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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
Six Key Dilemmas Inherent to Openness in Education Six challenges  
SocialLearn and Cloudworks: Developing your PhD Skills with online tools Rebecca Ferguson, Workshops 6G and 7G 4 comments
Sustaining an Open Source Platform for Developing Mobile Learning Experiences 1 comment
Sabina's Design Narrative  
Sabina's Healthy Eating Design Representations Review - Web Collage & CADMOS  
saf-άρω στο διαδίκτυο  
Safari Cloud mick1  
Safari Cloud Mick2  
Safari Cloud Mick3  
Safari Cloud Mick4  
Safari Cloud Mick5  
Safari Cloud Mick6  
safe internet  
Safer internet  
Saide Story Development Overview 5 comments
Saif Altalib: My Dream: ID Knowledge Center 3 comments
Sally's comparison of 4Ts and DPD  
Sam McFarlane's design narrative: Pebblepad and ATLAS for beginners  
Sam's comparison  
Samantha's Cloud  
Sancha de Burca  
Sancha's EOR 2 - Analysis of Relationships  
Sancha's EOR3 - Re-evaluating Relationships 2 comments
Sancha's EOR3 - Re-evaluting relationships 1 comment
Sancha's personas - Jessie  
Sancha's personas - Laurie  
Sandie Gay - v brief narrative 10 comments
Sandie's Learning Journal 6 comments
sandro honores: proyecto para participar y deliberar usando las tic  
sandro honores: proyecto para participar y deliberar usando las tic  
Santanu Vasant OLDS MOOC Learning Journal 1 comment
Santanu Vasant: My dream: A Staff Development / Training Online MOOC / Portal 2 comments
Sara Hammer - Empowering faculty colleagues to engage students online  
Sarah Crofts Learning Journal 1 comment
Sarah D's Design Representations  
Sarah Fielding: My dream: Crowd sourcing as authentic peer review 4 comments
Sarah's design narrative - learning styles and note taking  
Sarah's H800 activity 2a discussion 1 comment
Sarah's learning journal 1 comment
SAT Feb 16: Healing Souls- A website on mental health education for the well-being of Pakistani young women (Munir Moosa) 27 comments
SAT Keynote: 25 Years of Ed Tech (Martin Weller)  
SAT: (Keynote) A reflection on learning gains through the engagement with informal learning opportunities in social media spaces (Sue Beckingham) 1 comment
SAT: A case study in understanding the impact of openness on CPD: how does sharing lesson footage across an open platform enhance professional development?(Mulligan) A presentation outlining the key findings in a case study of CPD using shared video footage. 41 comments
SAT: A Flipped Classroom on Flipped Classrooms (Maxine Armstrong) 25 comments
SAT: An Open space: A prototype to stimulate and capture the scholarly activity for FE practitioners delivering HE in FE centres (Anita Houghton) 14 comments
SAT: Break Out of the Box! How you can use xAPI to free in-house staff development (Katherine Hinchey) 19 comments
SAT: Can Open Education Resources pay their way? (Daniel Clark) 10 comments
SAT: Creating Open Educational Resources for a Flipped Statistics Classroom (Vicky Hindle). 9 comments
SAT: Design Principles FOr Attracting Older Learners  
SAT: Design Principles For Attracting Older Learners (Caroline Ward) 4 comments
SAT: Design Principles For Attracting Older Learners (Caroline Ward)  
SAT: Design Principles For Attracting Older Learners (Caroline Ward)  
SAT: Design Principles For Attracting Older Learners (Caroline Ward)  
SAT: Design Principles For Attracting Older Learners (Caroline Ward)  
SAT: Design Principles For Attracting Older Learners (Caroline Ward)  
SAT: Designing a mini-MOOC (David Hayden) 9 comments
SAT: Do you ever consider copyright when including images and other content from the web in your digital teaching resources? (Elaine Dalloway) 13 comments
SAT: Dyslexia and Social Entrepreneurship Open Digital Resource (Susan Eley Morris) 4 comments
SAT: e-Portfolios: innovative practice in higher education (Laila Burton) 24 comments
SAT: E-readers: Do tablet devices, such as iPads and Kindles support inclusivity for students with reading difficulties? (Drew Greenwell) 2 comments
SAT: English Language Teaching in a Developing Country: Towards a framework of implementation (Sophia Economides) 4 comments
SAT: Harnessing the power of twitter: recommendations for extending the reach of resources in a Higher Education context (Matthew Street) 23 comments
SAT: How forums and collaborative learning impact on oral proficiency in a foreign language class. (Tommy Ruiz) 8 comments
SAT: How to make Badged Open Courses more engaging in a community of wider participation? (Kulvir Bahra) 10 comments
SAT: How VLE's & Hygiene Factors via Blended Learning can aid long-term unemployed into work (Steven Durant-Burgin) 5 comments
SAT: Implementing an open educational system in a corporate setting - Opportunities and challenges (Michelle Bourgein) 5 comments
SAT: Inclusion of Autistic Spectrum Disorder Students Within Online Open Education (David Simons) 2 comments
SAT: Individual Learning Plans: from paper to online (Nicki Berry) 24 comments
SAT: Innovations Inspired by MOOCs: Supporting Learning beyond the Classroom in Undergraduate Art History Courses (Jocelyn Anderson) 7 comments
SAT: Innovative Online Formative Assessment: Using Moodle Lessons to Teach Accurate Legal Referencing (Lisa Kidger) 13 comments
SAT: Innovative Storytelling: A study of Traditional and Digital Storytelling in the Primary Classroom (Helen Meyer) 7 comments
SAT: Introducing Open Textbooks To Higher Education Teachers In Namibia: A Website To Raise Awareness Of Open Textbooks (Brenda Kulobone) 7 comments
SAT: Introduction to Credit Management (Adrian Spriggs) 2 comments
SAT: Jekyll and Hyde: An Alternative Mini-MOOC Curated on Trello (Annette Hendley) Conference Abstract 28 comments
SAT: Learning Beyond Language (Rachel Adams) The use of visually augmented health education for low-literacy patients and carers in the community 6 comments
SAT: Making it Happen’, Supporting or Engendering Open Academic Practice using Jorum Open Educational Resources (OERs) within a manufacturing..(cont.)(Avril Sweeney) 9 comments
SAT: No Teacher is an Island: The implementation of open practices for improving Continuing Professional Development. (Jen Kendall) 15 comments
SAT: OER - the clue is in the name.....or is it? (Rachel O'Connor) 17 comments
SAT: Open-mindedness and Openness-minded: How State Schools Impact Innovation (Callum Moore) 2 comments
SAT: Overcoming Barriers to the Implementation of OER in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) through Using Flipped Learning for Teacher Development Sessions (Castle) 16 comments
SAT: Reducing barriers to sharing material in the humanities department of a University of Applied Science leading to the implementation of a common CMS (Mark Adams) 10 comments
SAT: Stellar & Open: The Case for Using Open Educational Resources and Practices within our own Communities and beyond... (cont.) (Peter Farran) 2 comments
SAT: Study Apps Guide for Mobile Devices - a Multimedia Presentation (Denise McDonough) Developing your Personal 'mobile' Learning Environment or m-PLE.

