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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
University students as co-designers of inquiry-based learning scenarios: shortening distances between teaching and learning  
User evaluation of language learning mobile applications: a case study with learners of Spanish  
U-NOW - University of Nottingham open courseware initiative The initiative aims to serve as a window onto the courses provided by the University of Nottingham,...  
Uber for X  
Uber for X  
Ubiquitous documentation of learning: a framework of the introduction of mobile technology for the construction of eportfolios 1 comment
UCD Certificate in Educational Technology University College Dublin, Media Services, Certificate in Educational Technology 5 comments
Uffe Frandsens Design Narrative: What can you learn from making videos? 1 comment
Uffe Frandsens review of representations  
UK Careers Sector Strategic Group Plans for a small delegation to meet with Simon Hughes, MP  
UK university and college technical support for Second Life developers and users From Educational Research, 2010. Common technical barriers when using SL in HE and... 1 comment
UK-wide Careers Profession Alliance - latest update (May 2011)  
UKOER Synthesis and evaluation  
Ulf's Breakout Group 1 - Pictures of their Flipcharts on Slideshare  
Uncanny spaces for higher education: teaching and learning in virtual worlds From ALT-J, 2008. " explores the sense in which teaching in such spaces materialises and...  
Understanding academic and commercial exploitation Research Skills required by PhD students B7: Understanding academic and commercial exploitation....  
understanding cloudworks  
Understanding distance learners’ academic and social adjustments: evidence of best practice from a South African context  
Understanding e-learning technologies in practice through philosophies in practice Chapter by Heather Kauka 2 comments
Understanding Object-Relational Impedance Mismatch: A Framework Based Approach Chris Ireland, Thursday 3rd June, 11:45am - 12:00 pm, Student Presentations 2, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Understanding perspective Complex visual concepts, such as perspective, are better explained through interactive diagrams than through words.  
Understanding research funding and evaluation Research Skills required by PhD students B5: Understanding research funding and evaluation... 1 comment
Understanding teachers' beliefs and the use of ICT 4 comments
Understanding technical science and public science  
Understanding technology-rich learning spaces Nadia Pantidi, Thursday 3rd June, 15:15 pm - 15:30 pm, Student Presentations 3, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Understanding the Influence of 3D Virtual Worlds on Perceptions of 2D E-commerce Websites Minh Q. Tran, Thursday 3rd June, 16:15 pm - 16:30 pm, Student Presentations 4, JLB Meeting Room 10  
Understanding the research context Research Skills required by PhD students B1: Understanding the research context 1 comment
Understanding user requirements  
Understanidnig Proxy variables in climate science  
Undertaking a literature review Stephen Potter: Workshop 2C and Workshop 5C  
Undertaking research presentations Trevor Collins, Ann Jones Wednesday 24 March, 1.45-2.45pm, Workshop 6F, Wilson D Block  
Undulatus Asperatus is the newest Cloud  
UNESCO Chairs in OER report on activities  
UNESCO Chairs session  
UNESCO Policy Forum - Mainstreaming Open Educational Practices (OPAL, CONCEDE)  
Uni Augsburg websquare project...  
Uni of Leicester course 7Cs  
Unique Car Carrier Move Services by Expert Packers & Movers in Pune  
UNISA International Reference Group 18 comments
Universal Design: Including Everyone in Virtual World Design From Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2009. Potential approaches to accessibility of...  
Universities and Colleges in the Giant Global Graph  
University and Cyberspace: Reshaping Knowledge Institutions for the Networked Age COMMUNIA Conference, 28-30 June, Turin, Italy... 1 comment
University API  
University College London: Open Learning Environment for Early Modern Low Countries History This project is JISC and Higher Education Academy  funded, and aims to turn a comprehensive...  
University of Sheffield Case Studies  
University of Westminster, Making Assessment Count - A JISC funded project 0094  
University students as co-designers of inquiry-based learning scenarios: shortening distances between teaching and learning Iolanda García; Begoña Gros  
UoR - Part I, UG "People and Organizations: A critical eclectic introduction in socio-technical systems and organizational behaviour for undergraduates" Use of the Coursemap tool to map an organizational behaviour module in HBS UoR  
Ups and downs of week 1 - reflection.  
