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X-Ray Analytics (LAEP Inventory)

Cloud created by:

Rebecca Ferguson
27 May 2016


X-Ray Analytics is a predictive modeling tool linked with Moodle and Moodlerooms, and was recently acquired by Blackboard in 2015. The dashboard provides teachers with visualisations of past behaviours in their learning management system at multiple levels: course, multiple course and intuitional. Its algorithms then make predictions on future performance and behaviours to identify ‘at-risk’ students potentially in need of an intervention. The tool also considers student engagement by analysing contributions to online collaborative tools, such as discussion forums, using social network analysis. A student can be identified as ‘at-risk’ according to the time they have spent in the course, their grades and their discussion forum engagements. X-Ray Analytics uses a cloud-based model and analyses pre-existing data in the learning management system. The tool is expected to be available for all Blackboard courses in the near future.


Inventory type:

learning environment tool

Role of analytics:


summarisation & description


Data sources:

sources data from other system(s): virtual learning environment



Predictive modeling

Social network analysis


Tool in Context



Supply model:

self-hosted server software


TEL vendor: Blackboard

Ethics and privacy:

Data is stored via a cloud-based model. At present, no information is available that specifically addresses ethics or privacy.



Maturity and Evidence of Utility

At present, X-Ray Analytics has been recently acquired by Blackboard, with plans to make the tool available to all users in the near future. At this time, there is little information available related to evidence of utility or results of use.

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Blackboard press release:

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