Studying online using a mobile device represents unique chal

SAT: Study Of The Use of Closed Facebook Groups (CFGs) By Standards Professionals And The Presence Of Community (Glenn Bosmans) 1 comment
SAT: Study Of The Use of Closed Facebook Groups (CFGs) By Standards Professionals And The Presence Of Community (Glenn Bosmans) 16 comments
SAT: Tackling Plagiarism Positively: An Online Resource Bank for Academic English Teachers (Anna Orridge) 21 comments
SAT: Talking to boys about school (Steve Penney) 13 comments
SAT: The development of a multimedia online resource for study skills development aimed to aid transition of students to higher education. (Paul Hubbard) 7 comments
SAT: The Digital Literacy Cookbook (Cara Saul) 15 comments
SAT: Using And Creating OERs In Mauritius: A Reality or A Myth? (Louis Jinot BELLE) 5 comments
SAT: Using OER to Address Education Inequality in Poorer South African Schools (Grant Penny) 11 comments
SAT: Using Simple Open Source Computers and Free software to provide Innovative Computer Science lessons (Claire Griffiths) 9 comments
SAT: Watching learning as it unfolds – how will the use of flipped classroom engage in home learning and impact on student learning? (Alpa Dabasia) 7 comments
SAT: What gives a tutor the X Factor: Examining the criteria for successful online learning facilitation (Sarah Quinnell) 11 comments
SAT: You can run a SOLE session over Skype... or can you? (Mike Lyons) 12 comments
Saturday 15th: 09.30 - 12.30 & 13.30 - 14.30 The ups and downs of PhD research  
Saturday 15th: 09.30 - 12.30 & 13.30 - 16.30 Media Training  
Saturday 15th: 09.30 - 15.30 Writing articles for Peer Reviewed Journals  
Saturday 15th: 09.30 CV, application form check or practice interview - hourly slots  
Saturday 15th: 1 to 1 support - limited hourly slots  
Saturday 15th: 10.00 - 16.30 The Effective Researcher - The End is in Sight  
Saturday 15th: 16.30 - 18.00 ARTS Students  
Saturday 15th: 16.30 - 18.00 WIPS Session  
Saturday 15th: 19.00 - 21.00 Dinner available in restaurant  
Saturday 15th: 21.00 - 22.30 pm Quiz  
Saucy Sailoress' ePortfolio  
Saucy Sailoress' MA ODE Dump MA ODE repository 1 comment
Saudi Schools Open Doors to Foreign Publishers 5 comments
Save Wallaby Forest Online Role Play 1 comment
SBCGlobal Email Support or Helpline Number  
scan netwerkleren meetinstrument om haalbaarheid van netwerkleren in kaart te brengen  
Scarlet Letter Online Role Play 1 comment
Scenario - Test  
Scenario development using branching techniques  
Scenario EdTech Training 3 comments
Scenario for DIY MUltimedia Project Group 1 comment
Scenario for Self-Directed Exploratory Learning  
Scenario foundations: context, challenge, and techno-pedagogical approach  
Scenario foundations: context, challenge, and techno-pedagogical approach  
Scenario of "Introductory computer networks" A scenario of a teacher who needs to repurpose a course structure 1 comment
Scenario of a special educator teacher with motor disability  
Scenario Planning Digital Literacy for Young Learner RoughBounds 1 comment
Scenario-based LD for Over the counter sales 12 comments
Scenario-based LD for Over the counter sales (FINAL)  
Scenario-based Learning Design  
Scenario-based learning design  
Scenario: collaborative learning and network protocols 2 comments
Scenario: Collaborative working in virtual worlds (rebooted) 23 comments
Scenario: Creating an OER course module on mobile learning 1 comment
Scenario: Design of a 50 min lecture Design of a 50 min lecture on: "The origins of OER research" 1 comment
Scenario: FE and Skills Online Learning Design Tookit  
Scenario: Mitigating an online disaster in gender, sexuality and culture 4 comments
Scenario: OLnet OER Advisor  
Scenario: selection and replacement Scenario for Olnet at Olnet away day - Use of patterns to select and train teachers 1 comment
Scenario: Tools and methods to support a learner of spanish Scenario for Olnet at Olnet away day  
Scenario: using OLNet to teach myself Spanish I want to learn Spanish. I'm sure there's a lot of good resources out there, but I don't know how to find them, or use them  
Scenarios to orchestrate settings for intercultural competence assessment  
scesStudents Welcome to the University's - School of Computing and Engineering Systems.  How are things...  
