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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
Open Nottingham 2011: The Learning Registry - Steve Midgley  
Openness and Learning Analytics 1 comment
Other links, discussion, ideas, thoughts... Introductions,the slideshow, useful links etc... 2 comments
Objecting Bodies is theatre still a relevant medium for feminists protest?  
Observations of expert communicators in immersive virtual worlds: implications for synchronous discussion Notes on a paper by Michael Hamilton McVey  
Observations of expert communicators in immersive virtual worlds: implications for synchronous discussion From ALT-J, 2008. Second Life as discussion tool and how to use. SL as discussion tool and...  
Occupational Segregation Stereotyped careers choices - whose responsibility?  
October 10 – 14: Peter Goodyear - The architecture of productive learning networks  
OCW Award Winners  
OCW Infrastructure breakout discussion of infrastructure issues for OCWC 3 comments
OCWC Global 2011: Evaluating the Open Michigan initiative  
OCWC Global 2011: Foundation panel on OCW 1 comment
OCWC Global 2011: How to help teachers help learners learn with OER  
OCWC Global 2011: Mary Lou Forward update on OCWC  
OCWC Global 2011: MIT President Susan Hockfield  
OCWC Global 2011: OER Musings and Mapping the OER Landscape  
OCWC Global 2011: Open Education policy in Washington State  
OCWC Global 2011: Openness in the Wasteland - OER in UK  
OCWC Global 2011: Panel on Early adopters of OCW 1 comment
OCWC Global 2011: Panel on emerging courseware projects  
OCWC Global 2011: Panel on MIT OCW 1 comment
OCWC Global 2011: Socializing OpenCourseWare with OpenStudy 2 comments
OCWC Global 2011: Systemic Planning for the Open Education Innovation  
OCWC Global 2011: Tim O'Reilly keynote - perspectives on Open Five lessons from open source for open content 3 comments
OCWC Global 2011: University California Irvine 10 reasons for OCW  
OCWC Global 2011: Washington State Global Education and Open Course Library  
ODET 2010 - Ivana Quinto I am a PhD student in Science and Technology Management (XXIV cycle) at the at University of...  
ODET 2010 Ralf Groetker: Contextualizing Debate-Mapping Online-Plattform for collective deliberation and argument-visualization  
ODET 2010: Dan Prager - bCisive Online bCisive Online is a web-based decision-making and collaboration tool from Austhink Software....  
ODET 2010: Key Issues/Challenges Key challenges for the field...  
ODET 2010: Mark Snaith & Chris Reed - OVA & Arvina At the University of Dundee's Argumentation Research Group, we are working on online tools for...  
ODET 2010: Nikos Karacapilidis - CoPe_it!  
ODET 2010: Philip Webster Philip Webster OAK Group, University of Sheffield Interested in the application of NLP and...  
ODET 2010: Rean van der Merwe  
ODET 2010: Tom Gordon This is the "cloud" of Tom Gordon, for presenting his contribution to the OD2010 workshop in Leeds.... 1 comment
ODET-2010: Anna De Liddo Hypermedia Discourse can play an important role in capturing, understanding and influencing deliberation...  
ODET2010: Simon Buckingham Shum  
ODL and Quality An area of great and challenging subjectivity!But what can be said about quality and ODL...?For...  
OEI test cloud  
oEmbed isn't dead – here's OU Embed! Despite appearances, I argue that oEmbed is alive and kicking.  
OER As one of the founding member of OERC (Open Education Resources for Cancer) global consortium and...  
OER : Does it make a difference? - information about the event (23rd March) Objectives, location and programme  
OER 2009 Agenda  
OER 2009 Meeting Travel Logistics 2 comments
OER 2009 Participants Open Education Resources Meeting, March 2009  
OER 2011 Rapid Fire: Jim Shelton, Assistant Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education  
OER 2011 Rapid fire: Ralph Wolff, President, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) 2 comments
OER and Alternative Certification Models: Blurring Boundaries Between Formal and Informal Learning (Cynthia Jimes, Clare Middleton-Detzner)  
OER and Education Projects Funded by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Introduce, describe or link to further information about your project. 1 comment
OER and LabSpace: Video Presentations now available The videos of the presentations from Explorations around LabSpace: From OER to OER Community, held...  
