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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
Talk: Theory and reflection in pedagogy planner tools to support learning design Liz Masterman and Marion Manton talk at LAMS 09 conference, 7th July 09 1 comment
test galaxy  
The problem with modelling or modelling problems  
Towards Open Sustainablity Education  
T-SPARC Project @ Birmingham City University T-SPARC is a JISC funded project based at Birmingham City University which is...  
T-SPARC Project @ Birmingham City University MS SharePoint 2010 - Programme design and approval software demonstration.  
T1: Project Management Theme: Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing: Current Approaches and Future Impact Interactive workshop: presentations followed by discussions in small groups 5 comments
T1: Project Management Theme: Project Management Methodologies – Agile and Prince 2 - making them work for you 13 comments
T1: Project Management Theme: The Role of the Change Manager 4 comments
T2: Developing Sustainability and Impact Theme: Community and sustainability Panel style discussion  
T2: Developing Sustainability and Impact Theme: Understanding Sustainability and Doing It Better Debate with panel 1 comment
T2: Developing Sustainability and Impact Theme: Who's responsible for sustainability and impact? Short Presentations followed by debate with panel, ‘Question Time’ style 2 comments
T3: Engaging with your Communities Theme: Promoting your project to different audiences Interactive workshop 1 comment
T3:Engaging with your Communities Theme: Engaging with communities through social media and networking Interactive workshop  
T3:Engaging with your Communities Theme: Writing to get your project noticed Interactive workshop  
Tabitha Naisiko's Discourse with Health Eating Design Representations.  
Tabitha Roder: learning design project - OLDS MOOC  
Tabitha Roder: learning design project - OLDS MOOC  
Tabitha Roder: My dream: Learning design project proposal OLDS-MOOC learning design project proposal 2 comments
table top calender's  
Tackling childhood obesity. Evaluating physical activity in children Adam Lockwood, 10:00 am to 10:30 am  
Tai chi chuan teaching  
Take part in an interactive demonstration of Out There and In Here at the Learn About fair  
Takin' Care of Business  
Taking the lead: Learners’ experiences across the disciplines 0114 ALTC 2009  
Taking undergraduate students from New Zealand to Africa - virtually 2 comments
Talk Conole: Harnessing learning design as a new approach to rethinking the curriculum Grainne Conole, Presidential address, AECT conference, 30th October 2009 2 comments
Talk Factory: Supporting 'exploratory talk' in primary school science IET Technology coffee morning, 5 May 2010: Marilena Petrou. Previous research has found that... 1 comment
Talk: Baroness Susan Greenfeld at the HE Leadership Summit, 11/2/10 Closing Keynote: Maximising creativity in the 21st century individual Baroness Susan... 5 comments
Talk: Conole - digital literacies  
Talk: Conole: A holistic approach to designing for learning: a vision for the future Presentation at the Annual International CODE Symposium, Ciba, Japan, 18th February 2010  
Talk: Conole: An introduction to cloudworks JISC Eluminate session, 4th November 2009  
Talk: Haruo Nishinosono, Annual International CODE Symposia, Japan Exploring the Possibility of Developing a Student-Centered Learning System for Vocational Skills...  
Talk: James Daziel, Annual International CODE Symposia, Japan Sharing and Re-Using Effective Student Centered Learning DesignsDr. James Dalziel(Director,...  
Talk: Martin Bean at the HE Leadership Summit, 11/2/10  Informal learning: friend or foe?Martin Bean, Vice-Chancellor, The Open University Space... 8 comments
Talk: Michael Hannafin, Annual International CODE Symposia, Japan Learning without Instruction? Technology and the Emergence of Student-Centered Learning...  
Talk: Myunghee Ju Kang, Annual International CODE Symposia, Japan A Quality Assurance Model for Student-Centered Learning and Teaching in Higher EducationDr.... 2 comments
Talk: Open content in education – the instructor benefits of OpenCourseWare Talk by Preston Parker, Utah State University at AECT conference, 29th October 2009 2 comments
Talk: Openness and the disaggregated future of HE David Wiley presentation at AECT conference, 29th October 2009  
Talkshop Language learning on the debate  
Taller Básico de Restauración Fotográfica usando el software GIMP de Diseño Gráfico.  
Tamra Cocks and Jennifer Stokes, Ethics, equity and excellence: a case study of supported transition to higher education in the Australian context  
Tamsyn Smith: My dream: Learning design project proposal  
Tangible benefits of e-learning case studies  
Tangibles, tabletops or mobiles: which is best for collaborative learning? 4 comments
Tarea 6 2 comments
Task Force on the Careers Profession Set up February, 2010 Task Force on the Careers Profession Convened by Iain Wright, MP Outline... 1 comment
Tasks, practices and curriculum design  
Tate online art courses  
TCM Feedback: A presentation on the work of the Access to Video Assets (AVA) Project 1 comment
TCM Feedback: Building the Open University's Web of Linked Data 4 comments
TCM Feedback: Conducting usability evaluations remotely  
TCM Feedback: Enroling academics in sharing teaching ideas: building a community of practice about online role play  
TCM Feedback: Evaluation of interactive eBooks and mobile learning on the iPad 3 comments
TCM Feedback: Get CloudEngine - Cloudworks open-sourced  
TCM Feedback: Google Apps-where next? - Preparing for curriculum usage 1 comment
TCM Feedback: Haptic Lotus – A different take on accessible technologies 3 comments
TCM Feedback: Learning by Tinkering 1 comment
TCM Feedback: Lightbulb ‘discovery moments’ using multiple devices in the Wild 2 comments
TCM Feedback: Location-based learning: Education in the wild 4 comments
TCM Feedback: Mapping the Deeper Learning Literature using Cohere 1 comment
TCM Feedback: Meeting the needs of Library users on the mobile web  
TCM Feedback: Mobile Connections: Joining up OU provision for Mobile Learners 1 comment
TCM Feedback: Open Learning Network-the evidence of OER impact  
TCM Feedback: SocialLearn Project 4 comments
TCM Feedback: xDelia – Using serious games linked to physiological sensors to improve financial decision-making 3 comments
Tea for Two- H800 Learning narrative 4 comments
Tea for Two- H800 Learning narrative  
Tea for Two- H800 Learning narrative  
Tea for Two- H800 Learning narrative  
Tea for Two- H800 Learning narrative  
Teach yourself to teach with technology  
Teacher as Learning Designer  
Teacher Inquiry into Student Learning (TISL) in an Upper Secondary School in Norway 1 comment
Teacher Led Enquiry  
Teacher wisdom stories Use of iPods to facilitate expertise between expert and novice teachers 1 comment
Teacher-led Inquiry and Learning Design: The Grand Challenge(s) Developing a Grand Challenge from an Alpine Rendezvous workshop  
Teaching / Coaching Students with ADHD What Works and What Doesn't?  
