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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
Vahid's Cloudthingy OLDS MOOC 6 comments
Vahid's OLDS Cloudthingy  
Valentina: Dream 1: Blended learning flow Professional development - loop support 2 comments
Valentina: Dream 2: Massive Transcultural Awareness project 2 comments
Valentina's OLDS-MOOC learning journal  
Valerie Emin and Jean-Philippe Pernin: ScenEdit: an intention-oriented learning design authoring tool 3 comments
Validation of non-formal and informal learning - Prizes 2013  
Vanessa Wennerstrom, Developing research into practical outcomes to support non-traditional students in their university applications  
ver leyendas cortas  
Verifying Implementations of Security Protocols in C Mihhail Aizatulin,  ...  
Verifying Implementations of Security Protocols in C Mihhail Aizatulin, Thursday 3rd June, 10:15am - 10:30 am, Student Presentations 1, JLB Meeting Room 1  
Versailles Treaty 2 comments
Vibeke Fussing’s design narrative v2: Freaky Photos  
Vibeke Fussing’s design narrative: I’m not … the only gay in the college.  
vibratory bowl feeder  
Vicki McDermott-Thompson - Healthy Eating Learning Design 4TS & e-Design  
Vicky H's representations  
Vicky Hindle's comparison of two representations  
Vicky Hindle's comparison of two representations  
Vicky Hindle's Design Narrative: Using Google Classrooms to support learners in and outside of the classroom.  
Victoria Hewitt's design narrative 5 comments
Video about moodle  
Video clips - Comparing four Web 2.0 tools - September 17th 2010  
Video clips - Course Map - September 17th 2010  
Video clips - How to ruin a course - September 17th 2010  
Video clips - Mapping a design using notation - September 17th 2010  
Video clips - Sharing and discussing designs - September 17th 2010  
Video clips about Personal branding  
Video commentary on philosophical arguments Use a narrator, with graphic cues, to talk students through the analysis of a deductive argument or other textual material. 2 comments
Video content as a marketing communication Russell Stannard talks about his video work  
Video Diary of curriculum design - Andrew Charlton-Perez Video diary of my OULDI project 8 comments
Video indexing/chapterizing information  
Video Interview Recording 6 comments
Video learning sites Blog post by centre for learning and performance technologie  
Videos from personal branding workshops  
Views from learning and teaching in HE Murray Saunders and Paul Trowler presentation at learning through inquiry workshop  
Views on curriculum design Dicussion cloud on curriculum design: perspectives, tools and methods  
Virtual chemistry laboratory  
Virtual Doppelgangers: Psychological Effects of Avatars Who Ignore Their Owners Chapter in: Online Worlds: Convergence of the Real and the Virtual Chapter in: Online Worlds:...  
Virtual Education: Teaching Media Studies in Second Life From Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2009. "The paper emphasises the need to... 3 comments
Virtual events A place to point to registration pages for virtual events  
Virtual Experiences, Physical Behaviors: The Effect of Presence on Imitation of an Eating Avatar Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association Paper...  
Virtual field trips and webquests Blog post by teaching and learning in the digital age  
Virtual goody bag  
Virtual history: a socially networked pedagogy of enlightenment  
Virtual lab environments  
Virtual Learning Environments: Real or virtual learning? 0079  
Virtual Learning Spaces  
Virtual MPhil at the OU Lucia Rapanotti on the Virtual MPhil at CALRG09  
Virtual MPhil in Computing The Virtual MPhil in Computing is an innovative research programme delivered entirely at a... 1 comment
Virtual physics laboratory Animations of equipment and situations with many controllable features create a fun environment for guided inquiry.  
Virtual Pinboard...Wallwisher  
Virtual Possibilities: A Constructivist Examination of the Educational Applications of Second Life This research indicated that SL can be used in active learning. There are barriers to use...  
Virtual prejudice Journal of Experimental Social Psychology Journal of Experimental Social Psychology,...  
Virtual Reality Connexions Centre An example of a virtual Connexions Centre for Milton Keynes  
Virtual reality molecules To help students understand complex physical systems, create animations which they can repeatedly view and explore.  
Virtual Reality: A Survival Guide for the Social Scientist Journal of Media Psychology Journal of Media Psychology, 2009. Covers VR rather than...  
Virtual Reality: designing learning environments in Second Life 0251  
Virtual Self-Modeling: The Effects of Vicarious Reinforcement and Identification on Exercise Behaviors Media Psychology Media Psychology, 2009. Using Avatars to encourage exercise. ...  
virtual student bar? Hello all. I am very new to all this, so please bear with me... I work on the OU PGCE programme,...  
Virtual teamwork to reflect on virtual teamwork  
Virtual Virgins and Vamps: The Effects of Exposure to Female Characters’ Sexualized Appearance and Gaze in an Immersive Virtual Sex Roles, 2009. Results suggest that gender-stereotypical virtual females enhance negative...  
Virtual World and Real World Permeability: Transference of Positive Benefits for Marginalized Gay and Lesbian Populations Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 2008. Social pressures on marginalised minorities and how this affects Second Life.  
Virtual world teaching, experiential learning, and assessment: An interdisciplinary communication course in Second Life Computers & Education Computers & Education, 2008. A project based experimental...  
Virtual worlds and learning From On the Horizon, 2009. "7 principles of virtual world cultures that educators should...  
Virtual Worlds as Cultural Models  
virtual worlds my dream 3 comments
Virtual Worlds, the IRB and a User's Bill of Rights  
Virtually True: Children’s Acquisition of False Memories in Virtual Reality Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association Paper...  
Visual Analytics around the Edges  
Visual Arts Event - Creative Commons PR 1 comment
Visual Arts: Databases as creative tools  
Visual definitions of Web 2.0 Slideshare presentation by  
Visual exploring context, learning literacies, subject knowledge & skills and learning design 1 comment
Visualisation of quality panel OER meeting Monterey 2009  
Visualising enriched learning enviroments Compendium map of panel session at OER Meeting Monterey 2009  
Visualising learning design to foster and support good practice and creativity Paper on CompendiumLD  
Visualising processes and products for activity and curriculum design Simon Cross and Andrew Brasher at LAMS09  
Visualising Social Learning for Discoverability  
Visualising the academic genealogy of the Institute of Educational Technology  
Visualising the process and and products of learning design Poster about designing learning activities using visual represntations, and some thoughts about future work  
ViTAL - video & education special interest group  
Vital keynote at Naace Members Conference Oct 2009 Like the title says  
VitalSource CourseSmart (LAEP Inventory)  
Vitor Reis OLDS MOOC Learning Journal  
Vitor Reis: My dream: Learning design project proposal  
Vitual Classroom for preservice teachers  
VLE transformation for 10E courses and beyond Hi KMSN team following on from Paul's comment about the "buddy" system for transforming into the...  
VLEs are still relevant  
Vocabulary quiz maker By Schlastic  
Voice over the Internet: user perspectives on voice tools in language learning. 0126 ALT-C 2010 Presentation of research carried out as part of an M.A. in post-compulsory...  
Voting tools List of free voting tools  
Voucher codes  
Voucher codes UK  
Vox pop on the fly  
Voyage, voyage...  
Vrasidas & Retalis Presentation Slides  
VUE Visual understanding environment 2 comments
Vulkanflug (test)...  
Vygotski & Learning