OER and Olnet overview presentation Patrick McAndrew 30th June 09  
OER and sustainability (The Leeds Manifesto) We went to Leeds, compared notes on OER and sustainability and wrote a manifesto! 6 comments
OER beyond the OU, making connections and spotting (research challenging) opportunities Chris Pegler presentation at the Research 2.0 workshop, 10th February 2009  
OER collaborations Session on regional collaborations 6 comments
OER Essentials: How to Build, Adapt & Supplement Online/Hybrid Courses Using OER (Delaina Tonks, Sarah Weston)  
OER for Science  
OER Impact Study  
OER in Africa Learn about and discuss projects, collaborations, wisdom and challenges of OER in Africa. 4 comments
OER in the Social Sciences: Tacit models of resource creations  
OER issues. Activity 7 (Sustainability, BArriers to uptake and Rights)  
OER meeting visualisation of the opening session Compendium visualisation of the opening session  
OER Meeting, Monterey 2009 - Visualisation A Compendium map of topics and discussions at the meeting - explore the map to find the links.  
OER Meeting, Monterey 2009 Discussion Area 6 comments
OER Messaging  
OER Module for Teacher Training OER module for online course, using dreambazaar template 2 comments
OER or open educational experience? 1 comment
OER panel: Quality Issues for Open Educational Resources  
OER Projects, Programmes and Initiatives in the UK and Internationally  
OER Standards When creating and publishing content, best practice and methodology, are we dire need of a common...  
OER symposium, 16th SEDA conference 2011 Live blogging... This is the first symposium at a SEDA conference...  
OER Testing  
OER Testing  
OER Testing  
OER Testing (again)  
OER to the Max: How one Community College is transforming its entire department through the use of open resources (Phillip Clark, Edward Coe, Donna Gaudet, et al) 1 comment
OER Usage and Issues  
OER Visibility  
OER- a marketing opportunity Russell Stannard's talk at the CETIS OER meeting 4 comments
OER10 Day 1 (22 March) Blogs and notes I've created this cloud as a place to aggregate and record of the day's presentations....  
OER10 Opening keynote (Malcolm Read) Malcolm Read from JISC gave the opening talk at OER10 on 22 March 2010.... 1 comment
OER10: Accessible formats for OER Gerald Schmidt on the way that OER can be converted to more accessible formats - including the...  
OER10: Audience questions to the panel: Blind spots in OER? Blind spots about OERs and student experiences. Instead of asking how to collaborate and how to... 1 comment
OER10: CORRE Samuel Nikoi at Leicester University talked about an evaluation framework...  
OER10: Open Content Literacy LINDSEY MARTIN Developing a framework to support newbie content makers and sharersJISC ReProduce... 3 comments
OER10: Open University iTunesU Catherine Chambers on The Open University's use of iTunesU. 23 March 2010.... 1 comment
OER10: Opencast Matterhorn Bjorn Hassler on the early release of tools to help make video casts.... 1 comment
OER10: Panel addressing audience questions: How to convince universities to support OER? New forms of teaching New forms of learning The production process a bit more collective OER can...  
OER10: Reuse of OER Chris Pegler describes her view of the way that reuse can be supported by OER and SCORE (presented...  
OER10: Siyavula Cynthia Jimes from ISKME speaking about the research carried out on communities in the Siyavula OER... 3 comments
OER11: Cases of OER use: aspects that contribute to successful adoption. 1 comment
OER2011 Keynote: Dr. Louise Bay Waters, Superintendent and CEO, Leadership Public School  
OER2011 OLnet: CLaims Garden  
OER2011 Plenary: Jutta Treviranus  
OER2011 Rapid Fire: Karien Bezuidenhout, Chief Operating Officer, Shuttleworth Foundation  
OER2011: Panel OER in Action  
OER2011: Steve Midgely - Learning Registry  
OER2011:Chris Blow  
OERHF Birds of a Feather: OER & China OERHF Friday Birds of Feather session - Facilitator: Fun-Den Wang, China Open Resources for Education 1 comment
OERHF Birds of a Feather: OER & Developing Countries OERHF Friday Birds of Feather session - Facilitator: Facilitator: James Otieno, Silicon Valley Education Foundation 1 comment
OERHF Birds of a Feather: OER & Education Partnerships OERHF Friday Birds of Feather session - Facilitator: Felice Nudelman, The New York Times  
OERHF Birds of a Feather: OER & K-12 Teaching & Learning OERHF Friday Birds of Feather session - Facilitators: Larry Rosenstock, High Tech High, and Alex Grodd, BetterLesson 1 comment
OERHF Birds of a Feather: OER & Research Working with Open Educational Resources raises many questions: How to take part? What benefits does... 1 comment
OERHF Birds of a Feather: OER & Sustainability OERHF Friday Birds of Feather session - Facilitator: Stephen Carson, MIT  
OERHF Birds of a Feather: OER & Video OERHF Friday Birds of Feather session - Facilitators: Peter Kaufman and Diana Kleiner  
OERHF Birds of a Feather: OER Collective Intelligence widgets Would you embed these widgets on your OER website?...  