Teaching and Learning in Virtual Worlds Resources for investigating virtual worlds including Second Life and Open Sim  
Teaching and learning in XXI century using in a e-Safety way tools and applications web 2.0 and social media in education 2.0 Free project for teachers : Web  2.0 , social media and other digital and information...  
Teaching as designs: lessons from LAMS James Daziel presentation 9th Dec, Sydney  
Teaching in Hong Kong  
Teaching Innovation Group (OUBS) The Open University Business School  
Teaching interdisciplinarity For students to learn interdisciplinarity, teachers need to be self-conscious of how they do it themselves, and to provide incremental means of acquiring the skills. 2 comments
Teaching online with and alongside iQualify  
TEACHING ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR TO PART 1 STUDENTS - Linking the Abstract /Valuing /Ideal Self to the Acting/Social Self via t 1 comment
Teaching software design using group projects  
Teaching spanish with a song Great example of teaching spanish with a song  
Teaching students about the politics of the Middle East using role play - a CompendiumLD activity design Middle east role play 2 comments
Teaching to teach online - useful links  
Teaching to teach online - team administration  
Teaching with Twitter - (who) to be or not to be... 3 comments
Teaching with Twitter: From tweeting to learning 0064 ALTC 2009 Steve Wheeler, Tara Alexander  
Teaching, mentoring, demonstrating Research Skills required by PhD students E5: Effectively support the learning of others when... 1 comment
Teachmeets in Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Milton Keynes (South East) Hi All Has anyone seen about the Teachmeets that are happening in the South East over the next few...  
TEAL- Technology Enabled Active Learning  
Team games: motivation through competition Get the motivational benefits of competition without the dangers by having collaborative groups compete against each other.  
Team Lost Overview - OLDSMOOC Week 1 (and 2!) 19 comments
Team representations  
Team up - Using OER to create curriculum for mobile era  
Team: APDU TEAM Team for blended design workshop at Brunel  
Team: BioSciences The design team is composed of four lecturers in BioSciences from the School of Health... 1 comment
Team: Brunel Business School A 5 comments
Team: Brunel Business School B 9 comments
Team: Business  
Team: Centre of Inclusion and Curriculum: Using technologies in teaching, UK, June 2011  
Team: Civil Engineering  
Team: Design & Technology  
Team: Drama 1 comment
Team: e-Learning Team A Cloud for the e-Learning Team 2 comments
Team: Education This design team is composed of two lecturers from the Education department in the School of Sport... 1 comment
Team: Education and Careers Becoming an effective mentor  
Team: FELS: Using technologies in teaching, UK, June 2011  
Team: Geography  
Team: IPLC Designs  
Team: Languages  
Team: Mathematical Sciences 2 comments
Team: Maths  
Team: MCT: Using technologies in teaching, UK, June 2011  
Team: MSB team  
Team: Music1  
Team: Music2  
Team: Physiotherapy The design team is composed of two lecturers in Physiotherapy from the School of... 1 comment
Team: Science 6 comments
Team: Science: Using technologies in teaching, UK, June 2011  
Team: Social Science: Using technologies in teaching, UK, June 2011  
Tech Coffee Morning : Alternate Reality Games  
Tech-sites for teachers  
Technology : Policies & Regulations  
Technology and education  
Technology and teachers  
Technology Assisted Project Supervision (TAPaS) Use of social software in Project supervision  
Technology change in education - involving Senior Management at last?  
Technology enhanced learning in 21st century mass higher education. Aspects of design, practice and strategy for a necessary ste 0031 ALTC 2009  
Technology Supported Assignment Assessment & Moderation - Daniel Berger / Heinz Dreher / Christian Guetl Technology Supported Assignment Assessment & Moderation  Conception of a software tool...  
Technology to support intercultural competence assessment  
Technology trends A space to collate and discuss technology trends. See also the Horizon reports cloudscape.... 1 comment
Technology-enhanced assessment  
Technology-enhanced learning grand challenges 1 comment
Technology, Ideology and Practice in Applied Linguistics - Revisiting Multimodality Applied linguistics, in probing into the changing modes of communication, refined the methods of... 3 comments
Technology: Advanced NROC Issues Discussion of advanced NROC issues including content modification and admin management 5 comments
Technology: Working with NROC Content in an LMS or a Repository Examples, tips and tricks for hosting NROC in an LMS or repository 3 comments
Techonology for researchers What technology should we be adopting as researchers?  
