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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
N Hilton RE Marketplace Lesson  
n steps to flexibility Guidelines for course designers building flexibility into their courses  
Nadene Mackay's Review of Design Representations  
Narelle's OLDS MOOC learning journal  
narrative as a critical voice of experience in contemporary career management conference lecture examining political, commercial and pragmatic issues for research-and-development in contemporary careers  
Narrative-discursive analysis Jill Reynolds, Wednesday 24 March, 3.15-4.15pm, Workshop 7C, Wilson D Block  
Narratives and Meaning  
Natasa Bozic Grojic - about me  
Natasa Bozic Grojic - Week 1 Reflections  
Natasa's Blogging Challenge Scenario (initial) 2 comments
Natasha Nickson's narrative: Understanding Plant Records 7 comments
Natasha's OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal  
Natasha's representations - 4T's and Design Principles Database  
Nathalie's dream…Learning design proposal project:What values for the 21st Century? – New approaches of an ancient question. 5 comments
Nathalie's initial dream-project scenario: Intergenerational discussion of "What values for the twenty one century" 1 comment
Nathalie's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal 2 comments
Nathan Casey's design narrative: Chinese (online) Camp 2 comments
Nathan Casey's representation comparison 2 comments
National curriculum in context Quote from NDLR 2008 conference  
National Skills Forum & Associate Parliamentary Group: Quality & Conditionality - Skills and Welfare Reform  
naturopathy treatments in kerala  
Navigating an enquiry based curriculum using a curriculum knowledgebase 0047 ALTC 2009  
Navigating the mine field: Mobile devices in education 0153 ALTC 2009 1 comment
Nazomerschool cases laten beschijven Nazomerschool cases laten beschijven  
Nazomerschool cases laten beschijven Nazomerschool cases laten beschijven  
NBA Live Might Be Coming Back From The Expended For A Second Time  
NDLR 2008 Symposium workshop on contextualisation Workshop on contecxtualising content across communities (using Cloudworks) 3 comments
Near and Far Contemplating (NFC) the future trends in Mobile and what’s happening right here right now  
Need to Unlock Your Phone? Try This Handy Guide  
Nepalese presentation 1 comment
Networked learning conference 2010, Aalborg 3rd & 4th May submission deadline full papers 13th november 2009  
Networked Learning Conference Hotseats 2012 2 comments
Networked learning for teacher professional development 1 comment
Networking for capacity development research  
Neue Cloud  
NEVERSAYNO Conference Abstract  
New approaches to visualising learning designs James Daziel closing keynote at LAMS 2008, Sydney  
New Cloud 1 comment
New cloud  
New Computer Assisted Language Learning Course Lecture in LAMS Learning Design Innovation  
new deal for careers-work where is there for careers work now to go? - where does it start? - and what partners can it find?  
New e-books inform and grade An article in the chronicle  
New elearning webpage at the University of Nicosia (LAMS related)  
New foundation degrees What might a new foundation degree look like?  
New FP7 IP Work-based Learning Project: Learning Layers  
New Hive 2 comments
New internet technologies in the student experience [Susie Wood: Presentation] New internet technologies in the student experience [Susie Wood: Presentation to ELESIG Members' Corner]  
New literacies 2 comments
New Modes, New Minds - Use of CAMEL collaborative methodology to develop a multi-disciplinary community of practice around mobil 0284 ALTC 2009 David Kay, Ian Chowcat, Julia Duggleby, Dave Pickersgill  
New paper in Distance Education Special Issue: OERs and Social Inclusion  
New pedagogies 11 comments
New Technologies Presentation  
New technologies, new pedagogies with mobile devices An action-research project exploring innovative approaches to using mobile devices 6 comments
new thinking for careers-work tracking the possibilities for responsive, reforming & expanding careers-work action  
New visualisations for LAMS James Daziel closing keynote at LAMS 2008, Sydney  
new visualisations of familiar ideas space for new versions of things that already have diagrams, especially good when they turn the... 3 comments
New-Age Challenges in e-Education (Example of Vcasmo Technology)  
news bit  
Next Generation User Skills 0291 ALTC 2009 paper  
Next Steps for Excellence in the Quality of e-Learning Presentation by Jon Rosewell, Karen Kear and Keith Williams at the CALRG 2012 conference.  
NGDL TEL Methods Workshop at Alpine Rendez-Vous 2011 - France  
Niall Watts - Journal Week 3 - Applying Course Features Card  
Niall Watts: My Dream: Learning Design Project Proposal - Food 4 Thought Developing a MOOC around OERs 4 comments
Niall's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal 1 comment
Nick Pearce - Developing Students as Content Scavengers  
Nick's test  
Nick's test  
Nicki Berry's design narrative: New Tutor Induction  
Nicki Berry's design narrative: Teaching to teach  
Nicki Berry's review of SPPIces and e-design template  
Nicky's cloud  
Nicola Dowson's Design Narrative Digital and information literacy skills workshop 5 comments
Nicola McIntyre's design narrative: essay structure for science students  
Nicola McIntyre's design narrative(2): essay structure for science students  
Nicola McIntyre's design representation analysis  
Nicola McIntyre's: Essay structure for science students 3 comments
Nicole Capon's design narrative: Stigma ladder  
Nicole's design narrative: Conflict Resolution  
Nicole's review of e-Design Template and Web Collage  
Nicoletta Rata: My dream: Learning design project proposal  
Nicoletta's Learning Journal  
NieweMediaToepassingen Het vak Ontwerpen van Nieuwe Media Toepassingen  
No 2017 World wide Baseball Standard for NationalsBryce Harper?  
no exit politics is changing - malleability, volatility & hostility are on the rise - with no reliable pointer to the way out  
No internet? No problem! 0039 ALTC 2009 Val Hancock  
Noam Chosky, is he a revolutinary linguist?  
NOD - reflections on designing learning expereince 1 comment
NOD comments on representations ... 30/03/14  
Nominal Group An interesting method which can yield surprising results. Advantages are that the views of everyone...  
Nominal Group Technique an effective student engagement technique (or staff or any other stakeholders)  
Non-Cooperation in Computational Models of Dialogue Brian Pluss, Thursday 3rd June, 15:00 pm - 15:15 pm, Student Presentations 3, JLB Meeting Room 10  
Non-formal learning in LN Why non-formal learning 21 comments
Non-higher education/community learning 4 comments
Nonlinear dissertation  
Northern Ireland  
Northern Ireland (K802-11J)  
Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education (LAEP Inventory)  
Notes from Day 1 TEL in context of technological, societal and cultural transformation  
Notes from the 2011 UK Moodle Moot Notes and links from the 2011 UK Moodle Moot held at the Senate House at the University of London  
Notes to self  
Nottingham Trent University Student Dashboard (LAEP Inventory)  
NROC Member Cases Stories from members  
NROC Member Panel Discussion A look at member's practical experience and innovative implementations of NROC 7 comments
NROC Network Meeting 2009 - Logistics  
NROC Network Meeting 2009 - Agenda Most recent agenda including names of panelists, facilitators and schedule  
NROC Network Meeting 2009 - Participants  
NROC Network Meeting, Monterey 2009 Discussion Area 1 comment
NROC Online Tools to Support the Membership Community What it is, how to use it, new developments at 1 comment
Nurbek Saparkhojayev, Almaty Management University  
Nurses code of Professional conduct This cloud forms the beginning of a course for overseas nurses or nurses who are returning to...  
NUS – Learning analytics: a guide for students’ unions (LAEP Inventory)