OERHF Birds of a Feather: OER Metrics OERHF Friday Birds of Feather session - Facilitator: Robbin Steif, LunaMetrics 2 comments
OERHF Birds of a Feather: OER Search & Discovery OERHF Friday Birds of Feather session - Facilitator: Nathan Yergler, Creative Commons  
OERHF: Delegates List The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation 2010 Grantees Meeting  Delegates list  
OERHF: General Comments, References and Links General references that may be of interest 2 comments
OERHF: Keynote Hal Plotkin Keynote given by Hal Plotkin at Hewlett Foundation 2010 meeting... 1 comment
OERHF: Update from The Hewlett Foundation Barbara Chow, Vic Vuchic and Kathy Nicholson on future plans... 2 comments
OERs in Africa visualisation Compendium visualisation of OER in Africa panel  
OERs matters – vision, reality and uncertainty 0074 ALTC 2009 Amber Tomas, Li Yuan, Liam Earney, Chris Pegler, Mark Stiles, Tom Franklin 1 comment
Of journeys, journals and jottings  
Ofcom Media Literacy e-Bulletin  
off to HETL conference 1 comment
Offering students choice in online e-Assessment to promote engagement and formative learning 0038 ALTC 2009  
Offers for workshops  
offshore companies incorporation  
Old Chapter 1 - Contextualising learning design 1 comment
Old Chapter 10 - Open Educational Resources  
Old Chapter 11 - Open, social and participatory media  
Old Chapter 12 - Case study of Cloudworks  
Old Chapter 13 - Theory and methodology in learning design research  
Old Chapter 15 - Mediating Artefacts  
Old Chapter 16 - Open Practices  
Old Chapter 17 - Realising the vision of Open Educational Resources  
Old Chapter 18 - Online interactions and communities  
Old Chapter 2: Locating the field  
Old Chapter 3 - The emergence of learning design as a research field  
Old Chapter 4 - Design-Based Research  
Old Chapter 5 - An overview of design representations  
Old Chapter 6 - Design languages  
Old Chapter 7 - Design Languages  
Old Chapter 8 - Case study on representation: Making designs explicit through visualisation  
Old Chapter 9 - Pedagogical planners  
Old learning habits and new technologies: the impact of choice, control and identity in the learning experiences of novice adult students using ICT Presentation by Alice Peasgood at the CALRG 2012 conference.  
OLD MOOC - Adult Education Team Overview 6 comments
OLD MOOC 2013 - Learning Journal - Tom Preskett 2 comments
OLD MOOC WK 3 Activity 2 Course Cards 1 comment
Old School meets Web 2.0: Mixing established teaching methodology with innovative learning tools.  
OLDMOOC Learning Journal Alan Clarke Reflections on my OLD MOOC experiences 2 comments
OLDS 2013  
OLDS Journal  
OLDS Mooc  
Olds MOOC  
OLDS MOOC - Andy Thys  
OLDS MOOC 2013 Learning Journal 3 comments
OLDS MOOC Evaluation Plan and Badging Presentation (OU eLearning MOOC Event 2013)  
OLDS MOOC in the Big Smoke 5 comments
OLDS MOOC journal (David Jennings)  
Olds mooc journal for @maremel Gigi Johnson  
Olds mooc journal for @maremel Gigi Johnson  
OLDS MOOC Launch event live feed presentation of OLDS MOOC launch event 29 comments
OLDS MOOC launch: pre-event discussion 6 comments
OLDS MOOC Learning Journal  
OLDS MOOC Learning Journal  
OLDS MOOC Learning Journal - Tamsyn  
OLDS MOOC Learning Journal-Dan McCaffrey What it says on the tin, folks! 1 comment
OLDS MOOC Open discussion  
OLDS MOOC Project plan  
OLDS MOOC Study Group: Literature, Technology and Collaborative Writing 2 comments
OLDS MOOC test page  
OLDS MOOC Week 1: reflect  
OLDS MOOC Week 2: Introduction, outline & planning  
OLDS MOOC Week 2: objectives and plans  
OLDS MOOC Week 3 Hang Out  
OLDs MOOC Wk4 PPC Coaching swimmers with a disability OK  
OLDS MOOC: getting started with cloudworks - step by step  
OLDS MOOC: Introduction and discussion 21 comments
OLDS Moocs Course Journal This is my learning journal 7 comments
OLDS-MOOC Course Map 25 comments
OLDS-MOOC Course Map representation 12 comments
OLDS-MOOC Design Workshop July 2012  
OLDS-MOOC learning journal 2 comments
OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal  
OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal  
OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal  
OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal - Tabitha A learning journal to capture my experience of the OLDS MOOC 2013 4 comments
OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal (Greig)  
OLDS-MOOC study circle: From Unit 0 to publication 3 comments
OLDS-MOOC Week 3: Background reading 1 comment
OLDS-MOOC Week 3: Optional Activities  
OLDS-MOOC Week 3: Sharing and reflections 10 comments
OLDSMOOC Learning Journal (Helen Whitehead) 2 comments
OLDSMOOC Navigation Tool 1 comment
OLDSMOOC Resources - week 1 (Helen Whitehead)  