Teenage Pregnancy  
TEL workshop 2008: Doug Clow A brief video in which Doug talks about Biodiversity Observatory  
telgreenwich: my dream: course jumps out of the box  
telgreenwich: OLDS MOOC Learning Journal  
TELSTAR JISC project Technology enhanced learning supporting students to achieve academic rigour  
TELSTAR: Citation management as a strategic driver for change 0321 ALTC 2009  
Tema George's design narrative: Inclusive learning with a virtual learning environment 1 comment
template 4 comments
Template: Agenda for 'Cloudworking Open Exeter' Workshop 2 comments
Template: Agenda for Brunel Blended Design workshop 9th Nov 2009 Agenda for Brunel Blended Design workshop 9th Nov 2009 6 comments
Template: Design challenge Design a short course in a day, OULDI, Open University  
Template: Interactive poster session Introduction This cloud describes how to run an 'interactive poster' session. This is a great way...  
Template: Learning Design 'Lite' Workshop 1 comment
Template: Learning Design Module  
Template: Using technologies in teaching  
Template: Using the LDtoolbox with trainee teachers (sample)  
Template: Workshop CompendiumLD maps CompendiumLD designs for the Brunel Blended Design workshop  
Tendencias de moda  
Tensions between e-learning innovation and institutional quality control: can we square the circle? Keynote by Maggie McPherson, 11 May 09 2 comments
teo's design narrative: Should cultural artefacts be returned to their countries of origin? 3 comments
Teorías del aprendizaje (prueba)  
Teresa Morgan (Terri Rees group) 4SPICEs and e-design models  
Teresa Morgan (Terri's group): the truth about teaching narrative March 2014  
Term project- Elements of comp programming1  
Terminology review  
Terri Bays interview Terri Bays interview at Hewlett Monterey meeting, 5th March 2009  
Terry Anderson keynote  
Terry's OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
Terry's OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
TerryDP: My dream "get faculty to think beyond the video lecture" learning design project 1 comment
Tessa's reflections 1 comment
Tessa's reflections  
Test Test...  
test aa...  
test cloud 1 comment
Test Cloud  
Test Cloud  
Test Cloud  
test cloud  
Test cloud  
test cloud  
Test Content  
Test for H880  
test IE  
Test ref part 2 1 comment
Test reference  
TESTA: Transforming the experience of students through assessment: project TESTA: Transforming the experience of students through assessment is a Higher Education Academy...  
Testando o cloudworks  
testcloud trying out cloudworks ......  
Teste Yuzhou  
testing bibsonomy  
testing discussion thread embed  
testing google plus embed  
Testing Succeed with Math  
TG Group Jo R thoughts on 2 representations  
That which is designed and that which is naturally occurring 7 comments
The ‘Gamification’ of GIS for teaching and learning Presentation by Thiemo Romey and Anne Adams at CALRG 2012.  
The ‘other’ side of the Kitchen: Kitchen Stories from Behind the Scenes Rachel Scicluna, 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm  
The 3 Letters of Learning Design - GBU (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) 5 comments
The 6th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science – CLOSER 2016  
The 8th International Conference on Computer Supported Education - CSEDU 2016  
The 8th International Conference on Computer Supported Education - CSEDU 2016  
The AaHa Experience 2 comments
The Academy Research Observatory: surveying the landscape [Presentation: Martin Oliver] The Academy Research Observatory: surveying the landscape. Presentation by Martin Oliver  
The Amanda project Collaboration around a mulimedia fiction  
The APT STAIRS model 0247 ALTC 2009  
The ARGOSI project Student Induction ARG  
The AUTC Learning Design Project on ICT-based learning designs  
The b-live Foundation  
The Big Idea - Dragon's Den New models for learning, research and libraries and responding to change 3 comments
The British Sociological Association View info about the BSA and book a place at the conference on line.  
The Case for Creativity in Education What does creativity have to offer in education? I know that this is nowhere near a new concept in...  
The Case for Education in Virtual Worlds Space and Culture Space and Culture, 2008. How the educational experience in SL differs from...  
The centralisation dilemma in educational IT  
The CERD Model: Three possible approaches to designing collaborative educational digital libraries Presentation by Pauline Ngimwa at CALRG annual conference 2010...  
The Changes and Challenges of Open Practice in the UK (panel discussion)  
The Cloud of Mick  
the Cloudquesterbadge  
The Cloudworks Guide to Unlocking Your Mobile Phone  
The context for design across courses at Sydney Rob Ellis presentation at learning through inquiry workshop, 10th Dec 08  
The Coventry Online Writing Lab (COWL) Project The COWL (Coventry Online Writing Laboratory) project is funded by JISC as part of the...  
The CU online handbook Online book edited by Patrick Lowethal  
The death of a network: Yik Yak and the value of anonymous social media in universities (Keynote)  
The Demographics, Motivations, and Derived Experiences of Users of Massively Multi-User Online Graphical Environments Presence, 2006. 5 factor model of user motivations is revealed - Achievement, Relationship,...  
the Design Principles Database (DPD)  
The Design Studio  
The Development of China's OER: Chinese Course of Excellence Project and Case Study  
The Dichotomy of Data in Careers Decisions  
The Difference Between Being and Seeing: The Relative Contribution of Self-Perception and Priming to Behavioral Changes via Digi Media Psychology Media Psychology, 2009. Exploring WHY our avatars appearance can affect our...  
The digital fact  
The dog that didn't bark. LiOW was a remarkable and interesting experiment. The technology worked well enough and the people... 1 comment
The e-Design Template: a pedagogic guide for e-learning designers 3 comments
The e-Learning centre library of case studies A collection of peer reviewed resources for e-learning  
The e-porfolio and probation  
The e-porfolio and probation (2012)  
The e-Xpanded Classroom 0060 ALTC 2009  
The effect of Feedback on the Motivation of Software Engineers Rien Sach, Thursday 3rd June, 16:15 pm - 16:30 pm, Student Presentations 4, JLB Meeting Room 1  
The Effective Researcher: the end is in sight Led by Paul Toombs  
The Effects of Activities in Virtual Worlds as a Communication Environment to Understand Each Other From Journal of CyberTherapy and Rehabilitation, 2010. Work in SL to explore gender roles...  