Schedule for the pilot online Learn About Fair  
Scholarly electonic publishing biography Charles Bailey  
Scholarly publishing 2.0 Presentation by Doug Clow at Researcher 2.0 workshop, 10th February 09 1 comment
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines: a Workshop, 19 May, Ambient Lab  
SchoolofEverything E-Bay for education  
Schools Study Group & Webinar Study Group  
Schoolzilla (LAEP Inventory)  
Science 2.0 1 comment
Science Learning Experiences in Citizen Inquiry Communities  
Scientific abilities Project developing students scientific abilities  
Scientific Committee  
Scoop It: What is Learning Design?  
ScoopIt - Quality Assurance in online courses  
SCOOTER: Building an online community to sustain open education practices  
SCoPE Online Community to Support Individuals Interested in Educational Research and Practice: A Snapshot of Evolution 0270 ALTC 2009  
SCoPE seminar: Revisiting the Community of Inquiry Framework  
SCORE - Beyond Talk and Chalk: modes of cross-cultural OER reuse Support cloud to virtual talk on OER reuse to SCORE fellows of the Open University UK - 14th July 2011 4 comments
SCORE & OLnet at the Learn About Fair 2011  
SCORE Short-term Fellowship: 10 to 15 April 2011  
SCORE Short-term Fellowship: 10 to 15 July 2011 The focus for the July 2011 Short-term Fellowship week is Arts, Humanitites and Language subject areas  
SCORE Short-term Fellowship: 5 to 10 December 2010  
Scotland 1 comment
Scotland (K802-11J) 3 comments
Scottish Parliamentary Event - September 2010  
Scribd 1 comment
Scripts voor (animatie)filmpjes Scripts voor (animatie)filmpjes met prijs voor beste script  
Scrivener - outline, edit, storyboard, write Writing tool 1 comment
SCU talk - presentation  
SCU workshop - evaluation 3 comments
SCU workshop - presentation  
Seamus Mileys Design narrative - Introducing CNC machine programming to young engineers 1 comment
Seamus's Lesson Planning Comparison  
Seamus's Lesson Planning Comparison  
Searching OER related to inclusion, special education, accessibilities, universal design for learning 2 comments
Second Life and Classical Music Education: Developing Iconography That Encourages Human Interaction From Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2009. Teaching music in an SL environment, and...  
Second Life Case Studies 6 comments
Second Life Case Studies  
Second Life in higher education: Assessing the potential for and the barriers to deploying virtual worlds in learning and teachi British Journal of Educational Technology From British Journal of Educational Technology,...  
Second Life Physics : Virtual, Real or Surreal? From Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2009. The potential for learning physics in...  
Second life research Presentation by Shailey Minocha at Researcher 2.0 workshop, 10th February 2009 1 comment
Second Life: A Strong Communication Tool in Social Networking and Business From Information Technology Journal, 2010. Communication methods in SL.Information... 2 comments
Second Life: an overview of the potential of 3-D virtual worlds in medical and health education Health Info Libr J. Health Info Libr J., 2007. An overview. ...  
Second Life: hype or hyperlearning? From On the Horizon, 2007. "The purpose of this article is to place Second Life...  
Secondary Mathematics Resources  
Secret Belfast 1 comment
Securing your Device(Anne Adams)  
Securities Market Regulation Online Role Play 1 comment
SEDA day 2 keynote, Supporting risk-taking cultures in teachers and learners - lessons learnt by Julie (Jane) Hughes, University of Wolverhampton. (Live-blogged) 2 comments
SEDA reading group - November 2010 3 comments
SEDA Reading Group - Spring 2011 4 comments
Seeing how people really use online technology with the Tobii eye-tracker  
Seeking ideas and suggestions  
Self and peer assessment in a team Help students develop team skills with an authentic project in which they contract with each other and perform regular self and peer assessment.  
Self Evaluation  
Self-awareness Research Skills required by PhD students D4: Demonstrate self-awareness and the ability to identify...  
Self-directed informal learning by experienced online learners enrolled in FutureLearn MOOCs  
Self-directed learning vs. formal/informal/non-formal learning Another way of categorising learning 3 comments
Self-discipline Research Skills required by PhD students D5: Demonstrate self-discipline, motivation, and...  
Self-paced learning with online materials When some students need more time to grasp difficult concepts, online materials allow them to repeat and reinforce their learning.  
Self-regulated learning  
Self-regulated learning with computer-based simulation Eunice Olakanmi at CALRG09  
Self-regulated learning; Feedback; Rubrics  
Self-regulated learning; Feedback; Rubrics  
Self-regulated learning; Feedback; Rubrics  
Self-Representations in Immersive Virtual Environments Journal of Applied Social Psychology Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 2008. Studying how...  
Selina - Healthy Eating learning design representations 2018  
Selina's design narrative - teaching a colleague to prepare data for telethon software H800 2018 2 comments
Semantic Adaptivity and Social Networking in Personal Learning Networks Joe Corneli, Thursday 3rd June, 11:00 am - 11:15 am, Student Presentations 1, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Semantic Technologies in Education – exploring the practitioners’ perspective 0255 ALTC 2009  
Semantic Web in Education  
Semi-collaborative activities  
Seminar 1 - What is scholarship? 3 comments
Seminar 2 - Evaluation methods: an overview of methods and their application in investigating learning and teaching  
Seminar 2 - Scholarship evaluation methods 1 comment
Seminar 6 - Effective Use of Technologies 2 comments
Seminar event on 29th September The findings of the project will be disseminated on 29th September at an event at the OU.  All...  