OLDsMOOC Week 2; learning but not as we know it  
oldsmooc_portfolio HG  
Oli Haslam: My dream: Learning design for a collaborative ‘gamified simulation’ environment in Wordpress Multisite 13 comments
Oli Haslam's OLDS MOOC learning journal Oli's learning journal  
Oliver's representations  
Olnet - feedback in a physical space A visual representation and collective intelligence exercise at the 'Mapping and Bridging workshop' 8 comments
OLnet Discussion Area 6 comments
Olnet OER design workshop OLnet workshop at Eden conference 2009  
Olnet OER design workshop Workshop 30th June 09  
OLnet one year on: Blending evidence for collective intelligence CALRG conference presentation 2010  
OLnet possible future action lines  
OLnet Project  
OLnet research projects visualisation Visualiation of suggestions for OLnet research projects  
Olnet research questions An evolving set of research questions for OLnet 1 comment
OLnet virtual workshop - brainstorm A brainstorm of a workshop for "teachers" to make good use of patterns (OLnet away day 2 July 2009) 1 comment
OLnet: Learning from Reseach Projects  
OLnet: Open Learning network A network to address ways to research and share information about Open Educational Resources 2 comments
OLnet: shaping up the network Contributions from Monterey meeting participants on the shaping of OLnet 2 comments
On line scientific calculator I am looking for an online scientific calculator that handles fractions and mixed number notation  
On the Relationship between My Avatar and Myself From Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2009. Relationships between people and their...  
On the Role of Presence in Mixed Reality Presence, 2009. New paradigms for presence research that can be used with Mixed Reality New...  
On-line Language Games Hangman etc  
Onderzoek Waar vind ik onderzoek naar nieuwe media?  
one get lost in cloud space  
one get lost in cloud space  
one get lost in cloud space  
One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) - the future for classrooms? The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Foundation developed, promotes and deploys its XO laptops for... 13 comments
One page guides One page guides on technologies and how they can be used in teaching  
One Time Investment Is Only Needed To Replace Power Saving Lamps  
One to one online consultations- Guidelines 5 comments
Online Assessment  
Online Assessment  
Online Assignment Help  
Online Assignment Help in Australia  
Online Classrooms  
Online Continuing Professional Development - Why Universities are Missing Out 0285 ALTC 2009  
Online Course Design Basics - course development space -persona 7 comments
Online Course Design Basics (Joining Stephen Bright) Design a short online course to give University lecturers an experience of an online stuudent  
Online Coursework Submission at the University of Essex 0277 ALTC 2009  
Online discussion for a distributed student body When replacing face-to-face student contact, online discussion can enhance learning – if carefully designed.  
Online Distance Learning Module Induction  
Online equivalents for face-to-face tutorials Online tutorials can successfully replace face-to-face, with careful structuring and anticipation of student working patterns.  
Online Essay Help Company -  
online exam preparation  
Online graphic design courses (below HE level) scenario  
Online Graphic Design courses scenario (below HElevel) 2 comments
Online Icebreaker and introduction to eLearning  
Online Information 2009 Trade show at Olympia London with conference, not obviously about learning 7 comments
Online Language Instructor Evaluation (from Briar) 2 comments
Online Language Learner Feedback Survey (from Briar)  
Online Learning and Teaching Survey  
Online Learning: An exploration of the last 20 inches  
Online numeracy support for students in HE and FE – a user-centred approach 0225 ALTC 2009 Toby Carter, Jamie Myland, Julian Priddle, Philippa Priddle, Dawn Hawkins, Jacqui McCary  
Online OER Repository at the African Virtual University COMMING UP SOON In line with the AVU Business Plan 2009-2014, the AVU is devloping of a...  
Online OER Repository at the African Virtual University COMMING UP SOON In line with the AVU Business Plan 2009-2014, the AVU is devloping of a...  
Online payment gateway for tech support  
Online people tagging: Social Mobile Networking Services in Work-based Learning, John Cook, London Metropolitan University, and Norbert Pachler, Institute of Educati 2 comments
Online Repositories of Learning Designs: Pipedreams and Possibilities 1 comment
Online role play (convicts and officials) Students come to understand the lives of others through role play – researched and moderated, with a clear end point and debriefing.  
