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Realising an Applied Gaming Eco-system: RAGE (LAEP Inventory)

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Rebecca Ferguson
27 May 2016


RAGE is an EU-funded project coordinated by the Open University Netherlands, in collaboration with gaming industry professionals and universities in ten European countries. The project focuses on supporting development of ‘applied’ or ‘serious’ games through the use of pilot testing and analytics in real-world educational scenarios. The overall aim is to develop serious games ‘easier, faster and more cost-efficiently.’ Partnering members belong to an ‘Ecosystem,’ which is a designated social space for collaboration between partners at all levels: commercial, educational, policy, research, and others. The project provides centralised access to software, resources and data, as well as training for developers and educators. Unique to the project is its pilot testing phase, where developed games can be used in real-world educational scenarios, then analysed for effectivity using learning analytics and trace data.


Inventory type:

design and planning tool

Role of analytics:

summarisation & description

Data sources:

Uses data from other systems: various developed games



Games based learning

Tool in Context


All levels

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Various TEL vendors

Ethics and privacy:

No information about ethics or privacy is available at this time



Maturity and Evidence of Utility

RAGE is currently running pilot studies on 11 different games in various European countries. As the project is on-going, little evidence has yet been released on the effectivity of the project. However, the large number of collaborations with researchers and industry professionals lends to the project’s maturity and potential for success. The project has also established a business plan for continuance after the EU funding has ended.

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