affect our participation with the open environment? (Debbie Meakin) 8 comments
MON: E-Class of 2015, It's all about inclusion (Cath Wilson) 8 comments
MON: E-Portfolios and profiling: a new web site resource for Scottish schools (Ian Hoffman) 14 comments
MON: Effective Vocabulary Acquisition for Students Learning English as A Foreign Language through Game-Based Learning (Allison Fink) 10 comments
MON: Embedding Functional Skills within Vocational Areas by means of an online database of resources.(Elizabeth Frost) 17 comments
MON: Evaluation of game-based SRS (Student Response Systems) as OER and examples of open practices in secondary education (Ognjen Vukas) Poster in Sway Accessibility View: 20 comments
MON: Evaluation of game-based SRS (Student Response Systems) as OER and examples of open practices in secondary education (Ognjen Vukas)  
MON: Facebook As A Vehicle For Learning English - A Case Study (LInda Nevin-Drummond) 24 comments
MON: Facebook As A Vehicle For Learning English - A Case Study (LInda Nevin-Drummond)  
MON: From 'Why should I?' to 'How could I?' Innovating learning in the workplace through the implementation of open practice (Catherine Dartnall) 16 comments
MON: Getting it right from the start: creating an accessible eBook for students with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) (Gemma Holtam) 7 comments
MON: Implementation - The Use of Facebook as a Social Network Site to Deliver Organisational E-Learning – Could it Work? (Richard Heffer) 9 comments
MON: Inclusion, exclusion and inequality of access to OERs: Mapping the borders of the digital divide (Helen Johnson) 5 comments
MON: Keynote - Open for the Public: Pedagogies Toward the Commons (Dr Robin DeRosa)  
MON: Leveraging mobile technologies and Web 2.0 tools to engage those with an interest in the centenary of the First World War cont.....(Jonathon Vernon) 20 comments
MON: Making the Transition to E-portfolios (Helen Dixon) 19 comments
MON: Making the Transition to E-portfolios (Helen Dixon)  
MON: Making the Transition to E-portfolios (Helen Dixon)  
MON: Making the Transition to E-portfolios (Helen Dixon)  
MON: Making the Transition to E-portfolios (Helen Dixon)  
MON: MOOCs! What? – A debate about the impact of professional educational jargon Is it good for inclusion? Do we need to promote staff awareness? (Sheila Greenwood) 16 comments
MON: Networking in Health and Social Care: The Implementation of On-line Forums for Peer Support (Susan Hobbs) 7 comments
MON: Open Educational Practice and Public Engagement: a case study from a less commonly taught language (Ulrich Tiedau) 3 comments
Mon: Open Textbook Implementation: A Caribbean Experience (Andrew Augustine) 6 comments
MON: Partnership with parents in Early Years Learning settings: a comparison of ICT approaches (Alison Owens) Using digital technologies to develop a partnership with parents. 13 comments
MON: Rendering Atelier Culture Online: Lessons in inclusion from low-residency visual art programs (Hugo Teixeira) 19 comments
MON: Simple Sense. An alternative approach to Online Tutorials (Peter Scott) 10 comments
MON: Social Work Education In A Connected Age - A Playground Learning Environment. (David Appel) 14 comments
MON: Tacaí - Supporting the Understanding of Mathematical Concepts in Further Education in Ireland (Paul Curran) 17 comments
MON: Teaching French Listening with OER (Véronique Massé Du Bois) 9 comments
MON: The LinkedIn Effect: A new way of learning? (Louise Worsley) Focus on project management LinkedIn communities. 14 comments
MON: Think IT: supporting the inclusion of parents as co-partners in the development of critical digital literacy amongst UK key stage 3 pupils (Nicola Morris) 9 comments
MON: Three Steps to a Collaborative Learning Environment: a module for teachers and trainers in the post-16 sector (John Baglow) 30 comments
MON: Together Alone - Trello in the art classroom (Kelly Williams) 18 comments
MON: Using Open Access Maths Learning To Innovate The UK Primary Curriculum (Amy Marshall) 9 comments
MON: Using Open Access Maths Learning To Innovate UK Primary Curriculum (Amy Marshall)  