Online round table on Personal Learning Environment Blog post by e-learning blog  
Online spanish TV  
Online supervision: from Skype to Second Life Lucia Rapanotti Workshop 2D and Workshop 6B  
Online teamworking to develop a business case Group assignments can work effectively online, provided that students have been prepared to develop their online teamworking skills.  
Online tools for MLCB A collection of tools used for preparations for and collaboration during the MLCB conference.  
Online Training Ontario  
OPAL case study 00: template OPAL case study template  
OPAL case study 01: OpenLearn, UK An narrative-based OER cases study 2 comments
OPAL case study 02: The Support Centre for Open Educational Resources (SCORE), UK SCORE has been set up as part of the Shared Solutions initiative (,...  
OPAL case study 03: OpenExeter, UK Open Exeter is a JISC-funded project to release existing learning resources as OER, under a...  
OPAL case study 04: U-Now, University of Nottingham, UK U-Now is the University of Nottingham’s formal open courseware initiative, and a member of...  
OPAL case study 05: OpenSpires, Oxford University, UK OpenSpires is the Oxford University OER initiative sponsored (May 2009 – April 2010) by JISC...  
OPAL case study 06: Multimedia Training Videos, University of Westminster, UK The OER initiative (April 2009 – April 2010) of the University of Westminster is driven by...  
OPAL case study 07: Open Learning Environment for Low Countries Early Modern History, University College London, UK This project is funded by JISC and Higher Education Academy, and aims to turn a comprehensive...  
OPAL case study 08: Teaching Resources on Undergraduate Economics (TRUE), Bristol University & 13 other HE partners, UK This is a JISC/HEA funded project based in the Economics Subject Centre at Bristol University &...  
OPAL case study 09: OER4Schools project, Cambridge University, UK The Cambridge University Centre for Commonwealth Education funded a 'OER4Schools' pilot project...  
OPAL case study 10: POCKET, University of Derby & 3 other HEIs , UK Project on Open Content for Knowledge Exposition and Teaching (POCKET)  This Project aimed to...  
OPAL case study 11: Open, Transferable and Technology-enabled Educational Resources (OTTER) project, Leicester University , UK The OTTER project at the University of Leicester – funded by JISC and...  
OPAL case study 12: Open Educational Repository in Support of Computer Science, Ulster University & 5 other HE partners , UK The Information systems & Computer Science (ICS) Open Educational Resources (OER) project is...  
OPAL case study 13: The Humbox project, Southampton, Royal Holloway & Warwick University & 12 other HE partners, UK The HumBox project is part of a wider Open Educational Resources initiative funded by JISC &...  
OPAL case study 14: Open Educational resources pilot project, Loughborough University & 9 other HE partners, UK Funded by JISC/HEA, the HEA Engineering Subject Centre are running a pilot programme to support...  
OPAL case study 15: Collaborative open resource Environment (CORE), Liverpool University & 21 other HE partners, UK This project has been funded by the JISC and HEAcademy Open Educational Resources (OER)...  
OPAL case study 16: Skills for Science project, Hull University & 17 other HE partners, UK The HEA Physical Sciences Subject Centre has been sucessful in bidding for the HEFCE/JISC/Academy...  
OPAL case study 17: C-Change project, Plymouth University & 12 other HE partners, UK Open Licensing of climate change & sustainability resources: C-Change project is based in the...  
OPAL case study 18: Art, Design & Media OER project, Brighton, Cumbria & University of the Creative Arts, UK The HEA Art, design & Media Subject Centre, based in the University of Brighton, OER project is... 1 comment
OPAL case study 19: FETLAR, Nottingham Trent University & 11 other HE partners, UK The Finding electronic teaching, Learning & Assessment resources (FETLAR) project is...  
OPAL case study 20: Biosciences Interactive Laboratory/Fieldwork Manual, Leeds University & 11 other HE partners, UK The UK HEA Subject Centre for Bioscience is taking part in a pilot programme for the release of... 1 comment
OPAL case study 21: OERs in Simulated learning (SIMSHARE), Warwick University & 4 other HE partners, UK Simshare is UK HEA Centre for Legal Education's (UKCLE) open educational resources (OER) project,...  
OPAL case study 22: PHORUS project, Kings College London & 16 other HE partners, UK The Public Health Open Resources in the University Sector (PHORUS) project is part of an...  
OPAL case study 23: Key Social Sciences resources for learning & teaching, Birmingham University & 16 other HE partners, UK The HEA Subject Centre for Sociology, Anthropology & Politics (C-SAP) has been successful in...  