The Effects of Avatar Appearance in Virtual World  
The effects of immersion and navigation on the acquisition of spatial knowledge of abstract data networks From Procedia Computer Science, 2010. Data visualisation in VWs and learning. Procedia...  
The effects of practice teaching sessions in Second Life on the change in pre-service teachers’ teaching efficacy  
The effects of practice teaching sessions in second life on the change in pre-service teachers’ teaching efficacy  
The End of Certification? Does the increasingly shared, informal, social and improvised nature of learning mean that the... 1 comment
The Environmental Web: Small Island States online activity A case study of a sequence of individual and group online activities within an undergraduate course in environmental scienceOU  
The Ethics of Mobile Learning One of the striking things to come out of the MOTILL Project was the apparent lack of any coherent... 8 comments
The Evolution of Christmas Ads from Coca-Cola  
The evolution of human cognition and its implications for instruction John Sweller presentation at Learning through inquiry working 1 comment
The evolution of learning design: From pedagogic neturality to good teaching ideas 3 comments
The Evolution of Social Behavior over Time in Second Life Presence, 2009. Over time in SL peoples social circle increases while they explore less...  
The Experience of Embodied Space in Virtual Worlds Space and Culture Space and Culture, 2008. Experiences in virtual worlds. Virtual...  
The facilitators and resources 3 comments
The failure of the IMS Learning Design: Recommendations for a revised version (Sense formatted) 1 comment
The FORMID Suite: bridging the gap between LD and TISL?  
The Fugues of J.S. Bach  
The Function of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in Educational Virtual Games and Simulations From Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence, 2010. Motivation to use these...  
The future for (second) life and learning From British Journal of Educational Technology, 2009. An introduction, looking at various...  
the future for careers-work professionalism? 6 comments
The Future of Learning Final Keynote at Ascilite 2009 by James Clay 1 comment
The future of mobile learning in the workplace: Qualcomm Insights 1 comment
The future of technology in education Senior-level public policy keynote seminar organised by the Westminster Education Forum  
the future of the careers profession what future for the careers profession - established facts, pressing issues & future possibilities  
The future of the VLE at the Open University? What would you like it to be? 1 comment
The Get Yourself Hired Test – FAQs  
The Glossy Project 0301 ALTC 2009  
The Golden Ticket of Careers Information 1 comment
The Great Beyond with Open English Language Education Resources (Alannah Fitzgerald)  
The Great History Conundrum  
The handbook of sustainable literacy Skills for thriving and surviving in the twenty-first century  
The Handheld Learning Project in 5 primary schools North East Lincolnshire  
The HEFCE/HEA/JISC OER programme Discussion and presentation about the March call 3 comments
The Hidden Job Market  
The Hierarchy of digital distractions Blog posting by Information is Beautiful  
The Impact (or not) of eBooks This cloud will record a panel discussion taking place on 19th May as part of IET's Technology... 10 comments
The impact of 14-19 reforms on the career guidance profession in England Final Research Report by Colley, H., Lewin, C. & Chadderton, C.BackgroundThe provision of... 1 comment
The Impact of Open Transformational Possibilities for Education and Research 2 comments
The Impact of Unaware Perception on Bodily Interaction in Virtual Reality Environments Presence, 2009. Haptic feedback and implications on design of input devices for VWs. Haptic...  
the implementation of competence based education in VET my phd  
The implications for social work practice of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 for Black and Minority Ethnics with Learning Difficulty Godfred Boahen, 11:30 am to 12:00 pm  
The implications of web 2.0 1 comment
The Importance of Teaching. The Schools White Paper 2010  
The Impossible Open Education Future  
The Inequalities Blog  
The Influence of Multimodal 3D Visualizations on Learning Acquisition  
The influence of racial embodiment on racial bias in immersive virtual environments Social Influence, 2009. Insights into the flexibility of racial identity and racial attitudes...  
The influence of synchronous online reciprocal peer support on answer quality. 0298 ALTC 2009 de Bakker et al.  
The institutional impact of OpenLearn Presentation by Andy Lane, Open University  
The Intercultural Assistant Some thoughts on the customisable, modular web based environment for assessing intercultural competence 2 comments
The International Conference on E- Learning and E-Technologies in Education (ICEEE)  
The International Conference on E- Learning and E-Technologies in Education (ICEEE)  
The International Conference on E- Learning and E-Technologies in Education (ICEEE)  
The Internationalisation and Intercultural Education Network  
The Internet and the recession Pew report 1 comment
The Interweaved Fabrics of Reality: Physical, Social and Intentional, Yishay Mor 1 comment
The iTunes U at the OU learner Presentation by Fernando Rosell-Aguilar st the CALRG 2012 conference.  
The Knowledge Network is going read only - Scholarship  
The Lattice model for designing learning Simon Cross has blogged some of his personal thoughts around the design process. Although informed...  
the Learning Design Challenge 5 comments
The Learning Technologies of the Future – Technologies That Learn? 0164  
The LINA project (Learning with Interactive Assessment) There are several initiatives in the Learning with Interactive Assessment (LINA) project, as this...  
The lived experience of climate change: interdisciplinary e-module development and virtual mobility This project applies principles of open content, and learning, and virtual mobility, to a...  
The Many Problems of Big Data (And How We Can Make Good Use of Them)  
The medium is the message… Learning to Code for Data Analysis  
The Metaverse: Telepresence in 3D Avatar-Driven Digital-Virtual Worlds From @tic : Revista d'Innovació Educativa, 2008. Discusses presence and...  
The Mobile Holiday 1 comment
The Need for Open Business Models (Ariel Diaz)  
The networked student Commoncraft video on connectivism and students  
The networked student model for construction of personal learning environments: Balancing teacher control and student autonomy  
The New ABCs of Research: Achieving Breakthrough Collaborations (keynote) 1 comment
The new rural doctor: qualified quack or appropriate healthcare provider?  
