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Enriched Learning Environments

The potential role and influences of games, mobile devices, social networks, video and virtual worlds on the future of OER.

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1 March 2009

A Panel Discussion with:
Peter Kaufman, Intelligent TV
Alex Chisholm, Learning Games Network
Mike Marriner, Roadtrip Nation
Vic Vuchich, Hewlett
Facilitator: Phoenix Wang, MITE 

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Patrick McAndrew
10:47pm 4 March 2009 (Edited 11:30am 2 December 2009)

Discussion on Enriched Learning Environments as an open fishbowl!

Peter: Youtube is a search engine. Open Education leads to people in this room. OER – leads to The Who. Youtube as search is showing switch to screen based culture. People want to provide AV resources – need to do three things: 1. Make old material accessible; 2. Make useful in the pedagogy; 3. Produce more material with education in mind.

Vic: mobile phone is good and widely available but a long way from OIPPC (One iPhone Per Child). Experience in using mobile across continents led to greater spontaneity and excitement. Extended classroom into environment. Mobile as data capture track what kids do to help: e.g. “SMS me the problems that you have with tonight’s homework”. For young people SMS dominates over email – email is for old people.

Mike: developed from own experience of a road trip as an educational experience. Book of the experience was not enough so helps students to take road trips where they go and interview and gather stories. Cheap video allows these to be gathered and made available.

Alex: Games are now everywhere. Education Arcade at MIT has started the Learning Games Network. Games are very enriched environment – involve emotion, collaboration, competing, Tried to simplify the technology (flash, Drupal, HTML) enough o build language learning games.

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