MON: Using Open Access Maths Learning To Innovate UK Primary Curriculum Teaching And Learning (Amy Marshall)  
MON: Using Open Access Maths Learning To Innovate UK Primary Curriculum Teaching And Learning (Amy Marshall)  
MON: Using Open Access Maths Learning To Innovate UK Primary Curriculum Teaching And Learning (Amy Marshall)  
MON: Using Open Access Maths Learning To Innovate UK Primary Curriculum Teaching And Learning (Amy Marshall)  
MON: Using Open Access Maths Learning To Innovate UK Primary Curriculum Teaching And Learning (Amy Marshall)  
MON: What do Distance Students Learn in Social Media Study Groups? (P.Seaward) 8 comments
MON:Learning to thrive and survive in a digital environment (Pat Townshend) 26 comments
MON:Online international collaboration to analyse childcare practices (Angela Bonehill) 7 comments
MON:What Learning do MOOC Mentors Witness? (Mary Howell) 22 comments
Monitoring material for TPDL workshop Consent form for video recordings and quotations  
Monterey 2009 Cloudworks Survey 2 comments
Mooc - Quels outils ?  
MOOC and QM  
MOOC Badging and the Learning Arc 5 comments
mooc cloud  
MOOC design ideas and questions board 2 comments
Mooc Education  
MOOC space - Luís Salema  
MOOC_workshop: eor phase 1  
MOOCs for Development? Who are the Indian Learners that take Massive Open Online Courses  
MOOCs research results 6 comments
Moodle Open source course management system 3 comments
Moodle 2 for Teaching 4-9 Year Olds Beginner's Guide book by Nicholas Freear — published 24 October 2011, by Packt Publishing (order today!)  
Moodle and Cloudworks How to integrate Cloudworks and Moodle 5 comments
Moodle Guide for Teachers May 2010  
Moodle launches its first official MOOC with teachers in mind  
Moodle Training: seek and deploy (Helen Whitehead oldsmooc-w6) 3 comments
moorkoppen lekkere dikke 2 comments
Morag's OLDS MOOC portfolio  
More on using Cloudworks for K802 (2011) 2 comments
More questions than answers: exploring the real educational benefits of immersive game environments. 0231 ALTC 2009 White et al.  
More spanish mindmaps Mindmaps for L140 En Rumbo Spanish course from Simon Smith  
MoRSE (Mobilising Remote Student Engagement) JISC funded project led by Kingston University and De Montfort University 3 comments
Morten's Week #1 Learning Journal Follow my learning-adventure on my blog  
Morven Pringle's design narrative: Using Forum theatre to reduce conflict 4 comments
morven pringles Healthy Eating design response  
MoSAIC: Models for Synchronous Audiographic Interactive Conferencing 0268 ALTC 2009  
MOTILL: Mobile Technologies in Lifelong Learning MOTILL, which stands for “Mobile Technologies in Lifelong Learning: best practices”, is... 1 comment
Motivating teachers to use technologies 13 comments
Motivation: Its place in Learning Design A Cloud for collaborative development of ways Motivation Principles can be part of Learning Design 11 comments
Moulage for Minors 8 comments
Moulage for Minors  
Moulage for Minors  
Moulage for Minors  
Movers and Packers Gurgaon @  
Moving ahead to learning for all - from open educational resources to open educational practices  
Moving beyond multiple-choice questions: interactivity in e-assessments 0012 ALTC 2009  
Moving from research design to data collection  
Moving from research design to data collection (2012)  
Moving in 3D: The X, Y, Z of learning through doing in immersive, virtual environments 0313 ALTC 2009 Helen Farley, Caroline Steel is best coupon site to visit for merchant coupons  
Mspidy the Social Media News site gives Web Tips at Social Bookmarking Site 2 comments
Multicultural Course Design / Learning Design: Starting Places - IleneDawn  
Multilevel Marketing techniques for scaling MOOCs  
Multiliteracies Multiliteracies for Social Networking and Collaborative Learning Environments  
Multimedia alternatives demonstration 1 comment
Multimedia and the provision of alternative formats  
Multimedia enhancement of opportunities & outcomes for learners engaged in open, flexible & distance learning: theory & practice This is a paper to be given at the DEANZ 2010 conference ( Please...  