The new science of learning NSF report  
The newest cloud on the block  
The Obviousness of Open Policy 1 comment
The OCWs next frontier The OCWs next frontier - learning ecosystems 1 comment
The OneVoice Plenary: Accessibility - why bother? Chair - Nigel Lewis, Chief Executive, AbilityNet Dr Jean Irvine OBE, Commissioner, Equality...  
The Open Assignment Bank of ds106 and Remixing Thereof  
The Open Research Agenda  
The Open Scholar In a developing world of open educational content and open communities of learners, what is the role of the 'open scholar'? 8 comments
The Open University Business School and elearning 2 comments
The OU and elearning: How eprepared are we?  
The OU Is Only Ten Feet Away 3 comments
The OU Learning About guides Short briefing papers on how different technologies can be used in teaching  
The OU: working with partners overseas  
The Oxford Union e-learning debate 1st October 2009  
the Participatory Pattern Workshops Methodology  
The Pete O´Stud adventures  
The planet Visualisation tool for teaching biology/ecology  
The PLE conference 2 comments
The PLE grow model Blog posting by MollyBob goes to school  
The POCKET project – overcoming barriers to open content production 0276 ALTC 2009  
The Potential for Change  
The power of educational technology Ten tips for using technology with teachers  
The practical realities of developing and running a MOOC  
The Practical Sandpit An internet-based resource for creating virtual experiments 2 comments
The problem of sharing designs Design Bash 8th July 09 3 comments
The production of subjectivity through adaptations of assessment at UNED  
The Professional Learning and Teaching Practice (PLaTP) synthesis project A link to the HEA-funded synthesis of evidence-based practice in the use of technology to...  
The pros and cons of video lecturing Blog posting by ICTlogy 1 comment
The Proteus Effect From Communication Research, 2009. Our avatars appearance can affect our...  
The Proteus Effect: Behavioural Modification Via Transformations Of Digital Self-Representation Dissertation from Stanford University Dissertation from Stanford University, 2007. How using...  
The Proteus Effect: The Effect of Transformed Self-Representation on Behavior Human Communication Research Human Communication Research, 2007. Self representation affects...  
The Question Creation Activity module for Moodle: Student generated quiz questions as a method of enhancing learner autonomy and 0214  
The Rapid eLearning Blog  
The rationale behind using anti-plagiarism software for my course 2 comments
The reality of the knowledge society Angela MacFarlane talk at CAL 09 conference, Brighton 09  
The right tools for the online collaborative job  
The roadmap to emotionally accessible MOOCs  
The Role of ALs in the Open OU I have been an AL in the OU for a while now but not as long as many...Sometimes the openess of the...  
The Role of Schools and Local Authorities in Careers Guidance (England)  
The role of social networking in museum learning  
The role of social presence in computer supported collaborative learning and teaching - Sylvia Warnecke and Mirjam Hauck  
The role of the learning desginer?  
The ROLE project EU-funded project on TEL  
The Scrapyard 5 comments
The searchable catalogue of the Open University's EPD activities The catalogue contains all of the activities provided by AACS, the CETLs, COBE, CREET, Human...  
The self as an open educational resource (OER)  
The services to support students with disabilities at UNED  
The Sino-UK eChina programme A set of collaborative Sino-UK elearning projects.  
The SocialLearn Project (KMi seminar) Simon Buckingham Shum, Thursday 18 March 2010, 11.30am  
The socio-technical construction of MOOCs and their relationship to educator and learning designer roles and practices in HE  
The SoMoLearn initiative: empowering teachers to recruit mobile technologies and social media as an ally 1 comment
The SoMoLearn initiative: empowering teachers to recruit mobile technologies and social media as an ally  
The spiritual dimension of counselling and psychotherapy: An exploratory study of the experience and perception of Maltese clinical and counselling psychologists Claudia Psaila, 3:15 pm to 3:45 pm  
The STELLAR network EU network of researchers in Technology Enhanced Learning  
The Student Voice  
The technology dream versus teacher reality: Understanding technology practices in relation to beliefs, pedagogical context and 0292  
The Temple of the Dioscuri and the Mythic Origins of Neapolis  
The transformational role of social mobile media in the context of the Nepalese medical education system, Christoph Pimmer, Sebastian Linxen 4 comments
The Twitter Version of the day  
The UK-India CEO Forum  
The ultimate Movers  
The ultimate Packers and Movers  
The Unisa ODL International Reference Group, Cloud 1 Although this cloud isn't strictly active until April 6, i am posting the first question suggested... 19 comments
The UNSW learning and teaching exchange An online CoP for staff at UNSW to share learning and teaching ideas  
The untapped potential of virtual game worlds to shed light on real world epidemics The Lancet The Lancet, 2007. The use of VWs to better simulate epidemics. ...  
The use a usefulness of non-asssessed online learning - tracking students behaviour on LAMS Eva Dobozy presentation at LAMS 08, Sydney  
The use of co-regulated learning prompts to support students’ learning in a Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Environment Presentation by Eunice E. Olakanmi at CALRG annual conference 2010...  
The Use of Immersive Virtual Reality in the Learning Sciences: Digital Transformations of Teachers, Students, and Social Context The Journal of the Learning Sciences The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 2008. Overview of...  
The use of OER for research methods teaching in social science and education 4 comments
The use of Scoring Rubrics to assist in the Management of Increased Student Assessment Choice 0218 ALTC 2009  
The use of Twitter in Academia 1 comment
The Users Of FFXIV Can Begin Upgrading Their Game To The Newer Console  
the uses of narrative, the value of expertise and the authority of experience how, in a storyboarding workshop, participants shape the process and define the outcomes  
The value of typologies of engagement  
The Virtual Design Studio Summary of the workshop on virtual design studios  
The VLE is Dead 0286 31 comments
The VLE is dead..... long live the PLE?  
