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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
Pedro Vargas: a dream on learning a language online English Learning online 8 comments
Professionals, Policies and Practices: Children and Young People in Social Welfare Contexts Sharon Pinkney, 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm  
P1: Integrating individual learning and group knowledge Integrating pedagogies and technologies that support individual learning and group knowledge building. – lead CMU: Champion 5 comments
P2: Learning design of OER P2: Learning design of OER – lead OU: Champion Grainne Conole. 1 comment
P3: The OER effectiveness cycle P3: The OER effectiveness cycle – lead CMU: Champions Candace Thille and Jim Greeno. 6 comments
P4: Connecting with TESSA P4: Connecting with TESSA – lead OU: Champion Freda Wolfenden. 1 comment
Paige Cuffe: Design template/tools for Elluminate/Blackboard and similar environments. Looking to develop ways of presenting session plans so the 'movement' through the session is visualised before implementation 8 comments
Paige's draft dump on oer for design notation  
Pair Tutoring  
Pam's comparison of 4 Ts and e-Design e-design good for planning and 4Ts for keeping lessons on track  
Panel - An OER Kaleidoscope for Languages An overview of key and innovative Open Educational Resources projects for language learning and teaching  
Panel - Community College Panel on Open Education Innovation and Collaboration Community Colleges are embracing open educational practices to support innovation and collaboration and expand student  
Panel - The UNESCO Chairs in Open Educational Resources A Year Later and the Road Forward  
Panel Discussion: Open Education: Still a Chasm to Cross  
Panel session: Dragon's den Dragon's DenThree pitches for investment in innovative, radical approaches, followed by round table... 13 comments
Panel session: International CODE Symposia Question 1 - How can we convince students of the value of adopting a student-centered learning...  
Panel: Domestic OER Related Policies: Opportunities and Challenges Across Levels 8 comments
Panel: International OER Policy: Sharing Goals and Objectives Across Countries 13 comments
Paper Rewriter  
Paper: Review of pedagogical models and frameworks 35 comments
Paper: Social exclusion or inclusion - the implications of social and participatory  
Paper: theory and methodology in networked learning As part of a recent 'hotseat' debate I produced the following positional paper on theory and...  
PAR Framework (LAEP Inventory)  
Parallel session: The Re VICa project - review of virtual campuses Presentation at the Cambridge International Conference of Open and Distance Learning 2 comments
Parallel Sessions Anything relating to the parallel sessions at the Cambridge Conference on Open and Distance Learning 2 comments
Parallel Sessions (Open Nottingham Seminar 7 April 11)  
parent coaching techniques to help parents coach their kids for success 2 comments
parent engagement  
Parental perspective on young children’s use of touch-screen technology  
Parmenides - computational argumentation to support e-participation The Parmenides e-participation forum uses argumentation schemes to structure proposals for...  
Part Time Working Away post grads How to help Part Time Working Away post grads  
Participants 1 comment
Participate to the Survey: Expert Barriers to Wikipedia 3 comments
Participating in the Pilot Online Learn About Fair Instructions on how to participate in the pilot online Learn About fair  
Participating online in the 'Learn About' Fair 4 comments
Participative methodology for learning design  
participatory instructional design in teaching English  
Participatory Media Teaching and Learning Resources  
PARTNERS Community of Practice  
Pascaline's review of the "healthy eating" representations  
Pascaline's review of the healthy eating representations  
PASS: Programme Assessment Strategies An HE Academy NTFS project This project confronts a fundamental issue for every HE ...  