Multimedia production in teaching and learning: opportunities and challenges  
Multimedia Resources Use in Bioscience Higher Education What is the evidence that video, animation and audiofiles improve learning and understanding?  
Multimodal Assessment  
Multimodal perspective on contemporary educational argumentation Caroline Coffin at CALRG09  
Munir Moosa: "Healthy Eating" in Web Collage " and "Healthy Eating" as a 4SPPIces Model and in LdShake  
Mustafa'a learning journal  
MUVE Based Academic Discussion Discussion A discussion in an MUVE 'bookended' by activity in a VLE.  
MUVE eventedness: An experience like any other From British Journal of Educational Technology, 2009. Experiences teaching in a MUVE -...  
MUVEnation: A European peer-to-peer learning programme for teacher training in the use of MUVEs in education British Journal of Educational Technology British Journal of Educational Technology,...  
MXRL: Mixed Reality Learning Exploring the implications of Augmented and Mixed Reality in formal and non/informal learning contexts.  
My idea  
my blended learning concerns Ideas generated by the workshop on course design and blended learning: Assessing my students...  
My Cloud Raptor Project Cloud... 1 comment
My Cloud Jus to see  
my cloud  
my cloud  
my cloud  
My Cloud  
My current dilemma 2 comments
My Design narrative to OLDS MOOC 2013 A short story may be a few lines long. It doesn't help to over think it. Simplicity and brevity are virtues.  
My digital life (TU100) Open University course 3 comments
My dragonfly flies upside down! Using Second Life in multimedia design to teach students programming From British Journal of Educational Technology, 2009. Looking at where the students had...  
My Dream - A blended learning curriculum for a Vocabulary Based 1 comment
My dream - an authentically engaging collection of blog posts about history and english  
My dream - an authentically engaging collection of blog posts about history and english  
My dream - study skills for higher ed.  
My dream is to research communication styles across generations  
My dream learning design project: practical learning design for PGCert/ peopl interested in trying out LD tools 8 comments
My dream progect- Musical education on e-learning  
My Dream Space  
MY Dream would be to Interactive Integrative Demonstrations counselling approach  
My Dream: English Grammar Learning Mooc 5 comments
My Dream: Learning Design Project Proposal  
My Dream: Learning Design to promote Open Educational Practices 2 comments
My dream: Photography Learning online  
My dream: web 2.0 vs teaching 2.0 4 comments
My Essay Help 1 comment
My Evaluation Plan  
My experience with STAR project 4 comments
My favourite liar  
My first cloud  
My first day in OLDS MOOC (blog post).  
My first session: probably 'Ask: Institutional Linked Data' 2 comments
My first visit here!!!! 1 comment
My first week on OLDSMOOC  
My H818 project  
My Ideate of Week 3 3 comments
My learning design for_H800 in CompendiumLD  
My Learning Goals 1 comment
My learning journal  
My learning journal  
My Learning Journal  
My MOOCing Journal 3 comments
My MOOCs  
My OLDS MOOC Learning Journal  
My OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal 3 comments
My OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
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My Space - Pauline Porcaro - RMIT University  
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My week 1 learning objectives (sheilamacneill) objectives/reflections for week 1  
My week 2 learning objectives and reflections (Sheila MacNeill) this is turning more into a confessional space . . . 3 comments
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My week 4 learning objectives and reflections (Sheila MacNeill) 4 comments
My week 5 learning and reflections & cloudworks profile page prototype(Sheila MacNeill) 14 comments
My week 6 learning and reflections (Sheila MacNeill) failure to launch? 3 comments
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Mythologies of Loss Unit of Learning