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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
WEB дизайн в училище  
Workshop photos  
W3. Approaches to Design  
Wales (K802-11J)  
Wall of Ideas Space for sharing 'big 'or 'not so big' ideas... 11 comments
Wanting a less messy, non-emergent structure as an adult learner  
Wat is netwerkleren? filmpje over netwerkleren  
WATCHME project (LAEP Inventory)  
Wayne's Design Narrative: The Best Laid Plans.... 3 comments
Wayne's Representations  
Wayne's Representations  
Ways of thinking about context & approaches to contextual design 4 comments
Ways to Live Life  
We don't need no (copyright) education? This invitation to debate stems from a theme suggested by John Pettit on the OU H800 course, week... 9 comments
We had a dream of replacing our VLE, now begins the responsibility of using these tools to enhance the teaching, learning and as 0132 ALTC 2009  
Weaknesses - SWOT 2 comments
Wearable learning: How Google Glass is changing education 4 comments
Web 2.0  
web 2.0 , social media , semantic web 3.0 and new tehnologies in education 2010 . Everyoane is welcome  subscribe free click HERE.Follow  our video channel here . Join...  
Web 2.0 sites What are their affordances and design principles? 7 comments
Web 2.0 sites for researchers, teachers and learners 4 comments
Web 2.0 technologies for learning - KS3 and KS4 Becta funded project  
Web 2.0 tools blog Hi, Here's a link to the Web 2.0 discussion blog I've been developing at Bath Spa University. Joe...  
Web 2.0 tools for teachers The document (embedded below) describes 11 free and simple to use web tools for teachers 3 comments
Web 2.0 uses in Communication, Marketing and Advertising  
Web Collage and DPD compared  
Web conferencing tools Place to share and evaluate web-conferencing tools 1 comment
Web de Comercio y Marketing  
Web GIS in practice V: 3-D interactive and real-time mapping in Second Life From International Journal of Health Geographics, 2007. Linking SL with geographic data...  
Web-based curriculum mapping supporting Personalised Learning Exploring how Web-based curriculum mapping can support Personalised learning  
Web2.0 Technologies Lecture (video tool innovation)  
Web2access JISC TechDis site for accessibility  
Webcast for Institutional Strategies for OER  
Webcast of Introduction to Open Education Resources (OER) at York  
Webcast of Learning from OER Research Projects  
Webcast of morning sessions  
Webcast of OER and Creative Commons  
Webheads in Action This Cloud has been set up as a possible interaction space for the WiAOC 2011 event, to help...  
Webinar on social inclusion, web 2.0 and language education - Discussion topics Some questions to reflect on around the topic of the Webinar: Can social media and language...  
Webinars for students  
WebInstanceCollage, a pattern-based LD tool allowing particularization of groups and participants  
WebPA online peer moderation tool e-assessment tool  
WebQuest A template for inquiry-oriented activities, using the resources of the web – lots of examples and guidance  
Webquests for best use of internet search-time  
Website - Open University Learning Design  
Wed 17 Aug: FoRC: The FUTURE 1 comment
WED: 'To implement or not to implement a policy on OER - that is the question' (Oliver Sterland) 9 comments
WED: Barriers to inclusion in prisoner education: experiences of a learner (Jane Ballans) 17 comments
WED: Being Here Now... when you are There and Then (Sara Boas) Online learning of body awareness and presence in coaching 4 comments
WED: Blended Learning for CPD:A case study on the development & implementation of a blended learning model to enhance study day learning opportunities (Robert Avery) 9 comments
WED: Designing accessible courses - a reflection on the use of UDL and OERs to create an open education course (Danny Ball) 17 comments
WED: Does the device a learner uses, affect their interaction with the online learning platform? (Matt Endean) 9 comments
WED: Dyslexia ToolKit (Stephen Gardiner) 10 comments
WED: E-feedback - supporting teachers in their use of Turnitin and GradeMark (Lisa Hale) 31 comments
WED: How can Learning Analytics be used to Support Secondary Educators? (Julie Skeats) 19 comments
WED: How can Next Generation Digital Learning Environments fulfil the promise of online education? (Elizabeth Ellis) 7 comments