Usability on small screen devices Tools and tips for mobile usability testing  
Usable Last Minute Shifting Ideas  
Usage scenario: google docs One possible scenario on how to use google docs in higher education  
Use of ‘artcasting’ in classroom as a tool for engaging children with museums Presentation at CALRG annual conference  2010 by Koula Charitonos  
Use of audio recording in language learning DVD  
Use of cloudworks by Associate Lecturers 7 comments
Use of cloudworks in for blended learning Just been exploring whether cloudworks has a place in our blended learning strategies for teacher... 9 comments
Use of iGoogle for learning and teaching How might iGoogle be used in teaching 5 comments
Use of QR code in classroom: A simple example  
Use of visual elements to support knowledge construction in asynchronous dialogue Presentation by Rebecca Ferguson at CALRG Conference 2010. Asynchronous dialogue within online...  
Use WAI-ARIA landmark roles in new & existing development projects  
Useful additional references 1 comment
Useful links and references - NLC 2010 Networked Learning Conference, 3-4th May 2009  
Useful OER sites Aggreation of useful sites to do with OER...  
Useful resource on web 2.0 and social inclusion In association with the Webinar to be held at the University of Turku on the 28th April, this cloud...  
Useful resources  
Useful resources - links  
Useful resources (links etc) Look below in 'Contribute' & 'Links'  
Useful web 2.0 tools  
User authentication on mobile devices  
User Generated Content  
User generated content at the Learn About Fair 2011  
User Generated Contexts: Thinking about changes in mass communication in terms of agency, innovation, trust and risk  
User technologies and the future mixed economy of education 0076 ALTC 2009  
User-generated contexts  
Using 3D images of molecules in teaching level 3 chemistry 3 comments
Using a diary or blog  
Using a virtual world for transferable skills in gaming education From ITALICS, 2006. Details of an early study that explored the use of VWs in developing...  
Using a Wiki in L1 Reading and Writing Lessons Wikis can be used in L1 lessons to write and revise texts jointly 2 comments
Using a wiki to analyse a pop song in English teaching Demonstration of how different VLE tools might be used to teach German 2 comments
Using a wiki to analyse a pop song in English teaching Demonstration of how different VLE tools might be used to teach German  
Using a wiki to evaluate individual contribution to a collaborative learning project Notes on a paper by G.Trentin  
Using Adobe Captivate to enhance the student experience across Further and Higher Education Institutions 0082  
Using an e-portfolio to assist first year students through their transition into higher education 0199  
Using an ePortfolio as a Tool for Reflecting on Learning and Development Resources and References on Reflective Practice, Portfolios and ePortfolios 1 comment
Using Augmented Reality, Artistic Research and Mobile Phones to Explore Practice-based Learning 1 comment
Using Business Process Security Requirements for IT Security Risk Assessment Stefan Taubenberger, Thursday 3rd June, 16:30 pm - 16:45 pm, Student Presentations 4, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Using collaborative virtual environments to plan wind energy installations From Renewable Energy, 2010. The potential of virtual environments to allow immediate...  
Using CompendiumLD for course design at Reading University  
Using CompendiumLD for Designing Teaching Activity  
Using Design to Anticipate Future Uses for Educational Technologies  
Using digital technologies for research  
Using eReaders, ePaper and eInk in education Pedagogical perspectives on how portable eBook Readers and other ePaper devices are being/ could be used in education 5 comments
Using Google Apps as a Free LMS: a crowdsourced course for educators  
Using Google classroom to supplement learning in the traditional classroom. 8 comments
Using Head-Cams for data collection by Nicola Bedall-Hill Pros and Cons of head cams for collecting data during field trips 1 comment
Using information sources Research Skills required by PhD students C3: Using information sources...  
Using Interaction Design Methods for Learning Design  
Using iPods in early childhood Innovative use of mobile devices to support storytelling 1 comment
Using IT Research Skills required by PhD students C4: Using IT...  