OPAL case study 24: Organising Open Educational Resources (OOER), Newcastle University & 16 other HE partners, UK A proposal to the HEFCE/Academy/JISC Open Educational Resources - call for projects was submitted...  
OPAL case study 25: Open Content Employability project, Coventry University, UK  
OPAL case study 26: Unicycle project, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK Leeds Metropolitan University has recently developed an institutional repository funded by the...  
OPAL case study 27: BERLiN project, Nottingham University, UK Funded by HEFCE/JISC/HEA this project enhances and expands Nottingham’s existing Open...  
OPAL case study 28: OpenStaffs project, Staffordshire University, UK A HEFCE/JISC/HEA sponsored project to deposit high quality educational resources, in different...  
OPAL case study 29: Open Source Electronics Learning Tools project, York University, UK Java Bread Board (JBB) Open Source Project This project is funded by JISC/HEFCE as part of the OER...  
OPAL case study 30: openUCF, University College Falmouth, UK UCF has successfully bid for £20,000 project funding under The Higher Education...  
OPAL case study 31: the Numeracy Bank (Numbat) project, Anglia Ruskin University, UK A HEFCE/JISC/HEA project that builds on previous work to provide online learning materials to...  
OPAL case study 32: EVOLUTION project, University of Central Lancashire, UK The education & Vocational Objects for Learning Using Technology in Open Networks (EVOLUTION)...  
OPAL case study 33: Chemistry-FM project, University of Lincolnshire, UK This HEFCE/JISC/HEA project will release all educational resources used in Year 1 'Introductory...  
OPAL case study 34: Open Educational Resources Project (OERP), Bradford University, UK The Bradford Open and Mobile Education Open Education Resources Project (BRome) is funded by...  
OPAL case study 35: The National Digital Learning Repository, Ireland The cost, effort and complexity of developing eLearning content for courses is a significant...  
OPAL case study 36: OpenER project, The Netherlands The OpenER project of the Open University of the Netherlands tests the use of OER as a means of...  
OPAL case study 37: Wikiwjs project, The Netherlands The English translation is Wikiwise. It is an open, online platform of open educational resources....  
OPAL case study 38: Akleon project, Germany AKLEON is a result of the project META-AKAD, which had the goal to provide users with a uniform...  
OPAL case study 39: KELDAmet project, Germany KELDAmed is an annotated database registering free medical e-learning resources on the internet....  
OPAL case study 40: CampusContent project, Germany CampusContent is an interdisciplinary initiative to create, share, improve and make available...  
OPAL case study 41: podcampus project, Germany Podcampus is a podcasting platform for scientific and research contributions. Lectures and courses...  
OPAL case study 42: Zentrale fur Unterrichtsmedien (ZUM.DE) project, Germany The Zentrale für Unterichtsmedien im Internet e.V. (abbrev. ZUM.DE or ZUM) is a charitable...  
OPAL case study 43: the Dual Mode Technische Universitat Darmstadt project, Germany The Dual Mode TUD aims that all students finish at least one E-Learning-Event during all courses of...  
OPAL case study 44: MatheVital project, Germany MatheVital is a modular, freely accessible collection of interactive material for education in...  
OPAL case study 45: Skriptenforum project, Germany This is a student initiative which offers to students and interested lecturers the opportunity to...  
OPAL case study 46: EducaNext project, Vienna University of Economics & Business, Austria EducaNext was developed by Vienna University of Economics and Business It is a portal service to...  
OPAL case study 47: eLibrary project, Austria The eLibrary Projekt is a shared student project which provides digitized document texts together...  
OPAL case study 48: the Geographic Information Technology Training Alliance (GITTA) project, Switzerland GITTA (the Geographic Information Technology Training Alliance) was a Swiss Virtual Campus project....  
OPAL case study 49: UnisulVirtual, Brasil UnisulVirtual is a private university located in the state of Santa Catarina in the south of...  
OPAL case study 50: Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources, USA The primary goal of the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources is to identify,...  
OPAL case study 51: BC Campus, Canada An OER case study that has been mapped to the OPAL template 2 comments
OPAL case study 52: MIT OpenCourseWare, USA MIT OCW is a free and open educational resource for educators, students, and self-learners around...  
OPAL case study 52a: CCOT  
OPAL case study 53: EDU.FI project, Finland is a free service open for all aimed at teachers in Finland. The service is...  
OPAL case study 54: AVO-SOMETU project, Finland An OER case study that is based on a series of interviews  
OPAL case study 55: INTERACTIC project, Portugal INTERACTIC is a community of 1700 teachers. INTERACTIC is organized by twenty nine interest groups...  
