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About Prospect Awards CIC

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Brendan Clarke
31 August 2016

Where did our journey start?

In the beginning, we came together with a set of ideas about how we can contribute to Community Development Learning, and how we can use the Community Development Standards and our expertise in accreditation, governance and community development to aid communities, business practitioners and volunteers.

We sat down and thought what we could do – and then decided a learning organisation focused around Community, using qualifications and accreditation of learning to aid a sustainable journey

We are an international social enterprise, a Community Interest Company with business, educational, cultural and social interests based in the north of Ireland with offices in Lisburn and Knockloughrim.

Working in Community Development, Learning, and Governance our aim is to, with others, create a world where ‘Learning for Everyone – Everywhere’ can become real.

What we do!

Accredit Learning

  • We develop and Award our qualifications in Community Development, Learning and Governance.  We accredit across Ireland Customised Awards to support learning and we Endorse Programmes of learning in Nothern Ireland to reflect local learning needs.


  • We support learning,  design and deliver training in Governance together with Cloud-Based Software governance management systems to support small, medium and large community groups, charities, non-profits and businesses.  

Community Development

  • We support Community Development Internationally by hosting the Community Development National Occupational Standards, and we offer Solutions, Services and Support to groups, organisations and businesses who want to work in or with Community Development.

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