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Video content as a marketing communication

Russell Stannard talks about his video work

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Laura Dewis
27 February 2009

Russell Stannard talked about the success of his open learning resources and and how these have led to powerful marketing opportunities as well as being invaluable learning resources for teachers and students.

Great example of a teacherpreneur. He started the project as an individual and his work has had a knock on effect on his institution - the University of Westminister. It's interesting that his screencasts of how to use certain technologies have had a positive impact in raising awareness of his course through the Google rankings of the content. His tips for success include good content, regular updates and limited objectives so you can focus on delivering something of core need to a certain audience. His screencast development was initially demand led - created to answer questions he received from teachers through a magazine column he writes.

The content also exists on YouTube - going to the user, rather than making the user come to him.

His multimedia training videos for his students received 60,000 hits a month for the first 2 months and had 2500 users. There are now over 10,000 users indicating that many users are coming from outside the uni. About 80% of his students want more videos than lecture notes. They like the ability to work at their own pace, see demos again and multimedia.


Russell didn't start this as an open educational resource but is now looking at licensing issues. 

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