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Bingel (LAEP Inventory)

Cloud created by:

Rebecca Ferguson
27 May 2016



Bingel is a Belgian-based online exercise platform for primary education. It is currently used by more than 70% of Dutch-speaking students, and has recently been introduced in Finland and Sweden. The platform includes over 3,500 course-related exercises in eight subjects, and is available for grade levels 1-6. It is an adaptive platform that incorporates online exercises, and provides automatic corrections and real-time feedback to students. Teachers can use the platform in the classroom or assign students tasks to do at home, and the sytem can be used on PC or tablets. Individual and personalised tasks can be assigned to each student, and the tool itself can generate personalised learning paths through the materials. The tasks themselves adopt a gamified learning approach.


Inventory type:

learning environment tool

smart system

Role of analytics:



Data sources:

uses own data


Adaptive learning

Gamified learning

Tool in Context



Supply model:

self-hosted server software


TEL vendor: Sanoma

Ethics and privacy:

Bingel does have a privacy policy that explicitly outlines the use of student data. Data is stored on the platform for only the current school year, to which teachers have access. During the summer holidays, student data is permanently deleted.


Dutch, Finnish, Swedish

Maturity and Evidence of Utility

Bingel has been offered to schools for over five years, and is now used by a large percentage of Dutch-speaking schools in Belgium. However, there is no information available on its website in regards to evidence of learning gains. Thus, research-backed findings are needed to further demonstrate maturity and evidence of utility.

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Tool provider’s website: (In Dutch)

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