The VLE vs PLE debate The PLE conference 2012 Aveiro 11 - 13th July 2012 17 comments
The Wiki as a adaptive tool for developing research communication skills 0202 ALT-C 2009 Shirley G Cooper  
The Wine Cloud A forum for lovers of fine wines 1 comment
The work of LTI Translation and their impact on student engagement and success  
The Worked Example 0098  
the workless on benefits - and careers work in the thick of it  
TheBrain Gebruik van TheBrain bij de Hofscholen 1 comment
Then and Now Eileen Scanlon talking at CALRG 09 1 comment
Theory of Deferred Action Designing for the moment 2 comments
Theory of mobile learning 0  
Things that don't work/OLnet antiPatterns  
things to do in kyoto  
Think To Save Power and Money Immediately  
Think To Save Power by Using Power Saving Devices  
Thinking about assessment practices Associate lecturers' National Conference, 9 comments
Thinking Together Karen Littleton at CALRG09  
This is my test cloud  
Thomas OLDS MOOC learning journal  
Thomas OLDS MOOC portfolio  
Thomas Ryberg, Lillian Buus, Marianne Georgsen, Tom Nyvang and Jacob Davidsen: Introducing the Collaborative E-learning Design method (CoED) 1 comment
Thomas Soldan's Bio  
Thoughts on open Google hangout session  
Thoughts on Scenario based design presentation  
Thoughts on using cloudworks for REALISE project website Using the open source version of cloudworks for the social aspect of an open innovation project 9 comments
Thoughts on workflows from the Viewpoints project Some abridged thoughts from Alan Masson of the Viewpoints Project (University of Ulster) around the...  
Threats - SWOT  
Three pattern-based learning designs - Pyramids  
Three things... 11 comments
Three trends of mobile learning state-of-the-art research  
Three-dimensional virtual worlds and distance learning: two case studies of Active Worlds as a medium for distance education British Journal of Educational Technology From British Journal of Educational Technology,...  
three-scene storyboarding - to live and learn and live  
THU: “Give us the tools and we will finish the job” (Mark Allenby) Creating an easy to use online problem-solving toolkit for the caring professions 8 comments
THU: (Keynote) The Digital Scholar Revisited (Martin Weller) 3 comments
THU: An IELTS Task 1 Autonomous Collaborative Personal Learning Environment (Gareth Davies) 6 comments
THU: Digital Inclusion in Sub Saharan Africa (Janet Turner) 14 comments
THU: Digital Inclusion in Sub Saharan Africa (Janet Turner)  
THU: Dyslexia: Supporting Students In A Clinical Healthcare Setting (Stephen Gardiner) 15 comments
THU: Dyslexia: Supporting Students In A Clinical Healthcare Setting (Stephen Gardiner)  
THU: Edutainment: The use of informal games in the formal education of Autistic students. (Lucy Spalding) 12 comments
THU: How can a social network be used to increase dissemination of research (Andy Brooks) 22 comments
THU: How open is open: exploring the boundaries of openness in setting up a safeguarding learning network (Jude Toasland) A case study exploring setting up a safeguarding learning network for sport 22 comments
THU: Integrating Augmented Reality In Learning Thai Vocabulary For Adult Learners In The US Higher Education (Payungsak Kaenchan) 17 comments
THU: Introduction to a new open resource to help teachers support learners with anxiety in online environments (Claire Richardson) 27 comments
THU: Knowledge is social: learning in an open online, global community of practice (Siobhan Duvigneau) 3 comments
THU: Learning and Teaching on Asynchronous Forums - Sharing Good Practice (Anita Pilgrim) 13 comments
THU: Listening To Students With ASD In Higher Education (Gill Marshall) 7 comments
THU: MOOC Migration: To what extent does the MOOC model fit in China? (Sian Lovegrove) 16 comments
THU: Online Tool can Help Minor Sports Grow; Ultimate Frisbee? (Masaru Nagatsuka) 4 comments
THU: Open Digital Badges – A practical proposal for the use of open digital badges in an ASB Online Academy course (Debbie Grieve) 19 comments
THU: Pirate scholarly communication: how are illegal means of sharing academic literature part of open education and how are they innovative? (David Jenkins) 14 comments
THU: Refreshing Prensky, mapping individuals digital usage (Richard Lamb) 18 comments
THU: Role of Assessment in MOOCs - Exploring the Challenges (Heather Bloodworth) 32 comments
THU: Sharing Ideas for OU Live Digital Teaching Materials We have the tools and ideas, how do we implement sharing? (Marshal B. Anderson) 6 comments
THU: Taming the wild or wilding the tame? Supporting the implementation of open textbooks. (Jo Jacob) 14 comments
THU: The Potential of Video Concept Cards(Uffe Frandsen) 24 comments
THU: Tomorrow's Digital Scholar: Using Google Docs To Promote Collaboration In Secondary School English (Jonathan Brown). 36 comments
THU: Workshop to explore possible ways to increase Prison students’ engagement in Higher Education (Eileen Mansfield) 10 comments
THUR: Introduction to a new open resource to help teachers support learners with anxiety in online environments (Claire Richardson) Abstract 1 comment
THURS: The Digital Nurse: experimenting with open sourced multimedia (Sarah Adrienne Hughes) 25 comments
Tien kleine konijntjes (Anna)  
Tiffany Crosby - Scenario Design Business Psychology 3 comments
Tiffany Crosby Learning Journal 15 comments
Tiffany Crosby Prototyping Plan 2 comments
Tiffany Crosby: my dream - a learning proposal  
Tim's Design Narrative for Online Reading Circles  
Tim's Thoughts on the Representaions  
Time The workshop will be held the afternoon of June 9 and morning of June 10. We will start at 12:30 pm...  