WED: How open is the digital environment for disabled students in higher education? (Jennie Augustyniak) Exploring why ‘digital’ is not necessarily ‘open’ and looking for effective solutions 10 comments
WED: Learning a musical instrument online - an experiment in learning to play an instrument using only OERs. (Sarah Sneddon) 18 comments
WED: Learning Acitivity Selector: a visual aid and tool for staff (Kiran Gawali) 8 comments
WED: Mapping assessments to technology tools: Development of an OER toolkit to assist with implementation of electronic management of assessment (Alice La Rooy) 3 comments
WED: Motivating Learners: Using video for Learning and Teaching (Lesley Hamilton) 12 comments
WED: Online Safety: Can Parental Networking combined with Parent Guides assist in keeping Children Safe Online (Greg Keating) 11 comments
WED: Open Turf: The effective use of Web 2.0 technologies in creating a collaborative platform for self-determined learning (Chris Gray) 14 comments
WED: Removing Geographical and Time Boundaries: Mobile Learning for Mobile Workers (Alison Walker) 15 comments
WED: The Fiction of Open Online Collaboration; they want to share, don’t they? (Jim Fanning) 26 comments
WED: The use of student generated webpages to improve revision and ongoing mathematical development (Angela Phillips) 7 comments
WED: To What Extent Can Multimedia Lessons with Formative Assessment Bridge the Language Gap for HE Learners Working in a Second Language (Teo Tureli) 9 comments
WED: To what extent do MOOCs contribute to a narrative of development as freedom? (Tim Seal) 6 comments
WED: Who teaches the teacher? Networking professional staff to implement learning technology innovations (Stefanie Anyadi) 7 comments
WED: WordPress: Implementation of a knowledge management system to facilitate a culture of tacit knowledge sharing within a corporate work environment (Henry Fuller) 9 comments
week 1  
Week 1  
Week 1  
Week 1  
Week 1 (OLDS_MOOC) - My balance Simple toughts  
Week 1 learning reflection  
Week 1 reactions to the launch presentation 1 comment
Week 1 Reflection  
Week 1 Reflection Bob R-S 1 comment
Week 1 Reflection Julie P 1 comment
Week 1 Scenario: developing digital information literacy and professional identity in an undergrad health & social care course - a mature student  
Week 1 Story Development 1 comment
Week 1- INITIATE  
Week 1-Reflection: Dan McC Mixed views...  
Week 1: Converge  
Week 1: Healthcare  
Week 1: Initiate (and introduction)  
Week 1: Initiate (Lindsay Jordan) A Cloud for the first week's activities 2 comments
Week 1: Personal Learning Objectives  
Week 1: Reflection  
Week 2  
Week 2 : Convergence  
Week 2 (belated) Scenario for OLS  
Week 2 Learning 4 comments
Week 2 learning reflection: Some thoughts on on the course design  
Week 2 learning reflection: thoughts on project team work 2 comments
Week 2 learning reflection: thoughts on project team work  
Week 2 learning: toolbox Widgat 2 comments
Week 2 Planing  
Week 2 Story Development 3 comments
Week 2 thoughts on persona approach  
Week 2- INQUIRE  
Week 2: Context definition  
Week 2: Inquire (Considering context and resources)  
Week 3 -Balanced curriculum 3 comments
Week 3 : Convergence  
Week 3 Activity 1: different approaches to design.  
Week 3 Course features activity: introductory video  
Week 3 Ideate: Beauty and Precision  
Week 3 Learning 1 comment
Week 3 learning reflection  
Week 3 learning reflection: apply card game and activity profile activity to curriculum mapping  
Week 3 learning Tool review: Cadmos  
Week 3 learning: Tool review: Co-Gen  
Week 3 OLDsMOOC initial thoughts and thanks  
Week 3 reflection: My thoughts on different approaches to design  
Week 3- IDEATE 1 comment
Week 3: Ideate (Brainstorming and conceptualisation)  
Week 4 1 comment
Week 4 : convergence  
Week 4 General discussion Cloud 9 comments
Week 4 learning  
Week 4 Learning reflection  
Week 4 Summary and Reflection: down but not defeated.... 3 comments
Week 4: Connect (Reusable design knowledge)  
Week 4: Video introduction  
Week 5 : Introduction to prototypes  
Week 5 learning activity 2  
Week 5: General discussion Cloud  
Week 5: Prototype (Testing, trialling and modelling)  
Week 5: Video introduction  
Week 6 All MOOCed out...  