Seminar technique  
Seminar: Designing for learning: the state of the art of learning design  
Send Favorable Rakhi with Desserts to Spread Melody and Surprise to Your Union  
Send Favorable Rakhi with Desserts to Spread Melody and Surprise to Your Union  
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Send Lucky Rakhi Through The Internet the Finest Economical Way for Rakhi Delivery  
Send Lucky Rakhi to Loving & Caring Brother on the Special Day of Raksha Bandhan  
Send Positive Rakhi Online to Supportive and Loving Brother  
Sensemaking in Web-based environments Ann Abraham, Thursday 3rd June, 17:15 pm - 17:30 pm, Student Presentations 4, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Sensors, gadgets and fieldwork  
Sentiment-mining talk about the OU in social web spaces using a tool called Live Buzz  
seo company in dubai - seo services dubai  
seo service dubai  
Serge's design narrative: Collaborative learning of Dutch grammar for refugee immigrants 2 comments
Serge's review of e-Design & DPD representations  
Service Design at the University of Derby Here is the link to our website which was created to support the DERBI project where we used a...  
Serviced Apartments Mayfair -Purists In Professional Services  
Session 1: Introduction to the workshop  
Session 1: Practices & Methods (Yannis Dimitriadis) 2 comments
Session 1: Theoretical Frameworks and Representations (Gráinne Conole) 5 comments
Session 1: Tools and Resources (Mike Sharples) 2 comments
Session 1A - Emerging findings from the JISC Curriculum Design Programme Session A – Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design – This session provides an...  
Session 1B - Emerging findings from the JISC Curriculum Delivery Programme Session B – Transforming Curriculum Delivery through Technology – This session provides...  
Session 2: Integration, green group (Davinia Hernández-Leo)  
Session 2: Integration, orange group (Simos Retalis)  
Session 2: Integration, yellow group (Yael Kali)  
Session 3: Learning Design Tools Bazaar 2 comments
Session 3: Presentation and walk-through with Learning Design resources 1 comment
Session 4: Hands-on work in groups using Learning Design resources  
Session 4: Plenary discussion: outputs, reflections, and ways forward 4 comments
Session 5: Concluding Plenary  
Session planning  
Session: Context and Collaborative Learning Design Session at the ETUG Fall 2009 Workshop 4 comments
Session: Designing for Engagement Session at the ETUG Fall 2009 Workshop 9 comments
Session: Designing Learning Spaces in Physical and Virtual Settings Session at the ETUG Fall 2009 Workshop 5 comments
Session: Large Scale Learning Design Session at the ETUG Fall 2009 Workshop 3 comments
Session: Social networks and learning networks session Social network dynamics in international students' learning Nashrawan Taha, Andrew Cox, ... 4 comments
Sessions - feedback Here are some rough notes in terms of the discussions from the sessions at the Course Business...  
Setting up a conference Cloudscape Hints and tips for getting the most from your conference Cloudscape 2 comments
Setting up a flash debate Guidance on setting up a flash debate cloud  
Share Everywhere: A multi-project collaboration to make it easy to create and share content with legs (Katherine Fletcher, Marvin Reimer)  
Shared Services and Cloud Services in Higher Education This cloud is for the discussion and aggregation of content and resources around the topic of...  
Shared space_study circle  
Shared Study Space for Teresa Murphy and Denise Ozdeniz 3 comments
Shared study space for Teresa Murphy and Denise Ozdeniz  
Shared Thinking and Collaborative Reflection Shared Thinking provides a new approach and practice for reflection. The process facilitates...  
Shared Thinking and Learning Design Representations Shared Thinking is also an innovation in Learning Designs, Patterns and representations of practice...  
Shared Thinking and Networked Learning Shared Thinking points to new areas of research and practice for networked learning. This process...  
Shared Thinking and Whole-Group Enquiry/Inquiry Shared Thinking is an innovation in enquiry/inquiry based learning. It was created and developed as...  
Sharing and collaborating with others over the web 2 comments
Sharing and the institution: choosing, changing and engaging 0258 ALTC 2009  
Sharing experience of e-learning/blended learning activites? Colleagues, I am in the process of developing blended learning activites in the Humanities field...  
Sharing pictures, videos, documents and ideas on Cloudworks. Hints and tips about sharing on Cloudworks 3 comments
Sharing resources Barriers and enablers to sharing resources 3 comments
Sharing time! A place for sharing activities made for children (English and Spanish)  
Sharon Collingwood: Using presence in virtual worlds a springboard for learning 13 comments
Sharon Collingwood's Virtual Worlds Teaching Journal 5 comments
Sheila MacNeill's #oldsmooc cloud  
Sheila MacNeill's #oldsmooc cloud  
Sheila MacNeill's #oldsmooc cloud  
Sheila MacNeill's #oldsmooc cloud  
Sheila MacNeill's OLDS MOOC narrative (using STAR framework) 10 comments
Sheila's reflections 6 comments
Shifting in Peace with Top End Moving Firms  
Shirley Atkinson's MOOC learning journal 2 comments
Shirley Evans' Learning Journal  
Shirley Williams:Will this help me learn? helping learner's evaluate online resources/tutorials 28 comments
Shirley's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal 1 comment
Short Presentation: Discovering the Campus Together - 2 CSCBL scripts  
Should Educators Be Using Twitter? 18 comments
Should Schools move to VLE?  