Time limited connected document  
Time management for busy researchers Nigel Pugh Wednesday 24 March, 11.45am-12.45pm, Workshop 5D, CMR01 1 comment
Time To Know - Learning Design for Mass Production of Content  
Timeline of search engine history  
Timerime: make your own timeline  
Tips and Hints for interviewing [ELESIG] Tips and Hints for interviewing from the ELESIG wiki 2 comments
Tips on how to accomplish proper exploration regarding dissertation  
Title Ed’s Design Narrative – e-Portfolio for students and teachers 2 comments
Title Nicky’s Design Narrative media awareness and snazzy headlines 3 comments
Title: Bringing ‘aerobic respiration’ to life through storytelling and characters. 2 comments
Title: How to grade 60 assignments online efficiently within the given deadline of 2 weeks. 3 comments
Title: Research in Agile Methods  
Title: SCRUM-based learning and teaching  
Title: Teaching Agile Development 1 comment
Title: Teaching Agile Project Management in an Agile way: Learning and teaching as we mean to go on  
Title:Industry Insights-Why does Agile matter to business? 1 comment
TLRP/TEL Programme The aim of TEL research is to improve the quality of formal and informal learning, and to make...  
To book.... To book a place at the forthcoming 'Brave New Worlds' event, please contact Abi Redmond on 01902... 1 comment
To tweet or not to tweet? A phenomenological enquiry into the disposition of higher education lecturers towards the adoption of Twitter practices by Helen Crump  
To what extent could Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) contribute positively to e-learning? 0315  
To what extent is Twitter an effective tool within a school environment? 1 comment
Today I used personas with my own design students!  
Tom C's review of H800 Healthy Eating design representations  
Tom C's review of H800 Healthy Eating design representations  
Tom Cheek - Representations  
Tom Cheek's Design Narrative - Anatomy & Physiology 7 comments
Tom Hopper's Design Narrative: Improving Feedback 2 comments
Tom Preskett: My dream: Redesign of a workshop - Using iPads in Educational Setting  
Tom's Representations  
Toni Aguilar (Flipped a la classe de filosofia)  
Tony Ackroyd Learning Journal 1 comment
Tony Ackroyd: My dream: Learning design project proposal 1 comment
Tony Gleeson - My dream - simple motivator activities that engage everyone 14 comments
Tony Gleeson OLD MOOC collaboration project - anyone interested? 2 comments
Tony Gleeson OLD MOOC collaboration project - anyone interested?  
Tony Gleeson OLD MOOC Learning Journal 1 comment
Tony Gleeson: open to suggestions or a collaboration 1 comment
Tony Hirst lightning talks -, Yahoo Pipes, Pipe2py... - Dev8D 2 comments
Tony May's Document  
Tony May's Document on OERS and UNISA 9 comments
Tony's journal 2 comments
Tony's Representations  
Tool: 8Lem Widget (Beta version) featuring Viewpoints  
Tool: A Learning Design Support Environment (LDSE)  
Tool: Balsamiq  
Tool: Beehive Software for creating collaborative multimedia utilising appropriate pedagogical patterns  
Tool: Bookry- widget library  
Tool: Online tool for sharing and collaboratinve  
Tool: CADMOS 1 comment
Tool: CADMOS Learning Design  
Tool: Co-genT: Co-generative toolkit  
Tool: CoED - Collaborative E-learning Design 2 comments
Tool: Collage A tool for creating collaborative pedagogical patterns  
Tool: Collage  
Tool: CompendiumLD A tool for visualising learning designs  
Tool: CompendiumLD for visual designs An overview of the CompendiumLD tool  
TOOL: CompendiumLD learning design software  
Tool: Design principles database Presentation at the Pedagogical Planner Summit, Open University, 6th July 09 3 comments
Tool: DialogPlus Toolkit Learning Design Toolkit 10 comments
Tool: Diigo Research tool and knowledge sharing community  
Tool: Evernote Cross-platform tool for aggregating resources and information  
Tool: Jigsaw Generic Description (IMS LD UoL) 1 comment
Tool: KEEP Carnegie Foundation KEEP toolkit - document scholarship of teaching  
Tool: Keynote Kung-Fu Wireframe Toolkit For Apple’s Keynote  
Tool: LAMS Learning Activity Management System 1 comment
Tool: ldShake  
Tool: ldShake  
Tool: Learning Score Lesson Planning Tool 2 comments
Tool: LOAM evaluation tool for e-learning materials Tool developed by Nottingham University  
Tool: London Pedagogic Planner A tool for mapping teaching methods to pedagogy and allocating topics across a course 1 comment
Tool: Map my Programme. Learning design and assessment Tool to assist the design of assessment and assessment scheduling  
Tool: Media Advisor Toolkit Learning Design toolkit. 2 comments
Tool: Of Course! course design board game 1 comment
Tool: Omnigraffle 1 comment
Tool: Online summarise tool  
Tool: OpenGLM  
Tool: OU Annotate 1 comment
Tool: Pedagogical Pattern Collector 13 comments
Tool: Phoebe pedagogical planner A wiki of learning designs, templates and extensive information on different aspects of learning design  
Tool: Powerpoint Wireframe Template for UI design  
Tool: ReCourse  
Tool: ReLoad  
Tool: summary review of 16 prototyping tools  
Tool: the Learning Design Tool 2 comments
Tool: The Learning Designer  
Tool: TintanPad  
Tool: using external tool  
Tool: Versatile Custom Digital Flash Cards Simple Custom Flashcards  
Tool: Voicethread  
Tool: Web Collage  
Tool: WIDGAT (Widget Design Authoring Toolkit) 6 comments
Tool: Xerte Online Toolkits  
Tool:GLOmaker - Authoring Tool for Learning Objects 1 comment
Toolkit: JISC Design Studio  
Toolkit: NUIG eLearning Toolkit  
Tools for digital researchers 29 comments
Tools for supervising student discussion  
Tools for survival in a changing educational technology environment Predictive tool for understanding and managing change  
Tools: prototyping apps 1 comment
Top 100 tools for learning Blog posting by Centre for learning and performance technologies 4 comments
Top 5 web trends of 2009 - the real time web Blog posting by ReadWriteWeb  
Top five elearning skills for 2011  
Top issues cited with developing foundation degrees 1 comment
Topic of dissertation with help  
Tore Hoel: My dream: A simple notation for representing learning designs. 1 comment
Tore's OLD MOOC Learning Journal  
Total attendance at NFL games  
Towards a map of existing representations for learning design  
Towards a principled approach to evaluating learning design tools Chapter for Section 1 of the Art and Science of Learning Design 3 comments
Towards a Strong Careers Profession The final report from the Careers Profession Task Force - published 15th October, 2010  
Towards discourse-centric learning analytics  
Towards mobile seamless learning  
Tracey Adams’s design narrative: Advanced clinical assessment protocol workshop  
Tracey Adams’s design representation discussion: eDesign and 4SPPIces models  
Tracey Johnson: My dream: Learning design project proposal - Teaching teachers to teach online Teaching teachers to teach online 16 comments
Tracey Johnson's Cloud in the 2013 OLDS MOOC  
Tracey Johnson's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal Cloud  
Tracey's representation review  
TRACK OER - aims  
Track OER - challenges & lessons NOTE: a work-in-progress!  