Week 6: Curate (OERs)  
Week 6: Identifying OER for Learning Design  
Week 7: Review  
Week 8 - the journey so far (Sheila MacNeill) 4 comments
Week 8 reflection  
Week 8: Reflect (State of play, grand challenges and theoretical perspectives)  
Week 8/9 Activity 2b Blue Team Group Report on LD Representations  
WEEK 9 - Plenary  
Week 9: Closure  
WEEK ONE - Deborah's Learning Objectives Week One - Deborah's Learning Objectives  
Week Two Summary Contextualisation (Sue Watling DIY Multimedia)  
Week-end status, 7 Sep campaign tracking.. - Track OER  
Week2 reflection: Curate & Evaluate  
Week3 card activty  
Week5 Learning activity  
Week7 Xin (Alice)'s evaluation experience 2 comments
Weeks 8 and 9 Activity 2b Rain Group report on representations  
weight loss treatment in kerala  
Welcome and introductions  
Welcome to Japanese Massage London 1 comment
Welcome to OU Design Courses A cloud for people involved in OU Design Courses to meet and discuss issues of common interest 9 comments
Welcome to Succeed with Maths  
Welcome, Introduction and General Discussion 9:45 am to 10:00 am and 3:45 pm to 4:15 pm 1 comment
Welcoming presentations on various aspects of your research  
Welfare Epics? The Rhetoric of Rewards in World of Warcraft Games and Culture, 2010. Motivations and player perceptions of rewards in WoW. Motivations...  
Well-known Albion Gameplay: Linked Explanations Regarding Their Reputation  
Wellie team (Lower Hutt and regions!)  
Wendy's participation  
Westminster University OER initiative, UK Type: Individual (Led by Russell Stannard) The OER initiative of the University of Westminster is...  
what does learner experience mean in FE colleges?  
what does learner experience mean in FE colleges?  
What is the advantges of use connectivism in school activities?  
What are key skills for using Web 2.0?  
What are the barriers for sharing ideas and designs on OERs? following on from the discussion/questions on motivation for sharing... 5 comments
What are the characteristics of mobile apps and mobile-optimised websites? The next M-Tech group meeting will be taking place on Thursday 22nd July, from 14:00 to 16:00 in... 7 comments
What are the coolest learning technologes out there today? As part of this conference presentation I want to reference any of the coolest stuff in the TEL... 2 comments
What are the expectations of disabled learners when participating in a MOOC?  
What are the greatest challenges facing educational technologists in higher education?  
What are the learning affordances of 3-D virtual environments? From British Journal of Educational Technology, 2009. 5 affordances relating to spatial...  
What are the main barriers to reusing/remixing OERs? This cloud open to discussion a list of 20 barriers to Open Eduacational Resources reuse/remix.  
What can we use cloudworks for ?Could we use it disign a couse ?  
What disciplines contribute to Technology-Enhanced Learning? 19 comments
What do course materials add to a textbook?  
What do educators’ contributions to MOOC discussion areas look like? 2 comments
What do MOOC providers think about accessibility?  
What do Players think about engagement, motivation and informal learning through digital games? jo Iacovides...  
What do studying and teaching online look like? Looking at student and tutor video diaries Presentation by Graham Healing and Chris Jones at the CALRG 2012 conference.  
What does 'learning in an open world' mean to you? Summary of workshop held in January 2010 for the Learning in an Open World research progamme  
What does educational output mean? Talk by Martin Weller, Researcher 2.0 workshop, 10th February 1 comment
What does quality mean in OER? 16 comments
What does useful LMI look like?  
What drives the use of Web 2.0?Who plans for it? 4 comments
what education gets from politics stakeholder voices making sense of conflicting interests  
What educational research do you wish was better known? 4 comments
what educators can do what people want, commitments they seek, outcomes they pursue, why they can’t agree - and what are those ‘noises-off’?  
What exactly does a learning design tool need to support? (What's essential? What's merely useful?) 8 comments
what future for Europe? who gets heard? what are the facts? how much is spin? and what are we missing?  
what future for narrative methods?  