Should schools move to VLE?  
Should staff and students learning in second life have accurate human avatars? When attending classes in Second Life, staff and students should have age and gender accurate human... 12 comments
Show up Tents An ideal & Cost-Effective Way to Publicize  
Sian's Healthy Eating deign representations  
Sibylle Hyde - Personal Economics at GCSE A series of activities enabling non-specialist form tutors to deliver financial topics to their Year 11 forms in 10-min slots 2 comments
Sibylle's design representation  
Siglinde: My dream: Sign language MOOCs 2 comments
Siglinde's learning journal  
Siglinde's portfolio  
Signage service in Dubai  
Signals of Success (preprint), #oldsmooc, #oldsmoop  
Significado de los sueños Interpretación de los sueños  
Significant Benefits Of Using Gu 10 Dimmer Switches  
Silvia Sobrado’s design narrative: Use and effectiveness of ICT based tools in lab sessions for Modern Foreign Language teachers and students 1 comment
Simon Jones' Design Narrative: Screencasting  
Simon Kear OLDS MOOC journal  
Simon Walker's MOOC portfolio  
Simon's Representations  
Simone's Learning Journal for OLDS MOOC 2013  
Simply put fifa 16 ultimate team coins  
Simulating an investigation in computer forensics To develop students’ skills in working with data, give them a simulated investigation and assess their notebooks and final reports.  
Simulation as a tool for gaming and training in operations management—a case study Journal of Simulation  Journal of Simulation, 2009. Creating simulations for training...  
Simulation of a physical system 1 comment
Sioban's review of the 4Ts Model and the ISiS Model  
Siobhan's DN: In pursuit of collaboration, and the drive to inform! 1 comment
Siobhan's representations  
Sir David Watson Keynote 'Higher Education and the Question of Conscience'  
Situating pedagogies, positions and practices in immersive virtual worlds From Educational Research, 2010. "This article explores the current arguments for the use...  
Sixbert SANGWA: Comparing representations: healthy eating  
Sixbert SANGWA: Comparing representations: healthy eating 1 comment
Sixbert's Design Native: Training design  
SJ From F2F to on-line support for B201 Global Direct  
Sketching & Drawing Techniques  
Sketching interviews: a method to elicit internal representations for the design of learning support systems 0203 ALTC 2009  
Skillaware (LAEP Inventory)  
Skills Audit Skills Audit 1 comment
Skills Audit for Faculty of Science Students James Bruce, Wednesday 24 March, 3.15-4.15pm, 7A, Library seminar room 1  
Skills for an Open World Slideshare presentation submitted for the OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference 2 comments
Skills for Independent Learning Developing information literacy skills and integrating use of Library e-resources 4 comments
skin care  
skin care  
SLanguages Conference 2010: Open Disussion area  
Slides from the talk  
Slideshare Presentations  
SLOODLE: Connecting VLE tools with emergent teaching practice in Second Life From British Journal of Educational Technology, 2009. Introduction to SLOODLE. British...  
Slot 1 - 10 minutes – Welcome and Introduction to the virtual meeting – Gráinne  
Slot 2 - Question 1: What opportunities do OER offer for education from your perspective?  
Slot 3 - Question 2: What do you think are the key challenges to achieving this vision?  
Slot 4 - Question 3: We have identified four dimensions of OEP practice that are important – do these capture the different aspects of OER practice?  
Slot 5 - Question 4: What kinds of guidelines derived from these dimensions of OEP would be useful for those involved in creating, using and managing OER?  
Slot 6 - Virtual Meeting/reflection wrap-up – Gráinne  
SLowe's design narrative: The application of instructional design to the HE context  
SLowe's design representation review  
Smacking: an issue still unresolved in Britain 1 comment
Small group writing about key concepts  
Smart Cities MOOC 1 comment
Smart Phone research questionnaire  
SmartHistory: art history web-book  
SNAPP (LAEP Inventory) - select, highlight annotate and share sections of web pages 1 comment
So important to have sound evaluation processes when prototyping  
So what do we meaning by 'Learning'? This question that has been researched for many years in the field of education.  The school... 5 comments
So what evidence do you use? We are interesting in finding out what evidence you might use in your teaching practice in using...  
So what is an enhancement in student learning? This might sound like a fairly straightforward question to answer, but let us provide an...  
So what is evidence-based practice? The first Question we started asking ourselves was what is evidence-based practice?  In our... 7 comments
So what is evidence-based practice? The first Question we started asking ourselves was what is evidence-based practice?  In our...  
Social acceleration and technology An interesting blog (not particularly related to learning, but lots of relevant crossover)...  
Social bookmarking  
Social bookmarking  
Social Capital  
Social Learning Analytics  
Social learning in the context of OpenLearn Presentation by Kasia Kozinska (OLnet/ IET/ CREET) at the OSRG Social learning symposium 3 comments
Social learning systems and communities of practice Presentation by Chris Blackmore (OSRG) at the OSRG Social learning symposium 2 comments
Social Media Bringing together attempts at social media education...... 1 comment
social media and entrepreneurship  
Social media and health and social care  
Social Media and the Need for Peer-Support: student attitudes towards study and the impact of web 2.0 on student study habits 0106 ALTC 2009 Sawtell  
Social Media based learning from a European perspective: A Framework for Social Innovation 1 comment
Social Media in Learning  
Social Media Literature Review  
Social Media Literature Review  
Social media seminar series AACE series  
Social media strategies 9 comments
Social media, digital literacy and curriculum (re)design 0259 ALTC 2009  
Social Mobility and Careers Service Provision  
Social Network Analysis of Learning: Application of Significance Tests to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)  
social networking How to create value?  