Using LAMS for collaborative learning T.Yamazumi et al. paper at LAMS 2008, Sydney  
Using mobile devices for listening and speaking practice in languages (case study) The L120 Mobile Project at The Open University (2009) investigated the use of mobile devices for...  
Using Online Video (YouTube) in EFL education I have decided to choose this digital technology for the H800 end of course assessment. I will post... 4 comments
using pictograms for a grammar lesson The aim of this design is to demystify the structure of the English language tenses  
Using Pooled Data in Online forums: Example from SDK125: Introducing Health Sciences Description There are four main aims to the activity: subject-related learning on a defined topic;...  
Using Pre-released Third Party Articles in the Final Assessment: Course: T324 - Keeping Ahead in ICT The second part (Part 2) of the examination in this course is worth 60% and is based on...  
Using Problem Based Learning for Assessment in Large Classes: Triple-Jump  
Using QR Codes in Teaching and Learning: Delivering the dream 0119  
Using Second Life for Problem Based Learning in computer science programming From Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2009. Using SL to help programming students...  
Using Second Life in human resource development British Journal of Educational Technology From British Journal of Educational Technology,...  
Using Second Life in Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages Using the virtual world of Second Life to teach and learn foreign languages is a growth area. The... 1 comment
Using Second Life to Teach Operations Management From Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2009. Students interviewed about their...  
Using Second Life to teach programming  
Using SharePointLMS Do you have ideas for using SharePointLMS learning management system  
Using simulated learning to advance critical thinking and writing skills for academic practice.  
Using Skype for Speaking & Listening practice in the language classroom An overview of how we at Splendid Speaking have used Skype with EFL students 6 comments
Using Social Media in Academic Practice: A Student-led Training Initiative The effective use of social and participative media is seen as a key requirement in 21st Century... 2 comments
Using social media technologies for research dialogues (2012)  
Using social media to develop your own professional learning network - SEDA parallel session 4 by Sue Beckingham and David Walker. (Live-blogged)  
Using social technologies to support interdisciplinary collaboration: the experience of the xDelia project 1 comment
Using tagclouds in teaching 3 comments
Using Technologies Workshop 17th Sept 2010  
Using Technologies Workshop 17th Sept 2010  
Using technology in the classroom  
Using technology to arouse interest in a research topic Use of a synchronous forum within class time to stimulate interest  
Using technology-enabled learning networks to achieve practical improvement outcomes  
Using the curriculum design initiative to communicate an organizational behaviour course design  
Using the e-Design Template for the nQuire learning design  
Using the iPad in the classroom  
Using the iPhone/iTouch in teaching 4 comments
Using the JIF2010 Cloudscape What is Cloudworks? Cloudworks is a place for people interested in sharing, finding and discussing...  
Using the OPAL cloudscapes An overview of the Cloudworks site  
Using the open source version of cloudworks How can we make the most of the open source version and what should it be?...  
Using the student voice to shape Library Services  
Using Turnitin as a teaching tool to assist sessional tutors' professional development  
Using twitter for language learning  
Using Twitter for learning and teaching Links and ideas for using twitter in education 5 comments
Using twitter in academia Article about using twitter in education  
Using Twitter in Cloudworks Hints and tips for using Twitter with Cloudworks 1 comment
Using twitter with students How are you using twitter with students 40 comments
Using video for student feedback  
Using Video to allow students to recognise their achievements 9 comments
Using video to show how to approach an exam question  
Using Web 2.0 Technologies To Foster Collaborative Learning in Higher Education  
Using web comics in classroom - The project Dear colleagues, I am writing to you about an ongoing initiative about the use of web comics in...  
Using wiki in the Primary School <!-- @page { margin: 2cm } --> As an introduction to Web 2.0 pupils aged 9. I am using...  
Using wikis for developing meeting agendas  
Using XCRI-CAP #coursedata  
Utah State U.'s OpenCourseWare Closes Because of Budget Woes More sustainable models are required for OCW... Money is a solution to some extent..  
UVA Factors and concerns  
UWE Bristol guide to hotels