What good learning design tools are there? LD tools for teachers?...  
what government can do for education - part one much of politics is about getting elected, some of it is about doing something worthwhile - and then there’s the show-biz  
what government can do for education - part two much of politics is about getting elected, some of it is about doing something worthwhile - and then there’s the show-biz  
what is a cloud?  
What is a Design Atelier? A cloud to prompt discussion about what you think a Design Atelier is? 7 comments
What is a MOOC?  
what is distinctive about storyboarding? - the essence storyboarding - the findings, the progress, the issues and the needs  
What is innovation? – Science and technology with ESL Students  
What is my IP address?  
What is rapid elearning? Rapid elearning was one the hot topics at Learning Technologies 2010 but it's not entirely clear to...  
What is the best site for hosting podcasts? Question about podcasting sites  
What Is The Best Time To Visit Jim Corbett National Park  
What is the educational problem that contextual and location-based mobile learning is trying to solve? Brainstorming in small groups to highlight the issues surrounding mobile learning  
What is the impact of using a Blog in terms of enhancing student motivation, reflection and the social construction of knowledge 0046  
What is the meaning of personalising education? 7 comments
What is the point of teachers? 2 comments
What is the relationship between pedagogical models and frameworks? There are many pedagogical models and frameworks used in e-learning, but what is the distinction... 9 comments
What is the relationship between precision and creativity in learning design? 18 comments
What is this open thing anyway? Patrick McAndrew talking at CALRG 09  
What is your favourite rapid elearning tool? 2 comments
What is your persoanal learning environment/mix of tools and conversations? Debate on different PLEs and styles of learning  
What kind of research is necessary to demonstrate OER can help create better learning outcomes? 9 comments
What makes a meaningful decision?  
What makes for good design? Top tips for learning design 2 comments
What matters most for education management information systems framework paper – EMIS (LAEP Inventory)  
What methodologies do people use in e-learning/TEL research? 3 comments
What projects could they lead to? (afternoon session) 3 comments
What role 'The Cloud' in (international) blended learning? What is Your definition of 'The Cloud'? Cloud Computing has recently re-emerged (in the 'popular' press - see BBC News' Tim Weber's...  
What should we prioritise? (afternoon session)  
What synergies can we identify? (afternoon session) 3 comments
What technologies are useful in postgraduate supervision? What technologies do you use or would like to use in supervising your postgraduate students? 5 comments
What theoretical perspectives underpin e-learning/TEL research? 18 comments
What web 2.0 tools do you suggest for teaching spanish as a second language?  
What will the university of tomorrow look like? 33 comments
What will Web 2.0 look like in 5 years time? 2 comments
What works best and when : Elluminate or Flashmeeting? Or none of the above? What has your experience been of using Elluminate or Flashmeetings? How do they compare? What has... 28 comments
What works best for distance education: synchronous or asynchronous communication? 25 comments
What would a new FD look like? Presentation by Morag Harvey at FELS foundation degrees workshop, 15th Jan  
What would you like to discuss at this workshop?  
What's in a question? The case of students' enactments in the Second Life virtual world Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching,...  
What's on offer Explore the diverse range of events taking place at this year's Scottish Learning Festival on 22...  
What's your blogging story? 4 comments
What's your personal strategy to reduce teacher burnout? 1 comment
what’s the use of impartiality? careers work’s claim to impartiality will probably not succeed - and it may not matter  
When Harry met Sally: can a “bricolage” approach integrate with a systemsinformed 0169 ALTC 2009  
When is discussion useful?  
When Low Light Is With a Bulb Means Consuming Less Power  
When the ‘teacher’ is a co-learner… 0273  
When the shoe doesn’t fit: Supporting students who are challenged by online educational technologies 0123  
Where am I What is cloud?  In fact I don't know. So I try to find here, and experience. My Research... 1 comment
Where am I  
Where are institutions in terms of technology adoption? 2 comments
Where are we now  
Where do OU VLE forums stand, especially now our students have Facebook?  
Where does the university end and learning begin? Facilitating personal learning environments to enhance ownership of knowledge. 0020 ALTC 2009 Alan Cann, Jo Badge, Stuart Johnson, Jon Scott 6 comments
Where is the learning occurring in mobile learning? Applying systems thinking to a messy situation.  
Where to get photos for web design?  
Where to get Redbox codes?  