Pat Townshend's Design Narrative - Improving English Skills 1 comment
Patricia Gándara My Learning Journal 2 comments
Pattern: Guess my X (GmX)  
Pattern: Jigsaw and pyramid collaborative learning patterns  
Pattern: Learning Contracts  
Pattern: Objects to talk with Pedagogical pattern  
Pattern: Predict Observe Explain  
Pattern: Pyramid  
Pattern: Think Pair Share (TPS)  
Pattern: Think-pair-share A strategy for fostering debate. 4 comments
Paul Crossman Design Narrative: Sound Designing with Absynth  
Paul Jinks: My dream of a course to help 15-18 year olds applying to dental school 5 comments
Paul Jinks' OLDS MOOC cloud  
Paul McCullough's Design Narrative: Muddling through Moodle Management  
Paul Stoneman: My dream: Augmentation of a blended course  
Paul Walsh using Clouscape  
Paul's Representations  
Paul's review of represenations  
Paula Cardoso - My Dream: Learning specific second language skills in an immersive environment  
Paula Cardoso - Week 1 Reflection  
Paula M: Comparisons between the e-Design Template and the Design Principles Database  
Paula's Comparisons and Reviews of the Representations  
Paula's Learning Journal 21st Century Learning  
Paula’s Design Narrative: Referencing Research Papers for Undergraduates 1 comment
Pauls reponse to A2a: 4SPPIces & e-Design Template  
PBL Interactive Suite of tools to create problem-based scenarios  
Pecha Kucha Presentations 1 comment
Pedagogical design summit Key challenges in learning design research  
Pedagogical dimensions of intimacy in blended learning @ uni  
Pedagogical innovations in new ICT-facilitated learning communities Summary of the IPTS review on ICT and informal learning 3 comments
Pedagogical innovations in new ICT-facilitated learning communities Discussion Area 3 comments
Pedagogical models Aggregation of pedagogical models used in e-learning 23 comments
Pedagogical patterns symposium Presentation at CAL 09 conference Brighton  
Pedagogical planner summit & learning through inquiry Discussion Area 2 comments
Pedagogical schema New schema for mapping pedagogies and technologies  
Pedagogical templates for eLearning  
Pedagogy meets Ontologies: Knowledge Representation for Creative Learning Design 0279 ALTC 2009  
Pedagogy n Androgy  
Pedagogy profile/Activity profile A tool for modelling student activities 3 comments
Pedagogy supplants technology to bridge the digital divide  
Pedagogy Wheel (mobile devices)  
Pedro's learning journal Why am I on OLDSMOOC 2013?  
Peer assessment using a wiki (a CompendiumLD learning design)  
Peer assessment: development of experience from e-LATE(D)  
Peer Review & Assessment  
Peeragogy Handbook  
Peggy's Design Cloud  
Peggy's Journal Cloud for OLDS MOOC  
Penny Bentley: Different approaches to Design 1 comment
Penny Bentley: Different Approaches to Design  
Penny Bentley: My Dream:To design fun, active, interactive webinars for teaching and learning in virtual classrooms. 4 comments
Penny Bentley's #moocskills Prototype Kicks Off 4 comments
Penny Bentley's Design Narrative #MOOCskills Project 21 comments
Penny Bentley's OLDS MOOC Final Reflections  
Penny Bentley's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal 3 comments
Penny Bentley's Scenario 2 comments
Penny's dream: Accessible learning materials 4 comments
Penny's Learning Journal tribulations and exultation in the self-directed OLDSMOOC learning journey  
Penny's Prototype Announcement  
People Are Bored Paying More to Power Companies  
People are brilliant!  
