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4SPPIces Model: Supporting pupil collaboration through use of a school VLE

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James Fanning
25 March 2017

The design narrative arround which this is based can be found at

These are some initial thoughts around using the 4SPIices model to approach the design of the teacher workshop.

Pedagogical Method

1) Sharing experiences (use of social media)

2) Demonstration (the forum)

3) Introduction to Salmon model (knowledge construction)

4) Experiential learning in the forum

5) Debating

6) Discussing


1) 2 classroom teachers



 1)The classroom


3)Virtual/online in the forum


 1)The tools selected by pupils.

2)Pupil participation in online discussions

3)Sourcing of evidence from outside the forum

4)Curriculum requirements

5)Assessment methods


I found this model useful in that it takes a holistic view of the design for learning process.

In the initial design exercise on which this is based, I focused almost entirely on the skills, knowledge and understanding of the teachers.

Using this model, I would have focused more on the blended learning aspects of what the teachers were trying to achieve, rather than stress the specific use of the technology.

The model also made me aware that pupils should have been participants in the learning exercise as well.

The 4Ts model really opens up for me the design limitations of the original approach.





Conversation with teachers to explore the existing technical skills; their personal and professional experience of online conversations; the assumptions they made about online learning conversations and the skills of pupils.


Design Technology Department – 2 teachers.

Slide show illustrating different examples of forum use.


University Moodle site.

30 minutes

Demonstrate the technical features of the VLE forum.


Design Technology Department – 2 teachers.

The forum.

2 hour after school workshop.

Introduction to the Salmon 5 Stage Model of E-learning.

Design Technology Department – 2 teachers.

YouTube video.



In the week after the face to face workshop, the teachers were asked to engage in an online conversation, on the school forum, with other teachers, around the use of social media. The aim was to use the experience of this to identify where conversations could be located on the Salmon model.

Inter-departmental, cross-curricular.

The Forum.

30 hours maximum online.


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