Social networking in work-based contexts - issues and considerations for practice I am interested in how social work practitioners are starting to use social networking tools to...  
social networking sites 2 comments
Social networking sites for language learning: Integrating project-based learning on Facebook in the Indonesian context  
Social web learning design Martin Weller and Lim Green-Hughes talk at LAMS09 conference, 7th July 09  
Social Work Practice Educators Briefing 2 comments
Social work simulation Students in practice-based disciplines can learn to relate theory to practice, and vice versa, in a simulated environment. 2 comments
Social Work/Care 1 comment
Social Work/Care (K802-11J)  
Socialisation for learning at a distance in a 3-D multi-user virtual environment British Journal of Educational Technology From British Journal of Educational Technology,...  
Socialising learners through on-line induction: Reflections on the transition to higher education 0126 ALTC 2009  
SocialLearn session: OU's Learning & Tech Conf. 2010 SocialLearn is designing a social learning space which can integrate existing tools in the OU and the cloud, to support learning 1 comment
Society for Learning Analytics Research: SoLAR (LAEP Inventory) 2 comments
Socrates Database The purpose of the database is to connect teachers, academics and students to a social learning...  
SofT-Scholarship of and for Teaching-Sharing Event Workshop - 11 September 2012 11 comments
SOLE (Student-Owned Learning-Engagement) Model This cloud was originally floated for the 2010 LAMS Learning Design Conference in Oxford 6 comments
SOLE Model & Toolkit (Design Bash 2011)  
Some initial ideas via ShowMe (1)  
Some initial ideas via ShowMe (2)  
Some initial thoughts via ShowMe  
Some models  
some SN websites MySpace FriendWise FriendFinder Yahoo! 360 Facebook Orkut Classmates Twitter...  
Sometimes I s-start to stutter/ stammer - March 2013  
SoMobNet (Social Mobile Networks) Round Table  
Sophia Eco's design narrative: Make your own chair in the classroom Design narrative for a classroom activity on design and model making 3 comments
Sophia's H800 15B healthy eating representations review  
Sound and music programming resources  
Sound clips from the Virtual Meeting  
Sounds Good Better assessment using audio feedback 1 comment
Sources for courses Help students understand the critical use of sources by having them annotate entries in a highly diverse source database.  
Spaces for Knowledge Generation ALT-C funded Australian project  
Spanish Flashcard with Sound  
Spanish flashcards Online flashcards tool associated with OU spanish courses  
Spanish Imperative  
Spanish intensives Week-long intensive courses linked to OU spanish courses  
Spanish Language and Culture Learners practice foreign language grammar through analysis of rich cultural examples and interactive exercises.  
Spanish Language and Culture Graded listening and grammar for post beginner  
Spanish learning sites A list of useful sites for learning spanish 7 comments
Spanish Network of Learning Analytics: SNOLA (LAEP Inventory)  
Spanish online verb conjugators 2 comments
Spanish Open Educational Resources Materials from the OU course L194 Portales 1 comment
Spanish podcasts 4 comments
Spanish reading material Suggestions of good online reading material for Spanish learning 1 comment
Spanish verb conjugator  
Spanish- Imperative  
Spanishpod A site with a series of podcasts for learning spanish  
Spatial Citizenship Google Earth, geoinformation and geo-representation in education  
Speakers4Schools initiative  
Special Interest Groups  
Special issue of AJET - call for papers: Interactive Whiteboards Special issue 2010, Volume 26: Call for articles Interactive whiteboards: An Australasian...  
Speckled computing Demonstration by DK Arvind of speckled computing  
Speed-dating & Sustainability: Prepare to Launch: Jeff Waistell 6 comments
Spindle Oils  
SPLICE: staff and students feedback on using a Ning social network [Pete Whitfield] SPLICE: staff and students feedback on using a Ning social network: Pete Whitfield Video  
Split Screen Video Can be useful for investigating a piece of software under development. 2 comments
Spotlight topic 1: Shifting from resources to practice Discussion area 17 comments
Spotlight topic 2: The Big Shift?! Welcome to the second week of the discussion on Open Educational Practices! This weeks topic is... 14 comments
Spotlight topic 3: Open Educational Practices and Generativism Roberto Carneiro - Universidade Catolica Portuguesa - A locus to discuss Educational Policy and Innovation 3 comments
Sreedhar's design narrative: Teaching medical students how to take blood 5 comments
Stabilising the learning dialogue  
Staff Persona Card  
Staff Scenarios  
Stagestruck An engaging interactive, experiential learning environment 1 comment
Stall: Library, media services and accessibility Resources from Brunel University 7 comments
Stall: OERs Resources to support the Brunel Blended Design Workshop 15 comments
Stall: Visualisation and representations Resources to support the Brunel Blended Design Workshop 1 comment
Stammering is no joke A national appeal started in September. The aim is to raise £100,000. We will run a media...  
Stand-alone pre-calculus math modules 2 comments
Stanford open AI course  
Stardust and work  
Starhub Tv Sg  
Stars in Fast Cars  
Starting a community of shared practice with OLD experiences  
State-level funding opportunities  
Status, 26 September, CaPReT-GA, testing, performance - Track OER  
STEEL Blog We are blogging updates to the project....  
STEEL Survey: what technology have you used to enhance employability and employee learning? As part of the STEEL project we are seeking case studies on how technology has been used to enhance...  
Steeple - podcasting in HE JISC-funded project exploring use of podcasts  
Stefania: My dream: Learning design project proposal  
STELLAR Grand Challenges The Grand Challenge for technology enhanced learning research.  