Track OER - frequently asked questions  
Track OER - grand finale  
Track OER - impact  
Track OER - midweek status, 16 August 2 comments
Track OER - OER Commons bookmarklet service screen cast  
Track OER - outputs register  
TRACK OER - Project Plan  
TRACK OER - Project proposal  
TRACK OER - Project proposal  
Track OER - status report, 14 August  
Track OER - status, 29 August: looking back, looking forward.. Last week was very busy, so here are the highlights...  
Track OER in a nutshell  
Track OER project: tracking Open Educational Resources New JISC project TRACK OER: OER in the wild can get lost. We will add the tracer to find where they go for attribution..@openpad  
TRACK OER use case  
Trading room  
Training educators: building capacity through open courses.  
Training Open University associate lecturers to use Elluminate for tutorials (SEDA parallel) by Annie Eardley and Elke St John (Northwest region / Language tutoring+)  
Training paramedics in second life  
Training pre-service teachers in the lifelong learning sector - the challenges  
Transformational Processes: unravelling OERs through strategic interventions  
Transforming a music course  
Transforming audiences conference Conference, London, 3-4th September 2009  
Transforming curriculum through development-based research and a teaching fellowship scheme 0035 ALTC 2009  
Transition Phase of Smartphones from Toy to Tool  
Transliteracy Information about transliteracy and its relation to information literacy will go here...  
Transport to the camp  
Travel We will reimburse participant travel expenses, including flights, taxis, rental cars, and public...  
Tread softly...making secure steps towards wider adoption of pedagogically focussed e-learning at Brighton Business School 0294  
Trends in OER The status and future possibilities 23 comments
Trevor Gale Keynote Lecture - Desire and possibility in higher education: What do expanded systems have to offer the masses?  
Trial an error  
trial cloud created for the trial event listing on the 'events' cloud 1 comment
Trials Planning trials allows you to pace the introduction of new techniques with your students. You can...  
Tribal's Student Insights (LAEP Inventory)  
Tricky Topics: from training teachers to evaluating innovations  
Triptico web toolkit!  
Triptico web toolkit! Interactive learning  
Triratna's 2011 International Urban Retreat  
Troy's OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
Trueassignmenthelp UK 1 comment
Trusted Essay Writing Service Reviews  
try looking at the dark side of life change and anxiety in relation to professional expertise and client experience  
Tsagari:My dream:Physics is simple, beautiful and enjoyable”  
Tues 16 Aug: FoRC: The PAST  
Tues 16 Aug: FoRC: The PRESENT 1 comment
Tugba Mutlu, The University of Sheffield, UK  
Turn on, tune in and listen to this: engaging learners through audio supported pedagogy. 0244  
Turning projects into student enquiries Ideas to get more out of projects, and to extend their usage across a degree programme  
Tutor Group Forums: how scary are they? 2 comments
Tutores em Mídias Interativas 1 comment
Tutorial of ICHL2010  
Tweetbook - convert your tweets (twitter) into a book A number of site for arching tweets 6 comments
Tweeting and blogging for students: puts spotlight on design principles and pedagogical patterns #oldsmooc_wk4  
Twenty years of CSCL Claire O’Malley talk at CALRG 09  
Twine social networking site  
Twit Resources Developing a cloud of resources on Twitter 2 comments
Twitter 4 comments
Twitter and the Moral Maze 14 comments
Twitter course  
Twitter for language learning: the learners’ view 2 comments
Twitter in classroom 1 comment
Twitter stream for ecfeb09 Twitter posts with #ecfeb09 encouraged at the JISC CETIS/OpenLearn meeting 27 Feb 09  
Twitter stream for IPTS Seville  
Twitter stream for oer09 Use #oer09 when writing messages on twitter 5 comments
Twitter stream for Researcher2.0 workshop Messages sent with #olnet tag during workshop  
Twitter ye not Rick Holliman at CALRG09 2 comments
Twitter: The Heart of your PLE?  
Twitter: Why you need Twitter for study and research 1 comment
Two approaches to learner-enhanced online environments  
Twtter stream for L140 course Tweets from L140 en rumbo spanish course students 1 comment
Types Of Delicious Cakes For Different Occasions in Delhi  
Typology of assessment tools