Performance poetry A great idea from an Australian visitor in Canada  
Performing Languages  
Perry Williams: My dream: How to talk computers 1 comment
Person for F.E Course design  
Persona - Sarah  
Persona - Sofia  
Persona Eduardo  
Persona for Self-Directed/Exploratory Learning  
Persona- Jane  
Persona, factors and concerns, and force map for Developing learning literacies to practice meetings more effectively scenario 2 comments
Persona: Amani 1 comment
Personal Branding Using the web safely and confidently to promote yourself and your work  
Personal goals  
Personal Inquiry: The Nottingham Experience Presentation at the CALRG annual conference 2010 by Stamatina Anastopoulou  
Personal Inquiry: The Open University Experience Presenatation by Mark Gaved and Cindy Kerawalla at the CALRG annual conference 2010  
Personal Learning Environment - a conceptual study Paper by B. Taraghi, M. Ebner, G. Till and H Mühlburger  
Personal Learning Environments & Personal Learning Networks Resources from a symposium and from research papers and pilots 1 comment
Personal learning network  
Personal learning networks  
Personal Statement Length  
Personalised learning practice 4 comments
Personalising provision through Blended Learning: a bottom-up departmental strategy 0142 ALTC 2009 Williams & Trala  
Personas - Agora  
Personas and Force maps at the OLDS MOOC design workshop 5 comments
Personas HG 1 comment
Personas Petros Olympikakopapadopoulos  
Peter Arnold's design narrative  
Peter Miller: Dream: Collaborative working in virtual worlds Project outline for OLDS MOOC 15 comments
Peter Miller: OLDSMOOC Learning Journal 2 comments
Peter MORTIMER: My dream: getting online learners to communicate with each other Organizing coursework to generate dialogue between learners 3 comments
Peter Scott Design Narrative - A remedial session with a Level 1 student  
Peter Scott's view of Representations  
PGCE Primary trainees: Properties of matter Map of the SK 'experiences' trainees have in their training year  
PGRS Conference 2013  
PGRS Residential Conference 2013  
Pharmacy Personal Statement  
Phase 1: Investigating a crime in Victorian England 1 comment
PhD Process  
PhD: Illusions, Disenchantment and Magic Led by Mabelle Victoria  
Phil Johnson & Craig Hammond, University Centre at Blackburn College, UK - Creativity for Edupunks  
Phil Johnson & Craig Hammond, University Centre at Blackburn College, UK - Creativity for Edupunks  
Phil Langton: In my dreams: Reviving a passion for logic, rhetoric and grammar in HE 1 comment
Phil's OLDS MOOC space  
Philip's Design Narrative: Making Thinking Visible 1 comment
Philip's Design Narrative: Making Thinking Visible  
Philip's Design Narrative: Making Thinking Visible  
Philip's Design Narrative: Making Thinking Visible  
Philip's Design Narrative: Making Thinking Visible  
Philip's H800 Healthy Eating design representations  
Philip’s H800 Healthy Eating Design Representations  
Philip’s H800 Healthy Eating Design Representations  
Photo Story 3  
Photography as vehicle for achievement in EFL  
phuongmt Cloud  
Physical and Health Education  
Physics animations  
Physics Podcasts This is intended to start a discussion of possible podcats we might create in PAS. Please throw up... 5 comments
Piano Lessons London using Vicente Scaramuzza Technique  
Picture dictionary  
Pilot course  
Pinterest as an academic research tool 3 comments
Pinyin: Western alphabet with different sounds The most difficult sounds in Chinese for westerners are consonents. When learning sounds in...  
PiP Project at the University of Strathclyde Principles in Patterns (PiP) is a £1 million project partly funded by JISC under its...  
Placing elements on a grid  
Plan, Do, Check/Study, Act Deming cycle or Shewart cycle related to learning 15 comments
Planned Activity Profile (OLDS-MOOC design)  
Planned Activity Profile (OLDS-MOOC design)  
Planning for the Curriculum Design Fest 1 comment
Planning your career progression Research Skills required by PhD students G2: Take ownership for and manage one's career...  
Platforms for Tutor Knowledge Sharing and Social Networking 17 comments
Play Spaces By Angela Bonehill 5 comments
Play/Community 1 comment
Play/community (K802-11J)  
PLE on Mindmap on  
PLE’s versus LMS: Are PLEs ready for Prime time? PLE’s versus LMS: Are PLEs ready for Prime time?  
