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Kylie Matthews
23 January 2017

The eLC will be discussing computer-marked assessment at the OU: current practice and ways of improvement
The focus of the first e-learning community event for 2017 will be computer-marked assessment (CMA) with three linked presentations discussing current practices and ways of improving assessment through CMAs.

Where: Library Seminar Rooms 1 & 2
When: 10:00-12:15, Tuesday 24 January 2017

Programme of Events

  • 10:00 Arrival and introductions
  • 10:05 Improving the quality of computer-marked assessment (Professor Sally Jordan, STEM) 
    Sally has been using online interactive computer-marked assessment in her Open University teaching since 2002 and has been delighted to see a steady growth in the use of iCMAs across the University. However she does not see iCMAs as a panacea, and feels that there is still scope for improvement in the quality of what we do. She will explain ways in which she thinks quality can be improved, focussing on assessment design, the use of a range of question types, improving the quality of our questions, and monitoring student engagement.               
  • 10:40 STACK – Open-ended computer-marked assessment formaths (Dr. Tim Lowe, STEM) 
    STACK is a question type in the VLE which uses a computer algebra system for assessing mathematics. We have been using it at the OU for several years on a range of modules. Tim will describe what the system does, how it is used and how that impacts students.
  • 11:15 Coffee Break 
  • 11:30 Other types of open-ended computer marked questions: Pattern-match and CodeRunner (Dr. Tim Hunt, IT) 
    Pattern-match is a question type that can automatically grade sentence-length free-text responses to questions. Recently it was enhanced to make it easier to create such questions. CodeRunner is a brand new addition to the VLE. It is a question type for teaching computer programming. It will be included in the March VLE release, for use in Computing modules from the second half of 2017 onwards. Tim will demonstrate these features, and talk about how they might be used in modules. 

As always you are welcome to attend for all or part of the session. We try to stick to timings to enable you to do that. 

If you are planning to attend in person, please email  
Details of previous events, slides, etc., can be found on our Cloudworks page, and recordings of many recent events are also available via Stadium.

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