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KEYNOTE MON: Wide open or ajar? A personal view of the tensions around openness (Sarah Chesney)

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Dr Simon Ball
14 February 2017

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Sarah's Keynote slides

Sarah's Keynote slides

added by Dr Simon Ball


Dr Simon Ball
11:04am 14 February 2017

Hi Sarah

Below are the comments and questions provided by delegates immediately after your presentation. Hopefully on this Cloud we will be able to continue exploring some of these issues.

Best wishes


  • so was the underline in the first slide signify you are not sure if you are against proprietry/copyright
  • How do you calculate downloads. Many people download and never use/read. Reflex? Is one download of a resource equal to creating and posting a resouce which others reuse? What are the metrics?
  • I have some reservations about datamining but I also feel that openness to be of max use needs to be sustained.
  • Agree about looking at business models and we need to think about what models we would like and sign up to.
  • Interesting article looking at likes on Facebook:
  • We are data mined by our own governments too now, so is it any worse if it makes someone some money?
  • I think we know it (use of personal data) takes place, but we continue to use the services

Mary Howell
11:38pm 14 February 2017


I very much enjoyed your keynote and much of what you said chimed with my experience as a freelance.  One additional dilemna I have is that of sharing contact details.  This is a tension form me and I think for others.  As a sole trader my business details are pretty much the same as my personal ones, but if I don't shre I might miss out on much needed income and work..

Sarah Chesney
1:45pm 17 February 2017

Hello, first I'll answer the questions asked after my presentation:

First question: more that I find when I'm working I have to acknowledge that copyright remains with the company I'm contracted to. So it would be hypocritical of me to say 'this is my definition of what it means to be open', yet accept work that involved proprietary copyright. One of the tensions!

Second question: Good question - I was really just trying to show that for many, myself included, I take more than I give back. So there are no metrics as such.

Third/sixth comment together: I think the best way forward re datamining is more transparency about how data is collected and used. We need to know the purpose of any data mining and the extent to which data is shared with other parties. I don't have a problem with companies making money out of it - but we need more information about the length of time our data is held, with whom it's shared, and for what purposes will it be used. Data mining will provide fantastic information for the healthcare industry for example - we can't afford to ignore the benefits that it brings. But I am alarmed by the lack of transparency when we sign terms and conditions, especially for social media platforms.

Thank you for sharing the article about Facebook.

Yes, I agree with the comments 'we need to think about what models we would like and sign up to.' and yes, we are aware our personal data is used and I too continue to use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. But I'm not sure they operate in a spirit of openness and sharing and this is where I question whether they are compatible with being 'open'.

Thank you for being such an engaged audience - it was a genuine pleasure to be with you on Monday evening. In answer to your comment Mary - I agree with you about contact details and sharing these. I am in a similar position and I could have added this as another tension to the presentation. I'm glad what I said chimed with your experiences as a freelance. It's mixed in with identity and online presence as well isn't it?

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