Please comment on my narratives - here in 'Jeff Waistell's Learning Journal' 16 comments
Please share in the evaluation of my sustainability MOOC: Jeff Waistell 2 comments
Plenary discussion: Student community support Friday 4th June, 15:00 pm - 15:30 pm, JLB Meeting Room 1 1 comment
Plenary summary Cambridge International Conference on Open and Distance Learning, 25/9/09 10 comments
Plenary summary - reseacher 2.0 Summary from the reseacher 2.0 workshop, 10th February  
Plenary, Presentations and Feedback  
Plenary: Setting your trajectory: learning from role models Friday 4th June, 14:00 pm - 15:00 pm, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Plenary: Conole - learning innovations through social and participatory media 1 comment
Plenary: Standing out at interview Thursday 3rd June, 14:00 pm - 14:45 pm, Plenary, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Plenary: Voices of experience Katerina Tzanidou, Mohammed Salifu, Mike Ellims and Tom Heath, Friday 4th June, 10:00 am - 11:30 am, JLB Meeting Room 1  
PLENK 2010 Journal I would like to use this cloud to write a weekly journal about my learning journey in the 10-weeks... 1 comment
Podcast 1 comment
Podcast The Impact (or not) of eBooks  
Podcast iSpot...  
Podcast Cloudworks  
Podcast 3-D Immersive Environments for Teaching Science  
Podcast The Open Educator as DJ - Towards a Practice of Educational Remix  
Podcast Digital Scholarship  
Podcast The Talk Factory: Supporting 'exploratory talk' around an Interactive Whiteboard in primary school science  
Podcast OU Library’s systems-meeting needs of 21st century’s learners  
Podcast Somtimes I s-start to stutter  
Podcast Podstars Project  
Podcast Out There and In Here  
Podcast: Interview with Grainne Conole about cloudworks Interviewer Martin Oliver 1 comment
Podcast: Paul Gormley on Cloudworks Cloudworks the movie!  
Podcasting 1 comment
Podcasting and public engagement  
Podcasting for e-learning Blog post by E-learning curve blog  
Podcasting student voices to support transition from school to university 0181 ALTC 2009  
Podcasting: learning by doing With a new technology, such as podcasting, students can best understand it by experiencing it – as both user and producer. 1 comment
Policy brief on learning analytics – UNESCO (LAEP Inventory)  
Policy Forest on Sustaining Innovation The summary of the days workshop on Sustaining Innovation via Organisational Development providing a range for comment 1 comment
Policy priorities for social media  
policy, politics - and show-biz what education can do with sharper arguments, about big ideas for small starts, in more cities  
Political Science Simulation 1 comment
Poll 1: Can social media and language learning lead to social equality? As part of the Web 2.0 and social inclusion webinar in Turku on 28th April 2009, two polls are... 1 comment
Poll 2: Among the recommendations given by the speakers, which one is the most important? As part of the Web 2.0 and social inclusion webinar in Turku on 28th April 2009, two polls are... 1 comment
Poll everywhere introduces twitter voting Blog posting by Joe Dale  
Poorer children's educational attainment: how important are attitudes & behaviour? March 2010 This report considers some of the ways that affluence and disadvantage influence... 1 comment
Popling - learning without studying  
Portfolios for professional development Keeping an ePortfolio gives students practice in planning and evidencing their professional development, and in creating skills-based CVs.  
PortisHEad: Portfolios in successful HE admissions 0081 ALTC 2009  
PoS outline exemplar 1  
Possible Project Project around contextualising content across communities  
post-coded careers  
Post-conference discussions and reflection for Learning in an Open World Conference Please use this cloud for comments and feedback about any aspect of the ‘Learning in an Open World’ conference 10 comments
Post-digital Event  
Postcard introductions  
Poster preperation  
Poster Presentations Friday 4th June, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm, Nexus  
Poster presentations  
Poster presentations and discussion 2 comments
Poster: 5 design views 1 comment
Postgraduate certificates in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PCTHE, PG Cert) This is a cloud pointing to a blog I am keeping on the Brookes PCTHE, and as possibly the start of...  
Postgraduate programmes for Primary Care  
Postscript: Reflections on adopting an open approach to writing a book  
Poverty and Social Exclusion: Reporting research, examining policy, stimulating debate  
Power law of participation Pedagogical pattern 1 comment
Powerleague tool for voting Onling dynamic visualising of votes on different topics or questions  
PowerPoint tips for Learning Designers  
PowerUp: an accessible virtual world Proceedings of the 10th international ACM SIGACCESS conference on Computers and...  
