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WATCHME project (LAEP Inventory)

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Rebecca Ferguson
27 May 2016


WATCHME is an EU-funded project that uses learning analytics to improve workplace-based feedback and professional development.  It stands for Workplace-based e-Assessment Technology for Competency-based Higher Multi-professional Education. The project has built an electronic portfolio system, which can be used to provide trainees with visualisations and feedback on their development. Their dashboard incorporates data from multiple sources, including self-reporting, online activity data, and qualitative narratives. A multi-entity Bayesian network is used to aggregate data and provide ‘Just-in-Time’ feedback to support continued learning. The team of researchers on this project comes from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, including areas such as human medicine, veterinary medicine, teacher training and information technology. At this time, a prototype of the tool has been developed and the project is currently testing usability.  


Inventory type:

general analytics tool

Role of analytics:

summarisation & description


Data sources:

uses own data, sources data from other system(s): workplace training environments


bayesian network

workplace learning

Tool in Context



Supply model:

This information is not provided on the project’s website


collaborative project: EU funded

Ethics and privacy:

No information about ethics and privacy is included on the project’s website



Maturity and Evidence of Utility

At this time, the project is still in the testing phase and relatively little empirical evidence has been released on its usability and impact on workplace learning. As Although, it is worth noting that the project is a large-scale collaboration with leading researchers in multiple disciplines, which gives weight to its academic rigour. Analysis of its use can be expected before the project ends in 2017.

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Example of use -- Little information is available, but project presentations and publications provide a few summaries: 

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