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Munir Moosa: "Healthy Eating" in Web Collage " and "Healthy Eating" as a 4SPPIces Model and in LdShake

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Munir Moosa Sewani
25 March 2017


Web Collage is quiet useful for a novice designers to create computer supported collaborative learning scenario; however, its structure, mechanism and sequences has few weak spots. Earlier it was integrated with CLFP to support designer to turn ideas into automatic design. It has passed through several phases to create improved model with several improved collaborative features, like integration of assessment design patterns. The graphical use of Brainstorming and Pyramid, helps to understand the intention of designer and the learning outcomes.

4SPPIces is a conceptual model, which provides framework to the practitioners and technician to create CSCBL design. It is integrated with LdShake, a web 2.0 tool, which enables sharing, editing learning design. The role of teacher and designer is important to discuss and design appropriate learning environment. There are four factors, which are taken into consideration in 4SPPIces: Space, Pedagogical Method, Participants and the History. All the four areas are structured in a tab to avoid overlapping. Questions are supplemented to guide the practitioners and designers for each factor for designing. Both are free to comment and edit. Pedagogical method (description of sequence/phases of learning and teaching activities and timings). It is also defined, if the activity has to be conducted individually or in a group. All the participants and their roles are defined. Spaces and technological support is also specified in the context of the activity. History is linked to the learning flow of pedagogical method, participants and space. Summary helps to overview the design plan by both the practitioner and the designer.

If I compare both, I would prefer using 4SPPIces, based on its sequence, utility and more structured framework than the collage one. It was less complex to understand than collage model. Description of sequence/phases of learning and teaching activities and timings in 4SPPIces was not clear in the collage model. The role of each participant as well as pedagogical activities are clearly defined in 4SPPIces.  

I guess 4SPPIces has few elements, which expressed my design, but mine design was not that much sequential. If I use 4S… for my design, I can have more clearer picture, with defined roles and activities 


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