Practical Advice for Remote Delivery of Lectures Sometimes you've just got to deliver some lecture content and you can't be there in person (illness... 1 comment
Practical Science This cloud is about presenting practical science via distance learning... 5 comments
Practice based teaching and learning group (FHSC) Teaching and learning group for the Faculty of Health and Social Care  
Practitioner Research  
Praktijkverhalen LNF Praktijkverhalen uit deelnemers LNF in Wiki plaatsen  
Pre and Post testing This method has broad application possibilities. [removed]// <![CDATA[ hide the javascript ...  
Pre-event discussion - Helen Beetham – JISC consultant : 'Understanding the role of OERs in open educational practices' 8 comments
Pre-event discussion : David White and Melissa Highton - TALL, University of Oxford : 5 comments
Pre-event discussion : what is said about OER impact in other events? 1 comment
Pre-Uni 1 comment
Pre-workshop activity: What is an OER? - Share an OER! 7 comments
PredictED– Dublin City University (LAEP Inventory)  
Predicting the future of ICT Some thoughts from Tim O'Shea at CALRG 09 conference 1 comment
Predictive modelling for addressing students’ attrition in higher education: The case of OU Analyse  
Preliminary findings from a series of staff surveys on perceptions, attitudes and practices of learning design 0219 ALTC 2009 Simon Cross, Paul Clark, Andrew Brasher 1 comment
Prepare for Success  
Preparing for Probation Review  
Preparing for Probation Review (2012)  
Preparing for Success. Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance (2009)  
Preparing for the meeting  
Preparing for viva Led by Dorothy Faulkner  
Presentation - Conole - Digital literacies for a modern context DIT Graduate School Conference, 15th June 2010  
Presentation - Conole - The rough guide to Cloudworks OU Learning and Teaching Conference 22nd June 2010 8 comments
Presentation - Conole on the Critical literacies course I'm contributing to an onling critical litearcies course being run by Stephen Downes and Frederika...  
Presentation - Conole: IET Research Workshop  
Presentation - Conole: Theory and methodology  
Presentation - Educational output in the digital age Martin Weller's presentation  
Presentation - Hallik: E-Textbooks  
Presentation - Labastide: OER - sharing the present, building the future  
Presentation - McAndrew - OLnet one year on OLnet (The Open Learning network) is reserching the way in which Open Educational Resources are... 1 comment
Presentation - McGreal Sharks and frogs  
Presentation - Researcher 2.0: digital scholarship in science Eileen Scanlon's presentation  
Presentation - Researcher 2.0: Research in the open world Patrick McAndrew's presentation  
Presentation - Researcher 2.0: Research in the open world Patrick McAndrew's presentation  
Presentation on Learning Design--Chris Alexander  
Presentation_Adelaide Dias  
Presentation: A Cloudworks virtual fieldtrip  
Presentation: A theoretical design for learning model addressing the networked society Jannie Nielsen: Two dominant types of learners (Castells): Generic labour (depeneden of...  
Presentation: Anderson - 3 generations of DE pedagogies  
Presentation: Asger Harlung - Some thoughts on creativity in the Danish educational tradition 2 comments
Presentation: Asia Link Phase 3 - EDUSHARE  
Presentation: Autoethnographer Communities of Practice Jeffrey Keefer Began by explaining What is autoethnography?: comes out of cultural studies. Posits...  
Presentation: Autoethnographic Methodology – ICQI10 Papers Jeffrey Keefer liveblogged this session....  
Presentation: Barry Sponder - Some thoughts about culture creativity and education 3 comments
Presentation: Bennett and Agostinho: Learning Design Workshop Ascilite Learning Design Workshop, 6th December 2009  
Presentation: Brown - Finding the appropriate blend – balancing the cutting edge with the bleeding edge of innovation 10th, 11th and 14th December, Massey University  
Presentation: Browne and Newcombe - Open Educational Resources – a new creative space Ascilite conference, 6th December 2009, Auckland  
Presentation: Cloudworks coffee morning This session will give you an overview of the Cloudworks site, a chance to play with the site and...  
