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Opening up education (LAEP Inventory)

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Rebecca Ferguson
27 May 2016


This Communication from the European Union set out a European agenda for stimulating high-quality, innovative ways of learning and teaching through new technologies and digital content. ‘Opening up education' proposes actions towards more open learning environments to deliver education of higher quality and efficacy, thus contributing to the Europe 2020 goals of boosting EU competitiveness and growth through better skilled workforce and more employment.

The communication specifically mentioned learning analytics, noting that: ‘Technology makes it possible to develop new solutions for better personalised learning, by allowing teachers to have a more accurate and up-to-date follow up of each learner. Through learning analytics, new and more learner-centred teaching methods can emerge since the evolution of learners who use ICT regularly can be closely monitored: teachers may know the exact learning outcomes of each individual and identify needs for additional support.’ The communication also noted that, through Erasmus+ and Horizon2020, the commission would promote research and innovation on learning analytics


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formal policies

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Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions


Innovation, new technology, digital literacy, open university, teaching quality, digital technology, teacher, education, vocational training, youth

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General education




This document was explicitly linked to Europe’s 2020 goals. Related documents are linked to at

Maturity and Evidence of Utility

This document is dated 25 September 2013. Many of the Erasmus+ and H2020-funded learning analytics projects that have been launched since that date owe their existence, at least in part, to this communication.

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OpenEdu: a study on strategies for Opening Up Education:

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Walter Chikwanha
1:57am 4 July 2016

Analysing learners

Thanks Rebecca for starting this cloud. You are onto something in the same vein as my interest which involves looking for ways to equalise the learning process to achieve fair and as equal as possible opportunities and hopefully outcomes as well. I deal with highly culturally diverse learners from differing educational setting backgrounds who are trying to transition to university through a short, compact but intense bridging course.

The issue of personalising the learning, can be problematic in as far as that detriment that may be occasioned by the uninhibited relinquishing of instructor control. 'Tailor designing' for expansive e-learning choice that does not burden the teacher in terms of time or the institution in terms of additional cost and then allowing the learner to personalise within the framework of the choices may be key. The 'confines' of the learning arena must be clearly demarcated but the choices must be designed with a view to appeal to a specific mix of cohort with adaptation of design occurring in harmony with that particular 'batch' of learners.  So learner analytics becomes a crucial starting point for diagnosis for design.

Hoping this discussion goes on!


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