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LACE Evidence Hub (LAEP Inventory)

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Rebecca Ferguson
27 May 2016


The LACE Evidence Hub is designed to help people to make evidence–based decisions about learning and teaching, whether they are teachers, managers, researchers or policymakers.

The Evidence Hub is organised around four key propositions. These are that learning analytics:

• Improve learning outcomes.

• Improve learning support and teaching, including retention, completion and progression.

• Are taken up and used widely, including deployment at scale.

• Are used in an ethical way.

The Hub provides summaries of, and links to, the research evidence related to learning analytics. This evidence can be searched and interrogated in various ways, including by country and by sector (schools, higher education, workplace and informal learning)


Inventory type:

Research tool

Role of analytics:

summarisation & description


Data sources:

Published research data, project data


Evidence, learning analytics, research,

Tool in Context


School, higher education, vocational education, informal learning

Supply model:

Openly available tool


Learning Analytics Community Exchange (LACE) project

Ethics and privacy:

One of the Evidence Hub propositions relates to the ethical use of learning analytics



Maturity and Evidence of Utility

The Evidence Hub has been developed since 2014 and is now integrated with the submission and acceptance system for the Learning Analytics and Knowledge conferences (LAK).

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