Presentation: Community-centered networks and networking among companies educational and cultural institutions and research Presentation at NLC 2010, 3rd May 2010  
Presentation: Conole - Design in practice: aligning ‘design creativity’ with ‘design practice’ Presentation at the TechItUp conference, Kamloops, 23rd October 2009  
Presentation: Conole - Graz  
Presentation: Conole - Harnessing technologies to foster creativity 2 comments
Presentation: Conole - learning analytics to foster good pedagogy Discussant  
Presentation: Conole - Online communities and interactions - reflections on the use of new social and participatory media  
Presentation: Conole - OPAL Webinar 25h May 2011  
Presentation: Conole New approaches to designing for learning  
Presentation: Conole Presentation for the Ascilite Learning Design workshop Ascilite conference, 6th December 2009, Auckland 3 comments
Presentation: Conole Utrecht workshop This cloud links to the Powerpoint presentation for the workshop on 11/3/10 and any associated...  
Presentation: Conole: Digital literacy skills for today's participatory media - the role of creativity  
Presentation: Democratic collaborative dialogue and negotiation of meaning in digital teaching and learning environments Elsebeth Korsgaard Sorensen, Aarhus University Outline Empircal context Previous findings and...  
Presentation: Digital Literacies  
Presentation: Dimitriadis et al. New design approaches to repurposing OERs for collaborative learning Ascilite conference, 6th December 2009, Auckland 3 comments
Presentation: Donald and Blake Reviewing learning designs with HEART – a learning design support strategy Ascilite conference, 6th December 2009, Auckland 3 comments
Presentation: E-pedagogies, social media and open practices  
Presentation: EU4ALL 1 comment
Presentation: FLOSSCOM  
Presentation: Focus Groups: Inquiry, Pedagogy, and Praxis Jeffrey Keefer liveblogged this session....  
Presentation: Frank Rennie (UHI): Using OER for course design Prof. Frank Rennie talked about sideCAP, an EU funded project aiming to improve the quality and... 1 comment
Presentation: Fred Litto 2 comments
Presentation: Gila Kurtz presentation 6 comments
Presentation: Goodyear, Kali & Tickner Complex spaces for learning: theory and practice in design, co-design and re-design Ascilite conference, 6th December 2009, Auckland 1 comment
Presentation: Hanley MERLOT  
Presentation: Hilary Thomas Getting to know you, getting to know all about you Presentation at NLC 2010, 3rd May 2010  
Presentation: Ingrid Day Blended Learning Massey University, 10th -14th December 2009  
Presentation: Introduction to a learning design approach 15 minute introduction to Learning Design and the OULDI project 1 comment
Presentation: Introduction to three learning design representations Introduction to the Course Map, Pedagogy profile and Learning Outcomes representations.... 1 comment
Presentation: Isabelle Martin-Fernandes  
Presentation: iSpot  
Presentation: Learning Design workshop  
Presentation: Learning in an open world Abstract The aim of this research programme is to explore the impact that an increasingly...  
Presentation: Magical expertise – development to a magician from apprentice to a master Olli Rissanen, University of Eastern Finland Magical expertise – development to a magician... 1 comment
Presentation: Mellow - The song remains the same – Peter Mellow, Auckland University of Technology Ascilite conference, 6th December 2009, Auckland  
Presentation: MOTILL  
Presentation: Nicol Ascilite conference, 6th December 2009, Auckland 6 comments
Presentation: OLNET 1 comment
Presentation: On leveraging social technologies in corporate environments Paper at NLC2010 3rd May 2010  
Presentation: online group work patterns: how to promote a successful collaboration Luis Tinoca, Isolina Oliveira Universidade Aberta, Lisbon, Portugal & Centro de...  