STEM and the Arts: A Story of Pride and Prejudice  
STEM in Space This resource from LSIS uses Space as a theme to explore STEM learning objectives for learners and...  
Stephanie McKendry and Vic Boyd, The conflicting priorities of blended and inclusive learning development support in a widening participation institution. 1 comment
Stephanie's comparison of 4Ts and e-learning approaches to learning design.  
Stephen Bright Project Team Cloud - Online Course Design Basics 11 comments
Stephen Bright:: dream bazaar - Online course design basics 5 comments
Stephen Cope Representations  
Stephen Cope’s Design narrative – Preparing for the Equality Act 2010  
Stephen Wheeler: Course re-design for eLearning 1 comment
Steve's 2015 H800 week 8f. Representations Cloud  
Steve's Badge cloud 1 comment
Steve's Design Narrative H800 Exercise 1 comment
Steve’s Design Narrative: Jumbled Definitions  
Steven Herron's views  
Steven Herron’s design narrative: ESOL for Employability.  
Stipple and its potential usefulness for tracking OER A short investigation of Stipple, a platform which facilitates the tagging of products and people in images 14 comments
STKS Learning Object  
STKS Learning Resources & Material Learning Resources & Material โดย STKS  
Stolas Ioannis  
SToMP assessment system  
Stories 4 Learning  
Storified Tweets from Conference 1 comment
Story telling in education  
Storyboard / course features  
Strand b ipod  
Strategic awareness as a dimension of learning power 'Some learners appear to be more sensitive to their own learning. They are interested in becoming... 2 comments
Strategic Implementation and Pedagogical Considerations of e-portfolios in FE and HE 0033 ALTC 2009  
strategies for promoting cognitive distribution in project-based e-learning  
Strengths - SWOT 2 comments
Striking a balance between practice and open practice, what does it mean to operate in a digital environment?  
Structured dialogue supports critical reasoning Critical reasoning, rather than superficial discussion, can be encouraged by imposing a structure on students’ messages.  
Structured for and against debates 2 comments
Student blur the boundaries between personal and educational uses of technology One of the findings of Creanor et al's (2006) LEX report which generated much interest was the... 3 comments
Student collaboration  
Student Digital Media Productions, Take 2: Assessment Choices 0305 ALTC 2009  
Student experience research informing policy and quality development [Haydn Blackey: Presentation] Student experience research informing policy and quality development [Haydn Blackey: Presentation]  
Student Finance in England 2012 -2013: Invigorating Interest in Higher Education  
Student Mini Conference (non-science)  
Student Mini Conference (science)  
Student Online Formative Assessment (SOFA): Course S279: Our dynamic planet Description Each student online formative assessment (SOFA) consists of a small bank of ten...  
Student perceptions of the value of lecture recordings as a learning resource 0185 ALTC 2009  
Student perspectives on technology – demand, perceptions and training needs  
Student reflections on cross-cultural group work: Social, teaching and cognitive factors that influence collaboration  
Student Research Journal for Physics Undergraduates  
Student retention and learning analytics: A snapshot of Australian practices and a framework for advancement (LAEP Inventory) 3 comments
Student Success Plan (LAEP Inventory)  
Student Support Platform: a new dynamic 0073 ALTC 2009  
Student Voice. Understanding our students and learning from them.  
Student-Staff paired resource development Example of resource development model Vetinary and Bio-environmental Sciences talk at NDLR symposium 1 comment
Students and Mobile Devices: Choosing which Dream 0288 ALTC 2009  
Students are demanding technology to provide flexibility in place of learning Technology is being widely used to promote flexible study from home and/or work. Is there evidence... 1 comment
Students As Change Agents 2 comments
Students as designers Keynote by Leanne Cameron at LAMS conference  
Students engaging more closely with Lesson Objectives  
Students have high expectations of technology use Or do they? The alternative view is that students have conservative views of technology use in... 1 comment
Students Mini Conference (2012)  
Students using blogs in their course 'How are you going to grade this?': Evaluating Classroom Blogs. An article from 1 comment
students, their educators and the business world - which way is forward? how dealing with bad-news diagnoses builds stronger partnerships than cheering good-news prescriptions 1 comment
Students' approaches to learning Model by Goodyear and Ellis 2 comments
Students’ experiences and perceptions of anxiety in online collaborative learning (OCL)  
Students’ experiences of wikis for a collaborative project: technology choice, evidence and change 0240 ALTC 2009  
Study circles  
Study circles  
Study Group 1 comment
Study support Mechanisms for providing study support for students 9 comments
Study time distribution among learning activities: VLE usage and Technology determinants  
Styles of Organising - Gibson Burrell  
Subjectivity after Orientalism: Citizenship in Other Worlds  
Succeed with Math - CaPReT test 1 comment
Succeed with Maths  
Succeed with Maths 2  
Successful stories of how teachers use learning technologies 2 comments
Sue Watling  
Sue Watling Cloud for OLDs MOOC This is my cloud - but is it one place too many? How do we manage online lives in a proliferation of opportunities? 2 comments
Sue Watling DIY Multimedia Week 1 Reflection I’ve tried to follow the activities for week 1 and it's been a challenge!  
Sue Watling My Dream Learning Design Project: DIY video/audio learning resources 16 comments
Sue Whale: A Communications course for post grad business students 9 comments
Suggested agenda for first meeting  
Suggested OER Reading List (for Academics New to OER) We would like to build up a suggested reading list for academics who are new to OER and would welcome suggestions in this cloud. 7 comments
Suggested Tags for this Cloudscape  
Suggested tags for use in this cloudscape  
Summarising the Cold War Structured tasks can help students make their own synthesis of a complex topic, using many different kinds of resources.  
