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Discussion and presentation about the March call

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Patrick McAndrew
27 February 2009

David Kernohan described the JISC call. The aim is to generate sustaining projects that embed with organisations

The programme is in pilot phase for 1 year but the pilot will be fairly significant in terms of funding and aims to have an impact.

Promotion of the activity will be backed up with support to try to increase the profile. Openness in itself can be a trigger for profile raising.

Line between producing and repurposing - can be problematic. This is intentional to focus on that part of the workflow and to distinguish from other funding opportunities.

Definitions of open content - is it enough to be beyond openly available to the public, or must it be for other developers to use.

Andy's answer - this can be distracting to concentrate on terminology. It does depend on what the user communities think. Need to be able to provide freedoms for use rather than just free availability.

Dealing with requests to reuse can be costly - Creative Commons can help solve that.



Extra content

Embedded Content


Patrick McAndrew
2:48pm 27 February 2009

If we all adopt same (or sufficiently compatible) licences then they can be aggregated.

Patrick McAndrew
2:55pm 27 February 2009

In POCKET need close working with academics to ensure that they had some ownership and access to the results. Academics can then update things themselves after funding ends.

Patrick McAndrew
2:58pm 27 February 2009

RSS can provide a solution for ways to archive and feed in material from other site into for example JorumOpen

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