Presentation: OPAL - Open Educational Quality Initiative  
Presentation: Open Content 1 comment
Presentation: OpenSE  
Presentation: Out There And In Here 1 comment
Presentation: Personal Inquiry  
Presentation: Re-evaluating your online teaching  
Presentation: Reading screens: a critical visual analysis Sian bayne Visual reading of interfaces (yippee, another prezi presentation). Research into Webquest. Webquest...  
Presentation: Roger Mills 1 comment
Presentation: Sociability, open practices and Learning Design: fostering collaborative learning  
Presentation: Social ecosystems Slideshare presentation by Jordan Julien  
Presentation: TEACH 1 comment
Presentation: The Net Generation  
Presentation: The student perspective Massey University, 10th -14th December 2009 2 comments
Presentation: Using technologies in teaching  
Presentation: Ville Venäläinen and Tarmo Toikkanen - SOMETU  
Presentation: What is being reflected in online reflection? New literacies for New media practices Jen Ross, Uni of Edinburgh Incidentally the 2nd presentation I've seen today written in Prezi....  
Presentation: Who’s Taming who? Tensions between people and technologies in cyberspace communities by Terrie Lynn Thompson Presentation asking what is the experience of connecting to other online for learning. What are the...  
Presentation: xDelia  
Presenting The New National Curriculum: National Literacy & Numeracy Strategies.  
Presenting to non-academics Research Skills required by PhD students E2: Construct coherent arguments and articulate ideas...  
Presenting to Publishing  
Presenting yourself to employers Research Skills required by PhD students G4: Present one's skills, personal attributes and...  
Presupposition Analysis in Requirements Lin Ma, Thursday 3rd June, 11:45 am - 12:00 pm, Student Presentations 2, JLB Meeting Room 10  
PREVIEW Immersive Virtual Training Environment (PIVOTE): bringing standards into virtual worlds 0171 ALTC 2009  
Prezi - the zooming presentation tool  
Prezi: Genuine Progress in Presentations? (Visual Rhetoric)  
Prezi: sites for dynamic presentation 2 comments
Prime Numbers testing cloudworks  
PRiMMA (Privacy Rights Management for Mobile Applications) Presentation at CALRG annual conference 2010 by Clara Mancini 1 comment
PRINCE2 training from Knowledge Train  
Principles for an e-portfolio based pedagogy for SMEs: 17th Jan-21st Jan 2011 11 comments
Privacy, EU cookie law and tracking OERs 1 comment
Proactive Design for Learning (PD4L) paper Rod Sims paper on the Proactive Design for Learning (PD4L) project  
Probation assessment Tuesday 23 March, 11.30am-12.30pm, Workshop 1 1 comment
Probing the Uncanny Valley with the Eye Size Aftereffect Presence, 2009. People took longer to react to the artificial faces than real ones. People...  
Problem with the Drupal learning curve Thought this was quite an interesting article about learning curves, referring to Vygotsky's Zone...  
Problem-based learning in natural resource management  
Problem-based learning spanning real and virtual words: a case study in Second Life Notes on a paper by Judith Good, Katherine Howland, Liz Thackray (University of Sussex, Sussex Innovation Centre)  
Problem-based learning spanning real and virtual words: a case study in Second Life From ALT-J, 2008. " students were tasked with building an interactive learning...  
Problem-solving in cartoon universities Rich, engaging case studies help students develop their problem-solving skills.  
Problems in the mechanics of materials  
Product Design Scholarship  
Productief leren (Aaltje) 1 comment
Professional Development: New Approaches to Professional Development Professional Development and Training for online teaching and using NROC 2 comments
Professional Development: NROC Implementation and Member Support Learning how to work with the NROC project, products, and services 1 comment
Professional Development: Orienting Teachers to NROC Examples, tips, lessons from members on approaches to preparing teachers for using NROC 7 comments
Professional Identity and Values Organisation Tools - An introduction to PIVOT The embedded video below was submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference (22 -23... 1 comment
Professionalising Careers Guidance? There is a clear consensus in Europe that high quality guidance and counselling services play a key...  
