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Lessons and Reflections from the RePRODUCE Programme

Liam Earney & Heather Williamson, JISC

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Patrick McAndrew
27 February 2009

Tlak about the experiences of the 21 projects that were funded under ReProduce to try to make use of existing materials. In particular focus on the support from the Casper (copyright advice & support for e-learning resources).


Copyright has been an issue for almost everyone so supporting it is important.  A lot of variation in the amount of efort that has gone into ths and the difficulty that was faced - with some organisations very difficult to deal with. Casper tried to provide templates, ouline letters and licences. Of these the model letters were seen as more helpful that the licences.Lighter use of emails over formal documentation.


Lessons were about avoiding funding restricted content, understanding workflow, being able to interpret creative commons style licences. There can also be ethical and clearance issues particularly where content involves data from users.


However it could also be just the right time to be looking at different ways to licence. There is also a role for addressing this outside of other social sites (youtube, flickr) are not accessible to all.


Creative commons itself is also not fully understood.

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Patrick McAndrew
1:50pm 27 February 2009

Questions - can we create a process of exchange of trust instead of copyright.

And problems of clearing copyright with organisations is different to individuals - with the solution possibly beong to get to the originator rather than try to deal with oher levels.

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