Where's the video I'm sure I saw some You Tube videos on here recently of the confernece proceedings. Or was I... 1 comment
Who are the mooc educators and what are their tasks? A multiple case study  
Who is responsible for eLearning sustainability? 0176 ALTC 2009 Cathy Gunn, Mike Keppell, Linda Creanor, Richard Hall 2 comments
Who owns the information? Anne Adams, John Woodthorpe and Pauline Ngimwa  
Why a Participatory Technologies Camp  
Why do we need Career Advisers?  
why don't the poor listen to us?  
Why Engage young People with Contemporary Science?  
Why Fail? can political post-mortems make good use of bad news - if so who writes the narrative?  
Why has IMS LD not led to the advances that were hoped for? 1 comment
Why has IMS LD not led to the advances which were hoped for? 4 comments
Why is it necessary to keep our PC secured? 1 comment
Why remix an Open Educational Resource? 2 comments
Why should we know what is design? 4 comments
Why should we research our learners’ experiences? [ELESIG Video] Why should we research our learners’ experiences? Videos Video clips from interviews recorded...  
Why study math  
Why traditional IT Solution Providers need to shift to the Cloud Computing?  
Why use e-portfolios? Discussion cloud 1 comment
why we need a career-learning theory now learning-to-learn features in four steps to reforming learning-for-living  
Wide Open 2011 - Panel Debate - What do we know? What do we need to know? Setting a widening participation research and scholarship agenda for the Open University  
Wide Open Symposium 2011  
Wide Range of LED Light Bulbs  
Widening Peer Mentoring Among Postgraduate Tutors Using a Wiki Environment 0052 ALTC 2009 Jessie Paterson, Sara Parvis, Jason Wardley  
Widgets and IMS Learning Design  
Widgets in Practice  
Wiki netwerkleren netwerkleren  
Wiki space for Landscapes of practices workshop  
Wiki use versus online discussion forums in collaborative knowledge construction: a learner perspective 0260 ALTC 2009 Maria Zenios  
Wikipedia is acceptable to use as a reference for an academic piece of writing!? 15 comments
Will B's Representation  
Will everyone be writing textbooks? a position paper  
Will Pollard - will789gb - OLDS MOOC Learning Journal  
Will Pollard - Introduce Myself  
Will Pollard - Radio Show about Design Science DJ 3 comments
Will Pollard - Week 8 Reflection 4 comments
Will Pollard Learning Journal Week Five - Prototype 2 comments
Will Pollard Learning Journal Week Four - Connect  
Will Pollard Learning Journal Week One - Initiate  
Will Pollard Learning Journal Week Seven - Evaluate  
Will Pollard Learning Journal Week Six - Curate 1 comment
Will Pollard Learning Journal Week Three - Ideate  
Will Pollard Learning Journal Week Three - Ideate  
Will Pollard Learning Journal Week Two - Inquire 5 comments
Will Pollard, Wild Show on Phonic FM and OER Resources 2 comments
Will Pollard: evaluation decisions and evaluation questions 2 comments
Will Pollard: Open Video Edit / Production 23 comments
Will Stewart: My dream: Learning design project proposal 6 comments
Will Stewart's Learning Journal  
Will this help me learn? My story 3 comments
Will Woods Design Narrative: Evolution Megalab "snail hunt" a site for children to record biodiversity. 5 comments
Will Woods review of representations  
Will's activity 1b cloud 1 comment
Wilson's OLDS MOOC learning journal  
Windows, Mirrors and Gates: Fred Mednick Presentation about Teachers without Borders at Beyond Borders conference....  
With the lights out, it’s less dangerous: Rose Luckin Presentation by Rose Luckin at the CALRG 2012 conference  
Womble (Work Oriented MoBile Learning Environment) Will enable workers to appropriate the mobile phone as a Personal Learning Maturing Environment (PLME) for knowledge maturing. 2 comments
Wondersay: animated text in the classroom 1 comment
Wookie and LAMS Including Wookie widgets within LAMS activities  
Word reference - spanish online dictionary 2 comments
WordPress Multi-User: BuddyPress and Beyond 0101 ALTC 2009 Joss Winn  
WordStash Flash Card Learning Tool with Dictionary  
Work Based Learning 2 comments
Work in Progress  
Work in Progress  
Work with numbers Listen to the numbers and write them down. Check that they are correct....  