OPAL case study 56: Casa das Ciencias project, Portugal This project is supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian foundation and provides a collection of...  
OPAL case study 56: casas das ciencias, Portugal  
Opal case study 57: Estonia country network  
OPAL case study 58: LeMill  
OPAL case study 59: ICS, UK  
OPAL case study 60: Using RSS feeds and web feeds for learning, UK OPAL case study  
OPAL dimension 1: OEP strategies and policies OPAL dimension 1: OEP strategies and policies 1 comment
OPAL dimension 2: QA models OPAL dimension 2: QA models 1 comment
OPAL dimension 3: Partnership models What are the partnership models for OEP? ... 1 comment
OPAL dimension 4: Tools and tool practices What tools and tool practices exist in OEP? ...  
OPAL dimension 5: Innovations Describe recent innovations in OEP... ...  
OPAL dimension 6: Skills development & support What skills development materials are available to support OEP?  ... 1 comment
OPAL dimension 7: Business models/sustainability strategies What business models or sustainability strategies exist for OEP? ... 1 comment
OPAL dimension 8: Barriers & success factors What barriers & success factors exist for OEP? ... 1 comment
OPAL expert meeting: useful references and links  
OPAL Framework Matrix - Word document  
OPAL project - useful related resources and initiatives Useful sites and resources related to OER 1 comment
Open Academics Textbook Catalog (Nicole Allen, David Ernst)  
Open Access Publishing: an Introduction  
Open Access Research Opportunities and Strategies Session as part of the Athabasca University contribution to Open Access Week 20 October 2009 2 comments
Open Access: General information Info for Session 4: Open Access 3 comments
Open and broadcast media 1 comment
Open complementing closed - PLE and LMS - why, what for and how?  
Open Content: General information Info for Session 1: Open content  
Open Ed 2010 Call for Papers OpenEd conference - theme OER: Impact and Sustainability  
Open Ed conference video Open Ed conference  
Open Education at The Open University  
Open Educational Resources and ICT for Development Tim Unwin (UNESCO Chair in ICT for Development at Royal Holloway) A recorded presentation of the...  
Open educational resources as a research challenge How does researching OER give us new challenges? 1 comment
Open Educational Resources Commons Repository and community for those interested in OERs  
Open educational resources issues  
Open Educational Resources Showcase Descriptions of OER projects around the world 21 comments
Open Educational Resources Technical Roundtable  
Open Essayist (LAEP Inventory) 2 comments
Open Exeter: University of Exeter OER initiative Snapshot of the University of Exeter OER Initiative - Open Exeter, for the OPAL Project... 1 comment
Open Habitat: The Manual, Publication and Poster 0071 ALTC 2009  
Open Learning: General information This theme will explore issues related to learning.  
Open Mic Session: Thunderbolts and Lightning Graphically Recorded Lightning Talks for Knowledge Exchange 2 comments
Open Mic Session: Weathering the Storm - finding solutions to significant issues Graphically Facilitated Knowledge Exchange Event 2 comments
Open Nottingham 2011: Open Nottingham - Wyn Morgan  
Open Nottingham 2011: Lessons from Open Source Software Re-use - Greg DeKoenigsberg  
Open Nottingham 2011: Use of OER by an Open University Maths Course - Tim Lowe  
Open Nottingham Seminar - 7th April 2011  
Open Partnership Model  
Open Social Learning VI International Seminar of the UNESCO Chair in e-learning, 30 november/1st December 2009, Barcelona 4 comments
Open Source 3 comments
Open Source curriculum What would an Open Source curriculum look like? 1 comment
Open Source Web CMS for Lesson Plans  
Open study circle 19 comments
Open Teaching: General information Info for Session 3: Open Teaching  
Open tools for teaching and learning: corpora and eportfolios  
Open University announces a Open Learning Design MOOC The first Open Learning Design Studio MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) focusing on the theme of curriculum design with OERs 28 comments
Open University module H817-15B Openness and innovation in elearning - Week 8 - Activity 7: Exploring OER issues  
Open-source textbooks  
Opened09 keynotes 6 comments
openGLM - IMS LD editor with link to ICOPER content repository Download the openGLM here:, Linux and Windows support...  
