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Clouds can be anything of relevance to learning and teaching e.g. a description of a learning activity, a case study, a resource or tool, a summary of a presentation.

Title Introduction Comments
Yannis Dimitriadis, Luis Pablo Prieto and Sara Villagrá-Sobrin: Designing for enactment: Multi-level patterns and routines in teacher practice 2 comments
Yjrö Engeström: Analysing Expansive learning 4 comments
Yael Kali and Tamar Ronen-Fuhrman: Making Expert Design Knowledge Useful for Novices 2 comments
Yannis-factors (on the UVA case)  
Yet another OLDS-MOOC narrative 24 comments
Yet another Testing  
Yildizhan's Design Narrative: Theories of Learning (PTLLS) 2 comments
You do the math!  
You're attending - or wish you could? Come and tell us who you are! 22 comments
Young People  
Young people (K802-11J)  
Young people who have grown up in an e-dominated society are technologically literate This statement is often supported by anecdotes and observations. Do we have any evidence for it yet... 4 comments
Your Contributions for OU 'Learning in an Open World' conference - How to contribute Where to put links to your contributions for 'Learning in an Open World' conference 51 comments
Your Resume should be well written  
Your thoughts about using technology in learning and teaching? Add them here I'm really interested in what you have to say about using technology in learning and teaching in...  
Youth 2 comments
Youth Justice  
Youth Justice (K802-11J)  
Youth Work  
Youtube video: Economist - did you know Video about the rise and increasing impact of social networking 1 comment
Yvonne Moore's Comparison of 'Healthy Eating' Representations  
Yvonne Moore's Design Narrative - reusable training sessions 2 comments