Working in a team Research Skills required by PhD students F2: Understand one's behaviours and impact on others when...  
Working towards effective practice in a digital age Helen Beetham talk at LAMS 09 conference, 7th July  
Working with a Globe Theatre practitioner  
Workshop - Getting Published - Routledge  
Workshop 1 - Using Technologies in Teaching - June 10th 2011 Introduction to the face to face workshop 8 comments
Workshop A: OneVoice workshop: Accessible ICT: Benefits to Business and Society Chair: Nicola Ashington, Consultant, User Experience Speaker: Graeme Whippy, Senior Manager,...  
Workshop Activity 1: Finding and sharing resources or/and experiences on teaching and learning  
Workshop activity 1: Mapping the context 18 comments
Workshop activity 2 : Sketching the design  
Workshop Activity 2: Evaluation and Action Plan Evaluation of the Cloudworking Open Exeter workshop 26 comments
Workshop activity 3 : Storyboard  
Workshop activity 4 : Design Review 1 comment
Workshop B: Access to education and e-learning  
Workshop C: Creating accessible pdfs Ted Page, Director, PWS The 'Solving pdf accessibility' workshop is aimed at content authors and...  
Workshop call for participation  
Workshop E: Mobile phones: too smart by half? Chair: John Lamb, Ability Magazine; Kiran Kaja, RNIB Digital Accessibility Team; Robin...  
Workshop evaluation: Using technologies in teaching 20 comments
Workshop Final Reflections  
Workshop formats: World cafe The World Cafe format for workshop partcipation 2 comments
Workshop info: Disciplinary-specificity in university teaching Information about workshop on 8th December 2008, University of Gloucester 1 comment
Workshop on sharing lessons through effective modelling 0095  
Workshop on Technology-Enhanced Formative Assessment (TEFA) 2010 The goal of this workshop is to develop the notion of technology-enhanced formative assessment... 5 comments
Workshop Powerpoint slides - Conole  
Workshop Summary and Grand Challenge: Empower the Future Teacher  
Workshop: A new approach to designing effective learning interventions  
Workshop: AS&SS; Away Day Learning Design Workshop Open University Learning Design Initiative Workshop April 2010  
Workshop: Cloud 1: Key issues and strategies for designing learning resources and activities 3 comments
Workshop: Cloud 2: Share your knowledge and use of OERs 1 comment
Workshop: Cloud 3: Discuss motivations for, and barrier to, teachers and learners sharing and remixing OER 5 comments
Workshop: Cloud 4: How might web 2.0 tools (e.g. Cloudworks) be used to support the design of learning activities and OERs 3 comments
Workshop: Conole - using the OU Learning Design tools, resources and activities 24th October 2009, Tech It Up conference, Kamloops  
Workshop: Designing an approach to Open Educational Resources 2 comments
Workshop: Introduction to Learning Design at the OU March workshop for learning and teaching librarians at the OU.  
Workshop: Introduction to the OU learning design initiative  
Workshop: Post workshop discussion cloud 7 comments
Workshop: Quality and innovation in Open Educational Practice EDEN Workshop 10th June 2010  
world as part of buy nhl 15 coins  
World History ESL Causes of the Great War  
World of Whyville Games and Culture Games and Culture, 2010. VWs as tweens playground. ...  
World Travel Guide | News Coverage in the Media Today  
Woven stories A tool for collaborative writing over the internet  
WP2PG - Panel Debate Please submit questions for the Panel at Widening Participation to Postgraduate Education: Access after the White Paper 2 comments
WP2PG - Research Councils UK - Iain Cameron, Research Councils UK  
WP2PG - Setting the Scene - Paul Wakeling (University of York)  
WP2PG - Transitions to postgraduate study - Penny Jane Burke, Roehampton University and Institute of Education, University of London 1 comment
WP2PG - Wage Inequality and Postgraduate Education - Stephen Machin, Centre for Economic Performance  
WP2PG - Widening participation and postgraduate research - Nigel Vincent, The British Academy  
Writing and getting published in science  
Writing and getting published in science (2012)  
Writing and submitting project proposals  
Writing up sessions Led by Theresa Lillis and Jenny Mcmullan  
WW II - test  
WW II - test  
WWF pamphlet