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OER- a marketing opportunity

Russell Stannard's talk at the CETIS OER meeting

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Patrick McAndrew
27 February 2009

Russell has come into OER from a personal perspective. Starting from needing to share short videos to explain tips for teachers. This is now ranked 5th on Google for "teacher training"


An example video showed photoshop features captured in Camtasia.


Reflections on why it worked: clear objectives, regular updates, newsletter, good domain name, registered on Google, youtube linked, promoted through conferences and papers.


Now repeating experience for mulitmedia and ICT courses. - within 2 months 60,000 hits now about 10,000 distinct visitors. Acts as a marketing tool to encourage viewers to sign up as students on MSC in multimedia and ICT. Appears to have influenced about half the students to come.


His advice is that providing a clear set of open resources can bring a range of benefits.


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Laura Dewis
1:20pm 27 February 2009

Hi Patrick

I think I posted my cloud on this subject to the cloudscape but when i click on the cloudscape title I am told to login even though I already am. I can't get into the cloudscape.



Patrick McAndrew
2:10pm 27 February 2009


Patrick McAndrew
5:57am 2 March 2009

Free open content does mean that there is a chance to replace paid for resources with free ones, but that is only part of the story and not the most interesting part. Rather, as you hint at, open resources are a "disruptive innovation" that can change the way in which content is valued, the ways learners find their own resources, and the way teachers develop their courses.

Russell's example was how by offering some resources for free he had discovered a powerful marketing tool resulting in more students on his course and influencing attitudes in his own University. So by concentrating on providing enhancing resources that are also free and open all sorts of good things may happen.

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