Summary of day one of IPTS validation workshop  
Summary of learning from Design Narratives  
Summary of peer feedback : Engage Learners in Complex Projects  
Summary of Twitter activity Summarizr view of twitter activity around the dbash10 hash tag. ...  
Sunday 16th: 09.30 - 10.30 & 11.00 - 12.00 Building and Using Online Networks  
Sunday 16th: 09.30 - 10.30 & 11.00 - 12.00 Newly Qualified PhD and EdD Q&A Session  
Sunday 16th: 09.30 - 10.30 & 11.00 - 12.00 Preparing for Viva  
Sunday 16th: 12.00 - 13.00 Dinner available in restaurant  
sunil Kumar: My Dream learning design project Proposal  
Support roles for DL within Higher Education Introduce yourself and your role in supporting/managing distance/flexible learning 4 comments
Supporting #OIE in Higher Education  
Supporting Backchannel How do you organize and encourage backchannel discussions at conferences? 3 comments
Supporting Collaborative Exam Revision via Google talk and Examopedia wiki 0016 ALTC 2009 Manish Malik 3 comments
Supporting diverse learners [Becka Currant: Presentation] Supporting diverse learners [Becka Currant: Presentation at ELESIG Webinar]  
Supporting integration through incidental learning Presentation by Andrew Brasher at the CALRG 2012 conference.  
Supporting learners in mobile discovery of library resources Presentation by Keren Mills at the CALRG conference 2012.  
Supporting multimodal media recommendation and annotation using social network analysis Adam Rae, Thursday 3rd June, 16:00 pm - 16:15 pm, Student Presentations 4, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Supporting Reflection about Web Resources within Mash-Up Learning Environments Thomas Daniel Ullmann, Thursday 3rd June, 16:30 pm - 16:45 pm, Student Presentations 4, JLB Meeting Room 10  
Supporting Students in Independent Study  
Supporting the design of learning games for formal learning: models and tools  
Supporting the Exploration of Research Spaces Chwhynny Overbeeke, Thursday 3rd June, 15:00 pm - 15:15 pm, Student Presentations 3, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Supporting the independent language learner  
Supporting your research Led by Chris High  
Supportive Automated Feedback for Short Essay Answers (SAFeSEA) 12 comments
Surgery Residency Personal Statements  
Surveying students prior to discussion  
Surveys in E-Learning Research: Methodology, Key Issues and Resources [Ruslan Ramanau] Surveys in E-Learning Research: Methodology, Key Issues and Resources Ruslan Ramanau, Institute of...  
Susan M.'s representations H800 14B 1 comment
Susan Mckenney: Designing and researching technology enhanced learning for the zone of proximal implementation 1 comment
Susan McKenney: Toward relevant and useable TEL research Draft paper  
Susan Williams H800-16B: using CompendiumLD design tool for my design narrative  
Susan's comparisons H800 16B 2 comments
Susan's review of an e-Design Template  
Susan's thoughts on comparing the e-Design Template and the Design Principles Database  
Susan’s Design Narrative – On-line Dementia Awareness Course 1 comment
Susanne Winchester: My dream - Cultural awareness teaching for German A course on cultural awareness to be delivered in parallel to a general language (German) learning course 6 comments
Susanne Winchester: scenarios 2 comments
Susanne's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal  
Susanne's reflections on Week 1 - "my story" 3 comments
Sussex Conservatories. Quality conservatories, Glass Extensions, Bifolding Doors, Hardwood conservatories  
Sustainability Cloud 19 comments
Sustainability for mobile learning under the societal and cultural condition of delimitation, a conceptual framework with a proposal of practical tools 1 comment
Sustainability Hotseat 1 comment
Sustainability in OER projects 8 comments
Sustainability Seek & Deploy: Jeff Waistell 1 comment
Sustainable policies, sustainable resources and publications for sustainable re-use: lessons from OOER Megan is talking about predictions about sustainable reuse because its quite early to talk about...  
Sustaining and Embedding Innovations - Good Practice Guide  
Sustaining OER and SCORE  
Suzy Englands Review of Design Representations  
SVG embed tests  
SWaNI Call page  
Switching to Adobe Connect: Early Experiences  
Swot analysis  
Sylvia's OLDS MOOC learning journal  
Symposium 2: Sociotechnical theories of learning technology Networks as platforms for expansive development – examples from a school development ... 5 comments
Symposium 3: Networked learning, the Net Generation and Digital Natives Networked learning, the Net Generation and Digital Natives Symposium Organiser: Chris Jones, The... 4 comments
Symposium 7: Current challenges in learning design and pedagogical patterns research Symposium at Networked Learning Conference, 4th May 2010 4 comments
Symposium: Design Perspectives for Learning with Social Media: Reconciling Informal and Formal Learning through Web 2.0? Symposium at Edmedia conference, 1st July 2010 23 comments
Sympossium: Design pattern methodologies symposium CAL conference, March 2008: Challenges of the design pattern paradigm for the development of learning environments & experiences 3 comments
Synap - Online MCQ creator (free)  
Synchronous audio-graphic conferencing for language practice Students can develop conversational fluency, when face-to-face meeting is difficult, through a synchronous audio-graphic conferencing tool.  
Synchronous Science Lab Tutorials using Eluminate  
Synthesis report on assessment and feedback with technology-enhancement This project has been commissioned by the Higher Education Academy and is being conducted by the...  
System Log Data System log data is a step-by-step recording of user interaction with a software program. The level... 1 comment