OpenGLM -- An Authoring and Sharing Tool for Learning Designs and Teaching Methods 3 comments
Opening Address: Martha Kanter  
Opening doors to digital learning – open educational repositories for community discovery, sharing, reuse and activity Talk by Catherine Bruen at ISKS 11 May 09  
Opening of Bristol Ideas in Mobile Learning Symposium by John Cook  
Opening Plenary - 28th July 2010 Welcome by Sarah Porter and David Baker  
Opening Plenary - 29th July 2010 Rachel Bruce gives an overview of Day 1 and Outline of Day 2 1 comment
Opening Universities to Lifelong Learning - Morag Harvey, Centre for Inclusion and Curriculum  
Opening up education (LAEP Inventory) 1 comment
Opening up multiple choice: assessing with confidence  
OpenLearn A repository of open educational resources from OU courses  
OpenLearn 3 Years On: Milestones & Future Outlook OpenLearn OER Event, 19 January 2010 2 comments
OpenLearn Digital Book Compendium map summary of OpenLearn research, technical reports, working papers and publications...  
OpenLearn Research Report 2006-2008 Experience of two years of OpenLearn - The Open University's OER initiative  
openness and identity 3 comments
Openness in education 4 comments
OpenOpen (Open University and Open Educational Resources: sharing research and practice) 3 comments
OpenPad: using your scholarship to achieve HEA recognition  
OpenSpires - Oxford University OER Initiative, UK OpenSpires is the Oxford University OER initiative sponsored by JISC. The aim of the initiative is...  
OpenStax Tutor: Open Personalized Learning (Richard Baraniuk, JP Slavinsky, Daniel Williamson)  
OpenVCE Open Virtual Collaboration Environment  
Opportunities - SWOT 2 comments
Optimisation Stochastique Évolutionnaire - Certificate  
Optimising Library Resource Discovery for mobile users  
Options for Life, Not Just for a Living 2 comments
Opus Creator  
Ordspel (in Swedish) 1 comment
Organising your work Research Skills required by PhD students C1: Organising your work...  
Oriel's Design Narrative - Supporting positive feedback experiences following teaching observation Addressing trainee teacher complaints following feedback on assessed teaching.  
Original Proposal OLNet Fellowship Application Research Proposal Tracking OER Reuse of “Download-able”...  
ORIOLE Links and Resources  
Other IET activity  
Other students' experience  
OTIS repository of case studies An online tutor skills site 1 comment
OU Analyse (LAEP Inventory)  
OU Conference: Interviews For the conference Martin Weller interviewed the OU Vice Chancellor, Martin Bean, and three OU... 5 comments
OU Design & Technology Flexible PGCE Course Cloudscape This cloudscape is for discussion about the use of new technologies for teaching D&T 1 comment
OU Digital Literacy framework  
OU e-learning case studies Case studies of the use of technologies for teaching at the OU 2 comments
OU embed proposal (blog) Originally posted - 13 April 2011 |  
OU Media Player - consistent, accessible HTML5 multimedia?  
OU Media Player June 2014 release (blog)  
OU Media Player principles  
OU media player project (blog) Originally posted - 7 February 2011 |  
OU Media Player rebooted (blog) At look back at activity for the project in 2011, and what is happening this year...  
OU presentation 2 comments
OU Research iTunes Podcast - International Adoption 2 comments
OU Test Mick  
OULDI - Cloudworks 2 comments
OULDI - Compendium LD Cloud created for the end of phase 2 workshop 10 comments
OULDI - Curriculum Mapping Cloud created for the end of phase 2 workshop 2 comments
OULDI - related activities and collaborations Cloud created for the end of phase 2 workshop  
OULDI - Related Projects Cloud created for the end of phase 2 workshop  
OULDI - Staff Engagement and Support Cloud created for the end of phase 2 workshop 2 comments
OULDI - Visualising and supporting Learning Designs and designing Cloud created for the end of phase 2 workshop 2 comments
OULDI Ascilite workshop Discussion Area 2 comments
OULDI website OU Learning Design Initiative website  
Our Careers, Our Selves : ‘New Learning Professionals’ Ten Years On 0177 ALTC 2009 Gornall  
Our Resource Collecting Area  
Our world of realpolitik?  
Out of necessity and efficiency: Models of Shared Service in Education 0310 ALTC 2009  
Out There and In Here blog  
Out There and In Here: Connected to place, task and others through innovative technologies Presentation at CALRG annual conference 2010 1 comment
Outline programme  
Overview of DIY Multimedia group This is the cloud for the oldsmooc DIY Multimedia group 4 comments
Overview of foundation degrees at the OU Presentation by Steve Hutchinson at FELS foundation degrees workshop, 15th Jan 08  
Overview of uTitle interface (timeline based comments of YouTube videos using twitter) The embedded video below was submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference (22 -23... 5 comments
Oxford OER examples: OpenSpire Peter Robinson led off a session demonstrating the OER work from Oxford University.  The... 1 comment
Oxford Union elearning debate 6th October 2010 at 4 pm BST This house believes that technology-based informal learning is more style than substance. What is... 2 comments