Programme for OER 11  
Progress and Course Engagement (RioPACE) – Rio Salado College (LAEP Inventory)  
Progress on ASLD book  
Progress report [@30%,90%]  
Progress to date  
Progress towards an overarching national kite mark for the careers profession  
Project additional information: Enhancing Professional Learning and Teaching using Technology 1 comment
Project additional information: OpenED  
Project additional information: SRAFTE 1 comment
Project approved  
Project Exhibition Stands Listing of Project Exhibition Stands at the event  
Project idea - Access Project ideas that relate in some way to Access  
Project idea - Mapping  
Project idea - Metrics 4 comments
Project management Roger Pitfield Workshop 3B, Workshop 4C and Workshop 6A  
Project outline: A framework for preparing teachers to teach with ICT (EUPT3) The following is a summary of the EUPT3 project: There is a strong need for flexible and...  
Project proposal  
Project proposal - CPD for Digital and Information Literacies 1 comment
Project Scenario  
Project Showcase A number of Project Demonstrations running throughout the event  
Project Team 2 comments
Project team members + Study circle 9 comments
Project-like assessments encourage deep learning  
Project: Best practice Principles for e-Learning  
Project: Course Business Models Alan Tait and Denise Kirkpatrick are the sponsors of this project, which is led by James Fleck. The...  
Project: Design-Practice A Framework for Preparing Teachers to Teach with ICT Through the EU Leonardo Da Vinci programme the...  
Project: Interdisciplinarity and technology-enhanced learning This project is exploring the nature of interdisciplinarity in a TEL research context. It sits...  
Project: JISC-OULDI Since September 2008  the Open Univerisity has had  funding from JISC as part of their...  
Project: LDSE Learning Design Support Environment 7 comments
Project: OPAL The Open University is one of the partners in an EU-funded project - OPAL. The overall aim of OPAL...  
Project: OULDI An overview of the OU Learning Design Iniative 1 comment
Project: Perls in the clouds  Sub-titled Patterns and Evidence: translating Research findings to practice and Learning:...  
Project: X-Delia EU-funded project  
Projects and initiatives in the area of assessment and Learning Outcomes  
Projects for OER What projects should be established to help us understand OER? 37 comments
Projects working in personalised or flexible learning frameworks 3 comments
Projectwork in computer science  
Projektgruppen Projektgruppens arbete med studentportalen  
Promoting inquiry-based learning through mobile devices Demonstrates the ways in which different technologies can be harnessed to promote inquiry-based learning across formal and informal learning contexts.  
Promoting reflective practice at a New Zealand tertiary institute: creating the conceptual framework 0069 ALTC 2009  
Promotion of OER development in Indian Universities The author describes her experiences of trying to promote OER content development for the UG level among University teachers.  
Promotion of public understanding Research Skills required by PhD students E4: Contribute to promoting the public understanding of... 1 comment
Proposal of a new kind of a wiki history Proposal of a wiki with a modified history to view contribution and contributer concurrently  
propositions in search of professionalism - part five  
propositions in search of professionalism - part four  
propositions in search of professionalism - part one  
propositions in search of professionalism - part three  
propositions in search of professionalism - part three  
propositions in search of professionalism - part two  
Prototype for João Pedro Bourbon's Social Media Course on Management  
Prototype OER Module  
Prototype of animation for YouTube Creative Commons / Remix option -Will Pollard 4 comments
Prototype Week 5 Ricardo 1 comment
Prototyping - Helen Whitehead's Moodle Grades course - OLDSMOOC week 5 A prototype plan 5 comments
Prototyping in order to navigate the online course site and syllabus 7 comments
Prototyping OER module 2 comments
Prototyping OER module  
Prototyping Plan HG 2 comments
Prototyping the addition of summative assessment methods to the PPC 2 comments
Prototyping tools  
Providing a best assignment writing service in UK  
Providing enrichment for quick-working students  
Proyecto colaborativo e-learning adaptativo 5 comments
Prueba 1 TCIM 1 comment
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